Pandemonium in Sri Lanka: Regime Change the Regime Change
Posted on December 7th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

The report card is not looking too good. Everything is not going right in paradise isle. Although massive changes are taking place in every sphere by parties that plotted the regime change. Sovereign Sri Lanka is well on its way to becoming either a vassal state of India or an experiment for Western imperialism and UN ‘rights’. Either way we are doomed. In less than 2 years those that the West and India picked to prod into the driving seat of governance have managed to set Sinhalese against Sinhalese, enticed Tamil ‘civilians’ to physically attack army, navy and police. Buddhist priests and military officials are being put into prison and the latest has come in bringing riot police and using tear gas and water cannons against disabled soldiers who were without hands and legs having come forward to fight LTTE terrorists and returned home disabled. All they asked was a meagre pension to survive. UN and foreign envoys have desisted from even making statements as was expected though a barrage came for Rathupaswela/Weliweriya. However, the spiralling debacles are not making the puppets or the puppeteers popular among the masses and no amount of frills can change this though the obvious hurry is to see that the targeted changes take place somehow before even they join to oust the government. We are likely to see some political tsunamis very soon when reversal of the regime change has happened and does happen.

US has a history of overthrowing democratic governments, murdering leaders and replacing fascist dictators, drug lords, and even terrorists in over 35 countries.

Writings of William Blum and Foreign Policy covers numerous instances of US/CIA conspired regime change some resulting in assassinations of these leaders. Some of these coups include Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Congo 1960 – assassination of Patrice Lumumba, Vietnam 1963, Chile 1973 installing Pinnochet, Cambodia 1969 installing Pol Pot, Ghana 1966 overthrowing Kwame Nkrumah, Haiti 1991 ousting Aristide and replacing with CIA puppet TOTO, Libya in 2011 overthrowing & killing Gaddafi – today Libya is a failed state with no law & order. Globalresearch outlines the role of NGOs supported by Wall Street and Western intelligence in these regime change operations. William Blum and John Robles claim CIA has attempted to assassinate over 50 foreign leaders including Hugo Chavez. James Lucas claims the US is responsible for killing over 20million people in 37 victim nations since 1945. This is the country delivering democracy and good governance when it is 142 out of 158 countries in the global 2016 corruption index.

Leaving aside Rajapakse’s own follies, it is clear that the ouster of Rajapakse was planned from the time he decided to go against Western orders to defeat LTTE terrorists thus breaking a very long network of operatives who had been riding on terror to advance their own agendas. From the manner that the candidate was fished to vie against Rajapakse, the campaign slogans used, the network of local lackeys tapped to steer the regime change, the build-up of anti-West sentiments via diplomatic, UN and western and local media channels the writings on the wall were all too clear. Meticulous and secret planning even involved people inside the Rajapakse camp.

The World Socialist Website claims Washington used former President with links to the Clinton Foundation. She acknowledged her role on 3 February 2015 in an interview. She was the linchpin of the plot. The other player was long-time US puppet Wickremasinghe to ensure Sri Lanka became integrated to the US ‘pivot to Asia’ (6 February 2015 GOSL information department website report) It put to perspective why Wickremasinghe went to US for 1 month on a cover up ‘study tour’ and the coordination’s that ensued with US envoy Sisson. Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice at the Brooklyn Institute was on record to say that the US would help countries ‘forge a better future’.. with ‘new hope for democracy.’ Wickremasinghe’s 2001-4 stint as PM without doubt was to advance US interests allowing Sri Lanka to be used for rendition transport of ‘enemy combatants’. Ranil implemented the pro-LTTE Norwegian CFA helping LTTE strengthen itself.

The US reference to India’s involvement was also noteworthy. India helped line up the players who would deliver the votes – TNA would ensure all Tamil votes would come to Sirisena, Muslim Congress was roped in to deliver the other minority votes, the Church played its part in delivering the Christian/Catholic votes and Sinhalese votes were divided by those who fell for Sirisena’s metta nature as against the projected villain-crook Rajapakse.

It is no secret that the Indian embassy has Indian intelligence officers stationed in it. Its head (K Ilango) was recalled just before the January 2015 election when Rajapakse govt alleged that India was again interfering into Sri Lanka internal affairs. Rajapakse at no point divulged the scale or players in the international plot during election campaigning. India had enough people on its payroll inside political parties and serving in the business community, professional organizations, NGOs, academia to advance payment to deliver the necessary goods. Plenty of academics put their names to reports/surveys aimed at steering a Sirisena victory.

US annoyance at Rajapakse’s ties to China have come in the form of repeated resolutions manipulating the entire UN system claiming bogus war crimes. Childish play by all those involved for becoming the only country to defeat an internationally proscribed terrorist outfit. The scenario is such that the terrorists are now dictating how and who should be tried for war crimes!

Startling has been the double standards leading to the regime change. Given that the foundation had been laid to project Rajapakse rule as corrupt & dictatorial the alternative choice of Sirisena was showcased as being the cherubic non-corrupt and possessing all the compassion needed to be the new leader. Sirisena was seen quoting from Budda, Dhammapada and oozing love and empathy for all. Selected words echoed – vinivida, nehi werani, sanhindiyawa to name a few. To add weight it was a piece of cake to grab political rejects like Wickramabahu who had no votes but had enough mouth.

What US-worshipping UNP leadership does not see is the manner US imperialism has turned Europe upside down while antagonizing Russia. Western imperial interests care little for lack of good governance if it benefits them seen in the silence when Sirisena appointed Wickremasinghe immediately after the Presidential election as PM without officially removing the sitting Prime Minister D M Jayaratne.

Daya Gamage writing to the Asian Tribune highlights the dangers of US regime change destabalizing Sri Lanka drawing our attention to the many undemocratic authoritarian regimes the US fosters. He reiterates that LTTE was used as a ‘pressure group’ – ending it meant the wrath against the Rajapakses.

The Sirisena-Wickremasinghe Government has agreed to virtually all that the LTTE separatists had been demanding and fighting for – demilitarization, closure of camps in strategic areas, giving land deeds without ascertaining that the IDPs even had lands.

The foreign players preaching good governance, transparency, rule of law, democracy, human rights and what not are deaf, dumb and blind to all of yahapalana’s misadventures. Appointing a new Chief Justice without giving show cause to the sitting CJ Pieris and impeaching him, immediately bringing the Central Bank and Securities and Exchange Commission under the PM so that he could appoint his erstwhile friend as Central Bank, to confound matters he was a Singaporean and thus a foreigner was placed as Sri Lanka’s Central Bank head who became embroiled in an insider trading scam involving his son-in-law guilt of which is calling for the PM’s resignation with no reaction, creations of various corruption commissions under the PM but questioning and arresting only MPs in Rajapakse camp when the MPs that jumped from Rajapakse camp were previously accused of corruption by the UNP. Sudden sacking of the General Secretaries of SLFP and UPFA, sacking 25 SLFP Committee Members on election day are just a handful of misadventures all of which got not even a hum from the so called international community nor the UN.

The silence from quarters we presume are transparent agencies is nothing to be surprised about. A key feature of regime change and post-regime change is to bring all areas under the control of the puppets placed in power and curtail rights of people by bringing laws claiming to protect people’s rights! So be watchful.

Therefore, in all the nations where regime change has taken place immediate steps would be taken to place ‘their people’ – as head of police, heads of armed forces, heads of government media, heads of all pillars of governance and then bring in lackey NGO heads as ‘civil society’ tasked with overlooking and monitoring the newly democratized country. So when every area is having puppets placed with draft press releases, statements approved and given to them the projection automatically is of a honky dory country and people misinformed.

However, Sri Lanka has an uncanny knack of not following the rules. Let us not forget that Sri Lanka small as it is and despite 17 invaders from South India and 3 colonial invaders none of them succeeded in taking the entire island. The island was ceded in toto by our own traitors. Coincidentally, 200 years later the same has been repeated. Moreover, the puppets to whom the nation has been handed are making a pickle of things all of which inspite of placing lackeys to cover up their irregularities are getting exposed.

The Bond Scam cover up has exposed the PM as not being the Mr. Clean, a title he has been proudly displaying, his Ministers are beyond even his control, the Ministers who had jumped from Rajapakse camp are running their own show, to add further spice the Chinese envoy has openly chided the yahapalana government for telling lies about Chinese loans the reaction which was not an apology but a threat to summon the Chinese envoy by the Foreign Ministry for an explanation of his conduct. This is like the rat reprimanding the dragon! Add to the entertainment the President’s ‘I don’t know’ ‘I only knew after reading the paper’ has become an islandwide amusement no different to the jokes undertaken by the PM inside Parliament to sidetrack and evade answering direct questions. Yahapalana has turned Sri Lanka into a cuckoo land.

While all this circus is going on diverting the attention of the people, India is pushing forward every piece of paper to ensure India has its tentacles around Sri Lanka – ETCA, Sampoor, Trinco, Indian businesses and Indians flooding into the country, Indian ambulances, Indian trishaws with Indian drivers, while the US masters at manipulating the Muslims and creating jihadist ultra-Wahhabi mouthpieces are ensuring the East is secured under Western influence for that is where Trinco harbour lies – a prize catch. The calls to stop Buddhisization has two objectives – chase out the Sinhalese from both North and East so that it would be easier to fib their way on the homeland myth, to facilitate this the West is funding bogus history and academics to do the dirty work. The TNA is being used to make the demands aligned with Indo-US objectives – remove military camps, create notion that Tamil civilians hate the army, EU funds reports of bogus rape stories, plenty of invisible witnesses are available to tell the ‘stories’, Chief Ministers are roped in – the North one just returned after being tutored by the divide and rule masters the British and as expected in now calling for foreign intervention, the East Chief Minister made a fool of himself going overboard to praise the US envoy and embarrass a naval officer.

The chaos does not stop there – we now have armed groups on bicycles roaming about the North causing chaos which in turn are political armoury to put behind bars the main threat – the former defense secretary. All types of tricks are now being played and staged all with the single objective of bringing the evidence to the door of the former secretary attempting to nullify the popularity that he commands. Military officers, intelligence officers have been put into prison and the military intelligence head has been removed without reason – all actions without realizing that it is the government that is removing all of its defences and thus making themselves vulnerable. In becoming vulnerable they are exposing themselves further. This was seen in the reaction to the disabled soldiers by involving riot police and ordering them to fire water cannons and tear gas on men who had lost their arms and legs by going out to fight the LTTE terrorists and becoming injured while asking simply for a pension. Not surprisingly, there was NO statement from the UN or foreign envoys at the manner that disabled men were treated in an unarmed protest pleading for what the nation owes them especially when the government is accommodating MPs whom the people have rejected.

In this milieu, the less than 2 year record sheet is not very promising. The West, and UN shower the government praises for good governance and diplomatically prop up its growing unpopularity even among those that voted them to power. The disappointed are waiting to use the next election to correct their error but the West has answers for that too as we can see by the allegations of US elections being rigged/voter machines doctored.

In the meanwhile, the UN is doing its utmost to have a stake and say in all spheres of administration by hurriedly signing partnership agreements, while the IMF and World Bank step in to further strangulate the country into agreeing to become a virtual slave to Western imperial agendas by further liberalizing the economy and with their men in all of the key areas where only a signature is needed to legalize these agreements the next biggest surprise is due to come with the new constitution that will all but turn Sri Lanka into a vassal state.

Regime changing the regime change option depends on sifting the patriots from the traitors.

Shenali D Waduge

8 Responses to “Pandemonium in Sri Lanka: Regime Change the Regime Change”

  1. Christie Says:

    My gods Shenali, I mean all the Hindu gods.

    How on earth did you come to this conclusion, that US got India to do the job. Was it he US who installed SWRD Bandaranayake in 1956? Are there any whites in Indian Parliaments?

    The fact of the matter is the island is an Indian colony run by the Indian colonial parasites.

    Were Indian colonial parasite terrorists and Sinhala socialist terrorist trained in the USA?

    It is the Indian Empire who is running the country from 1956. All regime changes are by the Indian Empire.

    Mahinda was installed by Indian Union by Indian colonial parasites abstaining from voting. Sirisena was installed by Indian colonial parasite votes. Look at the voting stats.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:


    Re Lanka & INDIA :

    Let us ask ourselves why the LTTE assassinated so many UNP leaders.
    This happened during the Cold War times.

    INDIA trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu in the early 1980s.
    The LTTE assassinated a number of able UNP leaders as the UNP was running with the west and INDIA ran with the then Sov Union.

    Now, after the Cold War officially finished around 1991, and Russia joined the NATO, INDIA has done an about turn and is running with the west.
    Jayalalitha was a good friend of Hillary Clinton. When HC came to INDIA, she went to Delhi first and next to visit Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu.

    To the best of my knowledge, it is true that since the Cold War finished officially in 1991, INDIA/west has a lot to do with what goes on in Lanka.
    Prior to that INDIA acted on Lanka with other available powers such as with INDIAN Envoy Dixit (Chennai born Catholic) who was called the Viceroy of Lanka.

  3. S.Gonsal Says:

    සිංහලයා සිදුවන දෙය හරියට තේරුම් ගත යුතුය​.
    මේ අධමයින් දෙපිලම හදන්නේ රට විකුනා බඩවඩාගෙන ඇමරිකාවට පැනයාමටයි.

    අපට උනේ මොකක්ද ?

    13 වැනි සංශෝධනය යනු කුමක් ද ? කොටියා පරාජය කිරීමට ඔන්න මෙන්න කියා තිබිදී ඉන්දියාව මේ ප්‍රශ්නය පවත්වා ගැනීමට බලෙන් ක්‍රියාත්මක කල යාන්ත්‍රයයි. කොටියා සම්පූර්ණයෙන් විනාශ කලානම් මේ ප්‍රශ්නය විනාශවන බව ඉන් දියාව දන්නා බැවිනි.

    හමුදාමය විසඳුම මගින් කොටියා 2009 පරාජය කළ පසු 13 වැනි සංශෝධනය මහින්ඳ ඉවත් නොකලේ මන් ද ? නැවතත්, ඉන් දියාවට මේ ප්‍රශ්නය තබාගත යුතු නිසාය​.

    13 වැනි සංශෝධනය රටේ නීතියක් ලෙස මහින්ද සැලකුවේ මුදලින් ඔහුට සැලකීමට ඉන්දියාව කටයුතු කල බැවින් මිස වෙන කිසිම හේතුවක් නොවේ. ඉන් දියාවට කොටියා අවශ්‍ය නොවුනත් දෙමල ප්‍රශ්නය පවත්වා ගැනීම අත්‍යවශ්‍යය​. මුදලට යටත්වී මහින්ද රට පාවා දුන්නේය​. ඉන්දියානුවෝ ලංකාවේ පිරී ඉතිරීගියේ 2009 න් පසුවයි. සියලුම ලොකු බිස්නස්වලට ඉන්දියානුවෝ සම්බන්ද බව මහින්ද ගේ යාලු කොම්පැණි වල කොටස් කරුවන් ගේ නම් බැලුවොත් පැහැදිලි වනු ඇත​.
    යාපනයේ ඉන්දියානු එම් බසියක් ඇරියේත් මහින්දම බව අපි අමතක කරමු ද ?

    මේ නිසාම “13 වැනි සංශෝධනය ඉවත් කිරීම​” අද මහින්දට තහනම් වාක්‍යයකි. දෙමලුන්ට එය දැන් වැඩක් නැත​. උන් ඊට ඉහලින් යෑමට මේ දුශ්ඨ ආණ් ඩුව සමග අත්වැල් බැඳගෙන සිටී.

    මහින්ද නැවත ආවොත්, ඊටත් එහා යනු ඇත​.

    13 වැනි සංශෝධනය විනාශ නොකල මහින්ද සිහලයාගේ පාපතර හතුරකු වන්නේ ඒනිසයි.

    මේ බලවේග දෙකම පරාජය කලයුතුය​.

    පළමුව පොදුජනමත විචාරණයෙන් ආණ් ඩුව පරාජය කළ යුතුමය​. ඔය කෙසේ කීවත් ආණ් ඩුව දිනවීමට මහින්ද යටි උගුල් අදිනු ඇත​. සිංහලයා ජනමත විචාරණයට අලස කිරීමට හෝ කලබල ඇතිකොට බය කිරීමට උගුල් අදිනු ඇත.

    කල්පනාවෙන් සිටින්න​.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Technically what happened in 2015 was no regime change. It was not even a ruling party change! SLFP presidents rule Sri Lanka since 1994 for 22 years already with 4 more years to go. During this time two UNP Cabinets were in power working with the SLFP. Regime change happens when the entire governing structure is redrawn. This never happened in Sri Lanka.

    Indian interference in 2014 was invited by Sri Lanka with a separate Indian consulate in the north, the promise to fully implement 13A in 2008 by Basil, 2009 by Mahinda and Dayan, economic ruination thanks to wasting 90% of borrowed funds in the north and east, lopsided war crimes investigation by an extremely expensive foreign panel headed by Sir Desmond de Silva and mismanaged foreign policy by Sajin Vaas who was clueless about foreign policy.

    2015 would have been much worse had a UNP member contested the presidential election with the backing of breakaway SLFPers. If so a UNP president would be ruling now. Unless there is a seismic shift in party leadership or a new party, Ranil is set to win the next presidential election. It is not the fault of Sinhala voters but the fault of shameless Sinhala leaders who are ashamed to stand by Sinhala interests.

  5. S.Gonsal Says:

    It is not the fault of Sinhala voters but the fault of shameless Sinhala leaders who are ashamed to stand by Sinhala interests.
    Excellent compact statement say it all.

    Sinhala interests = Sri lanka interests yet to be acknowledge by ANY leader. Ther are all BAYAGULLO and CARDBOARD weerayo.

    Someone reported voters are not even aware of a referendum to come. I am worried lack of united NO will give the Tamils what they want. It is extremely alarming how JO clowns are neglecting their duty to the nation.

    The Steering Committee of the Constitutional Assembly- the Sub-Committee on Centre-Periphery Relations is an important document everyone should read and it is alraming how JO completely avoided giving a proper input or fight.

    1. Dallas Alahapperuma – resigned form the sub commiitee than making life difficult for the Tamils who ran the sub commitee.
    2. Vidura Wickremanayake – Ex primminister’s son -ppers to be a good man but did not hear any thing from him either.

    3. Sanath Nishantha Perera – just a parrot who worship MR – No input or protest seen appears to be ignorant of everything.


  6. Lorenzo Says:

    IF the house was in order foreign agents CANNOT topple govt.s

    ENDIA and USA supported RUN-NIL in 2005 but MR won.
    ENDIA and USA supported GONZEKA in 2010 but MR won.

    It was MR’s fault from 2010 to 2014 that defeated him. And his family members.

    6.2 million people voted for Sira. 5.8 million voted for MR. There was no conspiracy.

    NOTHING IS PERMANANT. IF anyone thinks MR DEFIES Buddha’s teachings he has a serious problem.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    MR held the election 2 years in advance. He KNEW he was losing. But it was TOO LATE.

    People voted for WAR VICTORY and voted against LLRC.

    Before the election time in 2014 I was in Anuradhapura station. People CURSED MR. ALL northern trains had been extended to Jaffna. By the time trains come to Anuradhapura they were PACKED with Tamilians. They are RUDE and RACIST against Singhalese. YARL DEVI ruined MR. The same story along the way through the railway line to COLOMBO.

    Endia got MR to build YARL DEVI track with a USELESS donation of $1 million. You can’t build even 10km with $1 million!! MR fell into ENDIA’s trap.

    The railway track LIBERATED and BUILT with Singhala blood DENIED a train ride to Singhalese. They even LOST the rest of the track because trains were packed.

    I WARNED MR here in LW. But some FOOLS attacked me instead of fixing it. VOTERS were not FOOLS. They NEED to travel by train. Reconciliation cannot give them food.

  8. Christie Says:

    Thanks Fran

    We are not the only people who are suffering from the Indian imperialism and from Indian colonial parasites and vermin. Indians from all parts of India have settled in other countries since they had a free ride on the back of the British.
    These Indians congress to keep their victims under control for ever.

    Look at what is happening in other Indian colonies?

    Divide and rule is an Indian process Hindus have practiced for a long time,

    For Indians we are the untouchables.

    We are fighting among ourselves and Indians get the benefits. It is the same wherever Indian are.

    We can see this happening in this forum.

    Thanks Fran again.

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