Sirisena Killed the SLFP Bandaranaike Fathered 65 Years Ago
Posted on August 23rd, 2016

Dilrook Kannangara

What has been planned for September 4 is the funeral of the SLFP, not the anniversary of its formation. After surviving with coalition politics for 65 years, the SLFP is finally dead reminding us the Four Noble Truths including impermanence. Only its legacy is left. It is time the Joint Opposition takes the side of the people. Else, they will sink with the SLFP. Mahinda and the Joint Opposition are the guardians of Bandaranaike policies. SLFP has become a tier two UNP.

SLFP Made Up of Rejects

Today all the top leaders of the SLFP are made up of rejects. Voters rejected them in August 2015. Thanks to the ‘National List’ backdoor, these rejects again crept into parliament. They have no following or vote bank. Sirisena was elected from the UNP run Swan Union (Hansa Poottuwa”) and not the SLFP. The SLFP led UPFA candidate Mahinda was rejected by the people in 2015 twice. Therefore, it is not just an election defeat that has signaled the funeral of the SLFP but wholesale rejection of all those people leading the SLFP, Mahinda and Sirisena. Does the party hierarchy need anymore evidence of the need to give it a decent burial?

Since the SLFP is made of rejects, they have no problem merging with the UNP from which Bandaranaike split. Sirisena has reversed everything Bandaranaike stood for and insulted the pioneer of his party – the party that made him somebody. SWRD Bandaranaike and Sirima Bandaranaike will never forgive Sirisena for the destruction he brought upon the party due to petty personal greed. Today he has no other option than postpone elections as party loyalists will soon realise the demise of the party. How long can he keep this fact away from his organisers?

Omissions and conduct of immediately preceding National Organisers of the party are also directly responsible for the sorry state it is in. They failed to read the people and dangerously veered away from Bandaranaike policies. No wonder they have been unable to enter parliament by vote! A very clear rejection of all recent SLFP National Organisers by the people.

Battle for Party leadership

However, neither Sirisena nor Mahinda is capable of forming a new party. They both battle for the party leadership. They are willing to run down the party beyond its death to achieve their dynastic ownership of the party. Chandrika successfully followed this strategy from 1991 to 1994. However, even the rival faction led by her mother didn’t find it too difficult to accept her. After all, she is from the same clan. It is not the case for Mahinda. He is not from the same clan as Chandrika. He is attempting to build his own political clan which is desisted not only by the Bandaranaike clan but also by other aspirant SLFP leaders.

Old age is taking its toll on both Chandrika and Mahinda (and the party). Since they are of the same age, the battle to outlive the other is intense. However, on average women outlive men in most countries including Sri Lanka. Therefore, on paper, Chandrika has the edge. She is likely to hold on until Mahinda succumbs to nature. To make it worse, most Mahinda’s lieutenants are not from the SLFP. Wimal, Udaya and Vasu are from their own parties while Basil has no party. This gives Mahinda a good political standing without the SLFP but it also reduces his chances of claiming the SLFP party leadership.

A compromise between Sirisena and Mahinda is not going to do anyone any good. Its first casualties will be Wimal, Udaya and Vasu. That will dramatically reduce the vote base of the Sirisena-Mahinda alliance and condemn it to election defeat. Even if the alliance survives the lack of minor party support, it will fail the UNP-TNA challenge. UNP and TNA together has more than 113 seats to steady the ship and SLFP is just an accessory.

Therefore, Mahinda has no place in a any SLFP setting today. Sirisena successfully duped Mahinda twice in November 2014 and July 2015. Chances are that he will be duped again. The best chance for Mahinda is to form a new political party and take on both the dead SLFP and a resurgent UNP.

Merit, Not Nepotism, Builds a Party

When DS Senanayake built the UNP, nepotism was kept aside. Similarly when Bandaranaike built the SLFP, he kept his clan aside. ITAK, JVP, SLMC and ACTC also followed this principle. That’s why they succeeded. However, the UNP and SLFP relied on the leader’s clan to replace their untimely-departed leaders in 1951 and 1959 respectively. That too created splits. However, if a party is formed with nepotism first and merit second, it is not going anywhere. If the new party Mahinda may create has Basil, Namal, Gotabhaya or Shashindra at the first or second layer of leadership, it will be dead in water. Merit should be the driving force for others to work hard for its victory.

Contemporary Lankan society, especially younger voters, ruthlessly opposes nepotism which is an ugly legacy of the feudal system that died during the British time. Only a few retirees still keep it near and dear. They are a negligible lot among floating voters. India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan have rejected long venerated nepotism and so has Sri Lanka. It is totally unwise to bring back nepotism into political parties as that alone can ruin electoral fortunes.

No Sympathy for Conspiracy Victims

Cooking up foreign and local conspiracy theories cannot win elections as shown in 2015. If politicians cannot save themselves from foreign conspiracies, how can they save people from them? For conspiracy theories to sell, politician victims of those conspiracies must take tough action against conspirators. If they are unable (for no fault of theirs), they will be still rejected by the people as they are useless against powerful conspirators anyway. Conspiracy theories don’t generate sympathy these days; they generate ridicule.

Similarly, nationalism is a relative concept – relative to other parties and relative to expectations. For instance, division of the country cannot be used to garner votes without a promise to limit 13A powers. Thanks to proliferation of social media, electronic media and political debates (almost daily over free television), voters are aware of tricks played by politicians. For instance, replacing Parabakaran with Vigneswaran is not winning the war and therefore relying on voters to vote for the winner of the war is futile. Similarly, bashing ETCA alone will not win votes as people demand its abrogation.


The short-term strategy of Mahinda and other SLFP members of the Joint Opposition should be to form their own political party and not to go after Sirisena pleading for recognition. In the long-term, the new party leadership may be able to takeover the SLFP or stand on its own. Either way, Mahinda and his group will win if they form a new political party and contest elections.

24 Responses to “Sirisena Killed the SLFP Bandaranaike Fathered 65 Years Ago”

  1. Christie Says:

    Dilrook and majority Sinhalese:

    SLFP was the start of the end of the Sinhala nation. SLFP was made, financed and maintained by the Indian Union and Indian colonial parasites mainly the Colombo Indian Merchants.

    Look at Banda and her daughter Chandrika if you think I am mad.

    It is India who put Mahinda as President by asking Indian colonial parasite block vote to abstain from voting in 2005. Mahinda did not become a Coolie of India like Bandas and JR who himself was a quarter Indian.

    This is the last chance for the Sinhalese; I mean Sinhala Buddhists, Sinhala Muslims, Sinhala Christians to unite and win back what we lost after 1956 until 2009 except for few years in between.

    I know not many will agree with me but it is the SLFP that destroyed the Sinhalese.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    I feel that there is a big truth in what Christie says. If it was true, then Banda was also killed by the Indian Union when Banda was getting out of their control.

    Why bother about SLFP then… It will become history if MR wins with a newly built proper patriotic party.

  3. Dilrook Says:


    As far as I know, Nirupama Rao the then Indian HC worked overtime to help Ranil win in 2005.

    The conduct of Bandaranaike’s offspring and wife should not be used to measure him. Chandrika was severely influenced by political views of her husband and her days in France. Sirima was also influenced by her communist ministers and Tamils.

    PR election system and executive presidency did more damage to Sinhala unity than the formation of the SLFP. Anyway today the SLFP is dead but that hasn’t made Sinhalas any better.

  4. Charles Says:

    I agree with Christie.

    I did not look at vote banks the way Christie does-“……I mean Sinhala Buddhists, Sinhala Muslims, Sinhala Christians to unite and win back what we lost after 1956 until 2009 except for few years in between.”

    It is good to work on this, because amoung Tamils, Muslims and Catholics there are those willing to work with the Sinhala Buddhists.I agree with Christie. I did not look at vote banks the way Christie does-“I mean Sinhala Buddhists, Sinhala Muslims, Sinhala Christians to unite and win back what we lost after 1956 until 2009 except for few years in between.” It is good to work on this . Because amoung Tamils, Muslims and Catholics there are those willing to work with the Sinhala.

    Even the Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said recently, “… we need to give the due place to Buddhism,” and added “…..Human Rights is a western concept. Therefore, we won’t allow western countries to bring human rights at their choice and feed us.”

  5. plumblossom Says:

    It is high time that a new political party is created. The symbol can be the ‘mal pohottuwa’ as just prior to the general election, a new political party was registered under this symbol. All those SLFPers who are totally fed up with this treacherous yahapalayana government can then join this new political party.

    It is best to do this as soon as possible in order to get ready for the local government elections, to counter the treacherous OMP Act, to counter VAT increases, to counter the low prices offered to rice farmers, tea growers, rubber growers, to counter any attempt to provide any more powers to provincial councils than they have at present especially police, land or fiscal powers and to prevent the illegal merger of the North and the East and any attempt to change the unitary status of the country via unwanted constitutional changes, to counter the signing of ETCA, to counter the building of the Hanuman Bridge, to ensure that no Sri Lankan Forces member is harassed by setting up of hybrid courts or even domestic courts and to safeguard Sri Lankan armed forces from bogus war crimes charges to be produced via the OMP.

    Also to counter the wide ranging privatization of state assets programme of the UNP which envisages privatising even healthcare, water, electricity etc., to ensure that the rice farmer is empowered and not destroyed as this yahapalanaya government is doing and to ensure that 2600 years of rice farming is not destroyed, to ensure that other crop growers get a fair deal for their produce, to encourage local industries and companies by taxing imports, to create and empower and rehabilitate local industries like the Valachchanai paper plant, Puttlam, and KKS cement factories, Kanthale and Pelawatta sugar factories, to build new tyre producing factories, to build new fruit juice, jam producing factories, to create a more efficient food storage and transport to market system including proper storage and refrigeration of vegetables, fruits etc., to encourage local companies by taxing imports, to encourage school leavers to take up vocational training programmes and to create a vocational training to youth employment creation programme where youth are helped to start up their own SMEs, to change our diet from a wheat based diet to a rice based diet, to encourage farmers to produce our own milk by encouraging the dairy industry and to build factories to produce our own powdered milk etc.

    Unless a new party is formed now, all those people opposed to this treacherous yahapalanaya government will have nowhere to turn and nowhere to go and if the disaffected SLFPers do not take up this opportunity to form a new party, others definitely will. Also once the yahapalanaya commits all treacherous acts possible and betrays the country , it will be too late to form new political parties since there will not be a country left to govern after all the treacherous acts are completed by this yahapalanaya government.

  6. plumblossom Says:

    Sri Lanka’s future will depend on whether a new party is formed now or not by the disaffected SLFPers. It is now or never. There is no point forming new parties once this treacherous yahapalanaya government has finished committing all the treacherous deeds they are committing at present like more powers given to provincial councils inclusive of land, police and fiscal powers and illegally merging the North and the East, charging our brave Sri Lankan Forces with bogus war crimes using hybrid or even domestic courts, privatizing everything, destroying 2600 years of rice farming, signing ETCA, building the Hanuman bridge etc.

    Once all this is done there will not be a Sri Lanka left to govern. Therefore it is imperative that a new political party is formed now before it is too late for Sri Lanka when it will be of no point complaining once all the treacherous acts are committed and completed.

  7. Nihal Perera Says:

    MR is only fooling himself if he thinks he can rebuild SLFP and become its leader again.. Both Maru Sira and Hora Ragina Chandrika will do everything in their power to stop MR. The SLFP party we knew is already dead. As Dilook very clearly mentions in his article, Sirisena has already killed the party with the help of Ranil and Chandrika.

    MR needs to come to his senses and realise that he and his supporters have no future in SLFP. The general public is not going to vote for a party badly divided and dying eventually. By hanging on to a dying party MR will only help Ranil and UNP to come to power next time. The politics is like a chess game. The player who thinks ahead and able to outsmart the opponent will always win.

    The time is ripe for a new party. Momentum is the key to political success. He should strike before the current window of opportunity closes for him, for good. The sooner MR realises this, its better for him and for the whole country.

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  10. Christie Says:

    Banda was part of the UNP, the Sinhala majority controlled the country until 1956.

    Thanks Hiranthe’ Dilrook and Charles.
    Hiranthe; Banda was killed because he did not allow Budhdha Rakkitha associate to transport rice from Burma to Ceylon which has been in the hands of the Indian colonial parasite merchants of Ceylon for almost a century. Banda did not nationalize any businesses run by Indian colonial parasite merchants but the businesses of the emerging Sinhala business persons.
    The problem of any new party be it MR or anyone is finance. Who is going to finance MR?
    Dilrook, Nirupama Rao may have openly worked for Ranil but the fact of the matter is Indian colonial parasite block vote abstained from voting allowing MR to win. India and Indian colonial parasites thought that they could use him like they did with Banda. But India made a big mistake in2005 and that is why India is trying its best to destroy Rajapaksa family. Look at what Athul Keshap is up to and Indian vermin from the US.
    Banda has to be measured from what he did. Did he send his kids to Attanagalle Primary School? While his kids were taught in English, the English medium schooling was no more for the Sinhalese. The Central Schools that had English Medium were no more. Kids from Attanagalle could go to Weyangoda, Hanwella, Tholangamuwa or Ruwanwella Ceentral colleges to study in English Medium. But where did his offspings go to? Banda’s kids had his friends to play and learn; who are they? They were the Indian colonial parasites’ kids. If Chandrika was influenced by anyone, then it is her family and close friends. Her boy friends may have had some effect, but the question is which one? Banda stopped settlement of landless Sinhalese in the North, East and the Up Country. India was behind the formation of the SLFP, as Banda was a personal friend of Nehru. There was no need in 1951 to form another Sinhala political party among the Sinhalese. Indians were funding Socialists but they never made any progress in claiming the control of the Island and India divided the Sinhalese by getting hold of Banda. And the issue was moral corruption of the Sinhalese.
    Charles, The Indian Colonial Parasites are a significant block vote, be it in UK, Fiji, Canada, Mauritius or Guyana or any African country. Now this block vote is significant and by dividing the Sinhala vote they can control the whole country. That is what has happened to us.
    What India might do is support the JVP financially and politically as they have always done and install a JVP regime for the Sinhalese.

  11. Christie Says:

    SWRD was financed by Indian Merchants of Colombo and the Indian Union. At the moment India is destroying the Sinhalese who may have few pennies to finance MR.

    All these Yahapalana corruption allegations are against the Sinhalese and few Muslims and one or two Indian colonial parasites.

    When the economy is in the hands of the minority how come hardly any of them are not corrupt. All these corruption commissions are to destroy the Sinhalese.

    The real reason is to destroy them financially as Banda did.

  12. Nihal Perera Says:

    Agree with Susantha…

    MR and his supporters cannot afford to wait any longer hoping to lead SLFP once again. That party is effectively dead and it will never be the same again, no matter how long he is willing to wait.

    Any fool but him, can see the writings on the wall as the curtain is slowly closing on him. The time is NOW for him to make the move to form a new party and save the country. Time waits for no one and it certainly won’t wait for him.

    This time he can blame no one but himself for bungling the opportunity once again, for the second time…

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    I DO NOT AGREE that the SLFP destroyed the Sinhalese as Christie says. Unfortunately, the SLFP today has LOST ITS WAY as the guardian of the Sinhala people, and must be replaced NOW, hopefully temporarily to remerge into the SLFP when it is thoroughly cleansed of the Nil Aliayas at a later date.

    Before SWRD created the SLFP and put the suppressed and subjugated Sinhala people in control of their destiny, the Sinhala people were a vanishing race slowly being gobbled up and distributed among other communities.

    It is LUDICROUS to say the SLFP destroyed the Sinhalese, quite the OPPOSITE is true …. the SLFP Saved the Sinhalese!

    On the other hand, I do agree with Christie that IF IT IS AT ALL POSSIBLE, the ENTIRE Sinhala people irrespective of religion should be RALLIED and brought together to rescue our Motherland.

    I also agree with Charles that there are SIGNS that Sinhala Christians are getting concerned about the ongoing disintegration of Sri Lanka and are willing to join in common cause to confront it, recognizing that Buddhism in Sri Lanka is a part of their heritage too and it deserves a PRE-EMMINENT place in Sri Lanka.

    Behind that realization by the Christians may lie recognition of the fact that the Buddhist community is tolerant unlike other religious communities and the Christians will have a secure place among us as oir trusted allies, but not if they persist in acting as aliens collaborating with foreign powers and separatists.

    If this UNIFICATION of ALL of the Sinhala religious communities can be accomplished, it would be a great thing. The advice of Cardinal Malcom Ranjith to his Catholic flock to that effect, rumoured to be against the advice to him from Rome is encouraging.

    But, I have got to tell you, given how ALL OF THE MINORITIES ganged up on the Sinhala Buddhists in the last two elections, I think we Sinhala Buddhists would be well advised to rely SOLELY ON OUR OWN STRENGTH. When the PUSH comes to the SHOVE, we are ALL ALONE!

    Those who make tepid offers of help now after burying us yesterday, are only BUYING INSURANCE NOW in case we succeed in rallying the Sinhala Buddhists and restore a PATRIOTIC Government in Sri Lanka.

    Let us WAIT & SEE how the minority communities behave in the near future in the looming mammoth struggle of the Sinhala people to recover their inheritance.

    We NEED REAL SUPPORT FROM THEM NOW OUT IN THE OPEN IN PUBLIC, not whispered unverifiable offers of help made under the table! For them too, THIS IS THE TIME TO STAND UP & BE COUNTED in unity with the Sinhala Buddhists!

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    Kithsiri may be correct. But Singhalese are divided into UNP, SLFP and JVP.

    With the NEW PARTY they will be divided into UNP, SLFP, JVP and JO PARTY. It will further REDUCE their power.

    Anyway MR will NOT leave the SLFP.

  15. S.Gonsal Says:

    Agree with Ananda mostly. Yes, the SLFP Saved the Sinhalese!

    We should look at the end result.
    Banda could have come to power for selfish reasons, may have been an Indian agent, but his SLFP gave liberation to Sinhalese (and we need that now).

    Similarly, MR could have been aided by Indian support but he finished the war and gave liberation to all people ( even though he did not do any favour to Sinhalese Buddhist).

    Both of them educated their children with western values and made them Kalu Suddas. But these two leaders at least paid back something to people, particularly Banda because of him Sinhalese could manage to climb up social ladder.

    People should not get attached to politicians but make use of them.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Times have changed a great deal from SWRD’s time of power.

    Right now, People Power must move the Country forward, not downward and backward as with CBK/RW/MS Trio in tow with foreign powers.

    Clear and rational thinking needed.
    – Stop possible division of Country through new Constitution !
    – Stop ETCA
    – Stop sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu
    – Stop 5,000 acre lots on 99 yr leases to foreigners,

    If the People cannot stop these things happening, then Lanka is no longer a DEMOCRACY !!

  17. Christie Says:

    SLFOP saved the Sinhalese:

    1. How many Sinhalese have died from racial and political violence since 1956?

    2. The Sinhala population has declined since 1956.

    3. Educated Sinhalese have declined.

    4. Number of wealthy Sinhalese have deteriorated

    5. The land area including sea occupied by Sinhalese have been reduced drastically.

    I can go on but ….

  18. Christie Says:

    Correction; all: since 1956.

  19. Ananda-USA Says:

    Christie, I am baffled by your assigning the blame for the issues in your 5 points above to the SLFP!

    1. How is the number of Sinhalese killed since 1956 directly attributable to the SLFP.

    If anything, SLFP Govt’s prior to the MR/UPFA Govt’s can be blamed only for NOT PROSECUTING THE WAR against the EELAMISTS by fully mobilizing the entire nation as the MR/UPFA GOSL did.

    Where is the allocation of blame to the JVP and the UNP that failed to act as firmly against the LTTE as they did against the JVP?

    2. Sinhala population has declined since 1956? On the contrary, the absolute number of Sinhala people has INCREASED since 1956, but the relative (% of total population) of Sinhalese in the country has declined.

    3. Educated Sinhalese HAS NOT DECLINED. In BOTH absolute and relative terms educated Sinhalese in the population has INCREASED by leaps and bounds over 1956. Where do get these totally erroneous statistics?

    4. Number of wealthy Sinhalese has INCREASED in BOTH absolute and relative terms since 1956. Where do you get this totally erroneous data from?

    5. Land area occupied by the Sinhalese may have decreased SLIGHTLY as a result of the War since 1956 and the move towards the South East of all communities to escape the conflict. Unfortunately, the Sinhala people have not been able to move back into the areas of the North and East they once lived in. This should be corrected, but is now all such moves have been halted with the recent regime change and support of the EELAMISTS by the Yamapalanaya govt.

    If you disagree with my responses, please BACK UP YOUR CLAIMS with reliable and verifiable data. Thanks.

  20. Christie Says:

    Thanks Ananda -USA

    1. Hardly any Sinhalese died from political or racial violence between 1948 and 1956. The only instance may be the 1953 Hartal organized by the Indian colonial parasite Socialists like Bala Tampoe.
    In 1958 Sinhlese who were living in Jaffna were butchered. Sirimavo declared emergency and did not take any action against the Indian colonial parasite that killed and chased Sinhalese from Jaffan who had been living there for centuries. All news was censored. Some bodies were sent to Kandy and Colombo Fish Markets in ice boxes that are used for transporting fish. What did they do to Nagadeepa and Naga Vihara of Jaffna in 1958?.
    It is the great Sinhala “rebellion of 1956 lead by Banda” that lead to the killings you have also mentioned.
    2. Remember Sirimavo’s golden family of two children and condoms called Preethi. The absolute rate of population increase of Sinhalese has gone down since 1956. This has lead to a huge increase of population among Indian colonial parasites and giving them the voting power to decide who will govern. Look at 2005 and later elections. Wait for the next election to see the huge increase in the Indian colonial parasite block vote.
    3. Educated Sinhalese have increased in leaps and bounds since 1956 and they are all leaping and bouncing all the way overseas as laborers. For example house maids and manual workers in the Middle East.
    4. The wealth of Indian colonial parasites have increased astronomically in US$ terms since 1956. The only Sinhalese I can think of being wealthy is Upali Wijayawadhana who I am sure was blown up while in the air with the help of Indian Colonial Parasites in Malaysia. Best examples of wealthy Indian Colonial Parasites in Ceylon are Captains who financed N M Perera , Gnanams who financed Philip, Hidramanis who financed SWRD. The Indian Colonial Parasites as a collective have been financing the Sinhala politicians since the late thirties. Remember Indian colonial parasites had free passage from Indian sub continent to Ceylon and they hardly brought a penny.
    These Indians made more money since 1956 than when the country was under the British-Indian Empire. I am sure you have heard of Raj Rajaratnam of the USA. Abans woman supplied home needs to Banda’s home and how rich are they now?
    5. 1956 brought an end to the settling of landless Sinhalese in Crown land in the Country. Maithripala Senanayake was the Minister of Irrigation a hand picked appointment by the Indian Union and Indian Colonial Parasites. His wife ran the Department. She is the Sister of God Father of the Indian terrorist arm branded Tamil Tigers by the Indian Union. Then Sirima brought in the Land Reforms that limited land ownership for the Sinhalese. Under land reforms most of Sinhalese working in the plantation sector was kicked out and today all plantation land are occupied by Indian Colonial Parasites. They have also encroached the reservations and have bought land in the villages.
    When I say land it include the sea that is part of the land.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:


    Re No. 2 above :

    If I remember right, it was during the JRJ govt time that the Min of Plan Implementation started the ‘Puchi Pawla Ratharang’ campaign run on billboards, in both Sinhala & Tamil languages.


    It would be a good thing for an overpopulated (nearly 8 Billion people now) world for govts everywhere to give FREE birth control material to any adult.

    NEEM TREE products act for both men & women. The Eastern parts of the world and the Tropics should examine this cheaper (may be safer) method for birth control.
    on request.

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    SL is NOT overpopulated. Only Tamils and Muslims are overpopulated.

    People have access to birth control already. Govt. gives them FREE CONDOMS. That is enough. NO NEED to destroy FERTILITY to control birth. That is permanent and interferes to with body’s natural function.

  23. Christie Says:

    Fran you are right, JR the quarter Indian continued; with the slogan “Punchi Pawula Ratharan’. India did not and does not have family planning and Indian colonial parasites do follow the Indian policy. Indian vermin in the West generally keep within the norm but has a higher breeding rate. They populate by bringing in partners from India or from Indian colonies.Indian

  24. Fran Diaz Says:


    We think that the Man/Land ratio in Lanka is already high, if Forest Reserves for Environment purposes are excluded.

    Very soon Lanka will be over populated.
    Imagine what will happen if the sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu is actually built. The Asian Dev Bank has already passed the funds for this project.

    FREE BIRTH CONTROL material everywhere in Lanka and the world, a must. Giving free condoms only is not enough.

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