Are we witnessing the last days of SLFP? and are we going to allow that to happen?
Posted on August 30th, 2016

Sudath Gunasekara 22.8.2016.

I have been closely watching the ongoing quarrels, debates, allegations and counter allegations,by the two adversary camps of the SLFP led by Chandrika and Sirisena on one side and Mahinda Rajapaksa on the other. Looking at the overall political mess in the country neither of these camps will be able to capture power at any forthcoming election separately unless they join hands and contest under one symbol. If they don’t do so my prediction is a cake walk for the UNP. Under a situation where MR and MS camps contesting separately the SLFP vote base will get split in to two.  Under this situation if they have the elections on the former electoral basis my prediction is an easy 2/3 in Parliament with the UNP block vote, the Tamils and Muslims voting together. But the ongoing vigorous Island wide membership drive personally handled by Ranil shows that he is not sure of his figures.That is why he is trying to add new votes.

If that happens the UNP will run the country for at least two terms and that could be the end of the SLFP, as people forget things as time goes.   The only hope one can harp on the SLFP’s survival under the current situation is the powerful appeal and the closeness of its patriotic policies to the majority Sinhala Buddhist masses, especially in the villages. If they join hands, declare that MR will be the Prime minister and win over the disgruntled UNP Sinhala votes as well there is a good chance of forming a SLFP Government, not otherwise.

On the other hand if this mad quarrel between the two SLFP factions continues though the majority SLFPers are with MR, definitely it will end up in consolidating the anti Sinhala anti Buddhist forces polarized around the nucleus UNP, thereby reverting the national awakening ushered in, in 1956. If that happens once again reactionary policies will replace progressive and the age of the common man will again get reverse overnight to an age of the privileged, from the village to the town, from the poor to the affluent and from Sinhala to English. In other words a complete reversal from what we have gained since 1956. This is the greatest danger before the nation. That is why the patriotic Sinhala Buddhist masses should get together under one banner discarding all their political affiliations to other political parties.

The present situation might change radically if MR camp decides to contest as a new party with an entirely a new strategy armed with a new band of new and clean men, at least with one such magnetic person per District, who can command the respect as persons capable of ushering in a new political culture to this country that replaces the present corrupt and rotten political system. Dropping all rotten eggs and controversial persons in this process and focusing on the Sinhala Buddhist electorate with a powerful and clarion call to all Sinhala voters to forget their blind party affiliation to UNP or JVP if they want to save their country and the 2500 year old tradition and heritage as the Great Sinhala nation from this imminent national catastrophe. If they also could get Sunethra on to their stage to represent SWRD and Sirima images, I think that too will take the new Party a long way as most people in this country, irrespective of their party affiliations still regard and remember them as Great leaders who have done a yeoman service to the national resurgence. We must not forget the fact that the word Bandaranaike for the common man still remains a magic wand.

A superficial survey of the electorate shows that the majority people want a change, a reversal of what is happening now. They don’t like the pro-western, pro Indian, pro Tamil and Pro Muslim policies of the Government present Government. They also don’t like the subservience to the West. None other than those blind followers of the UNP and anti Sinhala Anti Buddhist forces like, things like the neglect of the Kandyan peasants and giving our ancestral lands in the Hill country to Estate Tamils enabling them to get their Malayanadu, the Setu Samudra monkey Bridge project that will open flood gates for South Indians to invade this Island and settle down in the NCP, ETCA the repressive tax policies of the Government like the VAT and the OMP illegally set up to trap our patriotic forces. Only the diehard UNPers will remain unchanged.  The Kandyan peasantry issue, if properly exploited, could turn the entire Kandyan electorate against the government.

What should be done to avoid this catastrophe?

A strong and solid Sinhala Buddhist patriotic front that could muster all Sinhalese, under one banner without depending on Tamil and Muslim votes led by a strong patriotic leader, (or preferably a Leadership Council), is the only way that could rescue this country from this situation.

As such there are only two ways open to avoid this catastrophe. One is for MS and MR to forget the past and shake hands and get together to save the SLFP and Bandaranaike policies and save the country as well from this imminent crisis. The other is for MR to form a new party. But it has to be a variant of old SLFP, say something like, Sri Lanka Eksath Janatha Pakshaya”(S.L.J.P). This alternative, I think will be highly attractive and appealing to the electorate as they can see a clear cut path to follow as they see a distinct difference between the MS faction and the MR Camp. The fact that they have the Sri Lanka part in it is also emotionally important.

If the present division continues, by voting MS”S nominees,’ even the winning few can get nothing other than few crumbs falling from the UNP high table as they will be reduced to a miserable minority in the UNP, Tamil and Muslim dominated Government. Ms’s camp is very unlikely to a working majority. That is the stark truth whether someone likes it or not. Therefore forming a SLFP government under MS’S command, I think, is completely out. The SLFP voter has to realize this fact and use the vote rationally so that it will not go waste and help an anti Sinhala anti-Buddhist Government comes to power. Things could be even worse than we think if MS is reduced to a mere ceremonial figure head by removing the Executive Presidency by using the steam roller majority the UNP will definitely get if the SLFP contests separately under MS and MR.

In the event if MR decides to form a new party as stated before he will have to drop most of the rotten eggs and even his controversial brother Basil and first select at least one new outstanding candidate from each District with character, education, respectability and acceptability etc and second select a similar group of at least ten clean and distinguished men from different fields like economics, administration, law, business, finance and science etc, so that voters can have some hope on the quality of the new government under the new set up . Majority of people in this country wants things like the Provincial Councils, 1987 Indo-Lanka Pact  PR system, and the ongoing Upcountry mono Tamil village development destined to make the central hill country a Mayanadu very soon out. They also want a new Constitution and a second Chamber. But these are highly challenging issues.

Then he must also give the people a clear and attractive manifesto which can take the  country to a world of new political culture, economic prosperity, justice, good governance, law and order,  peace and sanity.

There is one thing both MS and MR will have to understand right now. That is neither the Lord Venkateswara at Tirupathi nor the White Gods of the West or their money can help in this tricky game at the end. If they don’t settle this issue between them, both of them are going to commit political hara-kiri.  It will be the people of this country who will decide at the end and they will take only two seconds to do that. The problem in hand is unfortunately people are left utterly confused as no party has a clear cut national policy and a dependable and trustworthy leadership.

If MS and MR fail to get together, which is very unlikely as it is, this is what will happens at all future elections in this country for a long time to come

The UNP with its Tamil and Muslim allies will definitely win all elections and form the Government not because they have more votes but simply because of the split of the SLFP vote. What I can see at any forthcoming election under this situation is a cake walk for the UNP. While the blue lions and blue wolfs fight over a carcass the UNP fox will consume the whole carcass like the cunning fox in the old fable that did so by setting the lion and the hyena to fight over the carcass of the deer, until they die. Thereafter this country will have a Tamil and Muslim dictated UNP Government.

If the two blue camps contest separately MR camp will come second, but far behind UNP and MS camp will trail behind as a poor third may be with 10-15 seats or even very much less in Parliament. As Ranil will not need MS’S minority then, to form the Government, under that Government neither MS no his followers will have any bargaining power. All of them will be just mere puppets. Meanwhile Runil might get the Executive Presidency abolished and that will close the chapter for MS’s political saga. Thereafter Ranil will run riots together with Tamils, Muslims and the Western Block and the Church, hand over the North and East to Tamils along with the Malayanadu, presently being formed under his Government in the central Hill Country. Thereafter Tamils will declare the EELAM covering over 2/3 the area of the Island. Ranil will suppress any possible upheaval with the help of RAW and Western or American forces and hand over a major part of the country to Tamils and Muslims.  And that will be the end of the Sinhala Buddhist civilization on this planet. You might think this is wild fantasy. It will be a reality the way things are happening at the moment.

This is my main worry. Personally I am not concerned as to what political party runs the country or who heads that Government. But it is only a patriotic and honest Sinhala Buddhist National Leader, a Bodhhisatva as the Mahavansa has laid it down, who could take the country out of the present mess and protect the Sinhala Buddhist nation and its unique identity in this country for posterity while keeping the minorities in their due places.

The SLFP was found by its Father S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike in 1951 as a patriotic national political Party, an alternative to UNP. that UNP was only a duplicate of the colonial masters. But he had to wait for 30 years until 1956 to translate his policies in to action. The formation of the SLFP in 1956 was the culmination and flowering of a great national movement started by Great men like Anagarika Dharmapala way back in 1870s and carried on over more than 50 years.. Since then the SLFP has made its mark as the champion and crusader of the aspirations of the native people like their lost rights in their language, religion, culture and local values. Sanga, Veda, Guru and Govi- Kamkaru formed the five pillars of the new party. It was a people’s Party and a Party of the common man. Their dress, foods, values, religion, language, literature and song, all were given their due place. Independence was made complete by freeing Katunayaka and Tirikunamale British Air bases. Though some sections criticize S.W.R.D. for making Sinhala the Official language, in my opinion that was the most historic decision he made as he restored the birth right of the Sinhala people, the sons of the soil, after 142 long years and opened the doors of Government service, including the highest echelons of public service like the Civil Service, Medicine and Engineering and even politics to Sinhala educated masses. Thus he gave a new value to their birth right and their mother tongue. As a champion of the Non Aligned Movement he stayed away from opposing world Powers while maintaining friendly relations with all.

The following words of this Great man used in 1926 to address the gathering at the Colombo Harbour when he returned from Oxford clearly shows who Bandaranaike was and what his vision and policies are.

ඔක්ස්ෆඩ් සිට ලංකාවට පැමිණි ඒ මහතාව පිලිගැනීමේ රැස්වීමේදී, යුරෝපීය ඇදුමින් සැරසී ඉංග්‍රීසි භාෂාවෙන් කථාව කරමින් එසේ කරන්නට වීම සම්බන්ධව කණගාටුව පලකරමින්,

1 තමන් හද පතුලෙන් සිංහලයකු බවත්,

2 අනාගතයේදී, සිංහලෙන් කථා කිරීමට සූදානම් වන බවත්

3 තමාගේ උත්සහය, පොදුවේ ජනතාවට සේවය කිරීම බවත්,

4 එය ඉරණමේ හැටියට, තමාට පැවරී ඇති කාර්‍යය  බවත්,

5 ඉලක්කය හරි ගියහොත් තමාට සතුටින්, නිවිසැනසිල්ලේ මියයන්නට හැකි බව ප්‍රකාශ කලහ.

The reactionary forces killed him in 1959 before he could make his dream a reality as he spelled out in that historic speech in 1926. If not for his untimely death, being the only visionary leader we had since 1948, he may have changed Sri Lanka beyond recognition, even with a new Constitution that will restore the pristine glory of this Island nation. His widow Mrs Bandaranaike followed suit and did a yeoman service following the footsteps of her husband until she was defeated in 1977 and her civic rights were robbed by JR. But the people will never forget the political, social and Cultural Revolution ushered in by the SLFP during its tenure. This fact was clearly proved when the SLFP was again returned in 1994 in spite of Mrs B was kept behind doors even with no civil rights. As the adage stands history always repeat.

Why I mentioned these few words here is just to warn all selfish narrow minded political refugees not to allow the disintegration of the SLFP as it is the only political party the people  have now to fall back for the rights of the Sinhalese, their religion and their culture. Therefore if we allow it to disintegrate now at a crucial time like this when Tamils and Muslims at home and all the neo-colonial forces of the West and Indian expansionists are at the helm of power, I can’t just imagine as to what will happen to the Sinhala nation.  This is what both MS and MR have to understand right now. Both of them have to forget the past and their petty mindedness and put the country before self. Only then they will be respected and hailed as true leaders. If they fight each other and help the reactionary forces to come to power they will go down in history as the men who destroyed the 2500 year old Sinhala Nation

There is no point in arguing as to who destroyed it by splitting the SLFP thereafter. People of this country know, as to who split the SLFP. Though no one takes her or her words seriously as everyone knows her record, Chandrika has to take the main blame for ruining the SLFP. She conspired for years to bring in MS as the common candidate just to take revenge from MR. But ordinary SLFP voters will naturally find fault with MS first for leaving the Party, then helping the anti- SLFP UNP to form a Government and thereafter disintegrating the Party. Looking at this scenario both SWRD and Mrs B, I am sure must be turning in their graves. This is what MS has to seriously look at by way of self evaluation.

The UNP on the other hand from the very inception had been a pro-western party. At the very outset it was labeled as a jumble of western educated set of Kalusuddas, who replaced the white masters. The very word UNP (United National Party) as a part of the British divide and rule policy, suggested by the British Governor Moore, imposed upon the people the idea of the presence of many nations in this country. Looking at its performance over the years, that is why people have baptized it as an UNPatriotic Party

The opening up of the Dry Zone settlements that has prevented people dying from starvation perhaps is the only meaningful and patriotic thing the UNP Government had done to this country. Credit for this achievement goes to that great leader D.S. Senanayaka. Another significant achievement, of cause with mixed results, any UNP government did since then was Mahaweli. But there again it could not give an inch of land from the Hill Country to any native Sinhala man out of thousands of those villagers displaced by the Kotmale and Victoria Projects. Right through it has followed  an anti Sinhala policy in the hill country by not implementing the recommendations of the Kandyan Peasantry Commission As such how can we say that the UNP has had any patriotic vision?

Overall majority People of this country have found the SLFP to be more homewards oriented and the UNP outward oriented. Although both parties are guilty of pampering minorities for their vote the SLFP is accused of being more pro Sinhala and pro-Buddhist.

In this backdrop it is natural that Sinhala Buddhists and their interests are safer and protected under an SLFP regime than under a UNP regime and the Tamil and Muslims prefer to have a UNP government. `These are the main reasons why people fear a breakup of the SLFP. Therefore as the difference between the UNP and SLFP is crystal clear with regard to the rights of the Sinhala majority it is high time all Sinhalese rally round the SLFP under  a leader who will not support a UNP Government in order to save the Sinhala nation and their country from this imminent disaster.

14 Responses to “Are we witnessing the last days of SLFP? and are we going to allow that to happen?”

  1. Christie Says:

    බන්ඩ ජඩය ඇවිල්ල ඉස්සෙල්ලම කරපු කතාව සින්හලට පෙරලුවෙ මට මතක හැටියට හමීඩ් . මෙහෙමයි හමීඩ් පටන් ගත්තේ.

    “මූට මුගෙ අම්මගෙ බාසාව බැහඇ. මම ඒක සින්හලට පෙරලනව” කියල.

    අද අපිට පේනව මූත් මුගෙ දෝනිත් සින්හලයන්ට කෙලපු හැටිත් කෙලින හැටිත්.

  2. Christie Says:

    This man was recruited by India back in 1951. Indians had close connections with him when he was studying in Oxford.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    It is inevitable. Most likely Ranil will be the next president as things move now. Relying on Sirisena to counter the UNP is futile. A new party to cannibalise the SLFP is needed. If it can be formed soon, it can organise itself for the next presidential election (late 2019 or earlier). People are wise to judge which candidate has any chance of winning a presidential election and vote for him. If Ranil, Sirisena and someone from the JO contest the presidential election, Sirisena will get very few number of votes comparatively. Both Ranil and Sirisena will try to woo minority votes which gives the JO a good opportunity to focus only on Sinhalese. For that a Sinhala nationalist must contest from the JO.

    However in a parliamentary election, any SLFP split will give UNP an easy win.

    The next election will most likely be a presidential election. 19A gives the parliament 4 and a half years which will take it to February 2020 whereas the presidential term was reduced to five years which will end in January 2020.

  4. S.Gonsal Says:

    There will not be ANY presidential election !

    Con-institution will be changed and Aappya will be the last president. All but JHU and JO wanted Ex-Prez. Now JO too don’t want. JHU will be isolated on this aspect, they may also join in the fun.

    Mahinda going to Malaysia and RW going to Singapore. I would like to speculate a secret, very secret meeting at a place not known to people.

    End of Sinhale is nearing ?

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    I agree with you 100%, Sudath!

    If it is possible for MS to cooperate with MR in the interest of his own Sinhala Buddhist community, I would welcome that.

    But, I don’t think that will EVER happen.

    It did not require much intelligence and patriotism for MS to understand that the SLFP was the only defensive shield that protected the Sinhala nation, and what would happen if he betrayed and indermined it as he did overnight in opposing MR in 2015.

    He KNEW, but his GREED and AMBITION overcame his PATRIOTISM and his LOVE for his people.

    And today, we find the gains of the decisive victory over Sri Lanka’s enemies in 2009, and the our HOPES of becoming the New Wonder of Asia and reaching the escape velocity to join the developed world within 10 years of continued post-war development in TATTERS!

    We are now FACING A VERY REAL THREAT of becoming the colonised and enslaved people we were prior to independenc in 1948, and the SLFP revolution in 1956 that overthrew the puppets of the West.

    The Joint Opposition under Mahinda Rajapaksa’s FULLY COMMITTED leadership must RALLY the Sinhala people and it’s Buddhist core, come what may, CREATE A NEW PARTY appealing to thd current SLFP party following, and restore a Patriotic Government to our Motherland.

    To maintain that connection to the existing SLFP following, I propose “Dehapremi Sri Lanka Nidahas Pakshaya” (Patriotic SLFP) as the name of the New Party, keeping open the option of REMERGING with the SLFP in the future.

    If tHE JO does this, the PATRIOTIC PEOPLE of Sri Lanka will unite and rally around them in their millions BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT, in my view, gIvinghoe them an ab solute Palimentary majority in the next general election. Form the party, keep unrelenting pressure on the Yamapalanaya govt and spark HOPE in the hearts and minds of the Patriots!

    But, they must DO IT FAST, and DO IT NOW.

    The cunning and devious enemy is dismantling our Motherland even as we speak, and there is not a moment to lose, irrespective of what MS decides to do!

  6. NAK Says:

    SLFP as it is now will soon be dead. A new stronger SLFP will be born over its ashes. It is a must and if not Sri Lanka will be done for good.

  7. Christie Says:

    S Gonsal, you have made an interesting observation.

    If Ranil and Mahinda get together then the Indian Indian Empire has failed miserably.

    It is India who got Mahinda to beat Ranil in 2005 by getting the Indian colonial parasite block vote to abstain from voting.

    Then India got Sarath to try and beat Mahinda in 2010.

    In 2010 it got Sirisena through Chandrika and was successful with the Indian colonial parasite block vote turning out in full to vote.

    What we need is a united Sinhala majority movement like we had before 1956.

    This is a must as the Indian colonial parasite vote has increased exponentially.

  8. plumblossom Says:

    plumblossom Says:

    August 30th, 2016 at 2:30 am

    It is high time that a new political party is created. The symbol can be the ‘mal pohottuwa’ as just prior to the general election, a new political party was registered under this symbol. All those SLFPers who are totally fed up with this treacherous yahapalayana government can then join this new political party.

    It is best to do this as soon as possible in order to get ready for the local government elections, to counter the treacherous OMP Act, to counter VAT increases, to counter the low prices offered to rice farmers, tea growers, rubber growers, to counter any attempt to provide any more powers to provincial councils than they have at present especially police, land or fiscal powers and to prevent the illegal merger of the North and the East and any attempt to change the unitary status of the country via unwanted constitutional changes, to counter the signing of ETCA, to counter the building of the Hanuman Bridge, to ensure that no Sri Lankan Forces member is harassed by setting up of hybrid courts or even domestic courts and to safeguard Sri Lankan armed forces from bogus war crimes charges to be produced via the OMP.

    Also to counter the wide ranging privatization of state assets programme of the UNP which envisages privatising even healthcare, water, electricity etc., to ensure that the rice farmer is empowered and not destroyed as this yahapalanaya government is doing and to ensure that 2600 years of rice farming is not destroyed, to ensure that other crop growers get a fair deal for their produce, to encourage local industries and companies by taxing imports, to create and empower and rehabilitate local industries like the Valachchanai paper plant, Puttlam, and KKS cement factories, Kanthale and Pelawatta sugar factories, to build new tyre producing factories, to build new fish tin canning factories, to build new fruit juice, jam producing factories, to create a more efficient food storage and transport to market system including proper storage and refrigeration of vegetables, fruits etc., to encourage local companies by taxing imports, to encourage school leavers to take up vocational training programmes and to create a vocational training to youth employment creation programme where youth are helped to start up their own SMEs, to change our diet from a wheat based diet to a rice based diet, to encourage farmers to produce our own milk by encouraging the dairy industry and to build factories to produce our own powdered milk etc.

    Unless a new party is formed now, all those people opposed to this treacherous yahapalanaya government will have nowhere to turn and nowhere to go and if the disaffected SLFPers do not take up this opportunity to form a new party, others definitely will. Also once the yahapalanaya commits all treacherous acts possible and betrays the country , it will be too late to form new political parties since there will not be a country left to govern after all the treacherous acts are completed by this yahapalanaya government.

  9. plumblossom Says:

    Sri Lanka’s future will depend on whether a new party is formed now or not by the disaffected SLFPers. It is now or never. There is no point forming new parties once this treacherous yahapalanaya government has finished committing all the treacherous deeds they are committing at present like more powers given to provincial councils inclusive of land, police and fiscal powers and illegally merging the North and the East, charging our brave Sri Lankan Forces with bogus war crimes using hybrid or even domestic courts, privatizing everything, destroying 2600 years of rice farming, signing ETCA, building the Hanuman bridge etc.

    Once all this is done there will not be a Sri Lanka left to govern. Therefore it is imperative that a new political party is formed now before it is too late for Sri Lanka when it will be of no point complaining once all the treacherous acts are committed and completed.

  10. Christie Says:

    සුදත්, උඩරට ගැමි කොමිසම පටන්ගත්තේ කවද්ද?

    ඉන්දියානු ජඩයෝ 1951දී බන්ඩ අල්ලගෙන සින්හලයන්ට කෙලින්න ලොකුම හේතුවක් තමයි උඩරට පුනරුත්තාපන කොමිසම.

  11. Cerberus Says:

    The SLFP split when My3 decided to leave the party and contest separately on behalf of UNP so that Ranil who can never win an election on his own could hide under My3’s sarong and creep in as PM. This was unconstitutional since there was a PM in place already. My3 did it again in the General election in Aug’15 when he realized that MR was winning 117 seats he removed the gazetted party secretaries and then put own men in place and announced to the public two days before the election that he will not appoint MR as PM even if the UPFA wins the election. It was all unconstitutional.Now I heard that both My3 and CBK the two traitors are going to attend the UNP rally. While My3 is the head of the SLFP there is no way that the party will win any election against UNP. My3 will ensure that the SLFP loses and gives the place to UNP. He is so beholden to the Foreign Govts which put him in power who want Ranil in place to sell out the country to them. So Sri Lanka is in a no win situation.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:


    Sri Lanka is NOT in a NO WIN situation.

    The PATH to victory is the SAME as it was when we had to crush the LTTE that the entire world said could not be militarily defeated.

    We patriots only knew they HAD TO BE DEFEATED no matter what the pundits say, and that was enough.

    It is for the SINHALA people to again UNITE INTO A DESHAPREMI BALAVEGAYA to OUST the Yamapalanaya GOSL, and RESTORE a Patriotic Government to power.

    It is THAT simple! To HELL with what the political pundits say!

    Is that ACHIEVABLE?

    YES IT IS, just as we FINALLY came together to defeat the Tamil Terrorists and their worldwide CHORUS of naysayers, just as SWRD created a SINHALA BALAVEGAYA against ALL ODDS to OUST the Elitist Western puppets who were then in power.

    Yes, WE CAN do it, WE MUST do it, and WE WILL do it!

    It is only a matter of IGNORING the pundits and coming together; IT IS INDEED THAT SIMPLE!

  13. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Plumblossom,

    You write interesting stuff. But….they are terribly long dear friend.

    As the saying goes, ‘the shorter the sweeter’.

    Make your articles shorter and they we will become sweeter.

    Kind regards,

    Mario Perera

  14. aloy Says:

    What is there to salvage in SLFP or UNP. Both have been destroyed by their leaders. I think they are all partners in financial crimes committed on the citizens of the country. A new BALAVEGAYA should come up. Who is there to organize it?. Certainly not JO. They had their time and should stand aside for an honest and capable leader to form a new party.

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