Examples of discrimination by Sinhalese against Tamils
Posted on October 15th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

We stand guilty. The world claims Sinhalese discriminate Tamils. That they have no say in the affairs of the country. Their grievances are many. The allegations cover the lack of opportunity for Tamils in all spectrum and strata of society at public and private. These allegations are globally propagated and of late a UN official arrived to ascertain the rights to Tamil minority. Please pass on this to the official, a testament to the crime committed by the Sinhalese for discriminating against the Tamils.

In Colombo District Tamils account for 97,690 of the population while Sinhalese are only 79,468 and Muslims are 126,345.

Tamils claim colonization of Tamil areas which has now turned to Buddhisization of Tamil Areas. Visit Wellawatte, Dehiwela, Mt. Lavinia, Kotahena in the Western Province to see how Tamils have increased. Every road in Wellawatte is now turning single storey houses to flats and these are rented to anyone except Sinhalese.


The discrimination by Sinhalese are such that the following examples will reveal very clearly the extent of discrimination that prevails.

Tamils currently holding top portfoliios

  • There are currently 33 Tamil MPs in Parliament
  • Opposition Leader – R. Sambanthan (TNA Leader)
  • PM’s Financial Advisor – R Paskarlingam
  • SL Bar Association – Geoffrey Alagaratnam
  • Governor Central Bank – Indrajit Coomaraswamy / previous Governor Arjuna Mahendran also Tamil had to step down following allegations of insider-trading
  • Constitutional Council – Radhika Coomaraswamy (sister of Indrajit Coomaraswamy)
  • Murugesu Ganeshamoorthy Secretary, Ministry of National Integration & Reconciliation
  • Sri Lanka Press Institute – S. Nadesan (Chairman)

The Constitutional Reforms Committee comprises the following Tamils

  • S.C.C. Elankovan – Consultant to the National NGO Action Front
  • S Wijesandiran – Lecturer in Economics
  • S. Thavarajah former Leader of Opposition NPC
  • N Selvakkumaran – lawyer

Task Force: Secretariat for Coordinating Reconciliation Mechanisms comprises

  • Secretary – Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu – Head of NGO Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Daya Somasundaram
  • Shantha Abhimanasingham PC is the President of the Jaffna Bar Association
  • Sitralega Maunaguru Professor from the Eastern University


  • Rajini Thiranagama – murdered by LTTE, human rights activist and author of books; head of the Department of Anatomy, University of Jaffna; member of University Teachers for Human Rights
  • Rajan Hoole – Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Jaffna; member of University Teachers for Human Rights
  • Ratnajeevan Hoole – – Professor of Electrical Engineering; appointed Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna but could not take up post due to threats from LTTE
  • Professor Suppiramaniam Vithiananthan – first vice-chancellor of the University of Jaffna in 1979.
  • T. Nadaraja – Chancellor of the University of Jaffna; Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Ceylon
  • S. Raveendranath – Vice-Chancellor of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka
  • K. Sivathamby – emeritus professor of University of Jaffna; prominent Tamil scholar, sociologist and author of books
  • X. Thaninayagam – scholar, author and historian
  • T. Varagunam – Chancellor of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka
  • Professor Shan Ratnam – Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, National University Hospital of Singapore
  • Professor Karthigesu Indrapala – academic, historian, archaeologist, author and former dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna.
  • Professor Alfred Jeyaratnam Wilson – academic, historian and author. was a constitutional advisor to President J. R. Jayewardene between 1978 and 1983. Married daughter of SJV Chelvanayagam
  • Professor Kandiah David Arulpragasam first vice-chancellor of Eastern University,
  • Professor Vasanthy Arasaratnam – current vice-chancellor of the University of Jaffna.
  • Prof S A Ariadurai – Vice Chancellor Open University


  • Radhika Coommaraswamy – human rights activist; Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict. Now member of Constitutional Council
  • Richard de Zoysa – journalist, author, human rights activist and actor; was abducted and murdered
  • Kethesh Loganathan – Deputy Secretary General of the Peace Secretariat of the Government of Sri Lanka; assassinated by LTTE
  • Chelvy Thiyagarajah – feminist and International PEN award winner
  • Neelakandan Tiruchelvam – lawyer, academic, politician and Member of Parliament killed by LTTE suicide bomber in 1999


  • Kaarthigesar Ponnambalam Ratnam – academic, politician and Member of Parliament.
  • William Gabriel Rockwood physician and member of the Legislative Council of Ceylon.
  • Late Chellappah Suntharalingam academic, politician, Member of Parliament and government minister.
  • Amirthalingam – former Opposition leader, Member of Parliament and Tamil separatist
  • Hon. M. Sivasithamparam – former Deputy Speaker of Parliament
  • Kanagasabai Ganeshalingam politician. Mayor of Colombo
  • Virasipillai Albert Alegacone lawyer, politician and Member of Parliament.
  • V.S. Kumar Anandan was a Guinness World Records holder Swimming the Palk Strait, from Sri Lanka to India and back [1] in 51 hours, in the year 1971. Standing on 1 leg for 33 hours!
  • Veerasingham Anandasangaree
  • Samuel James Veluppillai Chelvanayakam founder ITAK
  • Deniswaran contested under TNA in 2013
  • K. Sayanthan – TNA MP

Diplomats/Public Servants

  • Sri Lankabhimanya Lakshman Kadirgamar – lawyer and statesmen. He served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka from 1994 to 2001 and again from April 2004 until his assassination in August 2005 by LTTE.
  • Yogendra Duraiswamy, SLOS – first batch of Ceylon Overseas Service, 1949
  • Tamara Kunanayakam – Sri Lankan Ambassador to Cuba (2008-2009); Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations Office at Geneva
  • Arambamoorthy Thedchana Moorthy – a former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.
  • Nadarajah Balasubramaniam – diplomat and civil servant. ambassador to France, high commissioner to Singapore and deputy permanent representative to the United Nations (UN). Chairman of the UN’s Indian Ocean Peace Zone (IOPZ) committee. He was also senior director general of the Foreign Office
  • Chellappah Coomaraswamy – civil servant, diplomat and member of the Senate of Ceylon. appointed to the civil service in 1910. was Police Magistrate in Puttalam in 1913, District Judge and Registrar General. served as the Ceylonese High Commissioner in New Delhi between 1950 and 1955
  • Sir Velupillai Coomaraswamy, CMG, CCS – Ceylonese civil servant and diplomat. He was Government Agent for the Western Province from January 1946 to December 1947 and again from February 1948 to October 1949. He was knighted in the 1952 New Year Honours
  • Sir Arunachalam Mahadeva (son was Deshamanya Baku Mahadeva and son-in-law was Professor T. Nadaraja.) – prominent colonial era legislator and diplomat. He was Minister of Home Affaires[1] of the State Council and Ceylon’s High Commissioner to India
  • Rajendra Coomaraswamy, CCS – former Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific of the UNDP and President of the Colombo Plan Council
  • Alfred Thangarajah Duraiappah – Jaffna Mayor first victim of LTTE
  • Coomarasamy Balasingham civil servant
  • Deshamanya Shivakumaran Pasupati is a leading Sri Lankan Tamil lawyer, President’s Counsel, Solicitor General and Attorney General.
  • Samuel Ariaretnam Sabapathy – lawyer and the first Mayor of Jaffna.
  • Lieutenant colonel Sabdharatnajyoti “Thambirajah” Saravanamuttu – lawyer, politician, military officer, cricketer and sports administrator.


  • Major General Dr. Chelliah Thurairaja, USP, SLMC – former Director Army Medical Services and Colonel Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps
  • Rear Admiral Rajanathan “Rajan” Kadirgamar – second Ceylonese Captain of the Royal Ceylon Navy from 1960 to 1970 (brother of Lakshman Kadiragamar)
  • Selvanathan Kadirgamar – (brother of both Lakshman and Rajan) a Major in the Ceylon Army
  • Major General Anton M. Muttukumaru, OBE, ED, ADC, CLI first Ceylonese Army officer to serve as Commander of the Ceylon Army. He also served as Ceylon’s High Commissioner to Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Ambassador to Egypt
  • Air Vice Marshal Ravi Arunthavanathan – Deputy Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Air Force and current Additional Secretary, Ministry of Defence
  • Major General Y. Balaretnarajah Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army; Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force; GOC, 1 Division
  • Major General E. George Thevanayagam Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force, Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army and later first Director of the National Cadet Corps
  • Viswanather Casipillai was a Crown Proctor and co-founder of the Jaffna Hindu College.
  • Rudra Srichandra Rajasingham – Inspector General of Police and Sri Lankan Ambassador to Indonesia.
  • Thangarajah Edward Anandaraja is a former Sri Lankan Inspector-General of Police and Commissioner, Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka.


  • Tambyah Murugaser – former Vice President of the Board of Control for Cricket; Sri Lanka team manager
  • Mano Ponniah – former Ceylon cricketer and member of the Cambridge eleven
  • Ignatius Anandappa – late Sri Lankan international cricket umpire
  • Russel Arnold – former Sri Lankan Test cricketer and international commentator
  • Kandiah Thirugnansampandapillai Francis – international Test/ODI umpire
  • S. Illangaratnam – late Sri Lankan cricketer,
  • Pradeep Jayaprakashdaran – cricketer
  • Sridharan Jeganathan – cricketer
  • Vinothen John – cricketer
  • Selliah Ponnadurai – late international cricket umpire
  • Mario Villavarayan –   cricketer
  • Mahadevan Sathasivam – cricket batsman
  • Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam – high jumper
  • Muttiah Muralitharan – former Sri Lankan off-spinner
  • Angelo Mathews – current captain of the Sri Lankan cricket team


  • Chandran Rutnam – film producer / director
  • Balu Mahendra – film producer
  • Robin Tampoe
  • Lenin M. Sivam
  • Velupillai Sivayogan engineer contested under TNA in 2013
  • Nadarajah Shanmugarajah was a Ceylon Tamil engineer and general manager of the Ceylon Electricity Board
  • Chelliah Loganathan Tamil banker and the first Ceylonese general manager of the Bank of Ceylon.


(some names of Tamil journalists have been omitted in view of allegations of links to LTTE and separatist ideology)

  • S. P. Mylvaganam – first Tamil announcer of the Commercial Service of Radio Ceylon
  • K. S. Raja – Radio Ceylon announcer
  • Claude Selveratnam – Radio Ceylon announcer
  • Kailayar Sellanainar Sivakumaran – broadcaster and Journalist in English and Tamil
  • Aiyathurai Varnakulasingham Kulasingham lawyer, politician, journalist and editor of the Ceylon Daily News and Hindu Organ.
  • Taraki Sivaram – journalist, military analyst editor of TamilNet news website, author of books
  • Late Kalasuri Ratnadurai Sivagurunathan journalist, lawyer, academic and editor of Thinakaran.
  • Kanagasabapathy Kailasapathy journalist and academic. First president of the Jaffna Campus of the University of Sri Lanka.
  • DBS Jeyraj – writer, had his legs broken by LTTE
  • Claude Selveratnam was a popular radio announcer of Radio Ceylon


  • Aiyathurai Gnanathasan lawyer, President’s Counsel and Additional Solicitor General.
  • Deshamanya Justice Pathmanathan Ramanathan (1 September 1932 – 7 December 2006) lawyer and judge. a High Court judge, Court of Appeal judge, provincial governor, university chancellor and a judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka
  • Deshamanya Suppiah Sharvananda (also spelt Suppiah Sarvananda) was the 37th Chief Justice of Sri Lanka and the first Governor of the Western Province.
  • H. D. Thambiah – Justice of the Court of Appeal, Justice of the Supreme Court, and Chief Justice of Sri Lanka
  • H. W. Thambiah – Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Hon. Justice V. Manicavasagar – Justice of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, Chancellor of the University of Jaffna and Chairman of the Commercial Bank of Ceylon
  • Justice Herbert Dharmarajah Thambiah – lawyer and judge. 39th Chief Justice of SL
  • Justice Tellipalai Wanarajah Rajaratnam (21 December 1920 – 15 January 1994 lawyer, judge and politician. Commissioner of Assize, Supreme Court judge and Member of Parliament.
  • Justice Vincent Thambinayagam Thamotheram – lawyer, judge and writer, crown counsel, Commissioner of Assize and Supreme Court judge
  • K. Sripavan – 44th Chief justice, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
  • Kanaganayagam Kanag-Isvaran lawyer and President’s Counsel
  • Kandapper Chinniah Kamalasabayson – , Solicitor General of Sri Lanka and Attorney General of Sri Lanka.
  • Robert Rajanayagam Selvadurai lawyer and civil servant.
  • S. Selliah – Justice of the Court of Appeal, Judge of the High Court, Magistrate
  • Samuel J.C.Kadirgamar Sr, JP, UM a Proctor (father of Lakshman Kadiragamar), President of the Colombo Proctor’s Association and the founder President of the Law Society of Ceylon
  • V. Casipillai – Crown Proctor, President of the Jaffna Hindu Board, co-founder of Jaffna Hindu College, founder of Parvathy Maha Vidyalayam and other educational institutions
  • Justice Sundaram Sriskandarajah – lawyer and judge.
  • Justice Canagasabapathy Visuvalingam Vigneswaran – lawyer, judge and politician. a judge of the District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Current Chief Minister of Northern Province.

Business People

Conglomerates – Tamils holding key positions at Capital Maharaja

  • Rudrani Balasubramaniam
  • Pradeep Maharaja
  • Sashi Rajamahendran
  • Mohan Bharara
  • Chinnaiyah Kananathan
  • Kirubha Kumarakulasingham
  • Shanthi Bhagirathan
  • Chevaan Daniel

Cargills Ceylon – key Tamils

  • Louis R. Page – Chairman
  • Valentine Ranjitkumar Page – CEO

Sri Lankan Tamil billionaires

  • Ms.I.R.Rajaiyah – (Renuka Holdings)
  • Mr.Ken Balendra- (Brandix)
  • Mr.J.M.S.Brito – (Balangoda Plantations)
  • Mr.G.Sathasivam – (Wattawala Plantations , Zesta Tea)
  • Mr.Romesh – (Euro Nippon Group)

Note: Out of the top 20 Sri Lankan Billionaires of the Stock Market 8 are Tamil.

Tamil Businessmen/women in Sri Lanka

  • Ken Balendra – Sri Lankan corporate leader and executive; holds and has held many corporate positions in Sri Lanka and the region
  • Ratna Sivaratnam – retired Chairman/CEO/Managing Director of Aitken Spence, a leading blue chip conglomerate in Sri Lanka
  • Harry Selvanathan – Deputy Chairman, Carsons Cumberbatch PLC
  • Ranjit Page – Chairman Cargills Ceylon
  • R Theagarajah – MD Hatton National Bank
  • Sohli Captain – Chairman Paints & General Industries
  • R Renganathan – MD/CEO Ceylinco Insurance
  • Ganesan Ampalavanar – MD Nestle Lanka
  • I R Rajiyah – Chairperson Renuka Holdings
  • Cecilia Muttukumaru – Chairperson C T Smith Stockbrokers
  • Nimmi Thambiyah – Deputy Chairman Renuka City Hotels
  • R N Ponnambalam – MD/CEO Macbertan
  • Sithie Tiruchelvam – John Keells Holdings
  • Anushya Coomaraswamy – Janashakthi Insurance
  • Anthony Page – C T Holdings
  • Louise Page – Cargills Ceylon
  • I Paulraj – Chairman Ceylon Guardian Investment Trust
  • Alagarajah Rajaratnam – Chairman Colombo Fort Lanka & Building Group
  • Vijay Shah – Chairman Piramal Glass Ceylon
  • Raymond Bickson – Chairman Taj Lanka Hotels
  • Shanthi Bhagirathan (CEO)MBC Networks (part of Capital Maharaja)
  • Tirukumar Nadesan – Chairman Hotel Developers (Lanka)
  • S R Rajiyah – Chairman Renuka Agri Foods
  • R B Thambiayah – Chairman Renuka City Hotel
  • R Nadarajah – Chairman Seylan Developments
  • R Selvaskandan – Chairman C T Land Development
  • Noel Selvanayagam – President Senok Group
  • A S G Gnanam – Chairman/MD St. Anthonys Industries
  • V Balasubramaniam – Chairman N Vaitilingam & Co
  • D Easswaran – Chairman Eswaran Brothers
  • Ken Nirmalan – Chairman Aqua Packaging Group
  • Kumar Nadesan – Chairman Express Newspapers Ceylon
  • Dr S Selliah – Deputy Chairman – Asiri Hospitals
  • Joseph Page – Deputy Chairman, CT Lanka Development
  • S R Gnanam – Jt Managing Director – Tokyo Cement PLC
  • V Govindasamy – Group MD Sunshine Holdings
  • J A G Anandarajah – MD Kelani Valley Plantations PLC
  • K R Ravindran – MD Printcare PLC
  • E J Gnanam – MD Rhino Roofing Products
  • K Mathivanan – MD East West Marketing
  • A P Jayarajah – CEO Wellawatte Nithyakalyani Jewellers
  • Vikas Anand – CEO Bata Sri Lanka
  • N Sivakumaran – MD Industrial Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Christopher Joshua – JT MD Access Group
  • J M Swaminathan – Senior Partner Julius & Creasy
  • Kandiah Neelakandan – Neelakandan & Neelakandan
  • Krishan Balendra (Son of Ken Balendra) – Chairman of the Colombo Stock Exchange & Nations Trust Bank
  • Jeevan Gnanam – CEO Orion City
  • Thirukumar Nadarasa – CEO Hutch Sri Lanka
  • Prageeth Balasubramaniam – MD Blue Ocean Ventures
  • Indrajit Coomaraswamy – Director John Keells Holdings (now Governor of Central Bank)
  • Jegan Durairatnam – Director Commercial Bank of Ceylon
  • Ranjan Seevaratnam – Diretor Aitken Spence PLC
  • R N Asirwatham – Director Aitken Spence PLC
  • Rusi Captain – Director Hatton National Bank
  • Suresh Rajendra – Director Asian Hotels & Properties
  • R E V Casie Chetty – Director Aitken Spence Hotels
  • Krishna Selvanathan – Director Lion Brewery
  • Nikhil Hirdaramani – Director Hirdaramani Group
  • Suren Mirchandani – Director Favorite Group
  • Ramesh Schaffter – Director Janashakthi Insurance
  • Thirukumar Nadarasa (CEO) – Hutch

The above list of Tamils is inconclusive as it covers only an iota of Tamils that have held portfolios in both government/public sector and private sector. For lack of space the list has been shortened and also does not cover the appointments made by the British during colonial rule.

Please tell us what have the Sinhalese done wrong?

Shenali D Waduge

14 Responses to “Examples of discrimination by Sinhalese against Tamils”

  1. S.Gonsal Says:

    Thank you Shenali for painstakingly preparing this list.

    No doubt it is the Sinhalse who have been discriminated and allowed to be discriminated throughout !

    Please tell us what have the Sinhalese done wrong?

    Sinhalese have not done ANYTHING while Tamils cried “discrimination”. Their elected IDIOTS have no gut to say this.
    Other IDIOTS call the silent majority IDIDOTS and support the real IDIOTS regardless of these mistakes.

    STOP supporting ANY IDIOT and you will see the results in ONE MONTH.

  2. Charles Says:

    Thank you Shenali for your ceaseless effort to keep us informed of these ugrateful compatriiots who have failed to understand the continuous undemanding generosity of the Sinhala majority comminity.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you Shenali.

    What happens in Sri Lanka is Tamils discriminating against Sinhalese while falsely accusing the Sinhalese. This is a profitable Tamil racist extortion racket.

    I personally know some of them and a few Hindus among them are extremely racist. They simply cannot tolerate a Sinhala or Muslim businessman succeeding. In contrast some high profile Muslim businessmen are surprisingly patriotic to Sri Lanka.

    There are many times more Tamil billionaires under the radar. Part of the money they earn goes to fund Tamil racism (TNA, ACTC, etc.).

    The day will not be too far out when Sinhalese are totally evicted from Colombo, Negombo and Kandy too by Tamils.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Our grateful thanks to Shenali for her articles exposing the truth.


    Yahap govt is bringing in more and more Tamil folk from the so called Refugee Camps in Tamil Nadu. They come in batches of 20-100 or more. Some of them may be genuine refugees, whilst others are not.

    Jayalalitha wanted all the genuine refugees in the camps given INDIAN citizenship, but Delhi has not complied. Delhi also abrogated the Sirima/Shasthri Pact (1964). There are some 60,000 Tamil people there calling themselves ‘refugees’, but the numbers of ‘refugees’ mentioned in articles in the press keeps growing. Are local people keeping tabs on the numbers coming into Lanka, and how many are in these camps ?

    In a recent speech, Pres MS said that ‘we have to be tolerant of refugees …’ ! INDIA has a never ending stream of ‘refugees’.

    So, for a long time, especially since the trumped up 1983 Riots, Tamil people have come to Lanka and used Lanka as a sort of trampoline to jump to the west, shouting ‘genocide of Tamils in Lanka’ ! Without the 1983 trumped up Riots, this would not have been possible. Never allow Rioting in Lanka, as this is the method used for Tamils to jump to the west as refugees – no other way to go abroad in droves.

    There are good Tamil people too who feel loyal to Lanka and are genuinely good people, but who remain silent for safety reasons. They ought to be protected by Lanka authorities and the public, and allowed to come forward to speak in groups to the UN and other foreign VIPs and tell the truth.

    Don’t fall for the ‘divide & rule’ ploys.

    We must also inquire why it is that Yahap is allowing VISA FREE ENTRY into Lanka for people from Bangladesh & the Philippines.

    Lanka has had such bad time with Tamils of Tamil Nadu, this added visa free entry facility to people of B’desh and the Philippines appears to be asking for more trouble from those two countries as well, isn’t it ? Both countries are overcrowded and poor.
    If anyone wants to help these two countries and Tamil Nadu for that matter, they ought to GO TO THOSE COUNTRIES, and offer help to those people through the govts. there, not bring them to Sri Lanka which has enough trouble.

  5. Cerberus Says:

    Dear Shenali, This article is very good and should be sent to all the embassies and UNHRC, and the UN rapporteur for Minorities.
    The way I see it the Sinhalese have been subjected to genocide for 3000 years by Tamils and it is still going on. The last war was not against the Tamils but the Terrorist group funded and trained by India. These LTTE terrorists wiped out entire Sinhala villages in the East and all the Sinhalese and Muslims in the North were chased out or killed by LTTE. Is it not genocide by Tamils of the Sinhalese? How about justice for them. There are 77 million Tamil Dalits only 12 miles away across the Palk straits and the Sinhalese are under constant threat from them. The Tamil Nadu politicians are constantly uttering anti-Sinhala rhetoric in India and trying to get India to invade Sri Lanka.

    The whole world was told by the Tamils that they are a minority in Sri Lanka and the majority are suppressing, killing and ill-treating the Tamils. On the contrary, they have more rights in Sri Lanka than in Tamil Nadu as they have Free Education and Health Care in Lanka only. None of the States adjoining Tamil Nadu allows Tamil as a National language. However even though there are only about 9% Tamils in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka has adopted Tamil as a National/Official language. They get free education, free medical care and are free to live in the South among the Sinhalese.

    Most of these Tamils were Dalits or Untouchables from South India. In India ‘Untouchability’ is an institutionalized form of slavery. If someone is born to the Untouchable caste (now known as Dalits), they have little hope. Their station in life is fixed. In their birth certificates, they have to state their father’s caste. To escape caste many of them have migrated to other countries – a move which is most likely encouraged by India. They are in Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, Madagascar, Australia, Canada, Europe, Sri Lanka, South Africa, etc. Sri Lanka is particularly vulnerable to illegal migration since Tamil Nadu is only 12 miles away across the Palk Straits. So by encouraging the emigration of the Dalits from India, the upper caste people have reduced the Dalits the way U.K. got rid of their convicts by sending them to Australia.”

    This is the main reason as to why the Tamils have created issues in Sri Lanka while in all the other countries they migrated to they have been lying low. They are hoping that by creating an issue where there is none, they can justify the creation of a separate state in Sri Lanka for Tamils, which will empower them to import the millions of Tamil Dalits from India and take over Sri Lanka. This method of exporting their unwanted to other countries is also a way by which India has been slowly invading all the countries mentioned above. In the case of Fiji, which is another small Island, the current percentage of Indians is 51%. They have banned Indians from migrating to the country anymore.”

    It is the Sinhalese who need protection under the R2P against Tamil invasion either direct or indirect. The Tamils have a homeland just 12 miles away from where they came from. The Sinhalese have nowhere to go other than Sri Lanka. I would like to urge the foreign countries involved in current Sri Lanka affairs to have mercy and let the Sinhalese keep their land and culture intact without breaking it up. Almost 100,000 people both Sinhala and Tamil died in the 30-year senseless war and 27,000 soldiers laid down their lives and another 23,000 lost their limbs and were injured badly. If they need the use of the ports they can sign an agreement with the GoSL rather than this mockery of justice they are trying to indulge in by having hybrid courts to indict the Sinhala leadership who removed Tamil terrorism and then impose R2P on the country to save the Tamils from the Sinhalese. It is obvious the ultimate goal of the foreign countries is to get back Sri Lanka as a Colony and have complete control over the ports and airspace. It is obvious from the way the constitution and budget are headed that break up of the country is what the CBK, My3, RW who are acting puppets for these countries want for their masters.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Thank you Shenali …. you have done a yeoman service in gathering together and presenting this information in this article. Please keep it up! We need this data to defend ourselves and Sri Lanka in the days ahead.

    You should add to this list the statistics by community and by faculty discipline of students entering the universities.

    Furthermore, you should add the employment statistics by professional : doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, accountants, scientists and university professors.

    Please make sure you give a calculation of their numbers as a percentage in each category and in the population at large.

    Let us demonstrate how well Tamils have thrived in Sri Lanka, while wailing about discrimination every step of the way, largely because the majority Sinhala community saw fot to uplift ALL people in the population without regard to communal attributes of race, religion, language, caste, sex and wealth.

    Please compare and contrast how we Sinhala people treated the Tamils versus how the Tamils themselves have treated their own low caste people.

    Compare our statistics against India as a whole and against that Tamil Valhalla of Tamil Nadu in India!

    The SADDEST thing is that we Sinhalese have not earned one friend, or one iota of gratitude, from the vast majority of Tamils.

    The only thing they pine for is the vanished British Raj which they could collaborate with to suppress the majority Sinhala people as they did prior to independence. That is the crux of why they want a separate state, to have their own cake while sharing ours equally.

    We Sinhala people treated Tamils equally because that is who we are and what the Buddhist religion of the Sinhala majority teaches us. We must not regret that, or deny them equal treatment in the future as well.

    However, we must RECOGNIZE the SELF-CENTERED SELF-SERVING demands they make for what they are, and DENY THEM COMPLETELY. Furthermore, given what we have learned about the Tamil Community since independence, that they are insatitiably greedy and grasping and do not wish to live amicably without making totally unfair selfish demands, the Tamil Community must NEVER BE TRUSTED with the EXERCISE of Administrative Power in any part of Sri Lanka.

    They have no concept of sharing equally and being just and fair. It is all undiluted greed and selfishness.

    This is what I have learned over the years. I feel very sad about it, but that is the UNDENIABLE TRUTH.

    Wigneswaran, for example, PERSONIFIES the kind of greedy, ungrateful, completely unjust and devious Tamils that we Sinhalese have unfortunately trusted and harbored close to our breasts.

  7. plumblossom Says:

    Please don’t talk to me about the discrimination bogey. It is a total lie concocted up by the TNA and the Tamil diaspora to fool the world. As per the UN charter, minorities in a country apart from civil rights (which all citizens are entitled to) should be provided cultural, language and religious rights. Political rights need only be provided at the discretion of the state concerned only, meaning if the government wants to only. Let us look at Sri Lanka’s case. Tamil is a national language alongside Sinhala. All minorities in the country can freely practise their own cultures and religions. I think this should remain the case in the future too.

    Sri Lanka has gone over and beyond what the UN charter stipulates by providing political rights too (which Sri Lanka need not provide according to the UN charter) in terms of provincial councils which as a small country and as per the UN charter Sri Lanka need not have provided. However Sri Lanka done that too.

    Therefore, as a small country, Sri Lanka has done more than enough as per the minorities. It is high time that the TNA, other separatists, the US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canada and India leave Sri Lanka alone and mind their own business once and for all.

  8. plumblossom Says:

    Just saw that the Maldives has left the Commonwealth! Great! Now Maldives, should leave the UN too. This is not because the UN charter is bad since it is extremely good and the UN upholds the extremely important concept of sovereignty of nations, as I have pointed out above. However the UN is today is unfortunately misused, manipulated and used by the US, EU, UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden the neo colonialist imperialists to harass, persecute, bomb, attack and degrade all countries who they do not like in the sense where there are resources like oil, gas, minerals etc. which they want to grab by force or strategic locations which they want to occupy by force and due to other nefarious reasons.

    Sri Lanka, if it has even an ounce of self-respect as a country should leave the UN temporarily. The OHCHR has written totally bogus reports against the Sri Lankan armed forces full of lies and about Sri Lanka full of lies. The US has brought on resolutions against Sri Lanka based on these reports which are full of lies. The Sri Lankan people have been persecuted by the US,EU,UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India by unleashing twenty six years of LTTE terrorism against them due to which the Sri Lankan people have suffered immensely with over 47,000 deaths on the side of the Sri Lankan Governments compared to the overall around 84,000 deaths on both sides of the conflict of over 26 years. This persecution and harassment of the Sri Lankan people by the neo colonialist imperialists the US,EU,UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden is continuing with the US resolution, based on lies. Therefore the Sri Lankan Government should now say enough is enough and leave the UN temporarily.

    However Sri Lanka should support the UN charter which upholds the extremely important concept of sovereignty of nations and it will only be a temporary departure until the neo colonialist imperialists the US,EU,UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden stop persecuting and harassing the rest of the world’s countries for good.

  9. anura seneviratna Says:

    Grateful thanks again to Shenali for your tireless work in defence of the Sinhela nation and only Sinhela country. It’s time we realize the shameless and grand farce of the settler community leaders. This is the only cowardly trick of the settler community from Tamil Nadu to capture SL as they cannot fight the Indian subcontinent to free their Tamil Nadu. It’s time we don’t become the sacrificial lamb and state loud and clear that SL is the Sinhela national country and all illegal and immoral foreign Tamil national rights made null and void. From now on all settler communities in SL

  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SHENALI !! I will give a very clear example of a Tamil discrimination against a Sinhalese. My Father was a CCS, and he was to go to Geneva on a posting. My father was excited, and he in turn excited all of us, our family. One day he came home sad, and told us that his posting was cancelled, and a Tamil is being sent in his place. Now who did that ? It is doubling crossing Paski. He must be very old right now in senile decay.

    Equally true, Justice of the Supreme Court Pathmanathan Ramanathan is a very beautiful Tamil. He was my class-mate. He used to come in a pair of shorts to the YWCA Cafeteria, and often we used to sit for lunch together. Very simple, down to earth Tamil.

  11. Cerberus Says:

    Correction: Please note the number of Dalits in Tamil Nadu is 20 million and not 77 million as indicated in my note above. The total number of Dalits in India is about 200 million.

  12. S.Gonsal Says:

    Tamils are a very samll minority. If they are so powerful to control Sinhalse who are 70% of th epopulation, IT IS A BIG JOKE.
    It is not the Tiger’s mistake that it kills the deer.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    Very well put Gonsal: “It is not the Tiger’s mistake that it kills the deer”

    In fact, you have neatly summarized in one sentence all that I was trying to convey in my post above when I wrote:

    “However, we must RECOGNIZE the SELF-CENTERED SELF-SERVING demands they make for what they are, and DENY THEM COMPLETELY. Furthermore, given what we have learned about the Tamil Community since independence, that they are insatitiably greedy and grasping and do not wish to live amicably without making totally unfair selfish demands, the Tamil Community must NEVER BE TRUSTED with the EXERCISE of Administrative Power in any part of Sri Lanka.”

    It is OUR FAULT that despite treating the Tamil people FAIRLY since independence that we ALLOWED THEM TO BAMBOOZLE US on every front. even allowing the murderers of yesterday to become the wailing victims of today!

    WE MUST HOLD THEM RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE, RECOGNIZE their DEVIOUS CHARACTER and METHODS, and DENY THEM EVERY OPPORTUNITY to get more than the EQUAL share that other Si Lankan citizens get. That is the ESSENCE of JUST and EQUITABLE governance.

    If we allow them to run rings around us, that is INDEED OUR FAULT!

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    “It is not the Tiger’s mistake that it kills the deer.”


    What is 75% of the people doing while 15% of the people get away with BLUE MURDER, EXTORTION, TERRORISM, RACISM, COLONIZATION OF COLOMBO, ETC.?

    Tiger knows only one thing – KILL. They will kill. What are WE going to do about it? Die like DEER or FIGHT BACK like LIONS or BEARS?

    WHY Tamils in ENDIA, MALAYSIA, UK, CANADA, etc. can live without TAMIL OFFICIAL LANGUAGE but in SL they want it? WHY Tamils can live in these countries without a TAMIL VERSION of the national anthem but in SL they want it? Why Tamils don’t cry discrimination in the WEST when they are discriminated against their BLACK SKIN but cry foul in SL?

    Because SL majority modayas out of compassion help out these wolves.

    Recently one foolish Singhala Buddhist woman said she is going to donate her dead father’s library books to the Jaffna library. I asked her why not a poor Singhala village library or a school? She said it is MORE MERIT if she gave it to JL where people are suffering!! What madness.

    Singhala MODAYAS have dug their own grave with compassion towards racists.

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