Save Larung Gar, world’s largest Buddhist monastery: Home to 10,000+ facing demolition
Posted on August 4th, 2016
 The Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, which is probably the world’s largest Buddhist monastic community, was founded by Choeje Yishin Norbu Khenpo Jigme Phuntshok. The academy, as framed by the late Khenpo, has been serving as the wellspring of knowledge. It is also the home for many Buddhist practitioners and the source of happiness for people across the globe. However, the Chinese government has issued an order to reduce the population of the institute to 5,000 residents when there are well over 10,000 monks and nuns alone. The government also announced the planned demolition of living quarters, which would leave residential space for only five thousand members. 

The obvious concern is regarding religious freedom for the thousands of monks and nuns that have renounced the world and made Larung Gar their home just to practice their religion. As the Chinese government continues to manipulate the number of monks and nuns in monasteries all over Tibet, this directly obstructs the practice of religion for many. 

Currently the Institute is closed to foreigners. Many Tibetans and Buddhists are appealing to engage in hunger strike, risking their lives to save Larung Gar. We hope there could be meaningful consultations with the residents of the institute! 

Here is the news link: China issues demolition order on world’s largest religious town in Tibet

One Response to “Save Larung Gar, world’s largest Buddhist monastery: Home to 10,000+ facing demolition”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Really disappointed by china’s actions. Existence of Buddhism is threatened by all the other religions.
    Add china to this potent mix is going to be enormously damaging to Buddhism. We all know china has
    made tibet a colony of theirs which we abhor. At least they should try to preserve Buddhism in Tibet as
    china itself a Buddhist country. Hope the chinese will abandon this abhorrent plan and
    earn the respect of fellow Buddhists worldwide.

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