Resign or Sack
Posted on October 30th, 2016

 Sudath Gunasekara 

The Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasingha should resign immediately in the wake of what is revealed yesterday in Parliament regarding the CB Bond scandal. If he doesn’t then the President should ask him to resign and sack him in case he refuses to do so if the President wants to save his skin.

Mr President the time has come to act like the Executive President at least now and correct the long list of wrong decision you took starting from appointing Ranil as Prime Minister on Jan 9th 2016, before he gets you removed either legally or illegally, as a mark of gratitude for appointing him as PM without following the procedure laid down in the Constitution. It is similar to giving a pass certificate for a man who has failed the exame.  What was even worse is you have appointed him as PM while there was already a legally appointed PM in office in the country and there was no vacancy to be filled.  I don’t think there is any precedent in world history anywhere, where a head of a democratic country has erred in this manner.  Of cause the whole world know that you being a prisoner in the iron grip of that vicious woman Chandrika, crafty Ranil and the anti Sinhala anti Buddhist forces both at Home and abroad who voted you in to power and wedged between Tamil and Muslim votes vice. We also know you had no escape but to succumb to it.  But you little realize that it was a blunder of the first order you will have to pay with interest one day some times for life behind bars. None of your present day friends, no god or no International friend will be able to save you then. As the Buddha has said you are your own savior.

The CB Bond issue alone is sufficient for you to ask him to resign. As you are personally aware this appointment were made by him against your wishes while he was not even a citizen of this country. Your political mentor Chandrika will also like it provided you get someone else other than Mahinda Rajapaksha appointed. Since you also don’t like him you can avoid that hurdle by asking the Parliament opposition group to elect the person who can command the majority in Parliament as the Pm keeping with democratic traditions. If there is none you can dissolve the Parliament and go for elections so that you will get exonerated and yet remain as the President until 2020.

You have to take the decision on your own without discussing with any other. Take the decision and do it now before it is too late. You believe me Mr President, as you know’  early bird catches the prey and there is no point in crying for spilt milk.

You know what Chandrika did in 2003. First she took three key Ministries and that was followed by dissolution. Looking at how things are taking shape no one can predict what will happen next.  So unless you act first you will be in serious trouble. Now look at the way he handled the Central Band and Bribery Commissoners cases. In spite of Ajuna Mahendran day robbing the whole country Ranil wanted to keep him there for a second term. Ultimately he robbed 10.4 billion of public money in 14 months and vanished with impunity. Fortunately the Head of the Bribery has resigned before she could do more damage to the Government.  Even after submitting papers she remained in the chair expecting her to be rescued by her mentor Ranil. Now you see the confidence she had kept on her mentor and the underestimate she had on you. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can understand this simple logic. Only the court jesters don’t understand it. These two issues alone are enough to take all three and those involved to be taken to gallows.

Furthermore there are few more alternative steps you can take

2 Dissolve Parliament and have a free election for the people to elect a stable new government.

3 Admit your mistakes and go back to the old home, and with their support appoint MR as the PM without continuously engaging in vituperative rhetoric.

4 Or be prepared to face most unexpected results. As you don’t have a genuine political following other than the mole Duminda Disanayaka and gabler Rajitha both of whom have joined you to take revenge from MR. If you go for an election now or later I will tell you, though I am not a professional foreteller, you want be able to get even 5 seats for your So-called SLFP and you will definitely end up as a prisoner in the hands of Ranil, until you are disgraced and removed.  He will definitely form a UNP coalition with the support of the Tamils, Muslims and JVP who have now turned dark green with a different motive of weakening the UNP with eyes in 2020.

This is inevitable as the SLFP vote will get divided between the two rival MR and MS camps. Of cause Mr group getting the second highest number of seats in the jumble in next Parliament id also inevitable.

Even a tiny tot in the street in this country knows that it is Ranil who runs the country the way he wants with his FCID, CID, Police and various other fake Commissions, though you are the Executive President. Look at the way how he handled the CB issue allowing his friend Arjuna to collect 10 Billion net profit in 14 months and 66 billion as a loan for his son-in law’s co. hoodwinking you. The Bond issue alone is enough to sack him and put him in jail because any fool will know that such fraud can never be done without his knowledge, connivance and support.

Sudath Gunasekara

16 Responses to “Resign or Sack”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Puppet maru (hora)sira can still be a hero and come clean. Sack pathala man traitor chief die hard catholic token
    Buddhist Batalande wadakaya pol pot ponil wickramaSinhalakiller. Batalande wadakaya is on his last lap now.
    Batalande wadakaya is an illegal immigrant to the PM post after all. Do it maru sira. You can do it!

    Murderous traitor alugosuwa becoming increasingly unpopular and people are getting fed up with the xxx. Throw
    the traitor alugosuwa into the dustbin of history. Maru sira you can do it. Do it and become a hero. I’m sure all the
    Sinhalese going to forgive you for all the sins you’ve done. Do it maru sira! No sarong wetting after that.

    AND BE A HERO! Sri Lanka will prosper without the biggest traitor ever in the history of Sri Lanka! All Batalande
    Wadakaya’s career, he has destroyed Sinhalese race, destroyed Sri Lanka and destroyed Buddhism. That’s the
    only contribution from the murderous, thieving Pathala Man PM.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhala modayas who support the Buddhism-destroying, Sinhalese-murdering, Sri Lanka-destroying catholic-run
    UNPatriotic party can enjoy the following links. Click and marvel in the sterling work your traitor party bath gottan
    doing to you and the future generations. No newspaper will be bold enough to publish these articles in so called
    Buddhist Sri Lanka. Enjoy! Try to understand the damage caused by the UNPatriotics if you have a brain.
    Brain dead Sinhalese donkeys who support these murderous, theiving, lying thugs.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    RW is too far gone to be Rehabilitated to Serve the Nation of Sri Lanka.
    He can work only under an ultra Capitalist / Fascist set up.

    We think he ought to RESIGN gracefully.

    Or get Sacked, exposing all his misdeeds toward the People of Lanka, from time to time, from the 1970s & 80s onwards. The Cold War kept RW in office.
    Now it is time for him to Retire !

  4. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you, Mr. Gunasekara.
    Ranil managed to squash the first COPE report put out by DEW Gunasekera and the no-confidence motion brought on him by getting My3 to dismiss the Parliament.

    I must congratulate Mr. Sunil Handunetti for accomplishing a very difficult task in the face of all the opposition from the UNP members in the COPE Committee and for having the courage to stand up the bunch of jackals in the UNP. I can just imagine what forces were brought to bear on Handunetti to make him veer away from the truth and make black look white. The whole exercise by Ranil was done since the UNP was deeply in debt on Jan 8’15.
    See: 16
    RW has a history of attempting to cover up all his misdeeds like a cat on concrete.

    1. Take the case of Batalanda commission which recommended that his civic rights be removed. How did he get out of that one? He is supposed to be responsible for the deaths of at least 15,000 youth who were tortured and killed. See:
    2. The CFA agreement which nearly cost Sri Lanka 2/3 of the country, the Millenium city affair, etc. Entire container loads of equipment were allowed to go to the Wanni to LTTE on Ranil’s instructions. See:
    3. Stopping the taking out of Prabhakaran by the army which had located his exact position in the Wanni. See:
    4. Even the killing of Gamini Dissanayake has been attributed to Ranil W by none other than Maithripala Sirisena, the current President. See:
    5. His work with Harvard and MIT to topple the MR Govt and then getting himself into PM’s post when there were an existing PM and cabinet.
    6. His actions when the UNP tried to oust him from the leadership of UNP to maneuver the party members so that he managed to stay on and changing the UNP constitution so that as long as he LIVES he remains the leader of the party.

    RW is a warped person who has no love for the country or the people. He only wants to serve the British Raj at the expense of our people. I think he is determined to hand over the country to the British to take over and re-colonise at the expense of our people and Buddhism. Towards that end, he set out to bankrupt the country and he is working mainly with the Tamils to give a Federal State to the Tamils. He will also sign the ETCA which will open the door to a flood of unemployed Indians to come to Sri Lanka and he is also the one who agreed to a bridge between India and Sri Lanka in 2002.

    As you say it is imperative for the preservation of the country and the people that the people of the country rise up with one voice and ask the President for the removal of Ranil Wickramasinghe.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo Sudath!

    You have said it for ALL citizens of Sri Lanka!

    Ranil, RESIGN NOW or BE SACKED by Aiyooo Sirisena!

    Then Ranil should not only AVOID politics in the future, but should FLEE ABROAD following in the wake of his Bank Robber pal Arjuna Mahendran!

    Or could join his puppet masters in the West! Don’t worry, they’ll take good care of you with all of the other failed puppet leaders of other countries who turned against their own people for eight pieces of gold and had to rescued.

    If MR has not REFUSED Billary Clinton’s offer to rescue Velupillai Prabhakaran, you could even have your own friendly SUNGOD living nextdoor as your neighbor in a nondescript row house in Maryland, WV, USA!

    RESIGN, Ranil, RESIGN and FLEE!

  6. Christie Says:

    Tell Modi to sack him.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Lets put the BIGGEST padlock to the stables in the world AFTER horses have BOLTED with the loot!!


    You are a disgrace to your name. You fooled us 6.2 million people to believe you will bring good governance. Now you have no choice.

    Get rid of RUN-NIL or RUN-NIL will get rid of you.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Cerberus and others,

    Very good collection.

    We NEED this evidence at the next PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Please download these and SAVE into a cheap USB drive and KEEP. Collect these along the way. At election time these become PRECIOUS GOLD.

    But we cannot be seeping through the internet, begging people to share these and cutting them to fit social media at that time. TOO LATE. The time to COLLECT these is NOW.

    I know how difficult it was to collect similar evidence against MR at the last election. But MOST media outlets shared what they had. Some people had to be PAID to buy personal media on some of them.

    We have to DO THE SAME against Horu Sira and RUN-NIL.

    Do your share to KICK this govt. out ASAP. No excuses. COLLECT all incriminating evidence against this LTTE govt. and get ready. If you DON’T DO IT, no one will. Don’t end this like the SL proverb – (pundi)aandi 7 thenake kantha haliya.

    Remember, UNP has the upper hand in social media because MOST well to do people are with the UNP. We need MORE EVIDENCE to break this.

  9. Dilrook Says:

    The real reason for large frauds and fraudsters getting away is executive presidency. This is not the first time large scale fraudsters were saved by all executive presidents. They even manipulate the supreme court by appointing their man/woman for the chief justice post. In addition, executive presidents cost billions every year. If we are serious about saving the public purse, we must abolish executive presidency.

    The myth that executive presidents save the nation and win wars is absurd. No executive president could act against Vigneswaran. All but one executive president failed to win the war. Even the one that won the war reversed it just 4 days later by the joint statement with the UN chief for the implementation of 13A which brought de facto rulers of the north back with legal powers and state borne expenses.

    We were unitary for 30 years without executive presidents, 10 years unitary with an executive president and almost 30 years federal under all six executive presidents. Executive prime minister is nonsense. The prime minister is not immune from the law unlike the president. The prime minister gets away with fraud thanks to the president’s immunity.

  10. Sarath W Says:

    Does Appa Sira has the balls to sack Ranil Hora? Of course not. If he does that Modi will revel how the plot was hatched to get Sira the presidency and all the incentives given to him by India and the west.

    Sira has two choices. Enjoy all the perks, foreign travel and harass all his opponents as long as he can until he falls on his own sword or he can come clean and revel all the dirty deals he made with our enemies to become the president. The nation will forgive him if he does that.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:


    It is neither a MYTH, nor is it ABSURD that executive presidents save nations and win wars. THEY DO BOTH TIME and AGAIN!

    Parliaments are debating societies that preside over DEBACLES. That is why nations threatened by FOREIGN enemies adopt EXECUTIVE PRESIDENTIAL systems of government. That is why, the United States, France and Russia,among others, have that form of government.

    Even in Britain, Oliver Cromwell, who fought King Charles (and beheaded him for treason) to establish the Parliament as the SUPREME POWER in England, ultimately DISSOLVED the Parliament, just as King Charles did, because it had regressed to an INEFFECTIVE DEBATING SOCIETY unable either to defend the nation or to conduct its business effectively.

    As a DICTATOR, aka as the Lord Protector of England, Cromwell cemented government by commoners in Britain, and propelled his nation to become the foremost power in the world of his day. One of his creations is the Royal Navy, that defended the island nation of Britain to modern times.

    Even CROMWELL, who believed in the supremacy of the commoner in his own motherland, saw the need for effective governance through an EXECUTIVE LEADER. He saw, thatwithout EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP, the Parliament becomes a leaderless rabble.

    More recently, we saw BRITAIN wallowing in indecision under Chamberlain on the eve of WWII, appeasing aggressors dishonorably to preserve peace, but earning neither peace nor honor in the end. Britain was rescued by Churchill, who was to all intents and purposes the EXECUTIVE LEADER of Britain during the war years, while the Parliament followed in his wake rubber stamping his decisions. That too was EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP of a high order that circumvented the debating society in Parliament. In Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa played a similar role to save our country….. by exercising EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP of a HIGH ORDER!

    Even in Sri Lankan history, whose reigns do we celebrate as patriots? We celebrate the DEMONSTRABLY EFFECTIVE EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP provided by the likes of Dutugamunu, Maha Parakramabhahu, Vijayabahu, Wimala Dharma Suriya aka Konappu Bandara. Without such EFFECTIVE EXECUTIVE LEADERS, royal or not (Konappu Baradara was a nobleman but not a Royal; he seized the kingship by military means, and founded the Kandyan Kingdom and its military strategies that protected the Kanda Uda Rata in the subsequent centuries until 1815), the country regressed into petty infighting and was victimized by foreign powers.

    NO! I say, FORGET British Style Parliamentary debating societies that CANNOT either DEFEND or DEVELOP the nation.

    Like other nations facing EXISTENTIAL THREATS that have EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCIES, let us vest EXECUTIVE POWER in a DEMONSTRABLY PATRIOTIC PRESIDENT …. like Mahinda Rajapaksa in Sri Lanka, or a Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the USA, with suitable Parliamentary oversight, and give hm AS MANY TERMS as he is ABLE TO SERVE to PRESERVE, PROTECT, and GROW the Nation.

  12. Christie Says:

    We are fighting among ourselves the Sinhalese. India and Indian colonial parasites are enjoying with the loot.

  13. AnuD Says:

    How does this affect when this primary dealer bought shares of so many companies with the Rs 5 billion profit.

    Another overseas living LTTE – Tamil can buy those shares from this guy. What would be the situation ?

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Power in the hands of a loyal and able President is a priceless gift to the Nation, and to any country.

    Conversely, Power in the hands of a disloyal and weak Leader is a curse upon the Nation, and to any country.

  15. Dilrook Says:


    I was of the same view even until 2014 hoping at least in the dying moments of Rajapaksa presidency, Mahinda would take a tougher stand against separatism, 13A federalism or at the very least the TNA controlled NPC.

    We remained unitary for all 30 years of parliamentary rule; only 10 years under executive presidency. Almost 30 years of executive presidential rule has been federal (13A made Sri Lanka a federal country with namesake unitary retained in the Constitution).

    The only time when an executive president boldly took action to defend the nation was the 3.5 years from 19 November 2005 to 19 May 2009. But on 23 May 2009 the victory was turned into a defeat by the executive president who made the joint statement with the UN chief for the implementation of 13A and resettle Tamils (others were a notable exception). Following him, just 4 days later, Dayan Jayatilake drafted a UNHRC resolution which was as suicidal as the 2015 UNHRC resolution. It committed Sri Lanka for the full implementation of 13A for the resettlement of Tamils (only). Thereafter it worsened with the LLRC report, KP affair, Fonseka affair, discrimination against displaced Muslims and Sinhalese in resettlement and development allocation and demilitarisation.

    The future looks much worse. Thanks to minority block voting, you only need 40% of Sinhalese vote to win 51% for the more separatist of the two candidates. Unlike 1988, 1994, 1999 and 2005 the north and east will not have low voter turnout and vote fraudulently too helping separatists. With higher population growth of Muslims (naturally) and Tamils (absence of war deaths and collapse of refugee visa), the more separatist candidate will only need less than 40% of the Sinhala vote to win.

    Knowing this, the more patriotic (though much below expectations) candidate also tries to appease minorities thereby losing Sinhala support but not gaining minority votes. This ensures the more patriotic candidate definitely loses.
    With executive presidency, LTTE Rump, India, West, etc. only need to win over 1 person and it is game over for Sri Lanka. If bribery doesn’t work, fear of a war crimes trial would do the trick. What happened since 23 May 2009 is very clear and convincing testament to this. With parliament, they need to win over 113 MPs and the Supreme Court too. Much more difficult.

    Sri Lanka would not have 13A, LLRC, Vigneswaran, KP and even Sirisena if not for executive presidency. It would have won the war by mid 1980s if not for executive presidency. Despite having almost the entire parliament, JR only had Ronnie de Mel by his side when he signed the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord. If not for executive president, the parliament would have steamrolled Operation Liberation and finished off the LTTE (or faced an angry voter). JR grilled the parliament (with their family members) until they agreed to vote for 13A and even threatened the supreme court not to give a verdict against it.

    Just for the record, all presidents since 1994 were elected on the promise of abolishing executive presidency. However, they cheated once they enjoyed limitless powers. This clearly shows what people want. If Sri Lanka is a democracy, this should have been done. The danger is Sirisena will misuse this desire to pass other constitutional amendments along with it.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is likely that various VIPs promised the ‘abolition of the Exec Presidency’ to placate minority leaders, and foreign powers who meddle with Lanka’s internal matters … ?

    Less power at the top means more meddling powers for both minorities as well as foreingn interests.

    Never forget that the LTTE killed off the able UNP leaders, all Oxford Uni educated persons (Lalith, Gamini, and Lakshman Kadirgama) and also Pres Premadasa – at whose orders ?

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