Posted on November 1st, 2016


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  1. S.Gonsal Says:

    This Hora Palanaya came into power, critisizing such letters strongly. What happened now ?

    Leaving aside authenticity of documents and news, one can hear from the horsemouth ( go to 19.47.46 timing)
    Here Fonseka is saying ‘he is not my son in law now”.

    Series of incident regarding this fraudester goes like,
    1. He dissapears following his fraud connected with Fonseka
    2. Close to 2014 elections, Hasha Tilakaratne declares he is leaving of UNP support base and joins UFPAsupport base
    3. Fraudester suddenly appears in Sir Lanka and is taken into custody.
    4. After the election he is freed sighting prosecutors have no interest is proceeding

    It is possible that devorce of Fonseka’s daughter was organised just for this and now reunited ( remarried ?) or another big fraudester R. Kaurananayagam has formed a company with this man in order to continue his money laudering trade in a more secure manner , with this “specilist”. There are MANY OTHER BETTER SPECIALISTS too!

    Conclusions that can be made are obvious. We cannot white wash ANY politician, LOVE any politician just because they ordered poor Sinhala youth to die for them and theire children to live happily ever after in legal and illegal means( regardless of great benifits it brought along to millions of others, intention is more important and can be seen in subsequent behavior).

    We have to make use of them for our cause. We should never allow them to lie, ALL LIES shall be exposed regardless of “the perosn”.

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