Waste and misuse of public funds
Posted on August 3rd, 2016

D. Weeratunga Nugegoda Courtesy The Island

The Treasury is allocating funds to various ministries, departments and projects. We must analyze and see how this money is being used by our politicians and senior government officers.

Government funds should be used for development of the country and welfare of the people. Actually, what is happening now is not that. A fairly big portion of that money is used by politicians and senior government officers for their personal benefit.

We give some examples below:

Provide tax free luxury cars to politicians and senior government officers. Free quarters or houses are provided to most of them. Sometimes the salary of the officer is Rs. 80,000/=, but he is given a free house to stay. Sometimes the market value of the monthly rent is Rs. 1 million.

This house is in Colombo 7 or close to Colombo 7. These very big luxury houses should be used as ministries or government departments. Most of these officers are provided a Government car or Government driver and Government petrol. They can use the car for private work also. They get a Government telephone, Government security, foreign trips, very attractive pensions; medical treatment in Singapore, a peon and secretary.

Government spends around Rs one million per month to maintain such an officer. This system should change. This wastage has to be stopped. Government is allocating money for various projects and welfare of the people. But we are wasting this money in the following way: Very expensive opening ceremonies, very expensive foundation stone laying ceremonies, various unnecessary seminars and conferences in luxury hotels or at the BMICH.

There are also unnecessary foreign trips and foreign training, very expensive festivals, celebrations and anniversaries. Paying rent for government buildings. Paying for thousands of unnecessary consultants and advisors. Our country is not developing because of these unnecessary expenditure.

The rules and regulations are prepared by these politicians and government officers. These are prepared for their advantage and their enjoyment. These have to be changed. Money allocated by the Treasury should be used for the project or for welfare of people, and not to provide luxury benefits and facilities for a few privileged people.

The difference between private sector benefits and government sector benefits should be minimized. Few people living like maharajas with government money should be stopped immediately. If we do this we need not go after foreign countries and agencies looking for loans.

It is not difficult to make these changes. What is necessary is the political will to make the changes, and courage to do them, and be patriotic to make the necessary changes. Have the management ability to make the necessary changes, and determination to improve the country.

To convince the people of the country to get adjusted to the necessary changes, there must be leadership for it. Let us all be part of this proposed change.



D. Weeratunga Nugegoda

One Response to “Waste and misuse of public funds”

  1. Nimal Says:

    It seems our politicians get to power to make money and not to serve the people.Just as in any other third world SL is no better with the self serving politicians.Since our so called independence we are on a slippery slope to a failed state.
    Country must leave the big infrastructure projects to the private companies that are efficient and accountable.
    Srilankan Air must be in private company hands to prevent politicians miss-using it.

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