Cannabis to be cultivated with a proper security mechanism
Posted on August 8th, 2016

Sarath Obeysekera

Cannabis to be cultivated with a proper security mechanism – – See more at:

..We have Kerala Ganja,Local Ganja ,Exstasy,Heroine etc etc .,,,and now state patronised Cultivation of Cannabis >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Very good news, All the politicians behave like drug addicts making various statements to the Media to attract public attention .Last week we heard another story about protest by India was the reason for abandoning the port city .

Today we have news about army to be used for Cannabi Cultivation? What is the reaction to this by the clergy? Army may start behaving like drug addicts sometimes like in Rathupaswela some time back ?

May be we get more Kerala people to help the cultivation under ETCA in time to come ?

If Cannabis is needed for medical use, what government should do is officially import Kerlala Ganja from India and have a clause in the ETCA agreement that no Ganja Farmers to have unlimited entry to Sri Lanka ?

Sarath Obeysekera

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Legalize Ganja cultivation and get the Sri Lanka Army to cultivate it?

    What other IDIOCIES will this Yamapalanaya government propose next?

    Advertise Sri Lanka as a paradise for child abusers to increase “tourist” income?

    Casinos and gambling halls nationwide to generate employment for gambling addicts and prostitutes?

    Backyard distilleries/stills for all …. to promote liquor production as a cottage industry?

    Import low cost Indian workers under ETCA to displace MORE of our displaced workers, to give them the INCENTIVE to go abroad for unskilled jobs so as to generate more inward remittances?

    I can go on and on ad nauseam with proposals that look only at the short term monetary benefits, while IGNORING the destructive effects they have on the social fabric, on our families, and on our ethics and morals.

    If ANYTHING generates money, LET US DO IT they say. Sell our people, Sell our motherland, Sell our soldiers, Sell our very selves …. NO PROBLEM …. money is what we need to balance our budget and buy more luxuries for our politicos, they explain.

    FOR WHOSE BENEFIT is this Nation being misgoverned?

    Meanwhile, our SANGHA is remain in silent on the degradation of our country and, indeed, our selves.

    My god, how LOW we have FALLEN since January 8, 2015!

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