Love-the-Navy-Hate-the-Army, West Cannot Trust Sinhalas in Geopolitics and LTTE is Useful for the West
Posted on October 6th, 2016

Dilrook Kannangara

The Geneva and You meeting brought out some remarkable hidden truths out into the open. We thank the organisers and hope the series will continue.

Little or nothing have been discussed about these so far but they are at the heart of what the international community” demands from Sri Lanka. Understanding these is key to safeguard the nation and face the challenges wisely.


The West has been following this concept. While holding joint military exercises with the Sri Lanka Navy, selling (and donating) equipment to the navy during the war (and thereafter) and praising the navy for maintaining law and order in the seas, the West is witch-hunting against the army with war crimes allegations, forced reforms and demilitarisation demands. Why is this inconsistent approach? The reason given by speakers – the US considers the army to be more patriotic – is wrong. That is not the real reason. The real reason is the usefulness of the navy and the uselessness of the army for US hegemonic designs.

Since the end of the war, two US allies have donated four large warships to Sri Lanka. Two have been delivered by Australia while the two Japanese warships will be delivered soon. These are very valuable, far more capable than our existing fleet and dramatically increases the navy’s capabilities. During the war, USA donated warships and fast attack crafts (despite removing their guns) while pro-US Israel not just sold Dvora fast attack crafts but also gave us the license to manufacture them locally. USA shared intelligence on Tamils’ floating weapons warehouses allowing the navy to sink them thousands of kilometres away in the open seas. Sri Lanka navy maintains law and order of the seas within the Exclusive Economic Zone and beyond which is a huge benefit for USA and allies in defence and commercial shipping. Sri Lanka navy scored a rare victory against Sea Tigers (only sea going terrorists in the world) which is extremely valuable to the West as future terror domain will include the seas.

However, the West was not so generous or courteous towards the army. In fact, the army had no US support, suffered from US imposed weapons sale restrictions and was constantly harassed during the war. After the war, the West levelled war crimes allegations against the army only. As a peaceful nation, Sri Lankan army does not operate outside national boundaries and therefore not useful for USA. In late 2009, USA made a request to send the Sri Lankan army to Afghanistan, which was rightfully rejected. In addition, the army did most work in the extermination of Tamil terrorists. The army was on the wrong side of the law in 1971 and 1989 as well making it difficult for USA to team up with it. Further, the continuation of the army hinders another US interest – saving or reviving the LTTE (explained below).

Had Sri Lanka any clever leaders, this threat could have been turned into an opportunity by amalgamating the navy and the army. Many countries have done this with huge cost savings, operational efficiencies and better coordination. Certain military debacles during the war (including at least six failed attempts to take Elephant Pass by the army) should have been avoided if the two forces were one. Had the two forces been combined, the West cannot hunt down the army while hailing the navy. It will have to either accept the entirety or shed it all. Given the heavy US reliance on the naval wing, it would have been forced to accept the combined force. No war crimes allegations, demilitarisation demands and other restrictions would have affected the combined force.

In fact, due to operational requirements, it was proposed in 2008 but political leaders fearing the creation of a powerful combined force, denied it. Politicians even played politics with the two commanders to retain their own importance. This short-sighted approach drove a wedge between the army commander and the navy commander which later spiralled out of control when politicians took sides.

Why the West Doesn’t Trust Sinhalese as Much as Tamils in Geopolitics

A speaker at the event correctly identified this. It is not because of a fault of inherent mistrust against Sinhalese. It is stemming from history, community disposition and usefulness. Over 93% of Sinhalese are Buddhists. Impacted by the concepts of Middle Path and the constant questioning of right and wrong, they cannot be partnered with to advance hegemony. At one point their cooperation will fizzle out sensing sheer immoral acts done by the West to dominate the world. Worse, their fallout will happen at the most unwelcomed time when the West loses the moral high ground. However, over 98% of world Tamils are Hindus and in Hinduism hegemony and religion are interwoven. For instance, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Arthashastra and many other military-religious texts mix the two well. India is a living example of unbridled hegemony steamrolling towards regional domination without regard to any moral restrictions. As a result, the Hindu majority world Tamil community is more dependable for the West.

History also plays a huge role in shaping their preferences. Portuguese, Dutch and British invaders found South Indian language speakers and Africans to be loyal slaves. They were taken around the world. Close to a million of them were brought to Sri Lanka to work in tobacco, tea and other plantations. During colonial occupation, South Indians in both India and Sri Lanka offered little resistance compared to North Indians and Sinhalas. This demonstrated loyalty towards the West, places South Indians (including Tamils) ahead of the Sinhalese. It cannot be shaken off easily.

As the speaker correctly pointed out, despite having a pro-US government in Colombo, the West still goes clamping down on Sinhala rights and uplifting Tamil rights even to apartheid proportions. This was also evident in 1987 when Sri Lanka was completely pro-western and Soviet-backed India invaded the island nation. Nevertherless USA didn’t intervene.

There are other strange Western preferences too. Between Sunnis and Shiites, the West prefers the former. Between Serbs and Croats, the latter is preferred. Pakistanis are naturally preferred to Indians (despite other inconsistencies). Japanese are preferred to Koreans and the Chinese. Irish are preferred to the English and certain Latin Americans are preferred over the rest.

Why the West Finds LTTE Extremely Useful

The West wanted Sri Lanka to weaken the LTTE but not exterminate it. USA, UK, France and Norway combined forces to save the terrorists in 2009. USA even attempted to save terrorist leaders during the last stages of the war. It was scuttled by clever moves by the military. USA has a history of relying on terrorists. Examples include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Chechnya, etc. It is an easy way to achieve global hegemon without sacrificing own troops. These groups will stoop to any low and war crimes issues don’t bother them. Any terrorist group can become rebels and vice versa depending on their usefulness to the West. Ideologically LTTE is not Islamic or communist which makes it extremely appealing to USA. LTTE is supported by the large Tamil community in the West. Despite the UN resolution 1373 banning financial support to terrorists, the West allowed it. According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, over $300 million was remitted to the LTTE in 2005. However, if the West genuinely wanted, they could have stopped these. By selectively blocking or not blocking LTTE fund raising, the West will have an excellent lever to control it.

Disrupting Chinese shipping s another aim USA’s ‘China Containment’ strategy envisages. LTTE is the only terrorist group in the world to attack Chinese vessels. Around 2003, LTTE attacked and killed over a dozen Chinese nationals on board a fishing vessel. As LTTE had a capable sea going arm and just across LTTE’s sphere of operations lie a potential chokepoint of Chinese commercial shipping, USA could have used the LTTE to disrupt Chinese shipping.

Due to these reasons, the West must be weeping the extermination of the LTTE and out to punish the army.

Why the West Supports Tamil Eelam

As can be seen today, no amount of pro-western skewedness in Colombo can satisfy the West. Unable to trust Sinhalese in the long run and driven by insatiable global dominance desires, the West is after a more dependable ally. Will Sri Lanka allow its territory to be used by USA to attack Chinese, Indian or Pakistani interests? Not a chance. Will Sri Lanka allow the large-scale deployment of US troops and turn parts of the island nation into another Okinawa with all the associated horrors? No. Sri Lanka cannot allow its territory or the sea to be used for nuclear weapons deployment due to treaty commitments and morality. Sri Lanka cannot risk getting retaliatory attacks from US targets. For these reasons, Sri Lanka as it is, provides little or no use for USA which is actively looking for a replacement for Diego Garcia base. Tamil Eelam is the perfect solution. Nuclear weapons from Diego Garcia can be deployed in Tamil Eelam and its rulers will not object. Very thin population density, inability to sustain its weak economy without many industries and the need to retain its independence from a hostile Sri Lanka, Tamil Eelam will allow anything. As a new nation, its constitution and international commitments can be moulded by the West. It will host nuclear and other weapons and not be constrained by human rights laws. Presence of US troops will give it immunity against Sri Lanka to expand into the rest of the island.


It was not Mahinda’s alleged and highly broadcasted anti-west policy that determined the conduct of the West. In fact, Sri Lanka never left USA as the closest geopolitical ally since 1977 and largest buyer since 1990s. Even for medical purposes and raising their children Lankan leaders trust USA than Sri Lanka. However, the West has other plans; plans much larger than Sri Lanka. Entrapped into these plans, the island nation is at the receiving end. Although cleaver and bold moves could have given Lanka a better deal, the calibre of its leaders doesn’t help. The good news is the world economic and military dominance of the West is waning. In 1990, the West including allies controlled 64% of the world economy. By 2020, it will be just 39%. New superpowers emerge with their own interests not letting the West execute its grand strategy. These developments give hope and must be grasped early. Betting on a waning empire is absolute lunacy as a bold new world order awaits the brave.

24 Responses to “Love-the-Navy-Hate-the-Army, West Cannot Trust Sinhalas in Geopolitics and LTTE is Useful for the West”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    MR was right and he read the game and moved to China for assistance, only thinking of survival of Mother Lanka.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  3. Lorenzo Says:



    How about the AIR FORCE? I guess it gets the same treatment as the NAVY.

    We need ANOTHER BRANCH of the army – VIGILANTES like EPDP and TMVP. They should be PERMANANT and power should be shared with them NOT TNA.

    Without holding elections in the north, MR should have APPOINTED DOUGLAS DEVANANDA the CM of the north.

    Eastern PC should have been EXTENDED with PILLEYAR as the CM.

    DEMOCRACY only works with wise people with at least 2 equally strong parties. TAMILIANS have proven they cannot handle democracy.

  4. AnuD Says:

    during the previous govt times, chinese govt checked the sea bottoms in the Eastern side of the Island. Now, the same thing is carried out by US navy with the help of Navy saying it is training.

    Probably they are looking for something or installing something.

    I think it is good the govt chose to go to Nanthikaddal from Mannar side, If we went the other way, still things would have gone wrong, Because LTTE could escape to India. finally we have to give something and the west use that as their camp.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    MR should have APPOINTED DOUGLAS DEVANANDA the CM of the north.& EXTENDED with PILLEYAN as the CM.

    Iyo US-Ananda Please safe my day from your Kallathoni sakodaram .

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Forced action from abroad may act on present GoSL to greatly downsize the Army.

    The SL Army, if downsized, will have to be re-trained in other fields of activity.
    That is only fair by these trained men & women. Give them work ! give them pay packets !

    As weather conditions etc worsen, GoSL should and must re-train the ex-Army personnel to guard the country in weather related episodes, other ways such as in civilian rescue squads, food production, fisheries (inland and high seas), clean water, air & food, enviro protection, construction (public & private), infrastructure development, jobs in medical spheres, farming, etc.
    The MR govt had already started on such ventures. May be that is why the TNA has an axe to grind with the MR govt !! CM Wigneswaran has said that he has a problem re employment in the North. Umeployment is a national issue, not just a Tamil leaders issue !

    Such training can be done by GoSL & the private sector too.
    USA has a National Guard, paid by govt there. Sri Lanka must do the same or similar.

    Turn this episode to completely gainful action !
    Make lemon aide out of all the foreign lemons !

  7. Christie Says:

    What sacred bull dust. No mention of India, Indian colonial parasites or the Indian Empire. Soon we will be drinking sacred bovine urine bottled by the RSS and produced in Bharath.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    A number of acid tests await the Sinhala people !

    * The Army can formulate their own Plan for Re-Employment ?
    After all, by now they do know the country and the people only too well.

    * Also be prepared with the Legal Issues re ETCA & TPP and other Grand Plans.

    Lanka DOES NOT need Indian/Tamil labor in the future.
    With the release of the Army into civilian life, there is enough trained and semmi-trained Labor there.

  9. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    It is all boil down to China’s dominance in the indian ocean which is loathed by the west and india, japan. West wants some puppet like india
    who will dance to their tune. Chinese are the unofficial super power in the world today. They got money, they
    got power. If the Chinese are in Sri Lanka, india’s backyard, they going to control the whole of indian ocean. This
    is resented by a number of countries including japan.

    This is the reason west and india got rid of MR who was pro-Chinese. With the help of the traitor puppet maru (hora)
    sira (snake in the grass, a rattle snake), traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist pol pot ponil wickrama Sinhalakiller, bandit queen, traitor tamil,
    mussie and catholics they got rid of MR. When the Chinese are in Sri Lanka no country dared meddling in our
    affairs. Now thanks to these murderous, thieving, UNPatriotic party traitors Mother Lanka getting raped day in day
    out. Soon the traitor low lives will dismember Mother Lanka for sure. These Sinhalese-murdering, Buddhism- destroying,
    Sri Lanka-destroying UNPatriotic low lives don’t give a toss about it! That’s sure.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Example how the USA handles transitioning troops :

    In April 2015, Pres Obama unveiled a program that will train transitioning troops at 10 military bases across the country how to build and maintain Solar Energy Farms and prep them to become part of 75,000 employees it hopes to add to the Solar workforce by 2020.

    Retiring Army troops can form their own co-operatives in various businesses too. There is a great deal of opportunity here for such enterprises – endless opportunities in such enterprises.
    Co-ops form over 15% of American successful businesses today.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    In parts of USA, private Green enterprises offer FREE energy (from a few Solar Panels), for cars driven with electrical energy. Small Plug In stations have been set up in the premises of the enterprise.

    Some forward thinking companies/corporations also offer free plug in points to charge electric car batteries for their workers who drive electric cars.

    This is the direction Lanka has to take too, to go in the direction of Clean Air, Water & Food.

  12. Dilrook Says:

    Agree with Fran clean air, water and food is the way to go. With a rich and long history of maintaining all these, it is doable. The massive amount of money wasted in the north and east under the name of development (according to people there no real development happened despite this) should have been invested in island-wide solar and clean energy development at a time when oil prices were high. Then the money saving and forex saving could have helped pay for the loan (unlike now we have to borrow to repay) and it would have created hundreds of thousands of jobs. Our great ties with China (the world leader in solar) would have come handy too with expertise, material and even finances.

    For that we need wise and clean leaders with the knowledge of these things. We have none. Coal and glyphosate offer more corruption opportunities and preferred by politicians.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    We do have leader/s who are able to follow through on clean air, water & food.
    In my opinion : the trouble is OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE, past & present !

    See the excerpt on the H’thota Solar project done by the MR govt. :

    Hambantota Solar Power Station
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Hambantota Solar Power Station (also known as the Buruthakanda Solar Park) is the first commercial-scale solar power station in Sri Lanka. The photovoltaic solar facility was constructed in Buruthakanda, in the Hambantota District. The plant is owned and operated by the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, a state-run organization responsible for renewable resources.

    The facility was built in two stages, with the first stage of 737 kilowatt (kW), and the second stage of 500 kW in installed capacities.The construction cost of the first 737 kW phase is expected to top up to Rs. 1,202.4 million, of which the funds will be provided by the Japanese Government. While the second stage would top a cost of Rs. 627 million, of which Rs. 513 million would be provided by the Korean Government, and Rs. 114 million would be borne by the local government.

    Upon completion in late 2012, the entire 1,237 kW facility was expected to produce up to 1.7 gigawatt-hour (GWh) of energy annually, 1 GWh from the first stage, and 0.7 GWh from the second stage. The generated power would be sold to the state-run power company Ceylon Electricity Board, while the revenue would be used to promote rural electrification projects.”

  14. Dilrook Says:

    Fran, don’t go by media blitz made before the project is running. These give a rosy picture unmatched by reality. It is a common tactic used in all business ventures. Besides one such project with 1.2 MWH is not sufficient at all if we aim for clean energy. The coal power project started around the same time set off (and much more pollute) than the clean energy this small venture may produce.

    I don’t buy the outside interference excuse. Outside and internal interference are a given. They will be there. We need leaders to do what is needed for the country regardless of outside and internal interference. If they cannot, they must get out. An example would be Mahinda standing up to Norway, UK and France when they wanted us to stop the war. Thanks to that we won the war. Sadly there are not many such examples.

  15. S.Gonsal Says:

    “I don’t buy the outside interference excuse. “ – Dilrook

    Me too! This excuse kept LTTE going for 30 years and Sinhala Army (with removal of political interference to a great extent by MR) proved it wrong.
    MR started a new excuse to mistreat Sinhala and treat minorities well to keep ruling for ever. This is the excuse Fran is propagating. Please stop it.
    MR, knowing the people support coming, now has resorted back to pleasing minorities yet again ! Thanks to unconditional love of foolish people.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    But no excuse to do other things that BENEFIT politicians.

    Nanda, I heard that too. First MR said Viggie is NOT a racist. Then he said Muslim rights must be granted. How about Singhala rights?

    No matter HOW HARD MR cries, he will NOT get Tamil or Muslim votes.

    IF Tamils start to admire MR, TNA-UNP will bring out the WAR CRIMES case.

    IF Muslims start to like MR, they will bring the BERUWALA case or the THAJUDEEN case.

    Tamils and Muslims have something called MEMORY. Singhala people are born WITHOUT it.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    I should say OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE PLUS Local Supporters for Outsiders, are the main obstacle to Progress in Lanka.

    Take the INDIAN Interference : When INDIA takes to the East in Cold Wars, Lanka must run with the East only ! During JRJ times, INDIA imposed the 13-A on Lanka as JRJ leaned toward the west. INDIA also trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu. These are major events and not sorted out to date as the 13-A continues to exist.
    Pres MS said recently in Jaffna that “he wants to continue King George’s administration of Lanka through the Provinces …’ !! (Not exact words).
    Rule through FEAR continues from Outside. Most Locals comply.

    Both INDIA & Sri Lanka are earlier Colonised countries.

    * Tamil Leaders V’koddai Resolution of 1976 (Eelam through Violence) is still not revoked officially.
    * The LTTE killings of some 45,000 people (per Plumblossom’s article) mainly Sinhala people, goes unquestioned.
    Is this Justice in Lanka ?

    Re the H’thota Solar Projects : The War Crimes charge on the MR govt and the subsequent Elections appears to have stopped the project ?
    Laufhs have also joined in to the Solar Project there.
    It is again the Outside Interefence that has stopped the projects / put on hold the projects.

    A Group of about Proven 5 strong People should govern Sri Lanka, with MR as proven leader included.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Let us recall that :
    During the Cold War times and in the aftermath, the LTTE decimated the able UNP leadership, particularly the Oxford Uni educated UNP leaders and other leaders (Oxford educated : Lalith, Gamani, Lakshman Kadiragama …) and Pres Premadasa

    These unhappy events happened because the OUTSIDE INFLUENCE, INDIA, trained and backed the LTTE.

    So many died in the hands of the LTTE war because the OUTSIDE INFLUENCE, INDIA, trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu.

    Tamil Nadu expansionist ideas into Lanka happens/happened because the OUTSIDE INFLUENCE, INDIA, trained the LTTE,

    which outfit continued the Separatist Agenda set out by the Tamil Leaders with the V’koddai Resol (1976),

    enhanced by the ILLEGAL 13-A imposed by INDIA on the JRJ govt.

    The 1983 TRUMPED UP RIOTS happened because of INDIA (INDIAN Envoy during the 1983 JRJ times, J.N. Dixit, a Chennai born Catholic), was called the Viceroy of Lanka.

    JRJ’s leanings toward the west made INDIA nervous and acted against Lanka during the Cold War times.

    Some Local people running with opposing OUTSIDE INFLUENCES and FEAR & later GREED, enhanced the negative situation in Lanka.

    In places like Lanka, if 5% help comes from some countries outside, 50% payment in return is expected.

    Lesson: Putting Money before People will never work, anywhere.

    Turn to Common Needs of Clean air, water & food, safety of Planet Earth, for the whole world. We can’t lose !

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    Already Established businesses will have to be looked after.
    Create a Special Fund for that purpose ?
    The Petroleum Industry is a vast Established business, covering many spheres of industry.
    It will have to be a gradual turn around … hope not too late.

  20. Dilrook Says:

    Fran, it does not matter how much external and internal meddlers interfere. A good leader can overcome all as Mahinda did in 2009 but failed thereafter. Even then, it was Gotabhaya that very strongly and stubbornly refused to stop the war and had a heated exchange of words with Miliband and Kroucher. Mahinda simply had to stand by his brother.

    That is why limitless executive powers are given to them. All pervious leaders buckled under pressure to win the war. These are just petty and lame excuses to cover up incompetency. Only these politicians’ henchmen believe these excuses are showstoppers. People refuse to buy them. Which country has no internal and external interferers? Not even USA. Putin and Russia are blamed for interfering in US domestic affairs! I don’t see Mahinda, Basil, Wimal and certainly not Dinesh overcoming these petty excuses. Only Udaya and Gotabhaya seem to have the courage to light up a lamp than keep blaming the darkness with naïve excuses.

    I reproduce that rare event so that readers would give credit where it is due.

    According to highly placed sources, briefing a British delegation that included the British Foreign Secretary, British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Dr. Peter Hayes and two other diplomats, at the Foreign Ministry, yesterday morning the Defence Secretary did not mince his words, when he said it was Sri Lankan troops and civilians who had perished in the conflict and therefore the government was determined to finish off the LTTE. He said humanitarian concerns were only a ploy employed by some people to extricate Prabhakaran and his top leaders from the mess they had got into. He said a truce would only help the LTTE to regroup.

    “The only person who could stop this war,” a plain-spoken Defence Secretary told the British dignitaries, “is only the President of Sri Lanka.” The military had orders to either capture or destroy Prabhakaran and other top LTTE leaders, he added.

    Rajapaksa told the British delegation that since March 2009, over 200,000 persons had been rescued by the army. “On April 20 alone we secured the release of over 45,000 men, women and children from the clutches of the LTTE,” he said promising to rescue the others shortly. He said the whole world had witnessed that rescue operation that the army had conducted without firing a single shot.

    When Miliband interrupted him to say that Britain had information that civilians had been harmed due to the army’s firing, the Defence Secretary said Britain should not be duped by the disinformation campaign the LTTE was carrying out. “Even BBC is dishing out LTTE propaganda material without verification,” he told Miliband.

    Miliband said his claim was not based on BBC reports but credible information elicited from sources in the LTTE-held no fire zone. Apparently annoyed, the Defence Secretary said anyone who knew the LTTE would not believe that any reliable information would emanate from that area under its jackboot. All the stories that were disseminated from the no fire zone, he told the British delegation, were all doctored by the LTTE for the consumption of the international community and the western media. “Do you think a terrorist group like the LTTE will allow anyone to express independent views detrimental to its cause?” he asked.

    The Defence Secretary said it was up to the British delegation to decide whether it should believe what a terrorist group said or what a responsible officer of a legitimate government told them. “The choice is yours,” he said.
    After the British delegation left, Defence Secretary Rajapaksa met the visiting French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner at the same venue.

    Sources described Kouchner as more diplomatic than Miliband in his approach.

    Kouchner requested that the UN be given access to the civilian zone held by the LTTE. The Defence Secretary said no one was safe in that area and the government could not guarantee anyone’s safety.

    Kouchner replied that he was prepared to visit the area himself. He said he would take the risk and go there.

    A smiling Rajapaksa told the French Foreign Minister that the LTTE was so desperate that he, too, would be taken hostage. “I don’t mind that risk,” Kouchner said.

    “My problem is not what the LTTE will do to you,” the Defence Secretary said laughing, “instead it is that should such a thing happen, we would not be able to take Prabhakaran as planned!” He said after thirty years, the time had come finally for Prabhakaran and other terrorist leaders to be captured dead or alive and the government would not stop until that end was achieved.

    Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama, Attorney General Mohan Peiris and Foreign Secretary Dr. Palitha Kohona were also present at both meetings.



  21. Fran Diaz Says:


    Sri Lankan leaders who were/are able to stand up to Outside Influences have all been removed, one way or another.

    Take the care of JRJ – what happened when he was President is similar to what happened to MR. JR had to tackle the LTTE as well as up the Economy, same as MR. He was only partially successful in both. INDIA saw to that. Same with MR. INDIA sees to it that Sri Lankan leaders ‘toe the line’ to suit INDIAN needs, not Lanka needs. At least, MR was able to remove the LTTE.
    And INDIA is supposedly ‘with the west’ now – double clout now for INDIA, as during the MR times !

    See how RW/CBK/MS are ‘toeing the line’ with INDIA/west now ! Outside Influences prevail over Lanka needs.

    And in the Grand Plans with the UNP led Yahap are:

    – ETCA
    – Sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu
    – 5,000 acre lots on 99 yr leases to foreigners
    – New Constitution (what might that bring ?)

    Also the latest news tells of visa free entry arrangements with the Philippines ! Philippines is a country having severe drug/poverty problems right now.

    Lanka can attempt a GROUP of strong and loyal people leading the country. That might be the only way to give more strength to the Core to govern better.

    We can talk tlll the ‘cows come home’ but the bottom line is : Lanka is going under to INDIA/west push. It seems like a ‘take over’ of Lanka is happening.

  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as ‘take the case of JRJ – …’.

  23. Dilrook Says:


    So what? Let them remove bold leaders but that doesn’t mean we should not have bold leaders.
    “India, USA, god or whatever will remove me” is yet another lame excuse not to take bold decisions. It is unacceptable.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:


    Agree that we must have Bold Leaders !
    All others must move foward with them too, and PROTECT OUR BOLD LEADERS !
    Otherwise, it is ‘Time to say bi-bi’ for all.


    There is a better way than “showing the finger” to bigger countries and their local supporters. Perpetual infighting and war will be the result.

    Now it is ‘swim together or sink together’.

    Lankans have to attend to their ECONOMY now and show the other countries How Things Ought to be Done re the Economy.

    (Shenali’s article on the Economy refers).

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