Posted on October 20th, 2016


It is not in dispute that if Hillary Clinton becomes the President of the U. S. the Sinhala-Buddhists in Sri Lanka are in serious trouble, because Hillary will help the Tamils get their Eelam here.  If Trump wins, U.S. policy towards Sri Lanka will fundamentally change (or at any rate such a change can be engineered) so the best option for the Sinhala-Buddhists to save their country is to help Trump win.

The mainstream media as well as the professional punditry in the U.S. are saying that Hillary is at present comfortably ahead in the race and on her way to victory.  But, it is no secret that the mainstream media along with the pundits are in Hillary’s camp.[1]  In my view, because of this blanket support, neither the polls nor the pundits can be trusted.  I suspect that the race at present is neck to neck.

One should also take into consideration the fact that, in practical terms, in order to win a U.S. Presidential election, one has to win a number of so-called ‘battleground’ States.   At each election, the number of such States varies, but usually there are about 5 to 6. If one considers elections in the recent past, other than 2000 (which was an exception) if an average of 50,000 votes in the battleground States taken as a whole had switched from one candidate to the other, it would have altered the outcome of the election.[2]

I am informed that research conducted by a private party has uncovered that, the ‘battleground’ States for the upcoming elections have significant pockets of Sinhala-Buddhist expatriates, or at any rate persons who support the cause of the Sinhala-Buddhists in Sri Lanka. In my view, Trump can lock-in a guaranteed bloc of 50,000 or more votes of the said expatriates if he goes on TV and makes a clear statement that:

  1. He has heard that the Obama Administration (with Hillary as Secretary of State) has been unfairly targeting Sri Lanka, and if elected he will see to it that U.S. policy towards Sri Lanka is completely re-evaluated (he can’t say changed because of political reasons) but re-evaluated is clear enough.
  2. He has also heard that Sri Lanka has been targeted unfairly at the UNHRC (again because of U.S. prodding) and that if elected he will initiate inquiries into these matters, and if anything untoward or illegal has been done, ensure that the wrongdoers are punished.

In my view, if Trump makes the above type of public statement, there are sufficient networks of the Sinhala-Buddhists and their supporters in the U.S. that they will get him the votes he needs in the relevant States.  I’ll now explain why I think a bloc of Sinhala- Buddhist votes can make the difference at this stage between victory or defeat for Trump.

In my view, Hillary’s tactical team is banking on getting a bloc of votes from the Diaspora Tamils, and they have made that a key element in their overall calculations with respect to victory in each of the States, including the ‘battleground’ States.

My reasons for this is are as follows.

First, it is the only way to explain the haste with which the constitution-making process is being pushed in Sri Lanka.  Changing the constitution is no longer a priority for most Sri Lankans:  they want the Government to address far more pressing problems, such as the cost of living, the daily revelations of corruption and waste, the incompetence and inefficiency in providing basic utilities such a water and electricity, and so on.

And yet, the Government has indicated that it will table the report of the Steering Committee on the new constitution in the first half of November.  Why such ungodly haste?  It is no secret that, behind the scenes, the Americans are running the constitution-making process here.  These Americans—Keshap, Powers, Malinowshi, et al. and their ‘errand girl’ Biswal—are Hillary’s people.  They will all be out jobs if Trump wins.

In my view, the report of the Steering Committee is being fast-tracked because of the deal between Hillary and the Diaspora Tamils:  the Tamils are to give her a guaranteed bloc of votes, and she, once elected, will do the needful in terms of Eelam.  In my view, the report is a ‘down-payment,’ to remind the Tamils that Hillary is meeting her end of the bargain, and it is time for them to meet theirs.

Second, V. Rudhrakumaran, the notorious separatist and self-styled ‘Prime Minister’ of the Trans National Government of Tamil Eelam, the most powerful Eelam-Lobby in the U.S. has given an interview, published among other places in the Huffington Post, where he lists the steps that the Diaspora Tamils expect the U.S. and the international community to take in order to help the Tamils in this country get Eelam. Why has this rascal picked this particular point in time to go public with this interview?

It should be noted that the Huffington Post is ‘Hillary land.’  Therefore, in my view, the only reason to go public with the interview in a forum such as the Huffington Post is, one, to remind Hillary’s supporters of their obligations; i.e. what is expected of them once Hillary wins, and two, to remind the ‘faithful’ (i.e. the Eelam fanatics) what they need to do at the upcoming elections, if they are to get Hillary to do the things that are set out.

In any event, the point is that Hillary’s tactical team has factored in the maximum number of Tamil votes into their calculations.  I am sure that they have also calculated the possible loss of a certain number of votes of Sri Lankan expatriates (i.e. Sinhala-Buddhists and their supporters) but they have probably concluded that those numbers are too insignificant to make any difference in the overall picture.

However, if there is a sudden increase in support for Trump among Sri Lankan expatriates, Hillary has no way to counter this.   As I mentioned earlier, Hillary is already expecting the maximum number votes from the Diaspora Tamils.   So, there is no source to which she can turn in order to cancel the increase of votes going to Trump from the Sri Lankan expatriates.

The 50,000 or so Sri Lankan expatriate votes that Trump will get, will come from three sources:  persons who had been planning on voting for Hillary but switch their support to Trump, persons who are noncommittal deciding to go with Trump, or persons who are planning on not voting at all, deciding to vote for Trump.

I understand that for many Sri Lankan expatriates, Trump is not an ideal candidate.  But, neither is Hillary.  In fact, it appears most people who are voting for Hillary are doing so because they think she is the lesser of two evils.  Under the circumstances, if Trump makes a strong statement in support of the Sinhala-Buddhists, I am confident that a sufficient number of Sri Lankan expatriates will do the needful, because of their abiding love for the ‘Old Country.’

For Trump, throwing in his lot with the Sinhala-Buddhists involves no risk at all.  His core supporters don’t care about Sri Lanka, in fact most of them probably won’t be able to locate Sri Lanka on a map.  So, supporting the Sinhala-Buddhists will not alienate his core constituency.  In short, Trump has everything to gain and nothing to lose by siding with the Sinhala Buddhists at this stage.  Is he crazy enough, or bold enough, to go with this plan?  In my view, probably’:  someone just has to pitch it to him.

Dharshan Weerasekera is an Attorney-at-Law.  His latest book, The Relevance of American Constitutional Principles to Solving Problems of Governance in Sri Lanka, will be in bookstores shortly.

[1] See for instance, ‘Trump Unchained,’ Mike Whitney,, 19 October 2016.  Whitney says, inter alia:  ‘When was the last time themedia thew 100% of its support behind one party’s presidential candidate?  Whatdoes that say about the media?’

[2] This conclusion is derived from information contained in, ‘How close were U.S. Elections?’ Michael Shepard, MIT,


  1. AnuD Says:

    I don’t think who wins matters when it comes to western politics. For example, a former Retired American politician, Paul Ryan, explained it. That is there is a system in place behind the politician. What ever politicins talk, when it comes to action that system comes into play.

    Sri lankans cannot understand that because we destroyed the country set up by the British. After that, every president runs it the way he/she wants. So, it is a mess.

    It is the same with Britain. Privy Council decides how it should be run. Because of that, parliament, politicians, lack of constitution etc., do not matter. Privy council is there to decide every thing.

    In Sri lanka, there are over 100 ministers only in the central govt. Constitution is a mess. then mismanagement and lack of management, check and balances are not there. Therefore, president has to invovle in every simple matter. It is the same with the previous govt as well as in this govt.

  2. Wetta Says:

    In my personal observation Trump is a man who says straight what he thinks is right, and some people may see that as somewhat “dirty” talking. Regardless what he thinks is right or wrong to others, he at least has the guts and the openness about him. That I think is a a great sign of “honesty”. Only the honest people will say straight what they think “risking” opposition to that. What does that mean? It means Trump is not someone who use “sweet” words on the outside and does “dirty work” underneath like what Hillary does.

    Hillary in contrast is a cunning and deceitful woman. No one knows what she is up to. She does not risk anything and therefore hides her true nature under the skin. Therefore Hillary is a dishonest woman that cannot be trusted at any cost. In fact the whole world today is at war mainly because of Hillary’s dangerous mixture of stupidity and cunningness.

    This race is bit similar to what has happened in Sri Lanka in 2015. The sweet talker deceived people and won and destroyed the country in no time.

    Do you Americans think you are stupid enough to be “deceived” by sugar coated sweet talk. If you guys only wanted someone sounding sweet, then you may elect an Opera singer to the presidency. But if you want someone who has shown to the country that he has the ability to do something real (see how Trump became a very successful businessman) then elect someone like Trump who can do “real work”.

    Hillary couldn’t protect and satisfy even her husband so how do you expect her to protect and satisfy America. During her time as Secretary of State she successfully managed to create the most number enemies to America in the history. What a record of success !

    Even though Trump appears to be “tough” and “dirty talking”, as we all know a US president cannot do whatever he/she wanted to do, except for the under-arm dealings with CIA to destroy the rest of the world. One should remember that Obama as the president could not even bring the health care bill as he wanted. He had to back-down at pressure from the Senate. Therefore Trump also cannot do all the things he says in the open. Therefore there is not much risk to the Americans in electing Trump, and they can win the world again rather than going down with Hillary.

    America and the world would be a safer place under Trump than under Hillary.

  3. Christie Says:

    Democrats gets funding from Indian vermin and Indian colonial parasites including Indian from Ceylon.

  4. aravinda Says:

    Clinton will win in a landslide. Her margin will be 20%, one of the biggest in recent history. LB Johnson in 1964 and Nixon in 1972 won with similar margins. Whoever wins, American foreign policy will not change.

    Trump has already lost the election. After the election, with his right wing rump, he will create havoc, questioning the legality of the the election. It is not Clinton or Democratic party which will fight Trump, but his own Republicans. He has split the Republican party, and I can not see them winning even in 2020.

    The US President is not elected according to votes casted. One has to win the electoral votes, and every state will have certain number of electoral votes. For example, California has 55 and Aleska has 3. If a candidate gets one single vote more than the opponent, he or she gets all the electoral votes. I think electoral votes are according to population, but I am not sure. There are 540 electoral votes in the country, one who gets 271 becomes the President. Trump was never in the race. He can not win because of the demography he is catering can not deliver the electoral votes. I see Clinton 350 and Trump getting 190.

    We should not blame any outsider for what happens to Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans have voted against those who saved the country, not once but twice. Sri Lankans are hunting down the war heros who saved the country. Billions of Rupees are robbed from the Central Bank and public is silent. They have voted for a gavernment controlled from without. Sri Lankans are ungreatful people and they will get what they deserve.

    Sri Lankans Tamils and Sinhala have no say in US elections. There are only few, and American population is 320 million. Trump is a very racist, unstable man. He was charged in courts for not renting apartments for black people and found guilty. He will become the m0st racist leader US ever had. If Clinton is elected, US will be run by her husband, Bill Clinton. When Bill Clinton was President, Sri Lanka had no problems with him. I think that will be the norm again. What can LTTE rump do in USA. I think nothing. Our problem is Sri Lankans who are ungreatful and these leaders who will do anything to stay in power. Present mob is ready to divide Sri Lanka in Federal lines, providing they can hang on to power for a long time. Nations get leaders they deserve. We got what we deserve.

  5. RohanJay Says:

    Aravinda, don’t be brainwashed by the mainstream media in the election cycle.
    Donald Trump is not racist. He has lived most of his life in New York city for the last 40 years. One of the most multicultural and multiracial places on earth. If he was in any way racist before, he would have been a pariah figure in New York.
    He is a well known figure to New Yorkers over 60 years of age who have seen him most of all their lives. He as a company boss has provided employment and livelihoods to people of all colours and races over the last 40 years.
    Donald Trump isn’t racist but he is a staunch patriot similar to Mahinda Rajapaksha in Sri Lanka.
    There are significant amount of black voters for Trump not covered by the biased western media because they want Hillary Clinton to win.
    He Donald Trump who is a patriot of his country just wants to protect his country from globalism and outside forces. Similar to Mahinda Rajapaksha did.
    The western mainstream media is controlled by the warparty and they want globalism. Hillary Clinton is the war candidate.
    It is Hillary Clinton who is everything you accuse Trump of.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Donald Trump has been a high rung businessman all his adult life. He ha not served previously in any govt/political/public position. It is hard to judge what his future actions may be in politics at the highest level in USA. He is prone to negate what he says. He is unpredictable. He fools around with serious topics.

    In contrast, Hillary Clinton is a well known figure in politics. Bill Clinton, her husband, as President, has acted in a fair manner re Lanka. Hillary as Secy of State has acted in erratic ways in some instances – may be due to ill health. She has also formed a friendship with Jayalalitha, CM of Tamil Nadu.
    She will probably favor INDIA and leave matters re Sri Lanka for INDIA to handle in a diplomatic way. How INDIA may handle Lanka diplomatically – one never knows ! Clumsy neighbor INDIA is unpredictable too. INDIA may save herself at high costs to Lanka ….

    I think we have a sort of “Hobson’s Choice” in these two candidates for the highest office in the USA.
    May all the higher powers guide Lanka to a future peace !

  8. Kumari Says:

    Aravinda don’t have high hopes. In GB David Cameron thought the Brexit was in his bag. All the pollsters were London based but what happened to him. He is not even in the political scene. He stepped down from being an MP too. At the rate CNN and the Corporate media talk of Clinton (as if she is Virgin Mary), people are sick of the woman. Trump is the average American who is not politically correct. Is this woman in politics for the love of her country, no she is the representative of big corporations. This is a liar and a war criminal. The best that can happen to the world is for Clinton to loose elections.

    What Trump says is true. The DNC worked against Sanders, it was the very democratic Super Delegates who elected Clinton. So how can Trump accept the results. George W won only with one vote, remember. Though millions cast their ballots, it was one vote of the Supreme court that made George W the president. This is why America has to bomb countries to distribute their kind of D E M O’CRACY.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    Kumari is correct; there is much ground level support for Donald Trump from people who relish his demolishing the established power structure that does not solve their problems.

    While they don’t agree with his vulgarity, they support his policies. Clinton does not use vulgar language, but her policies are old hat promising more of the same old selling of America to people who will not defend and protect her borders or her economy.

    The entire media favor Clinton, but ordinary people …. excepting the African Americans, Hispanics and gays, lesbian and dyed-in-the-wool bleeding heart liberals, support Donald.

    Interestingly, Donald Trump said Clinton is responsible for all of the disasters in the Arab world for not only the residents but also for the USA, and repeatedly said yes, Clinton has experience but it is the WRONG KIND OF EXPERIENCE full of FAILURES, and that kind of experience the country should REJECT.

    This is what I, and many others at LankaWeb and elsewhere in the media have been saying, and finally there is a person at the APEX of public attention saying the same thing.

    No other American leader has thought out of the box and criticized the accepted political dogma in Washington like Donald Trump has. Maybe it takes a raging bull like Donald Trump, who is completely free and independent of others, complete with vulgarity and sexual pecadillos, to be able to see the light and ACT accordingly. THAT is what Trump supports see and want.

    In my view there is only a VERY SLIGHT CHANCE of a Donald Trump victory. Donald lost the first two debates, but clearly WON the third, but after his VERBAL GAFFES and heavy demonization he being subjected to now by all of the mainstream media, I think he is unlikely to win, much to my chagrin.

    A Billary Clinton victory, coupled to the Yamapalanaya government, augurs a very difficult time for Sri Laka and it’s Sinhala Buddhist community. Only a quick ousting of the Yamapalanaya and restoring a Pariotic Nationalistic Government once more to Sri Lanka now, can save us.


  10. S.Gonsal Says:

    It is good idea for Trump to get commit to Sinhala side. We should promote it, forgetting whoever wins of loses.

    “Racism” what they call is only limited to words uttered. It should not be that way. If 30% of Muslims support Jihad (violance in ANY form even for a just cause), there is something wrong in that “Muslim” idealogy and it should be corrected. Koran shall be amended to a more peaceful version. Someone has to start this.

    TRUMP’s victory ( if possible) will be an eye opener to MR to STOP pretending to be a friend of ALL and show his support to SInhalese openly. He is along a path to dissaster at the moment. It will also be a opportunity to ANYONE ELSE ( be it ANY NAME) to take his path and OPENLY COMMIT to SINHALA cause.

    We should irradicate TAMIL TERRORISM both in the form of “moderatism” and “extremism”, the former is more dangerous. TRUTH SHOULD WIN.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Get rid of the ILLEGAL 13-A
    There seems to be no other way !

  12. Dilrook Says:


    A more appropriate and practical slogan would be get rid of politicians that fail to remove 13A. Getting rid of pro-13A politicians is the first step in removing 13A.

  13. Dilrook Says:

    Donald Trump has no chance of winning.

    Plight of Sri Lanka will be slightly less as President Hillary’s biggest local rival is out of power in Sri Lanka.

    Russia is not after Trump or Hillary. Fresh after dividing the American public very seriously as never before, President Hillary will have a very difficult choice to make – counter Russia and China militarily (or suffer continued US irrelevance in world affairs). Without a doubt that will divide the US population even further especially if large casualties are suffered by US troops, allies and people.

  14. aravinda Says:

    My above comment is disagreed by number of esteemed regulars of Lankaweb, including Wetta, RohanJay, SusanthaW, Kumari, Ananda-USA and Gonsal. Only, good old Dilrook agrees with me. I must confess I have never been to USA, and have no intention of doing so in the life. I have no practical knowlege of life in New York.

    What I wanted to say is Hillary Clinton will win in a landslide and Sri Lanka has nothing to fear from it. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and not President. She had to do what Obama wanted. When she is President, she will be taking a different line. Her foreign policy will be like Bill Clintons. Basic American policy of World hegemony will not change. But every leader will tinker with this policy. Bill Clinton is a wise man, he never made enemies without good reasons.

    Some on the commentators were so right to say our real enemy is India. Remember India has invaded Sri Lanka 22 times. USA wants to be good with the regional superpower, to counter China, and in the process, Americans niggle little nations like ours, hoping to please India. If we had strong patriotic leaders, we can counter anybody. But now, we are a defenceless nation run by Parapalanaya. Our problems are internal, and we will get what we deserve.

    Remember, Clinton will win in a landslide. 350 to 190. Give or take few.

  15. plumblossom Says:

    The LTTE massacred over 35,000 Sri Lankan Armed Forces members, Police Force members and Civil Defense Force members over 6000-7000 overwhelmingly Sinhala but also Muslim civilians, 1,253 Indian Peacekeeping Forces (IPKF) members, over 2,000 Tamil Armed Group members who supported the Government of Sri Lanka and who were against the LTTE, around 3,000 Tamil civilians and all this add upto 47,000. Around 35,000 LTTE terrorists are estimated to have perished too. In all around 84,000 in total have perished on both sides in the war.

    As you can see it is the brutal LTTE terrorists who massacred over 47,000 mainly Sri Lankan Armed Forces members, Police Force members, Civil Defense Force members in over 26 years of war. Over 23,000 Sri Lankan Armed Forces members are today both temporarily and permanently disabled due to the war. Over 13,000 Sri Lankan Armed Forces members are permanently disabled due to the war. Over 156,000 Sri Lankan Armed Forces members have been injured due to the war. Over 6,000-7,000 overwhelmingly Sinhala but also Muslim civilians have been massacred by the LTTE terrorists in the war of over 26 years.

    The LTTE terrorist group also ethnically cleansed the entire Sinhala and Muslim population of the Northern Province, of over 65,000 Sinhala people and over 75,000 Muslim people of the Northern Province in the 1980s and the 1990s. The LTTE also ethnically cleansed the entire Sinhala population of the Batticaloa District in the East of over 25,000 Sinhala people.

    Today, the Sinhala people and their descendants of over 135,000 are yet to be resettled in the North and in the Batticaloa District and Muslims of over 115,000 are yet to be resettled in the North. Uptil 2012, of the above number, around 32,000 Sinhala people and around 32,000 Muslims has been resettled in the North.

    The LTTE terrorist group recruited over 20,000 child soldiers, all Tamil youth, as attested by UNICEF itself which stated in 2007 that perhaps the LTTE has recruited over 20,000 young persons under the age of 18 years into its cadre between 1983-2007 inclusive.

    The LTTE was notorious for its horrific terror tactics such as large scale bomb attacks and the use of suicide bombers in carrying out hundreds of attacks against mainly Sinhala civilians and the country’s leadership, horrific attacks against Sinhala civilians using IED devices, claymore mines and bombs, the massacre of Sinhala villagers in their villages in the North Central, Eastern, Northern and North Western Provinces, the coerced recruitment or abduction of Tamil youth and children for recruitment as child soldiers, forced money collection from Tamils with threats to life in case of non-compliance, attacks on Sri Lanka’s economic infrastructure such as the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), Sri Lanka’s the then only international airport, oil storage facilities, hotels, planes, buses, trains etc. ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese and Muslims from the North and East of Sri Lanka, the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the systematic assassination of over 120 noteworthy Sri Lankan politicians, civil servants, senior military and police officers, prelates, activists, academics, journalists and other professionals who were assassinated by the LTTE who were but a few of the hundreds of assassinations carried out by the LTTE, including the former Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar.

  16. nilwala Says:

    I tend to agree with Dharshan that what is in store for Sri Lanka would be dire, should Hillary be elected. She has the distinct advantage per the polls, but why then is she still pursuing for more and more support from an already purportedly “double digit” gap, and attempting without any let up, to broaden her base even further? Is it SHE or her Campaign which showed itself to be a vicious one very early through their handing of the competition from Bernie Sanders.
    The media have been supporting the deterioration of the social and cultural fabric while the readership gets more and more cynical at the way the media behaves in its supplication to money and power politics. The efforts to establish a dictatorship so loathed overtly in the US, but which seems to be what is covertly desired are mind boggling. At least now the public will acknowledge that the 4th Estate which was expected to rescue a besieged democracy via a Free Press that supported independent opinion no longer exists in the climate of Fear generated

  17. Kumari Says:

    Those of us who want a Clinton defeat must persuade our Rookada Sirisena to send a delegation of Sri Lankan cabinet ministers to canvas for the witch. I know there were 6 cabinet ministers in London canvassing for Cameron.

    This woman will be a disaster for Sri Lanka. She personally got involved in stopping the release of $500 Million being the final tranche of a world bank loan to us during the last phase of the war. We were winning the war and she couldn’t accept it. When Nevard Cabral informed president Rajapakse, Rajapakse called Gaddafi who gladly agreed for the immediate transfer of funds. Cabral was instructed to fly to Tripoli from Washington and sign the papers. Money was in our account before Cabral reached Colombo. That’s how we finished the war thanks to Gaddafi.

    Thanks to this Wicked Witch’s thirty years of Washington experience there’s no Libya, no one knows what happened to the 150 tons of solid gold Gaddafi was keeping to launch the African Dinar. She conducted the Libyan invasion in her typical style (public persona coupled with a completely different private life ). She did this to satisfy the Rothschilds the international currency crooks.

  18. Dilrook Says:

    I don’t think Hillary has any dire plan for Sri Lanka post-Mahinda. Her vicious anti-Sri Lanka stand was actually against Mahinda than Sri Lanka.

    Sirisena is pro-US and the US government knows the difficulties faced by the Sirisena government to continue. She will be foolish to disrupt the pro-US government in Colombo which will bring back to power Mahinda they tried very hard to remove. USA forgave Sri Lanka in 1983 than in 2009 because JR was much more pro-US than Mahinda.

    It is not to say Hillary is better than Trump or we should be pro-US. The point is whatever we desire, Hillary is going to win and the current government in Colombo is on the US camp.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    I doubt if Sri Lanka ever had any top politicos AGAINST the USA.
    MR was never anti-USA.
    In fact, during his tenure in office, the USA helped train the SL Army and also located the LTTE arms ships.
    It was after the war was finished that the ‘remove MR’ campaign came from the west/INDIA.
    The west failed to help Lanka with the economy, quoting War Crimes/HR issues via the UN. Some countries in the west removed various Trade favors to Lanka.
    MR was forced to turn to other countries for help to finish the war and develop the Economy.

    MR was NEVER against the west.


    INDIA does NOT want to be re-colonised.
    Neither do the loyal vast numbers of loyal and patriotic Lankans. Do the present Exec PM& ex-Pres CBK fall into this category ?
    INDIA goes berserk every time ultra west UNP elements come into power.

    Other relevant points :

    * Recall it was the UK that prevented MR from delivering a talk at the Oxford Uni.
    * Recall also that the LTTE of that time killed off the able UNP leadership educated at Oxford Uni (Lalith, Gamini, also Lakshman Kadirgama).

    Sri Lankan politicos (with the exception now of Ranil & CBK), are usually all SOCIALISTS. We have to remember that Sri Lanka is called the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Do RW/CBK honor this title ?

    It is infinitely kinder to reduce populations in any country through offering FREE birth control material.

    It would be wise to head in the direction of Clean Air, Water & Food for all.
    In this context, Glyphosate (the killer of weeds & people), must be totally banned. Recent article stated that Minister Naveen Dissanayake wants to import 800,000 litres of Glyphosate into Lanka for the “ailing TEA industry” ! It is probably the run off soil from upcountry areas laced with Glyphosate that over contaminates the lower lying lands of paddy fields.
    It has been proved that Glyphosate in the food causes gut flora disruption which in turn causes digestive disorders and all kinds of chronic diseases in the human body.

    ‘Health is the highest gain
    Nibbana the chiefest bliss’
    (The Buddha)

    For Lanka : Wise to REMOVE THE ILLEGAL 13-A, by whatever non-violent means possible. The timing should be right for this move.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    Agree with Fran. MR was never against the West. In fact, neither was he against ANY other country. He tried to position Sri Lanka as truly non-aligned, and friends with everybody.

    That does not mean he was UNAWARE of the agenda’s of foreign countries. He was, but he tried to keep Sri Lanka out of trouble and having as many allies as possible.

    He was also aware which countries had HISTORICALLY helped Sri Lanka, China foremost among them.

    He was WILLING to accept help from ANY country, whose agenda was NOT INIMICAL to Sri Lanka in the LONG TERM. While he was WARY of India, he recognized that we are RELATED PEOPLE and bent over backwards to not threaten India’s interests while preserving ours.

  21. Cerberus Says:

    Mr. Weerasekera, We should contact Mr. Donald Trump and send him all the facts about the plight of the citizens of Sri Lanka in the face of extreme terrorism. Here is the contact information for Trump. He needs to realize that we are the minority under attack for so long.

    In addition, it is high time that the GoSL and concerned citizens groups created packets of information about the truth of what happened in Sri Lanka for the last 30 years for distribution to all the Embassies and High Commissions in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, no one has told the true story to the powerful countries and UN and UNHRC instead of accepting blame for something we are not guilty of.


  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you, Ananda.
    Agree with all you say here.


    Agree with the plan Cerberus has suggested.

    Also please add Hillary Clinton as a recipient of the information package on what truly happened in Lanka for the past 30 yrs with terrorism.

    We wish that all of Shenali’s articles are published in a book.

  23. Dilrook Says:

    Fran and Ananda

    Yes indeed Mahinda was not against USA. I explained this very well. USA remained Sri Lanka’s largest export destination during his term and no attempt was made to disrupt that. USA gave us weapons and intelligence during Mahinda’s term. USA approved IMF loans in 2011 with no reservation.

    However, President Hillary is not USA and she has stubbornly disregarded protocol and US government policy many times (Libya, IMF loan to Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, email security, classified information, etc.). This poses a threat to Sri Lanka had Mahinda ruled as her opposition was to Mahinda and not to Sri Lanka. Thanks to pro-US Sirisena in power, Sri Lanka will be spared her wrath.

    There is a huge gap between “not against USA” and “on board with USA in its hegemony”. USA (and India) follow the doctrine, if you are not with us (in everything we do) you are with them. Clearly Mahinda was not on board with USA in its evil hegemonic plans but Sirisena is with USA. That was why he was rewarded with an invite to the G7 and assisted generously in regime change. And that makes all the difference in US policy (let alone Hillary’s policy) towards Sri Lanka. With a pro-US Sirisena and Ranil in power willing to do anything for USA, it is in best interests of President Hillary not to rock the boat.

  24. S.Gonsal Says:

    Correct way of a government is not only “good governance” but also a “good image = appears like good governance” which will make foreign powers difficult to interfere. MR’s governement lacked both since 2009. War victory was NOT the reason for USA adminstration’s enimosity towars Mahinda. As long as we keep on using this reason, we will never achieve both. “FOOLING OURSELVES” should stop first.
    The current mob is no where near “good governance” but just pretend to be enemy of the enemy have eraned artificial “respect” from these crooks. It will never go on forever. Artifical “friendship” with crooks will not being any benifit either.
    Agree Trump has very slim chance, if none. I never said he coiuld win. It is good idea for Trump to get commit to Sinhala side at least we then have the loosing candidate, better than none.

  25. Fran Diaz Says:

    Imagine how peaceful life in Lanka would be if Lanka is FAR (many hundreds of miles) South, away from of INDIA & Tamil Nadu !!

    Even the Ports of Lanka would not be of any interest to the west ! Lanka would not feature largely in the TRADE ROUTES and no Colonisation would ever have happened.

    How wonderful ! How peaceful & prosperous for Lanka !

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    TRUMP is in the same place MR was in around X-mas 2014.

    He underestimated Hilarious Clitoris a veteran politician.

    Fran, you are living in a fairy land. Come to real world. SL survived next to TN for 5,000 years as a SINGHALA country. The problem is politicians. They worship TAMILS and other SOUTH ENDIANS IN THIRUPATHY, etc. Send them to TN and SL will be safe.

  27. S.Gonsal Says:

    “TN for 5,000 years as a SINGHALA country. The problem is politicians. They worship TAMILS and other SOUTH ENDIANS IN THIRUPATHY, etc. Send them to TN and SL will be safe.” – Lorenzo

    Don’t forget out of 5000 years 4600 our country had RULES. Law breakes were severely punished. Now our politicians (= Law breakers and betrayers) are worshipped by FOOLS. NO WAY of surviving now.

    Even the President accpeted whole cabinet are LAW BREAKERS. WHat other evidence you need ?

    We need a lot of tall coconut trees, two each close to each other and tied together. Each leg of the Law maker ( sorry breaker) will be tied to adjacent coconut tree and the like between trres removed.

  28. nilwala Says:

    Dilrook says “I don’t think Hillary has any dire plan for Sri Lanka post-Mahinda. Her vicious anti-Sri Lanka stand was actually against Mahinda than Sri Lanka.
    HC’s viciousness against Sri Lanka goes beyond the ‘regime change’…she does not like the Sinhala people and wishes to give the SL Tamil leaders everything they ask for and has sought even support of Tamil Nadu in order to accomplish this.
    The current subservient Yahap govt. and the SL Foreign Sec’s stance so far are such that a Hillary-led US Govt may hold any immediate and serious action, but there will be a clear about turn if a Sinhala Buddhist-dominated SLFP returns to power. Mahinda being IN or OUT will not matter to her…her favorites are the Tamils. Period.

  29. nilwala Says:

    Sorry….the above should read as follows.

    Dilrook says “I don’t think Hillary has any dire plan for Sri Lanka post-Mahinda. Her vicious anti-Sri Lanka stand was actually against Mahinda than Sri Lanka.”

    In my opinion, HC’s viciousness against Sri Lanka is more complex than a ‘regime change’ to remove MR…she does not like the Sinhala people and wishes to give the SL Tamil leaders everything they ask for and has sought even support of Tamil Nadu in order to accomplish this.
    The current subservient Yahap govt. and the SL Foreign Sec’s stance so far are such that a Hillary-led US Govt may hold any immediate and serious action, but there will be a clear about turn if a Sinhala Buddhist-dominated SLFP returns to power. Mahinda being IN or OUT will not matter to her…her favorites are the Tamils. Period.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Nilwala that MR is not the issue.

    For the west : Issue is probably how to control both Lanka & INDIA.



    To get “real” re the Lanka plight, caught between a rock and a hard place (INDIA & the west), it is necessary that ALL the people of Lanka realise that their bread is buttered only one side, i.e. get together and swim together or get ‘divided & ruled’ and sink together.

    That is the Lesson Learnt from the past.

  31. Christie Says:

    Hi Fran Diaz, Fijian in Fiji and Creoles in Guyana are more than ten thousand miles away from India. Native Fijians and Creoles are worse off than us Sinhalese in their own lands.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:

    Hi Christie,

    If left alone, it would not have mattered whether near to INDIA and that we had important Ports. But Lanka has never been left alone – INDIA & the west (Colonisers) have always interfered.

    There are many countries/people far from INDIA that are better or worse off than Lankans.

    It is TAMIL SEPARATISM that is the issue here.

    Tamils are there in many countries, but they did not demand a Separate State anywhere other than in Lanka. This is because of the PROXIMITY TO TAMIL NADU (INDIA).

    The continued interference in Lanka is because of proxmity of INDIA (Tamil Nadu esp) & the Ports. Can include Tea and other resources too. Tamil Separatism is used as the means to get at BOTH Lanka & INDIA.

    What do you propose that ALL in Lanka do to move forward without any more terrorism, killings, international Games, sale of Lanka to foreign interests, civil wars, loss of reputation abroad, re-Colonisation, division of Lanka, continued mistrust of fellow citizens, etc. ?

  33. Lorenzo Says:


    FIJI is tens of thousands of kilometers from ENDIA but it is INFESTED with South Endians. They dominate LOCALS! They DISCRIMINATE AGAINST locals far worse than SL.

    Other examples are Mauritius and Seychelles. THOUSANDS of kilometers away from ENDIA but DOMINATED by “Endian colonial parasites”.

    Then take MALDIVES. Very small country very close to ENDIA but maintains their STATUS.

    SO Fran it is NOT the GEOGRAPHICAL closeness to ENDIA that is the problem. The problem is MENTAL CLOSENESS and WORSHIP of South Endians by SL presidents. Even if we were as far as FIJI, MAURITIUS or SEYCHELLES, SL would still be a slave of SOUTH ENDIANS because our presidents WORSHIP THEM at THIRUPATHY, etc.

  34. S.Gonsal Says:

    “FIJI is tens of thousands of kilometers from ENDIA but it is INFESTED with South Endians. They dominate LOCALS! ”

    -Not true. I have not met 1 SOuth Ingian origin Fijians. They are not from South. Give me a name.

  35. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes, but being “on board with the USA” requires Sri Lanka to give up some of its ESSENTIAL interests, like territorial integrity, a strong military able to defend the nation against internal separatists and external neighboring countries with strong allies like China, the primacy of Buddhism and opposition to religious conversions to non-Buddhist religions, a self-reliant economy with trade links with emerging economic super powers, and so on.

    The US talks democracy, human rights and all that but violates the basic democratic right of other nations to determine their own future, according to their wishes.

    Sirisena, Ranil and the Yamapalanaya is giving up many of those essential interests of the majority community of the MAJORITY of the people of Sri Lanka. They are fearful, and are trying to protect themselves against future retribution by ingratiating themselves as the virtual slaves of USA and the West.

    What kind of “democracy” is that … the democracy of abject slaves following orders of the great white father in Washington DC? We now have a new US Bureau of Indian Administration giving us beads and blankets to live on the reservation!

    MR was a DECENT & COURAGEOUS Sinhala LION; not an abject slave of ANYBODY!

  36. S.Gonsal Says:

    My point is ALL INDIANS are the same now. It is HINDU racism, whether it is Tamil or Hindi or Gujarati, May be Punjabis are differnet.

  37. Lorenzo Says:


    TAMILS in Fiji.

    Anyway no big difference between north Endians and south Endians. The problem is our ENDIAN (particularly south Endian) worshiping presidents.

  38. Ananda-USA Says:


    Hillary Clinton has been bought and sold by the Tamil Diaspora through Campaign Contributions.

    Also, Hollary keeps GRUDGES; she won’t forget that MR refused to let her extract VP and his 50 thieves oout of SRi Lanka, DARING to say no to her Imperial Highness! A lot of what the US has done against Sri Lanka since then in the Obama Administration was initiated and orcvhestrated by Hillary Clinton. As the next President presumptive, she has continued to call the shots on Sri Lanka even in the second O=term of Obama.

    Clinton will be QUIOTE HARSH against SRi Lanka, and will seek to make the MINORITIES DOMINANT, if and when she becomes US President, Sirisena, Ranil and the Yamapalanaya puppets protests (if any) notwithstanding. There will be stream of UN Comissioners, EU Comissioners, UK Commissions, etc etc ad nauseam sent here by the US to enforce that agenda.

    Then, the Yamapalanaya slave puppets will roll over and give up ANYTHING Clinton demands, for American BEADS & American BLANKETS!

    Sri Lanka URGENTLY needs a Patriotic Nationalistic Government led by the PROVEN LEADER MR to hold off Clinton’s moves against Sri Lanka in the next 4-8 years, and SURVIVE INTACT without disintegrating!

  39. Lorenzo Says:

    KATTADI religion is the DE FACTO state religion of SL since 1988.


  40. Lorenzo Says:

    HILARIOUS CLITORIS is anti-SL to the core because she is funded by TAMILS FOR HILARIOUS.

    Make no mistake.


    What more evidence you need?

    But she is winning because she knows the game.

    We should register facebook pages called TAMILS FOR KIM JONG UN, TAMILS FOR QADDAFI, TAMILS FOR RAJIV.

  41. S.Gonsal Says:

    According to article you posted,
    “Also Vaduge, Manawadu and Kurrupu are also common Sinhala names showing that Telugus and Malaylees also assimilated as Sinhalas.” – so Shenali is South Indian too !

    Anyway Wikipedia says only 3% of FIJI Indians were Tamil speakers by 1956.
    How amazing is that ?
    Bloody Tamils can go there and become Hindi speakers ( not even a native language) but in Lanka they still speak Tamil only ! Definitely Sinhalas have spoiled the Tamils. They should always be RULED, never allowed freedom,( like dogs). Whoever giving democracy to dogs is risking spread of rabies, getting bitten by mad Tamils.

  42. Dilrook Says:


    Tamils are the favourite of the West, Japan and India no matter who rules these countries. This matter was discussed in Geneva and You. It cannot be changed due to the very long and loyal servitude of Tamils to Western colonials than any other community (along with some Africans).

    The antogonism they hold against Sinhalas (and Muslims) is constant and is their national policy. Hillary will continue it. However, it would be scaled down by the absence of Mahinda.

    Sinhala interests can coexist to an extent with Western interests as can be seen during 1947-55 Anglo Ceylon Defence Partnership agreement, 1977-88 and 2006-09. However, if Mahinda is in power while Hillary rules USA, there is absolutely no chance of cordial relations and there can even be military moves against Sri Lanka. Any other nationalist leader would not arouse so much personal mistrust in a Clinton administration.

    They also know that not economically helping Sri Lanka (or making things difficult) will actually help Mahinda and team back to power. Considering all these, I expect USA to be less aggressive towards Sri Lanka as long as Mahinda or Basil are out of power.

  43. Dilrook Says:


    There is no questioning Mahinda’s nationalism. However, there is a huge gap between Sri Lankan/Sinhala nationalism and what is acceptable to USA. Sinhala interests can coexist to an extent with Western interests as can be seen during 1947-55 Anglo Ceylon Defence Partnership agreement, 1977-88 and 2006-09.

    Even during Mahinda’s second term, USA made sure it didn’t punish Sri Lanka in its desire to punish Mahinda.

    I’m not doing a prescriptive analysis of why Mahinda should or should not be in power. It is a descriptive assessment that not having Mahinda in power leaves more room for a safe and less complicated Sri Lanka-USA relationship under President Hillary (most likely a one term president).

    She will also have many headaches from Russia, China, Saudi, Iran, etc. As she will not have a special rivalry with Lankan leaders today, I expect her administration to be no worse than Obama administration towards post-Mahinda Sri Lanka.

  44. Fran Diaz Says:


    Geographical and as you say,MENTAL closeness, to Tamil Nadu (& INDIA) makes matters doubly worse for poor Lanka !

    The way things are moving under Yahap, Tamil Nadu culture will take over Lanka. It is entirely possible that the INDIAN Caste Structure too will be imposed on any Eelam formed in Lanka.

  45. Fran Diaz Says:

    Britain has left the EU. Why ?
    The main reason appears to be that the foreign banks deals with Britain were way off the mark for Britain. Foreign banks demanded that Goods, Services, Money & PEOPLE moved freely across borders, into and out of Britain.

    Now the foreign banks are getting ready to leave Britain.

    Since the EU experiment has failed for Britain, why try a similar experiment with Lanka/INDIA ?

    Why are failed experiments being foisted on Lanka ?

  46. Ananda-USA Says:


    Not having Mahinda in power leaves more room for USA to carry out its agenda? No doubt about it, and that is why we should love Mahinda …. he protected the National Interests of Sri Lanka, even against the USA.

    If the USA agenda is INIMICAL to the interests of the majority Sinhala Buddhist community of Sri Lanka, then WE should oppose it, and not leave that burden only for Mahinda, who does so on our behalf, to bear.

    Regarding Clinton not having time for Sri Lanka and would be diverted to bigger issues, I don’t think so. As US President she will have enormous resources; she only has to set the overall policy and give the assignment to a few officials. They will do the dirty work, and be rewarded for it. It won’t soak up her time at all. While the impact on her time will be negligible. it will have an enormous disastrous impact on Sri Lanka.

    To my sorrow, the USA often makes TERRIBLE MISTAKES in foreign policy, particular with regard to the developing world. As the longest FUNCTIONING DEMOCRACY in South Asia, that has uplifted its people far above those living in other developing countries, Sri Lanka has truly brought the benefits of democracy to its people. Statistical measures published by world organizations regularly report on that outstanding achievement. If that is so, we must ask why is it the USA chooses to demonize and punish Sri Lanka, while making friends with a host of far less progressive nations around the world. Sri Lanka should not be targeted by the USA; instead the USA should make a PERMANENT ALLY of the Sinhala Buddhist community of Sri Lanka, that under successive governments has made that PROGRESS in the human condition of its people.

    Analyzing US mistakes more broadly, the USA incessantly chants a mantra of “human rights” and “democracy”, but often is its own worst enemy in pushing that agenda by setting itself up against the MAJORITY COMMUNITIES in most developing nations and supporting post-colonial minorities and elites against the majority. If democracy is to be achieved in these countries, it can only be done through the majority communities and establishing good relations with them. Instead, the US always gravitates towards those minorities communities trying to preserve their privileges inherited from their colonial masters. It was so in Indo China/Vietnam where the USA lost disastrously. Likewise in Iran, where the common people rallied to Khomeini. Only the threat from India keeps Pakistan as an ally; the common people are critical of the USA. The USA alienated India by supporting Pakistan which it needed to confront China and the USSR. In the process, the US pushed India into the arms of the USSR. Cuba was another case, where Castro, the Cuban Nationalist was demonized and ostracized as a Communist. and dictator Batista and his elite class was supported, pushing Cuba into the arms of the USSR.

    From a US perspective, only South Korea and the UK are reliable allies. But in these cases, contrary to the cases I cited earlier, the US supported the MAJORITY COMMUNITIES of those countries. In the UK, the US helped preserve the freedom of the British people from the Nazi occupation in WWII.

    South Korea is different. The US helped repel the North Koreans and the Chinese Communists in the Korean War as part of its Foreign Policy of halting the Communist Wave that was then advancing across the globe. But, the US did MUCH MORE than that to secure South Korea as a permanent ally. The US first helped to RECONSTRUCT South Korea destroyed by wars. Then MOST IMPORTANTLY, it sent tens of thousands of Christian Missonaries to CONVERT the Buddhist Koreans into Evangelical Christians. At the end of WWII, Christians werea SMALL MINORITY in South Korea, similar in percentage to North Korea, but today South Korea is a Christian Majority nation (perhaps70%) in which the Buddhists have descended to second class citizens.

    South Korea is arguably the SINGLE SUCCESSFUL CASE of US intervention. That has been achieved through capturing the MIND through religious conversion, and through capturing the BODY through massive assistance to help restructure and grow the ECONOMY!

    I am certain that the very smart analysts in the US intelligence community have analyzed and have IDENTIFIED that this formula for the success of the US in South Korea in contrast to the reasons for the failure of US interventions elsewhere, and wish to apply it ELSEWHERE, perhaps in Sri Lanka!

    If so, it evokes memories of the White Man’s Burden to Civilize non-Whites driven by their “Manifest Destiny” that held sway in the United States and the West in the late 1800 ‘s and early 1900’s. May God Forbid!

    Therefore, we Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka should ask, is the United States trying in Sri Lanka the same formula that succeeded to transform South Korea from a poor backward Buddhist country that may have rejoined the enemies of the USA into a rich, economically and technologically advanced, permanent Christian ALLY?

    Is Sinhala Buddhism the barrier that the USA sees in transforming Sri Lanka into a permanent US outpost in Asia, and is therefore their target for destruction through CONVERSION?

    Remember that the Evangelical Christian are a powerful political force in the USA, on BOTH the Republican and Democratic sides of the political fence. They were, for example, the driving force behind George W. Bush’s misadventures in the Middle East!

  47. Dilrook Says:


    I agree with your assessment of USA and its foreign policy – a disaster in short. However, as you would agree, Mahinda was not against USA (though USA was against him since 2009). In fact, Mahinda delivered almost all US demands – demilitarization (most was done by Mahinda), LLRC, implementation of most LLRC recommendations, almost all demands of UNHRC resolutions 2012, 2013 and 2014 (Lalith Weeratunga made a comprehensive presentation to US officials on the near complete implementation of these), allowed USAID to operate in Sri Lanka despite our strong condemnation, held partial war crimes investigations (leaving out ITAK, TNA, LTTE Rump, NGO, Indian war crimes despite our strong recommendations), held provincial council elections in the north and east and allowed an American Corner in Jaffna along with a separate Indian consulate. All these are severely against Lankan security interests. As Mahinda is the most nationalist leader in recent time, this is proof that no Sri Lankan leader stands up to US pressure.

    Given this fact, the best we can do is to keep relations as cordial as we can. Also given Hillary’s unprofessional personal bias, it is even more important not to wave red rags to this bull.

    On religious conversion, I’m afraid no Sri Lankan leader since 1977 disrupted these. In 2005 Mahinda promised the JHU to bring and pass anti-conversion bill but failed to do so. By 2014 he invited Pope again (second visit in 20 years), allowed the proliferation of evangelical prayer rooms and conversion centres, left the ministry of Buddha Sasana for most part in the hands of a totally incompetent minister and neglected the restitution of over 63 historical Buddhist shrines in the north and over 140 shrines in the east. Therefore in all fairness, while blaming USA for push factors in conversions, we must accept pull factors created by Lankan leaders.

    Surely his predecessors and the successor are no better in this regard. From the point of view of stopping unethical conversions, there is no leader of any worth.

    American foreign policy disasters will worsen. Extending President Hillary’s vengeful and malicious character, and given that Mahinda and Basil are not covered by diplomatic immunity (as they are not in power), there is a strong possibility of hunting them down on fabricated war crimes charges. It is very bad and condemnable. However, the sliver of good news is, when her vengeance falls on them, Sri Lankan economy and national security will not be held hostage. If Mahinda is/will be in power, President Hillary will hold Sri Lanka as a human shield to get to him. That would ruin the Lankan economy and even turn some cities into Syrian cities.

  48. Fran Diaz Says:

    The truly worthwhile thing to do is to REMOVE the ILLEGAL 13-A.

    Nothing else will work out till this is done.
    Why the entire country is not behind such a move shows just how divided Sri Lanka is regarding from UNITARY status to sale of Lanka to foreign interests, etc.

    Distractions galore are placed in front of the People of Lanka, and the REAL ISSUE goes unaddressed.
    The latest Distraction is coming from Jaffna, again !

    Till Exec PM RW gets the INDIAN/western Agenda off the ground, there will be no peace, not even an uneasy peace. RW also is awaiting the “Ranil-ge Rights” in the SL Constitution. This can be done as an Amendment after removal of the 13-A. Britain has already recently given “Ranil-ge Rights” in their law.

  49. Fran Diaz Says:

    Civil Rights organizations, Fundamental Rights cases ought to bargain with RW.

    ‘Ranil-ge Rights’ wil be installed in the Constitution as an Amendment ONLY after :

    The existing Constitution must be amended to (NO need for a new Constitution) :

    * Deadly Vadukoddai Resoln (Eelam through Violence) of 1976, official REVOKED BY PRESENT DAY TAMIL LEADERS who have, so far, done nothing toward Reconciliation of the communities. In fact, they have only exacerbated the situation.
    * NO ECTA, NO sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu, NO to 5,000 acre lots on 99 yr leases to foreigners
    * ALL Sri Lanka PORTS to be used for PEACEFUL PURPOSES ONLY.

  50. Lorenzo Says:


    Do you think MR or MS will do any of these?

    The NORTH is on FIRE now. MS-RW govt. doesn’t want to STOP Tamils because they came to power from Tamil votes. So Tamils will freely burn the country.

    ONLY a military takeover can stop these. Support a MILITARY TAKEOVER if you want TRUTH TO WIN.

    Don’t forget after 19 amendment the parliament CANNOT be dissolved for 5 years even if ALL PEOPLE want it!!! This is DICTATORSHIP. SL is a dictatorship. What is the only way to do regime change in a dictatorship? Military takeover.

  51. Fran Diaz Says:


    Any military take over will end up with foreign take over !
    No need to labor that point.

  52. Fran Diaz Says:

    If the 18-A was removed, then so also the 19-A (Yahap to be entrenched for another 5 yrs) – can be removed. So also the 13-A !

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