Posted on August 27th, 2016

Janaka Perera

Beware of Non-Buddhists claiming to protect Buddhism.

Beware of Non-Buddhists seeking to identify and define the enemies of Buddhists and Buddhism

Beware of Non-Buddhists attempting to create rifts between Buddhists and Hindus and Buddhists and followers of other religions

Beware of Non-Buddhists trying to exploit/create disputes between Sri Lanka and neighbouring countries such as India, through by manipulating history.

Beware of non-Buddhist humbugs trying to ‘protect’ and prevent elephants from participating in annual Buddhist festivals like the Kandy Perahera – while maintaining a deafening silence on elephants being compelled to perform circus acts almost daily in zoos, brutal cattle slaughter, throwing live crabs into boiling water e.g. Ministry of Crabs, horse racing (where  horses are forced to run throughout their lives with no retirement plan for them), animal sacrifice, Holocaust of animals during Christmas and other non-Buddhist festivals, maintaining zoos to imprison animals for life for no fault of theirs and other abuses of animals.” (Has these ‘animal lovers’ taken the Christian Churches to task for not supporting the Animal Welfare Bill?)

Beware of Non-Buddhists attempting to re-construct history to place their religions alongside or ahead of Buddhism in a fictitious attempt e.g. Basilica at Ragama, to claim a slice of the glory as creators of the unique Buddhist civilization of Sri Lanka.

Beware of non-Buddhists trying to make a mountain out of a molehill with a view to attracting foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka

Beware of Non-Buddhists campaigning for R2P

Beware of Non-Buddhists claiming the right to speak on behalf of Buddhists

Beware of Non-Buddhists trying to define the identity of the country and the status of Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka. 500 years of ruthless oppression under three Christian Colonial powers (1505 – 1948). This should make us suspicious of Trojan Horses and the ‘Greeks bearing gifts’.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Animal cruelty must be STOPPED by ALL quarters without making it a POLITICAL or RACIST issue.

    Humans have NO RIGHT to harm other animals and certainly NO MORAL RIGHT to EAT them when there are other food!

    I’m a full vegetarian now and I feel more energy.

    Not just crabs, MILLIONS OF FISH are killed in SL everyday in the MOST CRUEL way. They are lifted out of water and deprive breathing. This is equal to pushing the head of a human under water. The smell of fish market is the smell of death of a human too. This cruelty must stop. How can anyone with any conscience eat them?

    Chicken, cattle, pigs, sprats, unborn chicken also suffer this same evil fate.

    IF everyone goes vegetarian (NO MEAT, NO FISH, NO EGGS), there will be enough food to go around.

    But what hope is there for SL? ALL SL leaders since Premathasa go worshiping the VATICAN and THIRUPATI with great effort. Last time two leaders were fighting who will be the president when the POPE would visit SL!

  2. Christie Says:

    Beware of nonviolent aggression and oppression by the Indian Empire.

    Re educate our leaders who go to Thirupathi to see (Dharshan) Venkatasverayaa a four handed god with two dicks and four balls for Padmawathie and Laksmi.

    They could have given their monetary offerings to our Ravana oour King instead of Kubera. The payments outstanding for the prostitute Padmawathie to be paid to her father the pimp.

    Buddhists be aware of Hindufying of Buddhism.

    I wonde any of Govenrments money has been used for the offerings. No wonder they have to increase VAT.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oi, Lorenzo!

    What? The HIGH IQ Tamil political pundit is not eating haal masso anymore?

    OMG, no wonder you are making MORE mistakes now! LOL!

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    I stopped all non-veg food (including fish, eggs and cow milk stolen from calves) for sometime now. NO mistake there. Kids need more of OMEGA 3, etc. to develop. It stops developing after adulthood. And it declines after 67 for some people!!

    Try to be full vegan. It will do you good and help you think clearly. may you live long!

  5. samurai Says:

    I do not accuse all non-Buddhists of engaging in covert anti-Buddhist activities, but we should undoubtedly be wary of those doing so. We should be alert not only about the latter but also multicultural ‘Buddhists’ and some ‘secularists’ who are even worse in a sense. They see no importance in recognizing the importance of the preeminence of Buddhism and Buddhist values in Sri Lankan society.

    Their entire focus is on the alleged and actual wrongdoings of lay Buddhists and the Buddhist clergy as if they are the biggest culprits behind a possible demise of Buddhism in this country. These ‘multicultural’ humbugs want the government to change the position the Sri Lankan Constitution has given to the Buddha Sasana. They completely ignore threats to Buddhism from well-funded Christian evangelists converting poor Buddhists and Islamic fanatics encroaching on historic Buddhist sites, like the Muhudu Maha Vihara and Kuragala.

    These multicultural ‘Buddhists’ and ‘secularists’ want all Buddhists to turn a blind eye to these unwarranted activities for the sake of ‘religious and communal harmony’ whatever is meant by it. A few years ago one of these jokers writing in a English newspapers criticized those who condemned the brutal animal sacrifices at Munnesvaram Hindu temple in Chilaw. He said that it was a religious right of the animal-killers and therefore others had no right to oppose it. The writer alleged that the Buddhists were trying to impose their will on the temple’s devotees.

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Buddhism, Sinhalese race and Sri Lanka in the ‘safe’ hands of catholic-run UNPatriotic party. That’s what
    some traitor, pea-brained Sinhala modayas think. Ever heard leaving fox in charge of the chickens? Those
    traitor Sinhala modayas will do anything after listening to one of their talks with loads of false promises.

    Some of them even go for the UNPatriotics rally for a packet of lunch. That’s how pathetic some Sinhalese
    donkeys are. Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist pol pot ponil wickramaSinhalakiller has been working to create a catholic country
    in Sri Lanka for nearly 50 years. He gave half the country to his catholic buddy hitler pira(mala)paharan
    on a plate. He sent millennium city intelligent officers to catholic tigers of tamil drealam (aka ltte) bullet.
    He gave weapons to the real terrorists. He and his party culled 60,000 Buddhists on the pretext of putting
    down an insurgency. Then him and his UNPatriotic party got catholic tigers of tamil drealam to kill another
    100,000+ Buddhists by prolonging the war for 30 years. Still his plan didn’t work. Then last year his job
    was made very very easy by some traitor Sinhalese donkeys putting him in the driving seat.

    Buddhism isn’t going to last for very long in Sri Lanka since there are a lot of enemies within. Supposed to be
    the guardian of Buddhism thibbote, while pin bath gilamin, is a huge fan of catholic run UNPatriotic party; Ambare
    damilaya also a huge fan. Then you have high priest rathanaya etc. etc. Then a lot of traitor Sinhalese
    deshapaluwan whose only intention is to plunder, plunder who never open their mouth to defend Buddhism,
    Sinhalese race or Sri Lanka. Meanwhile racist cancers tamil, mussies and catholics are working very very hard
    to destroy Buddhism, Sinhalese race and Sri Lanka. Mussies multiply and multiply and taking over area by
    area. Tamils slowly expanding all over the country while throwing out Sinhalese from north and the east.
    Sinhalese? They are at each others throats! They are a race facing extinction in the near future thanks
    to UNPatriotic party. Half portuguese traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist pol pot ponil wickramaSinhala
    killer is over the moon!

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Interesting links for the traitor Sinhalese supporters of catholic-run UNPatriotic party.
    You find these only on www. Not in so called Buddhist Sri Lanka. Question is can the Sinhala modayas
    make the connection?







  8. Nimal Says:

    Glad to see elephants taking part in our peraharas and we must look after their welfare.Only temples should be allowed to own them as notorious people seems to own them to gain attention and status and they will go to any length to own them where our wild like is being disturbed.Today a wild elephant attacked a motor vehicle killing the passengers.Elephant habitats are being diminished and these animals are desperate and even angry.
    I doubt anyone could define what a good Buddhist is until one compare people of SL with people of UK.In my opinion the people of UK are much in line with the great teachings.
    My simple proof is,just stand in front of any pedestrian crossing in SL or UK,one will notice the intolerance exercised in SL where they toot against the people crossing in SL and none of that happen in UK.There are so many such examples to mention.
    Those who use the name of any religion in their daily lives and impose it on others are bringing doom to that country.Exactly a year ago I had to close down 3 business outlets in SL as the employee used religions(all three) to keep away from work.Yesterday in spite of individual assurances given by the 12 employee who is attending to my property on very urgent work,only 3 turned up and they all switched off their mobiles and today they will say that they either attended a church or a temple.
    We are having problems having a stable work force in many key industries like tea,unless we get labor from abroad some of them will disappear.We have the same problem in UK and EU and at least we have a willing labour force from other countries,but not for long.

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