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  1. Nimal Says:

    Idiot,some countries are desperate to elect them because their former leaders have stolen the wealth out of the country.This is what US get for allowing the likes of Marcos family to stash their money in US.
    He will move to the Chinese camp and with the hard of remittances of the poor expatriates will extravagantly spend that on worthless projects.He have to depend on intellectual crooks to carry out his programs and put the country into debt,just as that has been done in Zimbabwe and oil rich Equatorial Guinea,name a few failed states.To have thugs and idiots is a curse on the third world.They are just lose cannons.

  2. Sarath W Says:

    He is a brave man to say that Americans should not interfere in the internal affairs of other sovereign states, especially when their governments are elected democratically. As he said the Americans should first look at their human rights abuses in their own black people and others all over the world including recent mass killings in Iraq. Although I do not agree with killings of any one without a fair trial, I applaud his stand against drug lords. Our leaders should learn that they are only responsible for the people who elected them, and not to become arse lickers of the Western mafias.

  3. S.Gonsal Says:

    Agree with Sarath. It is difficult to control giving a free had to police and other autorities to control drug ( without trials), people will kill to fulfil other motives,
    This man reminds me of LKY although LKY was much more diplomatic and smart to put the same message in a different way. He too had human rights problems.
    We need a MAN who can ask INIDA to F’off. We need a leader who is ready to take legal action against India for creating LTTE. There is a plenty of evidence.

  4. Nimal Says:

    My daughter in law’s relatives are trying to set up a garment factory in this country and have been closely following the events and they are a bit cautious that became to power with the backing of corrupt Marcos clan that is bound to open old wounds and instability.People who are poor wants a quick solution to their problems and over the years their relatives’ remittances are squandered by the previous regimes.Only people that would bankroll them is the same people that our squandering Africa.That country also would be in debt if he carries on and people had much faith in him and will be disappointed.
    A leader must have some honest technocrats to advice and be the backbone in running the country to the benefit of the suffering people but not the people out of the previous corrupt regimes.
    Venezuela is a typical example of a oil rich country with leaders who are very innocent and naive and people like us using the contacts we had tried to reach to their leader Chavez(late).We even sited the basic teachings of Buddha where we it was said that one have to control greed,selfishness,have tolerance etc
    He foolishly spent the wealth carelessly on houses with air con,washing machines,TVs etc to his followers.He hardly spend the oil revenue on the infrastructure projects that would give jobs and increase food production etc When the oil prices tumbled he had no income to run the country and the ungrateful people are rebelling against his regime.Country was already crime ridden with money in pockets and people had no meaning of vlife and got even worse with no money in their pockets.
    Therefore all leaders must have technocrats and people who could run industries while motivating people to do a day’s work.
    In that case China had turned an u turn and got the country in par with the modern world.
    We have seen nothing yet in that country.
    Thanks to our home bred Colombians, we have a vibrant private sector who hard earned taxes are been squandered by the crooked politicians.

  5. Nihal Perera Says:

    It is refreshing to see an Asian leader who can stand up to American bullying.. I wish we have a spineless leader like this in SL who can tell the Americans and the rest of the West to go to hell. Instead, we have bunch of poodles who lick the asses of their white colonial masters, who are shamelessly interfering with country’s economy, social and ethnic affairs.

    Our Sinhala majority is the biggest idiots in the world, who are letting these west-loving poodles to sell the country, so that they can stay in power, with the help of their colonial masters.

  6. Nimal Says:

    Nihal P
    I just can’t agree with you when you say some people are west loving poodles.They may like the civilized ways the Western countries are run, so to have that practiced your own countries does not make you a poodle.It is simple as choosing a motor car over donkey cart.So one has to use a motor vehicle to move about and not a donkey cart.
    Standards and cultures practiced in the advanced countries is the standard by we must all live. Leaders who are not accountable to people,even criminal in behavior will not accept the high standards required in a modern world and they use a religion , some myth or outdated practice to rule over us and they fear the modern demanding standards by hiding behind a religion.Recently a bishop condemned secularism because his church exploited the fears and myths created in religions but when people attain a secular state,they face the world and life in a realistic manner dispelling the absurdity of their religious belief,which had been distorted over the years.
    It is the people like Idi Amin and Mugabe who blame the colonials for their shortcomings but we all know badly they have run their countries since the colonials left.
    As I always maintained that if the colonials and even the yanks are so bad then how come so many of us living there?

  7. Nihal Perera Says:


    I do not, for a second suggest that we follow the likes of Idi Amin or Mugabe.. Far from it. Neither am I against the West nor its culture. There are many aspects in the West I admire and appreciate. However, that does not mean that I am totally blind to colonial history and the atrocities and injustice they have committed in their colonies, including SL. In fact, most of the current conflicts today are the results of the mess they left behind in Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc. As the saying goes, if we do not know the history, we don’t know our future either.

    We can admire, appreciate what the west has to offer in terms of Science, and technology, etc.. However, that doe not mean that we should blindly worship the West or let them interfere in our internal matters of our country. Are we not capable of resolving our own problems without running to the West for every little fart, like the way our present government leaders do..? Shouldn’t we take pride in our own country as Sri Lankans, rather than feeling inferior and letting foreign powers dictate their terms trying show us how to manage our own affairs..?

    The West is great at preaching us about the Human Rights, while they are the ones who are committing the most HR violations in the history of the world. Especially Americans, who have killed more innocent people than any other country on earth, starting from Japan where they had nuked millions, and over the years killing thousands, if not millions in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and not to mention many innocents in Pakistan killed by drones.. Yet, they have the audacity to preach us about HRs, democracy, good governance and civil societies, while they have denied all that to millions of people in countries they have invaded, or the murderous dictators they have supported around the world. Talking about hypocrisy..!

    So, you can admire the Western hypocrisy as much you like, blindly thinking the West knows best. But the reality is, the West never does anything without an ulterior motive. The truth is they are using our countries to maximize their gains in the region. Example: Sri Lanka. For 35 years, SL was fighting Tamil terrorism which devastated the country. None of these Western countries helped us to eliminate the terrorists. As a matter of fact, they became the biggest supporters of the terrorists by allowing them to raise millions, if not billions of dollars in their countries. Thanks to our real friends like China, Russia and Pakistan, today Sri Lankans (including pro-LTTE Tamils..) live in peace and move freely in the country.

    It is indeed a shame that some of our Lankans and their current leaders are still behave like puppies, by allowing the West to dictate its terms, and treating us (Sinhalese..) like bunch of idiots, who are willing to lick their asses.

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