What is President Trump’s foreign policy?
Posted on November 14th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

 When a non-politician enters the White House as President there is bound to be major changes and surprises. First up has been the announcement that he will abandon the Obama administration policy on Syria and seek consensus with Russia for a solution to Syria. Clearly he has shown he is not part of the establishment. For how long that will be allowed, time will only tell. But for the rest of the world, Trump victory is a breath of fresh air. We have come to identify US as a big bully, an invader, occupier and plunderer while at the same time we have felt awe that none of that which has been plundered are distributed amongst the American ordinary public. The media stood exposed for batting for the elite establishment and for the first time America and the rest of the world are looking forward to America becoming great without being a bully and striking fair deals. We need global peace and if Trump can steer that he deserves an accolade from the world for it.  

Given that Trump is no politician the world naturally is waiting with concern and hope to be told of his foreign policy and how he will steer international affairs. For all nations there is nothing really to lose with democrats having destroyed nations, plundered and murdered people and created a scenario wherein American haters have been created by the establishment. Many are hopeful that Trumps legacy will be somewhat different and his statements give hope.

Whatever anyone says about US-China relations trading between the two continues unabated. The issues lie politically. These are matters for the two nations to solve amicably.

The Trump-Russia relationship will see the opposite of the antagonism built up by Obama-Clinton against Putin. Already NATO is in panic mode if Trump asks them to withdraw from Russian borders. Trump has also indicated that he will stop US support for ISIS and will end the terrorists and not Assad.

Immediately after Obama-Clinton destroyed Libya they attacked Syria however for over 5 years Assad has batted on despite Syria becoming a ground for multiple forces fighting in Syria. Trump has clearly established that Assad is fighting the terrorists and so too is Russia and that US needs to back those who are fighting the terrorists and not depose Assad. The US military in particular the soldiers would welcome this as they too must be baffled as to why their leaders are arming terrorists and then sending them to fight these groups. As Trumps says – it doesn’t make sense. The question of terrorist attacks in the West occurring doesn’t arise if these terrorists groups were creations of the West and could easily be destroyed if arms and weapons supply to them cease. Elementary.

The announcement of renegotiating NAFTA and repealing the TPP must have sent shockwaves to those who drafted these deals and were expecting to benefit by them. Of course it is difficult to remove trade deals that have lasted decades but Trump as a businessmen will definitely pull something out of the hat.

CBS Interview with Trump on Syrian conflict gave a look at his thinking. He has seen what other political pundits have failed to that the US has only left a power vacuum after getting rid of Saddam, Gaddafi and he has cautioned not to do the same with Assad. The simple logic is it is not Assad who has to go but the terrorists. The answers clearly strike home with listeners given that they echo what the public themselves have been thinking. All throughout, the establishment and the media have colluded on a psychological fictitious journey of fear that allow them to do as they like while also curbing the freedoms and rights of the people which help to protect the lies of the establishment.

Trump has said what all of us have all been asking ‘if US didn’t go invading nations there would be no problem in the first place’ – even the refugee crisis was created spilling over to even Europe because people were fleeing from bombs that the US and NATO were dropping and the firing by groups US and NATO were arming. There would be no refugee crisis if Syria and other countries were not bombed or attacked!

What Trump essentially has conveyed to the people listening is that it is not America’s job to be policing the world and neither is it America’s job to remove Assad. America has bigger problems to worry about. Clearly the presenters were ill-prepared to counter Trump.   

Trumps example of what Libya and Iraq is now exemplifies the errors of all previous American governments who have taken decisions without thinking of the outcomes. Assad has been fighting the terrorists that the US/NATO have been supporting. What Trump says is why doesn’t America join Russia to defeat the terrorists and not Assad. We must applaud Trump for openly saying that Libya and Iraq were mistakes. It takes pluck to make such a statement. Finally the world has a leader who is not shy to say that the West cannot impose ‘democracy’ where it is not wanted while also funding Arab-African & Asian springs. As for ‘democracy’ Clinton supporters are for the 4th day in a row rioting and Clinton has yet to come out and make a public statement appealing them to accept the verdict and move on. At least the celebrities who declared they would leave America if Trump won look to not be going anywhere and New York Times has become the first to admit and apologize for its bias against Trump favouring Clinton.

Please find some excerpts from the interview with Trump. https://web.facebook.com/RussiaInsider/videos/1811369069133328/?autoplay_reason=all_page_organic_allowed&video_container_type=0&video_creator_product_type=2&app_id=2392950137&live_video_guests=0

Presenter : Should we commit ground troops to Syria


Trump: Lets look at whats happening. I view ISIS as very important. I love the fact that Russia is hitting ISIS. As far as I am concerned they have to continue.


Presenter : Russia is hitting the people we are backing.


Trump: And why are we backing them. We don’t know who those people are! I speak to Generals and they say we are giving billions of dollars of equipment to people we don’t know. We are giving all this equipment to people who could be worse than Assad. I know Assad is no baby. But who are the people we are backing? Why is President Obama giving them a lot of weaponry? We are backing who want to know out Assad. We have made Russia and Iran a power. They are backing Assad. We have to get rid of ISIS.


Presenter: You said you would have a good relationship with Putin.


Trump: Yes, I think I would have a good relationship with Putin. But who knows.


Presenter: Could you convince Putin to tell Assad to step aside?


Trump: To be honest I don’t think that it is important to get rid of Assad. Let’s say you get rid of Assad and knock over that government, who is going to take over. Do we want another Libya? You say we want to get rid of Gaddafi, and we got rid of Gaddafi and look what happened? Look at whats going on there. Nobody knows anything about anything. You look at Saddam Hussein. We got rid of Saddam Hussein, the terrorists are still there. Had we not done anything… had our politicians gone to the beach we would be in a lot better position than now. Saddam Hussein was no good guy, but he killed the terrorists. Now Iraq is the Harvard of terrorism. In 2003-4 I was against the war. Middle East was going to be a mess. Now you have a total destabalization in the Middle East.


Presenter : Your arguments are against the establishment.


Trump: Well I think I am a little bit against the establishment.  

The Patriot Journal has given a list of 28 proposals made by Trump.

1.    Cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama.

2.    Make Constitutional Amendments to impose term limits for Members of Congress

3.    5 year ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service.

4.    Lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of foreign governments.

5.    Ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections (LTTE fronts are doing this big time in US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia and even in Sri Lanka)

6.    Remove over 2million criminal illegal immigrants from US and cancel visas to foreign countries that won’t take them back. (what will be the fate of LTTE refugees with their bogus asylum claims)

7.    Suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur. All vetting of people coming into our country will be considered extreme vetting. 

8.    Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

9.    Renegotiate NAFTA or withdraw from the deal under Article 2205

10. Cancel billions in payments to UN climate change programs and use money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure.

11. Work with Congress on a Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act – an economic plan to grow economy at 4% per year and create 25million new jobs through massive tax reduction and simplification combining trade reform, regulatory relief, lifting restrictions on American energy. Largest tax reductions will be for the middle class. A middle-class family with 2 children will get a 35% tax cut. The current number of brackets will be reduced from 7 to 3 and tax forms will likewise be greatly simplified. The business rate will be lowered from 35 to 15% and trillions of dollars of American corporate money overseas can be brought back at 10% rate.

12. Work with Congress on Restoring National Security Act – rebuild military by eliminating defense sequester and expanding military investment, provide Veterans with the ability to receive public VA treatment or attend the private doctor of their choice; protest our vital infrastructure from cyber-attack; establish new screening procedures for immigration to ensure those who are admitted to our country support our people and our values

13. Selecting replacement for Justice Scalia from one of 20 judges who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the US.

14. Hiring Freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce except military, public safety and public health

15. Lift Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects like Keystone Pipeline

16. Direct Secretary of the Treasury to label China a currency manipulator

17. Direct the Secretary of Commerce and US Trade Representative to identify all foreign trading abuses that unfairly impact American workers and direct them to use every tool under American and International law to end those abuses immediately (in the meanwhile Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister is doing the reverse by allowing India to not only dictate trade terms but allow 1.3billion Indians the right to live and work in Sri Lanka)

18. Lift restrictions on production of $50 trillion dollars worth of job-producing American energy reserves, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal.

19. Every new federal regulation, will have two existing regulations eliminated.

20. Cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities.

21. Work with Congress to end Offshoring Act which establishes tariffs to discourage companies from laying off their workers in order to relocate in other countries and ship their products back to the US tax free.

22. Work with Congress on American Energy & Infrastructure Act – leveraging public-private partnerships and private investments through tax incentives to spur $1trillion in infrastructure investment over 10 years.

23. Work with Congress on a School Choice and Education Opportunity Act – redirect education dollars to give parents the right to send their kid to the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school of their choice. Bring education supervision to local communities, expand vocational and technical education and make 2-4 year college more affordable.

24. Work with Congress to Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act and have a Health Savings Account – to purchase health insurance across state lines and allows states to manage Medicaid funds. Reforms to cut red tape at FDA – as there are over 4000 drugs waiting approval, and speed approval for life-saving medications

25. Work with Congress on Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act – enabling Americans to deduct childcare and elder care from their taxes, incentivizes employers to provide on-side childcare services and create tax-free Dependent Care Savings Accounts for both young and elderly dependents with matching contributions for low-income families

26. Work with Congress to End Illegal Immigration Act – construction of a wall on our southern border with full understand that Mexico will be reimbursing US for the full cost of wall – establish a mandatory minimum federal prison sentence for illegally re-entering US if deported previously. Reform visa rules to enhance penalties for overstaying and ensure open jobs are offered to American workers first

27. Work with Congress on Restoring Community Safety Act – to reduce crime, drugs and violence by creating a Task Force on Violent Crime and increasing funding for programs that train and assist local police, increase resources for federal law enforcement agencies and federal prosecutors to dismantle criminal gangs and put violent offenders behind bars.

28. Work with Congress on a Clean Up Corruption in Washington Act – bring new ethic reforms to drain the swamp and reduce the corrupting influence of special interests on our politics.

Trump doesn’t belong to the establishment. He is not a politician. He may have many things going against him but who doesn’t. He deserves a chance and being the first President to say he will not go delivering democracy by force and would end the terrorists not the people fighting the terrorists is good enough reason to give him a chance and have an open mind. We will not refer to any articles or opinions of mainstream media because not only have they been exposed for lying but they have been clearly working for the other side and thus have lost their credibility completely.

We wish President-elect Donald Trump the best of luck. There are some terrorists and terrorist supporters in Sri Lanka to deal with as well.

Shenali D Waduge

5 Responses to “What is President Trump’s foreign policy?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Very good.

    We need a Trump in SL.

  2. Sirih Says:

    Never seen a bad president like Obama and he is a creation of defence establishment. Trump can take US to next level if establishment allow it, which I cannot see will happen.

    My take is republican party will impeach Trump and will put vice president as a president since party want a control and a puppet . Trump is uncontrollable and no one like it.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    Trump is good news for the whole world.

    Let’s make it beneficial to us who were suffering under Yankee boot and puppet UN

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    good lesson to the evil woman Hilary who was screwing SL with Jayalalitha’s ideas and LieTTE funds

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    Evil woman indeed! All her plotting and planning against SL with that other evil woman Jayalalitha has come to nought, with the wrecking of her projected landslide victory against Trump to a NEAR REVERSE LANDSLIDE 3:2 in favor of Trump in electoral college votes.

    All of which makes me, an avowed disbeliever of God’s, think that SL, thrice blessed by the Lord Buddha and anointed by him to preserve Buddhism as in no other land, is indeed under the protection of the Hatarawaran Guardian Dieties!

    Indira Gandhi who initiated Tamil Terrorism in Hela diva ….. KAPUT!
    Rajiv Gandhi who pushed his mother’s flawed policies …… KAPUT!
    Velupillai Prabhakaran, the self-styled SUNGOD …… KAPUT!
    Britain’s Millibanda and France’s Kouchner putativr rescuers of the SunGod ….. OUSTED and in the DUNG HEAP!
    USA’s Billary Clinton …. SunGod’s Great White Hope …..
    STYMIED, never to be President!

    Who is left? Ah, Yes ….. the Yamapalana CREW, the TERRIBLE TROIKA … The Banku Hora, the Choura Rajina and their designated puppet the Aaapaya!

    They had better watch out: the Hatarawaran Devatava’s are after YOU!
    It is only a matter of TIME!
    ANNOY them once …. SHAME on YOU!


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