Tamil Eelam removed from standard classification of countries
Posted on August 11th, 2016

Ranjith Soysa

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has taken action to remove the non -existent country called the Tamil Eelam from their  date on standard classification of countries due mainly to the joint efforts of the concerned Australians of Sri Lankan origin and the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Australia.

We highly appreciate the timely action taken by the authorities in spite of the mischief makers peddling disinformation to mislead Australia

Ranjith Soysa

Thank you for your enquiry

Please note the ABS has never recognised Tamil Eelam as a country.  The reference to this group on the ABS website related to the country coding index which is a list created with the purpose of training computers to recognise responses people may provide and categorise them to the standard classification.  The coding index has been updated to remove all references to Tamil Eelam. No offence was intended and we regret any that may have been caused.


Andrew Howie
Standards and Classifications Section  |  Statistical Infrastructure & International Branch  |  Australian Bureau of Statistics

8 Responses to “Tamil Eelam removed from standard classification of countries”

  1. dhane Says:

    Thanks Ranjith for timely action. According to Australian 10th Radio announcement someone had hacked the census website on 9th and it was resorted on 11th. Non -existent country called the Tamil Eelam would have introduced by some hacker even from India, Canada or Sri Lanka. Its worth while further investigation. These 80 Million Tamils living all over the world majority in South India wants to create their imaginary Tamil Eelam as a country even Internet.

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Ranjith for your vigilance and timely action. Our inept Govt would have done nothing for a few years if you had not taken action. As Dhane says it will be important for the Australian Govt to find out the perpetrators of the hack of the census website in Australia.

  3. S.Gonsal Says:

    Dear Ranjith,
    Please write to him again to carryout an investigation into it and sack those Tamil Tigers infiltrated to ABS to bring disrespect to Australia and ABS. Very likely that a LTTer working in the IT section of ABS did this. There is another possibility that LTTE is involved in the hacking to ABS website and they did this. This possibility should be questioned. Website is just open now.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you Ranjith for your untiring work to save Sri Lanka for all over the years. It is much appreciated.

  5. nilwala Says:

    Mr. Ranjith Soysa’s timely action is greatly appreciated. Often, it is negligence of SL officialdom in not taking appropriate action in a timely manner that has led to groups like the LTTE providing false information to foreign institutions and organisations who are apt to accept the myths without checking out the facts, and give credence to such falsehoods. Eventually the problem assumes proportions that become difficult to correct.
    One such falsehood that circulates to this day in India is that Sri Lanka is a Tamil country. Except for the well educated, many Indians actually believe that the principal language in Sri Lanka is Tamil! Some even have never heard of a Sinhala people, and believe that all people in South India and further South are all Tamilians!
    Check around with the Indians you know and you will be surprised that their knowledge of Sri Lanka is limited to the Ramayana and Ravana’s abduction of Sita! Today we have to rely on the Lankan citizenry to do the needful to correct Indian perceptions about the island’s demographics. Both SL and Indian governments are unlikely to do anything towards educating the ignorant ordinary people of India, and assert that the majority population of Sri Lanka are a people identified as “Sinhala” as well as the fact that the island’s ancient historic civilisation was created by this group.
    Curiously, the current SL government assists in projecting Sri Lanka as a Tamil country, esp. to South Indians, all in the name of tourism purportedly.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    IF anyone is from Tamil Elam he must be a ZOMBIE OR A HELLISH SPIRIT.

    NO humans ever lived in Tamil Elam.


    “After winning 12 international athletic medals for India, Soundarajan’s dreams of ever running in an Olympic event came crumbling down after she failed a gender test!!!!

    OMG!! Cheat everywhere.


  7. Sooriarachi Says:

    Congratulations Ranjith and others for exposing this fraud to the ABS authorities. Thank you to the ABS for promptly removing the coding created by a crook, probably within the ABS, responsible for creating coding for the recently coined name for a mythical Tamil state called ‘Tamil Elam’
    We now await the ABS to identify and punish the person who committed this fraud on the Australian people and governments. Till such action is taken the matter is not over.

    I am also of the view, ASIO would have been licking their lips, when this segment of ‘stateless’ Tamils, willingly identified themselves as those who supported the Tiger separatists, a banned organisation that pioneered many of the evil tactics now used by terrorists targeting Western Christian nations. Hopefully ASIO might be now tracking those who are linked with this group of ‘stateless’ Tamils and keep a tab on them to prevent introducing their brutal form of terrorism

    It was probably a group of like minded Tamil separatist that worked in the SBS, who would have mislead the SBS management to remove Sri Lanka from the SBS world map shown during their weather forecast, after the news. To date the most important capital Colombo is blacked out even from the weather report. The goal is to prevent the Australian public from identifying the entire land of Sri Lanka as one unit named ‘Sri Lanka’. Instead they are dreaming of splitting Sri Lanka and having two states on the map. Lets hope the SBS too would clean up their institution from separatist control, since the influential Tiger leader who worked there, died a few years ago, the day before he was to be arrested by the Federal Police. Some believe, he committed suicide before the arrest.

  8. plumblossom Says:

    There is absolutely no doubt about imperialistic US plans to build a US army, navy and air force base at Trincomalee. Please note that once the US builds their US army, navy and air force base at Trincomalee, they are not going to stop there. They will build other bases within the island. For example, Hambantota harbour could also end up as a US navy base and the Mattala airport a US air force base. Iranawila will again recommence their CIA operations and Palaly in the North in Jaffna will also be converted into a US air force base.

    This is the main reason that the US has, from the every beginning, supported the LTTE terrorists, who are their proxy force, wage a war against Sri Lanka to set up a bogus Eelam. The US knows that the only people who are standing against them are the Sinhala people who due to they being majority Buddhist and wanting to preserve Buddhism, being the indigenous people of the island with over 2500 years of history behind them and with our tribal ancestors having over 30,000 years of history within the island and due to they being very socialist in nature and supportive of socialist ideals will never, ever let the US set up any bases in the island.

    Therefore the imperialistic US, UK ,EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway and India supported the LTTE terrorists and the TNA set up their Eelam within the island for sure so that they can then set up US army, navy, air force bases within the island.

    Sri Lanka lies along the world’s busiest sea route or the maritime silk road. South of Sri Lanka is a the vast Indian ocean. Sri Lanka is located at a most strategic location with the Middle East, Africa and Europe to the North West, with India to the North and with South East Asia and East Asia to the North East of Sri Lanka.

    At present the US uses its Diego Garcia base extensively to subdue, bomb, decimate and dominate the rest of the world. However, due to sea level rises, low lying Diego Garcia may even be taken over by the sea. What better place therefore to build a US base than Sri Lanka? This is the reason that the US supports Eelam since sepoy, slavish LTTE, TNA will do whatever the US tells them to do. The only people standing in the way of the US building bases in Sri Lanka are the Sinhala people and they have been slapped with bogus US resolutions at the UNHRC with a view to partitioning the island and bringing on an Eelam with these constitutional changes to turn Sri Lanka into federal states or to even implement the13th amendment to the full which should never ever be implemented and no more powers should be given to the provincial councils, especially no land, police or fiscal powers should be given to the provincial councils under any circumstances. Also the concurrent list subjects should be given over to the national list.

    About Trincomalee Harbour, please visit this absolutely stunningly and vast harbour and then anyone can see its potential. Already, the road from Trincomalee has been built and the roads and bridges around Trincomalee harbour has been built. There are over 99 oil tanks near the harbour. There is the existing Sri Lankan air force, army and navy bases. Trincomalee town has been refurbished. Trincomalee harbour is the world’s second largest natural harbour. It has a submarine canyon along its sea floor which is a very deep canyon along the sea floor which can accommodate submarines which then cannot be detected by radar. The harbour itself can accommodate a large fleet of ships. There is also a railwayline all the way from Colombo to Trincomalee. All the infrastructure development was completed by the previous government.

    Therefore, there is no doubt that the US would want to build a US army, navy, airbase at Trincomalee. For that they only need an Eelam or federal state and this treacherous Ranil, Sirisena, CBK and Mangala will make sure that happens since they have accepted the bogus US resolution at the UNHRC and placed our armed forces in deep trouble when our armed forces are totally not guilty but the LTTE war criminals are now suddenly totally innocent of all the war crimes that the LTTE terrorists committed for over three decades. Also all Sri Lankans should totally oppose implementing the 13th amendment to the full or any more powers being given to the provincial councils than they have at present. Especially no land, police or fiscal powers should be given to the provincial councils under any circumstances. Also the concurrent list subjects should be given over to the national list.

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