President Sirisena Must Takeover Law and Order, Economic Affairs and Media Ministries As President Kumaratunga Did in November 2003
Posted on October 17th, 2016

Dilrook Kannangara

This is not the first time UNP has proven it cannot manage law and order and economic affairs functions. President Kumaratunga came to the same realisation in November 2003 that President Sirisena is getting into now. She took a bold step to takeover defence, finance and media ministries under her. Otherwise, the UNP regime would have put national security and the national economy in serious perril. Her timely action saved the nation and her party. Sirisena must do it without letting the UNP further ruin the economy and erode national security.

UNP has no right to govern the country, as people didn’t give it the mandate (113 seats) needed. If it governs the country, it must do so taking into account the concerns of the SLFP as well since SLFP is party to the national government.

Intimidating War Heroes Will Have Wider and Nastier Repercussions

President Sirisena quite correctly condemned with disgust the actions of CID, FCID and other agencies in politically victimising war heroes. As the Commander-in-Chief, it is his responsibility to protect them against politically motivated harassment. If this continues, rank and file of the military will be utterly frustrated with the government. Losing their support will become crucial to uphold democracy if the UNP were to use undemocratic means of grabbing power from the President. Police was put on high alert recently fearing a coup by the UNP. Law and Order ministry is manipulated by minister Sagala Rathnayaka for petty political gains which puts national security at risk. He is incapable of running this ministry and it must be taken over.

Although the defence ministry is with the President, deputy defence minister is from the UNP. What is more worrying is he is the nephew of the UNP leader – the Prime Minister. If anything were to happen to the president, or if the president is deliberately incapacitated by any group, these two UNPers will take matters into their hands. It is time the President removed the deputy defence minister and hand over the post to a SLFP minister for his own safety.

Economic Ruin from Central Bank to VAT

UNP is responsible for the economic ruin the nation suffers today. Everything it touched turned into ruination. Central Bank governor was appointed by the UNP and the bond fraud that resulted keeps bleeding the economy to the tune of 5 billion rupees every year. People expected good governance from President Sirisena, not the world’s biggest bank fraud. Until that incident, Central Bank was mostly shielded from corruption. Now that too is in corruption. As the heart of the national economy, massive fraud at the Central Bank will have a dire impact on the economy.

Despite concerns of the President, UNP showed no regard for people’s difficulties when it illegally imposed higher VAT on a broader range of goods and services. It was taken down after the Supreme Court declared it illegal not before bringing it again. It is clear the VAT increase has a lot to do with the bond fraud at the central bank. If not for the bond fraud, there is no need to raise VAT so very badly.

People enthusiastically watch the president on the bond fraud. Will the culprits be punished as promised or let off?

Foreign debt was a huge concern people had when they voted out the former regime. Limitless borrowing piles up an increasing interest bill and takes money away from other important sectors like health, education and development. UNP regime has so far borrowed in excess of $10 billion in just 21 months. If the trend continues, creditors will come knocking and the country doesn’t have the means to settle debt. Worse part is, the UNP regime has not done any development work with it. Where did the money go? Sirisena’s much-hyped Moragahakanda project will not take off ground as the UNP regime will not release budget funds for it.

A History of Eliminations

The UNP leader acceded to and retains his post following a series of assassinations. It was the assassination of president Premadasa and UNP giant Lalith Athulathmudali that made him the Prime Minister. If Lalith had not died, he would have been appointed the party leader and possibly prime minister as he had a dispute with the former president. Gamini Dissanayake briefly assumed the role of UNP leader and the Opposition Leader after Ranil’s UNP was defeated in 1994. However, he lasted only two months. He too was killed by Tamil terrorists. In 1999, Ranil contested against Chandrika for presidency. Tamil terrorists seriously injured Chandrika but failed to kill her. Had their plan worked, Ranil would have ended up becoming president. On the same night, UNP leader General Lakshman Algama was killed by Tamil terrorists. He too held enormous leadership potential and he would have mounted a successful challenge for UNP leadership.

Then General Janaka Perera was sent to the UNP gallows. He too had huge leadership potential within the UNP and he could have very easily replaced Ranil.

It is obvious Sirisena is the only obstacle for Ranil to claim his much-desired presidency. President Sirisena must take extreme care not to end up as the five (almost six) previous victims that stood in the way of his ambitious Prime Minister. President Kumaratunga’s presidential commission unearthed horrendous crimes allegedly committed under the supervision of his Prime Minister in Batalanda.


President Sirisena must use his mandate to advance good governance and he should not hesitate to take over any ministry to prevent corruption, politicisation, favouritism and other forms of bad governance. If he fails to do, people will take those tough decisions against him. Avoiding Rajapaksas should not be the focus as people have bigger concerns than bringing them back to power or keeping them out of power. This mad game of politics ruins the nation and the SLFP. It must stop and president Sirisena must identify who his real supporters are and who exploits him to gain what they want. Further, Sirisena must guard against UNP’s devious plans.

15 Responses to “President Sirisena Must Takeover Law and Order, Economic Affairs and Media Ministries As President Kumaratunga Did in November 2003”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. S.Gonsal Says:

    He is an ORNAMENTAL president OR MENTAL president ?

  3. Christie Says:

    අම්මපා ඇත්ත. සිරිසේනගෙ පුතා බලාගන්නවනේ. මොකද ප්‍රස්නේ. සනත් නීතිය ආයි ගේමු.

    What sacred cow shit is this. He just follows what Indian employee Chandrika says.

    By the way he has to save his beloved son.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Christie is correct to the extent Sirisena wants to save his son.

    But we have to look at the overall situation. Yes; he will save his son as he did when he was a minister of Mahinda. Let him do that but at the same time, save war heroes and law and order as well. Otherwise what will happen is UNP will use its police powers to extort favours from Sirisena. If Sirisena doesn’t comply, his son will be grilled. He will avoid this at all cost. Then war heroes and the nation has no hope.

    Currently UNP controlled police gestapos are on a vicious witch hunt against war heroes. One of them was told to sign a document implicating Gotabhaya to get released! This is gestapo tactics. It must stop.

  5. Hiranthe Says:

    We should not get carried away Patriots. This is just a joint drama of Maru Sira and Run-nil. Script is from India and the West.

    Nothing will change except minds of people forgetting high cost of living and the harassment’s of the Rana Wiruwos.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    You really did mean to say “an ORNERY MENTAL patient”, didn’t you?

  7. S.Gonsal Says:

    Dilrook expecting to “save war heroes and law and order as well” by asking him to take over. He is saying law and order shall be selctively applied, depending on the individual. What kind of “Law and Order” is this ?
    He was just making a DRAMA to cover up his son’s sins. If he has real intention to save war heroes, he would hever have allowed to arrest them anyway !
    Every polician has CRAZY sons, ready to kill expecting people form armed forces to carry these sins and go to gallows for them ! This is outright betrayal at its best !
    Without kicking out these politicians THERE WILL BE NO LAW AND ORDER, THERE WILL BE NO SAVING OF SINHALAYA.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    IF Maru Sira takes these ministries under his rule SLFP will get the blame for the HORRIBLE ECONOMY, USELESS POLICE and LOUSY investigations.

    Best thing let the UNP get all blame for these until Maru Sira dissolves the parliament.

    Actually we should press UNP goons to PUNISH Daham. Then we can see a REAL FIGHT between Sira and Run-nil.

  9. S.Gonsal Says:

    Mental case , yes that is how he behaves. From Queen’s gloves to Obama’s mouse he is kissing everything appears big.

    Not only Daham how about he himself asking $20000 from SMEC ? Such penut money good for a monkey.

    Actually JO and UNP should get together and impeach him as a matter of urgency.

  10. Christie Says:

    Indian colonial parasites and India are doing well. We the Sinhalese are fighting among ourselves. Indian Empire is doing exactly what they are doing their other colonies like Fiji, Mauritius Guyana….

  11. Christie Says:

    Dilrook the current administration is no different to other administrations except few years under Mahinda and Dudley since 1956.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    And so say ALL of us Patriots of Lanka!

    Don’t change provisions on NF, NA, Buddhism: JO


    In its proposals to the Steering Committee on Constitutional Reforms, the joint opposition (JO) has said the constitutional provisions on matters such as the National Flag (NF) and National Anthem (NA)and the status accorded to Buddhism should in no way be compromised.

    The JO states that sovereignty rested in the people and was inalienable according to the current constitution and should be retained unchanged. It said the Territory of the Republic as in Article 5 of the 1978 Constitution should be preserved.

    JO parliamentary group leader Dinesh Gunawardane, who is a member of the Steering Committee. has together with MP Prasanna Gunawardane signed the document outlining the proposals.

    The proposals state that the amalgamation of provinces should not be allowed under any circumstance and the Prime Minister should be elected by Parliament while the Leader of the Opposition has to be elected by parliamentarians in the Opposition.

    The JO has called for the enhancing of the list of subjects of the local authorities and that the provincial council system should not endanger the unitary state and its security with provincial councils exercising their powers subject to the executive and legislative powers of the centre. (Kelum Bandara)

  13. S.Gonsal Says:

    Law and Order ? Entire Cabinet are “Pal Horus” . Why pay “due respect” for stealing for 50 years ? This shows pathetic state of our politics.
    The cabinet unanimously agreed with ORNERY MENTAL patient !

    Legal action possible against entire cabinet if Fowzie is taken to courts
    – Oct 18, 2016

    Legal action can be taken against all members of the cabinet, if senior politician A.H.M. Fowzie with nearly 50 years of experience is taken before courts over a minor offence, president Maithripala Sirisena told the cabinet at its meeting today (18).
    “Minister Fowzie is more senior than us and made a big commitment for politics. If such a person is summoned to the bribery commission, he should be given due respect. It is bad to exhibit him, bring around 20 traineers and do insane things. We should understand his mentality. Minister Fowzie is a person who has served the country, SLFP. He is not a training dummy.”

    The cabinet unanimously agreed with him.

    Decision on Dilrukshi after PM returns

    The president also told the ministers that the decision to accept the resignation, or not, of director general of the Bribery Commission, lawyer Dilrukshi Dias Wickremasinghe, should be taken after discussion once the prime minister returns home from his overseas visit.

    The president said further that it was evident to the entire country about the bankrupt politics of the pro-Rajapaksa media by the manner in which they said her resignation would lead to the collapse of the government within days.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    My Dear Ananda,

    This is why we should NOT look at the world from MR and ANTI-MR glasses. We should look at the world through PATRIOTIC glasses.

    You missed the MOST IMPORTANT thing – UNITARY.

    Carefully read the JO demand. It only wants to RETAIN the national flag, national anthem and Buddhism. NO question about Buddhism but NO EVIDENCE is there national flag and national anthem will be CHANGED. So why bother too much at the expense of more important things?

    But they CUNNINGLY COVER UP the real deal – UNITARY!! So the JO is NOT CONCERNED ABOUT retaining UNITARY?

    Isn’t that the BEDROCK of our nation’s survival, Ananda which you and you BELOVED JO “patriots” have VERY CONVENIENTLY forgotten (so that THEY THINK they can win some Tamil votes)?

    The definition of EVERGREEN PATRIOTS is someone who demands SCRAPPING 13 amendment every day. Like Lorenzo, Gonsal, Charith, Nanda, etc.

    Then there are SEASONAL PATRIOTS. They demand 13 amendment should be scrapped everyday EXCEPT during ELECTION TIME. They say NOT to bring 13 amendment to the election!!


  15. Ananda-USA Says:


    When did you and your AVATARS join the ranks of the Patriots? Undercover EELAMISTS who helped to push Sri Lanka into the CURRENT ABYSS, now POSING as Patriots!! BLOODY RIDICULOUS! Remember, many of us are well aware of, and have not forgotten who you were sleeping with prior to January 8, 2015!

    I missed NOTHING; I am not in control of the JO to get them to say “UNITARY” whenever they issue a press statement! But, whatever GOOD they say, I applaud!

    If I were in control, we would have a new Patriotic Party NOW giving the Yamapalanaya a headache.

    Furthermore, I support MR not because he gave me ANYTHING, except LIBERATING and REUNIFYING my Motherland, but because he has DEMONSTRATED BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT that he is a THINKING Patriot who can defend Sri Lanka from its ENEMIES! That was something none of these other PRETENDERS now in the Yamapalanaya Cabal driving the nation into the ground, could do!

    So, how is your Presidential candidate Sirisena treating you now? Getting any fat bonus checks, or are you only getting your regular paycheck from the TGTE?

    I won’t even try to CONVINCE you of ANYTHING, except DEMOLISH your arguments and EXPOSE you to the world for the HYPOCRITICAL EELAMIST PROPAGANDIST you really are! My audience is NOT YOU, but other readers who are not your AVATARS at LankaWeb!

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