Inclusion of “Tamil Elam” as country of birth in Australia ASB Website – Mischievous Misinformation
Posted on August 13th, 2016

Dr.Chula Rajapakse MNZM Spokesperson, USLA.

To: Rt. Hon John Key MP,
Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Dear Mr. Key,

Please find below an email trail showing how LTTE (Tamil Tiger) Diaspora had been able to achieve the inclusion of Tamil Elam” as a country of birth in the Australian Electoral register at the ASB website. Clearly, this has been achieved by hood winking unsuspecting officials involved into believing that “Tamil Elam exists or existed as a country, when it never did even remotely.

This is very similar to how the unsuspecting NZTA officials were made to permit the  motor car personalised plate LTTE”,  the initials of a terrorist organisation, considered the most brutal ever by the FBI. You may recall how a few months ago I brought this to your notice and that of the police, that eventually led to the withdrawal of the number plate and including these initials as proscribed” for number plates in the NZTA computers.

These events highlight the importance of the security services in Australia and New Zealand being vigilant to the manipulations of the LTTE diaspora. One particular area , I believe , this diaspora is active in manipulating is in  advocating for increasing refugee arrivals. I believe, they use such provisions to facilitate the arrival of their associates with terrorist connection, under guise of refugees, to support their activities.These would  ultimately  serve to be a threat to the security of New Zealand & Australia.

I believe that the likes of the owner of the LTTE” personalised plate and  his  associates should be kept under surveillance for  such activities.

Thank You.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr.Chula Rajapakse MNZM

Spokesperson, USLA.

Subject: Re: Great things achieved by Yahapalanaya in Australia


HE Mr S . Skandakumar,

High Commissioner for SL in Aus & NZ

Dear Mr Skandakumar

Thank you very much for your email below informing us of you successfully achieving the deletion of Tamil Elam” from ASB website as a country description for a country of birth.

Your actions are much appreciated and underscores the importance of continued vigilance against misinformation that could jeopardise racial harmony and ethnic reconciliation among Sri Lankans.

I will circulate your email among Sri Lankans in Wellington who may have been concerned by this ill informed and ill advised inclusion.

With many thanks & best regards,

Chula R

Dr.Chula Rajapakse MNZM


Spokesperson, United Sri Lanka Assn.

Wellington NZ

From: High Commissioner <>
Date: Wednesday, 10 August 2016 11:09 am
To: Chula Rajapakse <>
Subject: Re: FW: Great things achieved by Yahapalanaya in Australia

Dear Mr. Rajapakse

The High Commission officially made a complaint to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on 8th August, the first working day after it received information about the ABS website listing Tamil Eelam” as a country description to indicate country of birth for the 2016 Census.

The DFAT has taken it up with the ABS and impressed upon them the need to remove “Tamil Eelam” from the website. ABS has assured DFAT it will be done today (9th August).

The High Commissioner has also spoken directly to the Head of ABS regarding this and has been assured action will be taken urgently.

While thanking you for your email to the High Commission, you may also wish to take it up with your local MP or Australian government directly as a concerned Australian of Sri Lankan origin.

High Commission of Sri Lanka in Australia

NB – David Kalisch,  Head of Census with whom the High Commissioner spoke yesterday morning called back to confirm that the reference has  been deleted.

On 9 August 2016 at 21:26, Chula Rajapakse <> wrote:

Today It was compulsory to do the census survey in Australia. When filling out I found that in 2016 census, “Tamil Eelam” has been recognized/registered as a separate country. Link below!

මේවා ගැන අපි වේලාසනින් කතා කරනකොට සමහර යාළුවො කිව්වා උඹල බේසමේ කිඹුලෝ දකිනවා කියල…!

දැන් ජයවේවා!!!

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