Posted on September 11th, 2016

  Something to think about

Japan prevents the use of mobile phones in trains, restaurants and indoors.

For first to sixth primary year, Japanese students must learn ethics in dealing with people.

Even though one of the richest people in the world, the Japanese do not have servants. The parents are responsible for their house and also their children.

There is no examination from the first to the third primary level because the goal of education is to instill concepts and character building.

If you go to a buffet restaurant in Japan you will notice people only eat as much as they need without any waste because food must not be wasted.

The rate of delayed trains in Japan is about 7 seconds per year! The Japanese appreciate the value of time and are very punctual to minutes and seconds.

Children in schools brush their teeth (sterile) and clean their teeth after a meal at school, teaching them to maintain their health from an early age.

Japanese students take half an hour to finish their meals to ensure proper digestion because these students are the future of Japan.

The Japanese focus on maintaining their culture. Therefore,

No political leader or a prime minister from an Islamic nation has visited Japan. Not even the Ayatollah of Iran, the King of Saudi Arabia or a Saudi Prince!

Japan is a country keeping Islam at bay by putting strict restrictions on Islam and all Muslims.

1) Japan is the only nation that does not give citizenship to Muslims.

2) In Japan permanent residency is not given to Muslims.

3) There is a strong ban on the propagation of Islam in Japan

4) In the University of Japan, Arabic or any Islamic language is not taught.

5) One cannot import a ‘Koran’ published in the Arabic language.

6) According to data published by the Japanese government, it has given temporary residency to only 2 lakhs Muslims, who must follow the Japanese Law. These Muslims should speak Japanese and carry their religious rituals in their homes.

7) Japan is the only country in the world that has a negligible number of Embassies in Islamic countries.

8) Muslims residing in Japan are the employees of foreign companies.

9) Even today, visas are not granted to Muslim doctors, engineers or managers sent by foreign companies.

10) In the majority of companies it is stated in their regulations that no Muslims should apply for a job.

11) The Japanese government is of the opinion that Muslims are fundamentalist, and even in the era of globalization they are not willing to change their Sharia laws.

12) Muslims cannot even rent a house in Japan.

13) If anyone comes to know that his neighbor is a Muslim then the whole neighborhood stays alert.

14) No one can start an Islamic cell or Arabic ‘Madrasa’ in Japan ..

15) There is no Sharia law in Japan .

16) If a Japanese woman marries a Muslim, she is considered an outcast forever.

17) According to Mr. Kumiko Yagi, Professor of Arab/Islamic Studies at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, ” There is a mind frame in Japan that Islam is a very narrow minded religion and one should stay away from it.” The Japanese might have lost World War II, but they are in charge of their own country. There are no bombs going off in crowded business centers, “Honor Killings”, or killing of innocent children or anyone else.

Something to think about


  1. Nimal Says:

    I must say that they have good hygiene habits and very clean,compared to other races with whom I had much experience but they could look down upon likes of if married to any of them,which I have.I would not go to live there but my German brother in law who is married to my wife’s sister is treated very differently and you can guess what the difference is.
    In every ethnic group that I associated in the past before my marriage to my wife found that it is useful to know their swear words that might use against you and it is useful to know how to swear at them in their own language.
    I had a bad encounter a couple weeks ago outside the Maligawa where we went for a stroll and encountered three of them in robes and swore at my wife over me and they were surprised that I could respond in the same manner in their own language.The cop who witnessed was shocked when I explained our facial gestures.In 60s in UK there was a time when people were hostile if I held hands with my white girl friends but those bad days are gone as my son had no such hostility but I can’t say that if I am with my wife in Japan,especially if we are away from the big cities.I would not be happy if anyone of the Oriental countries ever rule us and I would be happy to see the US bases still in the area.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Japan is a Monoethnic country.
    Only about 1% of Japan is ‘polyethnic’.

    It is easier to govern countries that are Monoethnic. Sri Lanka is very diverse country, weakened by internal conflicts.
    Even though Japan suffered intensely in WW II (Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombing), Japan recovered well in her Economy & Security issues.

    Also, Sri Lanka has INDIA next door. INDIA has Russia & China as neighbors.
    INDIA & Lanka were both colonised by the British for about 150 yrs.

    Sri Lanka has Tamil Nadu next door with a fairly large Tamil community (12% plus) in Sri Lanka, with Tamil leaders attempting to divide Lanka to form Tamil Eelam. The Caste/poverty, Separatist issues of Tamil Nadu impinge on Lanka.

    A Lanka Civilian Army (as in Switzerland) & nurturing high Patriotism here, essential to keep Lanka safe and secure for all.
    FREE birth control material to any adult will help keep the Man : Land ratio at a healthy level.

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