A common Sri Lankans take on Trump vs. Hillary, Who’s really winning, the thieving Batwoman or the freakish Joker?
Posted on October 25th, 2016

Sithum Rajakaruna

Perceptions shape our reality. And in turn these Perceptions get conditioned by the said reality giving rise to another perpetual cycle of cause and effect. However, we could only perceive the world through personalized filters based on our inherent tastes i.e. Likes & dislikes. This inadvertent procedure naturally disassociates us from the bigger picture, due to the loss of information that had already been filtered out. Furthermore even our deeply ingrained tastes are conditioned, a perennial fact that is being exploited by the advertising industry. Well okay then, what am I rambling on about? Well, could it be that the Batwoman is merely marketed as the savior whilst the Joker as the villain i.e. the destroyer of peace?

As we all know, a super hero safe guards the peace of the system. However If one were to dismantle the semantics and dig deeper, one would soon realize that its merely the fluctuating state of its existence that is being marketed or in other words labeled as peace, and also its merely the despotic and corrupted control of the elite that is being marketed as the system. If we get lost in the aura of words, wed never find the underlying reality that which it encompasses. So, what does this superhero safeguard? A state of -make believe peace- enforced by the corrupted authority of the elite. Therefore it’s only natural that the system wants us to perceive their savior as the superhero. They achieve it through the monopolistic liberal mainstream media, which handles the brainwashing aspect of the operation perfectly. And they are well aware of the fact that feelings of repulsion, anger, contempt and embitterment are more vibrant than their counterparts. Hence, they’d rather vilify the Joker than glorify the Batwoman. Because it’s harder to doubt disgrace than glory.

But, there have always been a few stubborn sheep, who does not find the staff and the rod comforting, and also, in their rebellious heart and mind they are haunted by a certain instinctual awareness which assures them that the shepherd is only leading them on to green pastures not because he cares about their well-being or with a special father-like love, he only wants them well fed because only then will the lamb chops be juicier and milk more abundant.
In comes Julian Assange, the most stubborn sheep there is. Thousands and thousands of leaked e-mails threw a rod at the corrupted beehive. Democrats paying millions of dollars to land jobs as foreign ambassadors under Hillary and Obamas pay to pay initiative, rigged presidential debates where Hillary was provided with debate questions before hand, the attempt at bribing FBI officials with the aim of unclassifying Clinton e-mails, The shameless covering up of the Benghazi scandal and other unspeakable acts resulting from these leaks like the cold blooded murder of Seth Rich, the prime whistle blower of the whole DNC leak who exposed this bitter corruption of Hillary and the gang.

The rebellious sheep hurt the shepherding system so bad, that on one of the leaked e-mails Hillary had asked one official, and I quote “Can’t we just drone this guy?” referring to Julian Assange.
Even the mainstream media spearheaded by the CNN realized that no amount of perfume could repel the stench of the Clinton pile of feces so they came up with a mischievous plan of making the other erratic, emotion driven, loud mouthed, narcissistic, undiplomatically refreshing, unpredictable and not so smart (also not as naive as portrayed by the mainstream media) captilastic piece of shit more repulsive to the public. And in this process of defamation something miraculous happened, the Joker became more and more popular. Taking the political arena by storm, breaking off with the traditional conservative stand point, much to the dismay of democrats as well as ‘system guarding’ staunch republicans. Now, for those who are only watching CNN, reading Google news and occasionally glancing at snapchat suggested news stories, Hillary is leading the polls, Trump is a complete idiot and Hillary is going to win by a landslide.

See, the truth is seldom seen in plain sight. The real lions are not found in the zoo, because they are being fed. The real artists never go platinum because their works are too difficult to be comprehended by the masses. And all of this is so because the truth can only exist in isolation, somewhere far from the reign of lies. And the Truth shall set you free, simply because it cannot be otherwise. You’d have to dig deeper, or in other words, distance yourself from the clutter and clamor of pop culture and turn your head in refusal of the green grass that the shepherd is trying so hard to feed us. The truth will only arise spontaneously from within as a result of freeing yourself from all the nonsense that you are being force-fed.
The notorious group of hacktivists, Anonymous, well known for their anti-establishment stance, did exactly that and dug deeper taking matters into their own hands by conducting a nationwide poll amongst 50,000 American citizens consisting of 33% Liberals 33% conservatives and 34% independent voters. And the results? Mind blowing. 67%-30% in favor of Trump.
All polls conducted by the NBC, ABC, CNN and other media on the ruling party’s pay roll, have Hillary winning. And that’s what we hear in Sri Lanka as well. But the facts are undeniable. Americans are just tired of this prevailing corrupt system. They are fed up with all these cold blooded, enigmatic and hypocritical politicians who had them tangled up in a partisan tug of war whilst carrying on with their merry ways of sucking money off their citizens for the sake of so called national security. They are done with the continuously failing system, which left them with 47 million of their fellow citizens eating off food stamps. They are tired of all the promises of the elite, when the US economy is presently struggling and sinking in a national debt of $20 trillion dollars. They are heartbroken, due to the fact that more blacks have been brutally murdered by the police under Obama than under any other president in the history of American politics.

The expected change never came…Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can … can what? Tolerate this cancerous system which is not only hazardous to its own country, but to the entire world? This time around, Americans can be heard saying no. No we can’t tolerate more of the same. Its game over for you. Whoever is fighting against you, that’s our man. He’s an idiot? Well you all have proven your idiocy, over and over again. He’s not diplomatic enough? Ok, see where your diplomacy has lead us. He doesn’t know what he’s saying? Well we elected Bush for two consecutive terms, now nobody would describe him as eloquent, correct? Why not give Trump a chance then? Besides, he’s funding his own campaign and there’s hardly any possibility of him serving his term for the benefit of some greedy foreign fundraiser. And at the end of the day, what do we have to lose?

So there you have it. Unless there’s a recurrence of the Bush-Al gore incident, and if the presidential elections were to be carried out in a fair manner, the joker will most probably win, marking the dawn of a new era of undiplomatic and politically incorrect politics.
But for the rest of the world, the United States of America will continue to be the HIV of our dear mother earth.

On Sat, Aug 6, 2016 at 12:19 AM, Sithum Rajakaruna <sithum666@gmail.com> wrote:

A devil dance for those who are proudly wearing the colonoscopic cologne of colonialists.

*Warning : highly hazardous to the whiskey soaked heart of kalu suddas*

Its high time to care about whats ours, before the rest of the world defecate on us.

And, No, I’m not going to discuss about the old issue regarding the National anthem or deliberate depletion of the strength of our national security. Because I’ve expected the stench as soon as I heard the fart on the 8th of January 2015.

I’m not surprised at all, I’m surprised that you are.

Is patriotism the religion of the common retrograde?

First lets take a step back.

Ask yourself.,

Would you allow someone to pop in your house out of nowhere and start dictating terms? Change your surname, force you to worship his god, and sleep with your wife?

That’s exactly what ‘they’ did. and its sad to learn that there are still some පොන්නයෝ ‘s who don’t see any fault in this.

Actually In a perfect world, Patriotism is nothing but an illusion. Because we are all earthlings who share the same air, water & food.

Besides-the most prominent characteristic of pop patriotism- is that it had always seem to have been a Soul satisfying label for the spiritually feeble and morally empty folks, usually stereotyped as the red necks in the west or baiyyas in Sri lanka. These are individuals who are incapable of forming their own opinion, and thus, falling in line with rest of the sheep, continue to obey the shepherd with no idea of the real meaning or value of patriotism or self-identity. For them, patriotism and politics provide great outlets to stand out by regurgitating what they’ve heard or read somewhere else.

But, unfortunately, this is not a perfect world.

And whatever said and done, we are, and we will forever be separated based on our evolving ideologies.

Lets view patriotism in a different light, in the current context.

Even though owning a gun can be viewed as being morally backward, If everyone was owning a gun, and the legal system had gone haywire (Like in the wild west, 19th century America) would you not consider purchasing a weapon? if not for your own good, but merely for the safety of your beloved ones? You’d have to be a coward and a fool not to. Because we have to realize that, once the pond get polluted so does the fish.

Now the pond is really polluted friends. And Sri lankan tunas (කෙලවල්ලා, කොහොමටත් දැන් සෑහෙන දුරට කෙලවෙලා ඉවරයි ) sadly, have a lot to lose compared to American sharks and British eels.

Think about it, we are the only country, with a written record of history spanning for over 2,500 years. And also, we have to keep in mind that, if it weren’t for Sinhala-Buddhist kings, who built reservoirs (4th century before christ) when the English were sleeping in tree houses, defended this country from foreign forces with sincere sacrifices, we would’ve long lost our values so unique and so dear to us, the fundamental essence of who we are and the building blocks of our identity.

So what? you may ask.

The imperialists conquered us, because they ran out of spices to make the ginger bread man(True story), raped us for 130 years. Converted Innocent sinhala buddhists to white mans religion, providing them with incentives such as missionary school education, estates, acceptance to higher social circles etc. They destroyed our ancient temples and replaced them with churches. (not their fault, they were merely following the old testament , allow me to quote the holy bible- Exodus 34:13 ”…But rather, you are to tear down their altars and smash their sacred pillars and cut down their Asherim”)

And still, we’ve managed to safeguard our identity. Because, our heroes of the yesteryears had pure patriotism, which was not a replacement for wisdom, virtues or personal integrity, but rather, a result of these positive qualities acting in harmony.Because, they, had a spine, a backbone, which flexed before none. Because, they were true sinhala buddhists, who showed their middle finger to colonialists and their holy book.

All the other identities have homes, our poor Sinhala identity is like an orphan ignored by everyone.

Right now, Its not about being patriotic or not, its about figuring out whether you are a vertebrate(පෘෂ්ඨවංශී සත්ත්ව) or an invertebrate(අපෘෂ්ඨවංශී සත්ත්ව)

The rest of the world, are proud of their identity, they are willing to fight for it. Also They are even willing to die for it.

And in a world where everybody  else is plotting to spread their empire, if  we cant at least have an ounce of pride in our identity, we will be slaves chained by the neck in ‘Western progressive thinking’ or a lost civilization of buddhists that used to exist in indonesia, malaysia, bangladesh, india , afghanistan, iraq, iran etc.

Whats the number one priority of a Japanese man? Dignity

Whats the number one priority of a Muslim national? Religion

Whats the number one priority of a Modern day Sinhalaya?  Money

Wake up

Ancient Sinhala Buddhist

Sithum Rajakaruna


5 Responses to “A common Sri Lankans take on Trump vs. Hillary, Who’s really winning, the thieving Batwoman or the freakish Joker?”

  1. Wetta Says:

    What a great and eye opening (to the westernised Sinhala Ponnayas) article. Thanks Sithum for a great job well done.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    The number one priorities reflect the reality that cannot be blamed on them. It follows Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. If Sinhalese are economically well off, they too will aim higher. Japanese can afford to aim for dignity because their physiological, security and belongingness needs are satisfied. Muslims (in this case) aim for religious needs as their physiological needs are satisfied. However, with very high national debt, taxes (minorities are notorious in tax evasion), high unemployment rate, restricted to less than 63% of the landmass, very high child malnutrition rates and economically deprived by successive governments (especially since 2009 with 90% of borrowed funds going to the north and east), it is only logical that Sinhalese prioritise economic survival.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Pure poetry, patriotic poetry, Sithum; it was music to my aged ears!

    Also, a wonderful and insightful analysis of the Trump-Clinton conflict that will soon be decided on Nov 8th.

    As a Trump supporter, who has fled the Democratic ranks to the Republican side of the fence this time for the larger good of the American people, Sri Lanka and the world, I hope you are right.

    I hope that a vast majority bides its time in silence to elect Trump, but I very much doubt it.

    Unfortunately, the very personal traits that brought Trump to prominence, made him shoot himself in the foot. The wily Billary becoming the next US President seems inevitable, and no amount of wishful thinking can change that.

    Nevertheless, I will go down with the ship!

  4. Wetta Says:

    I like to offer a slight twist to Dilrook’s analysis about Sri Lankan Sinhalese with Maslow’s theory.

    If you look carefully, mostly those NOT well-off Sinhalese are the ones who cares about the nation and the country. They are the ones mostly patriotic. The well-off minority portion of the westernised sinhala ponnayas who have had Royal / Oxford etc education are the ones who are not patriotic in Sri Lanka. Those well-off western educated sinhalese ponnayas are the ones who would bend to any direction (mostly to the front) for more money. To them money is the solution for everything.

    They only have a Sinhalese name, but live and think western. To them the western way is the right way, no other correct way forward. To them Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Libyan, Iraqi, Cuban etc methods are rubbish. For them the roads, the buildings, the playgrounds, the work ethics, governance methods etc all have to be like western. To them any white skinned, English speaking ebrahmic believer is the best, the correct, the most beautiful.

    I guess, if Maslow studied the western educated Sinhalese ponnayas, he could have come up with a more accurate model.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    Actually the theory holds true. Those traitors must be signing “god save the queen” in patriotism of their chosen country (which happens to be not Sri Lanka).

    Although rural poor Sinhalese made the bulk of the army, I disagree they are consistently more patriotic than others. Lack of employment opportunities and poverty forced most to join the forces (and leave when circumstances improved). It doesn’t discount their contribution in anyway. They are just rational humans.

    Sinhala majority districts outside Colombo and Kandy have a large Sinhala population percentage. Even if 55% of them are patriotic, the more patriotic party wins the election. On the other hand even if 70% of Sinhalese are patriotic and vote for a party in Colombo, that party cannot win. This masks the reality of patriotism.

    Surprisingly Colombo Sinhalese have more patriotic elements (and others too)! Weerawansa, Udaya, Dinesh, Bandula, Gamini, Champika (relative to his other party candidates) have been consistently elected from Colombo. In 2004, JHU won 19% from Colombo district – the highest. Since all came from Sinhalese, it shows the tremendous support (around 25% of Sinhalese) whereas it failed in rural Sinhala districts. This trend is observed in the past too including Munasinghe, Jayasuriya, Gunawardana, Lalith, Sugathadasa, Cyril, etc.

    A strong patriot who did plenty to Sinhalese was defeated in Ampara in 2015 when the UNP candidate bribed Sinhala voters with 1,500 rupees each. Polonnaruwa is another case of poverty driving Sinhalese to vote for traitors. Certain rich, western educated (Bandaranaike, JR, Ratnasiri, Gotabhaya, Kadirgamar) and westernised leaders (DS, Sirima) were much more patriotic than some rural ones (Sirisena).

    At the same time, poorer Tamils and Muslims are less “loyal” to their respective “nationalism”. Most “nationalist” (to their cause) are the rich and well to do ones.

    As a community, the economic clout of Sinhalese must be raised to sustain their patriotism. Same applies to unethical conversions. This is a trend seen in other countries including Germany, Japan, India, etc. Even in USA, the more patriotic of the two candidates is rarely backed by the poorer sections in most elections.

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