Posted on August 12th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Just as much as the road discipline in in a disarray, I had an interesting episode at the Maganaguma Office where Road Development Authority is based along Denzil Kobbakaduwa Mawatha in Kotte .

I have problem of getting RDA to evict some unauthorised encroachers along Galle Matara Road at Magalle  near the harbour ,blocking access to our project land where we ae in the process of establishing a ship building and repair project  . I have been trying for the last two years to get RDA to take legal action to evict the encroachers .Occupants of the dilapidated wooden shacks and one with permanent brick   walls are not the actual claimants but some traders renting the premises .Government Survey department was going to charge exorbitant cots for resurvey and mark the boundaries of the reservation,I opted to pay for the cost and it was carried out and boundary stones were placed .

Then RDA chief engineer requested legal department based in Maganaguma  to initiate legal action and  nothing happened for the last two years .

I have written many letters and took the matter at EODB ( I call it Ease Of (not) Doing Business) and Hon Finance Minister requested RDA to take action .

The matter was taken up three four times at EODB and I noted that it was going nowhere along this Road  of action  ,I decided to meet Legal Officer in RDA and inquire ,

I went to the grandiose building at sharp 8.55 am and approached the reception manned ( actually womened!” by two lasses with heavy makeup sitting and chatting .I approached them and asked for help and inquired which floor a particular director is located .They did not bother to look for his location in the Telephone Directory  and call him on my request ,but told me that they have instructions from somewhere not to bother anyone until 9 am

I was little taken up with  the way they confronted me and I pretended that I am also a boss of a state organization ( though I am running a private sector organization and I was a chairman of  a state corporation one time) and asked them who gave the instructions .

They were little irked and did not respond well ,but by looking at me furious face they came out and said that they cannot do much as the bosses will not like if they call !

Well, I asked someone passing by and went to director concerned and found that fellow has retired just few days back!

So I went to Legal division on my own, fearing that I will be told off for interfering in  their moring errands ( may be brushing their teeth ,taking morning wash and having sumptuous breakfast in a super canteen provding Hoppers and other heavy meals on second floor) ) found that the lady is actually locked up in her  room having her breakfast .

I did not disturb, waited in the lobby and she was walking our to drop her food pack remains and I manged to catch her .

Luckily another Director whom I knew has contacted her and advised her to help me .She contacted the Chief Engineer in Galle RDA who was passing the buck back to RDA head office, claiming that all the papers were sent back  few months back for action by legal division

They had no clue and promised to take action asap .

I have few complaints and suggestions

  • RDA Director General should advise all the Top people in the organization to come at 8 30 am and do their morning errands before 9 am
  • Reception should be advised to be more helpful and polite to guide visitors
  • Progress meetings should be held by heads of divisions to check progress of public complaints
  • Finally ,Hon minister who appointed 60 consultants may be used to improve public relationship and efficiency of RDA
  • Buddhist Monk, purportedly appointed to RDA as a Consultant can be asked to give sermons to officers not to generate bad karma by Not Discharging their duties diligently ,thus avoid any cheating of the Public

I wish that RDA is blessed with Triple Gems or God saves  RDA

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


  1. Christie Says:

    Unauthorized occupants and adverse possession are not helpful in a country like ours.

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