Save Sri Lanka and People from Despotic Regime
Posted on June 19th, 2016

Dilrook Kannangara

Current regime has turned Sri Lanka into a complete dictatorship. Only those who agree with it can survive doing politics. All others are hunted down, imprisoned, harassed and even threatened. Even the formal Opposition is handpicked by it. TNA and JVP that make up the formal opposition supported Sirisena at the presidential election. Today the country is like North Korea or the Soviet Union where even the formal Opposition is appointed by the rulers.

Although the president pretends he has no knowledge of these illegal arrests and dictatorship, these things cannot be done without executive presidency. The last time the nation was saved from a despotic regime by a Tamil terrorist in 1993, the nation and its people celebrated despite the state imposed curfew. It is unfortunate this option is not available to the nation today.

Joint Opposition bold members, not the cowards, are constantly harassed with arrests, remand custody and other foul means. Elections are postponed indefinitely. The Chief Justice was replaced with a favoured person of the president. The parliament has been illegally turned into a Constitutional Assembly. Minority racist views are accommodated in constitution change process without giving sufficient weight to Sinhala views. Military camps are removed from the north and east where they are needed most. Hardcore Tamil terrorists are released into the society in order to kill Joint Opposition activists. Even Buddhist monks are arrested and harassed by this despotic regime.

As it happens in North Korea, government politicians are showered with expensive gifts including luxury motor vehicles when people are suffering. Illegally constituted local Gestapo by the name FCID is sent after anyone who takes the side of the people against despotic junta. With elections postponed indefinitely, people are losing hope on the possibility of peaceful transition of power. Despite nonsensical allegations of authoritarian rule by the previous government, it held elections in due time. In dictatorships, power is transferred by other means. Hopefully that will not be the sad fate of Sri Lanka.

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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  2. ranjit Says:

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow only President who is most popular, Charismatic and able to run the country is none other than our war hero his excellency Hon.Mahinda Rajapaksa nobody else. 90% population regrets what hsppened on Jan 8th by now because of the current dictatorial govt led by two evil jokers. These two acts and do things like Pinochet in Chile arresting and harassing their opponents as they were thinking that they will stay in power forever. If we the people do not remove this horrible govt soon a big disaster will happen to our beloved Motherland for sure. They are dragging the country to hell. I have never seen an evil minded govt in my life time in my country like this. They do everything as per the wishes of western and Indian parasites because they were both responsible for their election victory. Enough is enough high time to rally behind true Patriots to Mother Lanka. Long live Sinhala Desaya.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Despotic regime is headed by none other than token Buddhist, die hard catholic traitor chief pol pot
    ponil wickramasinhalakiller. He knows he is untouchable. So he does what the catholic west and the minorities
    want. He is a traitor of the highest caliber like his uncle, the traitor alugosu thambi mudiyanselage jr.

    Maru sira aka vairapala sorrysena has no saying in any of the matters in Sri Lanka
    today. Catholic traitor pol pot ponil wickramasinhalakiller is the
    one making all the decisions in Sri Lanka today. Vairapala with his nivata hinawa being trampled by the pm (not
    pathala man, prime minister, you decide). Look at maha horandran at the CB. Whole country, except some
    four-legged creatures in the cabinet, clamouring for his removal. But he is not going anywhere. Why? He is
    pol pot ponil wickramasinhalakiller’s catholic buddy.

    Token Buddhist catholic traitor chief pol pot wickramasinhalakiller never even considered to be punished for killing Sinhalese
    youth at Batalanda Camp with his catholic police buddies. He was never even considered to be punished for
    millennium city intelligent officers sending to catholic tigers of tamil drealam bullet. He was not even considered
    to be punished for 5000 billion day light robbery at the CB with his catholic buddy maha horandran. Sinhala
    modayas can’t see through this murderous, biggest crook. He knows he is untouchable. He takes all decisions.
    All against the destruction of Buddhism, destruction of Sri Lanka, destruction of the Sinhalese race to please
    the minorities and the catholic west. Still Sinhalese modayas think he is an economic osthar. Maru sira aka
    vairapala sorrysena is a backboneless, voiceless traitor of the highest cablibre. He is the boss, but he has
    become an impotent puppet in front of the murderous, biggest crook of Sri Lanka. Tamils, mussies and
    catholics must be thinking no wonder the Sinhalese are called Sinhala modayas.

    Pol pot ponil
    wickramasinhala born to a staunch catholic family. His uncle was bishop of kurunegala. Yet he is a Buddhist.
    Token Buddhist to fool Buddhists like thibbotte etc. This religion of convenience has given him the perfect cover
    to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is doing irrepairable damage to Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese and Buddhism.
    Sinhalaya being famous for modayas still can’t see his true colours!

    Pol pot ponil wickramasinhalakiller will destroy the Sinhala race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka for good this time around
    since there is no one to obejct. Sinhala deshapaluwan under his jack boot licking his back side for ministerial
    posts, perks etc. So he is rampant. He can become an even more bigger darling of the minorities, tamils, mussies
    and catholics plus the catholic west. Still some traitor Sinhala modayas support this murderous pm the pathala
    man. Sinhala modayas can’t comprehend this simple truth. Look at his partners in crimes. John mara the minister
    of ecrection (permanent), karupaiya karunkanayagam, maha horandran, austin fernando, reginald cooray,
    harin xxxx balloon, gonja etc. etc. all are catholics. Sinhalese are like lambs to the slaughter when these
    yama pallan ruling. Sinhala modayas can’t remember 1980s 1990s BHEESHANA SAMAYA to massacre Buddhist
    jvpers. But the yama pallan were very reluctant to kill the real terrorists who wanted to carve out a separate
    country since hitler pira(mala)paharan, tamil selvan, soosei, anton balasinyo etc. etc. were catholics.
    Sinhalaya modayas? Of course they are!

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