Prez fires broadsideat CID, FCID and CIABOC
Posted on October 13th, 2016

Dr sarath obeysekera

I have written numerous articles about the need for a strong benevolent dictator .We now see the signs of such person being self-groomed .Even during our days of reins of kings there were strong rulers who build dams and dagobas .There may have been excessive forces used and it went well .

If the CID,FCID and CIABOS are not functioning independently president should remove them .If the Justice Minister fails to revamp the judiciary ,he should be replaced .If the minister for  law and order acts with a partisan agenda he should be sacked. If the Ports Minister keeps building a tallest a Christmas tree using public funds but neglects the port development he should be asked to sail away”.

If the megapoiis talks about mega projects and no action seen he should be replaced .

If the environment is degraded vis a vis garbage treatment He should hand over the portfolio to more dedicated person .

If the Finance Minister is creating ripples in economy he should be devalued”

If the transport minister cannot solve traffic problems he should be transported” back to where he was. If the minister of plantation cannot revive tea industry he should be planted somewhere else .

If sports minister is hitting”sixes” about sports he should be sacked to run a marathon and get out .

If the education minister behaves like he is in playschool he should be sent to kindergarten

Finally Ministers in charge of Strategic Development spearheading ETCA” should be handed over to GMOA for crucifying .

Minister in charge of Tourism should go on retirement and hand over to a younger more dynamic person .

If Media minister wants porno in TV setations he should be sent to pole vaulting

Only minister who holds Fort bravely is the young Petroleum Minister who should be bit refined to do better

Last  resort is to give more powers to governess of Central Province who will see the future clearly due to her knowledge horoscopic affairs and get her to run the country ??

God save the King

Dr sarath obeysekera


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