Assault on Journalists In Sri Lanka.
Posted on December 17th, 2016

Dr IMRC Iriyagolle

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka  Mr Ranil Wickrmasinghe has admitted that he gave the illegal order to the Navy Commander Ravi Wijegunaratne to ‘break up the strike’ of the temporary workers at Hambantota Port by any method.  the workers were pleading not to privatise, ‘ sell the port’ to China and to consider giving them permanent employment.

This was an illegal order and a blow against democracy and the Nation.  Mr Wickremasinghe and his United National Party has a long history of violence against dissent and opponents.  He and his uncle the late JR jayawarden’s gave illegal orders, committed crimes against humanity torturing Sinhalese young men and women to death in the eighties and nineties.  Recently he was involved in a scam in the Central Bank involving billions of rupees.

Please help this traumatised and beleaguered Nation and the journalists that are endeavouring
against all odds to serve the public.

Please visit the websites that give evidence against Mr Wickrmasinghe who was involved with the ‘Batalanda torture chambers’.

Selling the port to China will have dangerous and devastating affects on the security of the world, shifting the balance of power.   Sri Lanka has a strategic position in the South Asian region.

This administration just as the previous administration has no social conscience, millions of citizens live in poverty whilst the corrupt, decadent debauched Sinhalese politicians live in luxury having created a pleasure island for the rich just as Cuba was before the great iconic legendary leader Fidel Castro  Cruz rescued the Nation and provided the best Welfare state in the world.  He created the best Health and Education systems in the world and there was freedom from hunger.  We need such a leader in Sri Lanka to rid our sacred country of the traitors in Parliament.   Sri Lanka is an island where murderers, drug barons, pimps, paedophile s, and fraudsters, thrive, an island debauched.

Sri Lanka known as Sinhale had just rule until the European invaders from the 15th century onwards then followed by the Coromandel coast Adrian-Jayawardena clan became the cruel, decadent leaders spreading corruption and cruelty, engaged in the use, misuse and abuse of power.

We would be grateful for your help.

With appreciation
Dr IMRC Iriyagolle

4 Responses to “Assault on Journalists In Sri Lanka.”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    What can you expect when traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakay pol pot r@nil wickrama
    Sinhalakiller is ruling? He runs the show, while impotent, uneducated vengeful (only from MR & co) puppet maru
    (hora) sira looking on helplessly. Any thing to destroy Buddhism, Sinhalese race or Sri Lanka gets Batalande
    Wadakaya’s full blessing.

    We should not fall for the west’s propaganda of Chinese taking over Sri Lanka. What they actually resent is China’s
    presence in the indian ocean. Us resents China becoming the world leader and have put up nuke missle bases
    circling China in the pacific. 100s of bases. So called peace lover harak obama spent most money putting up these
    bases dotted around in the pacific islands than any us president in its history. Peace lover! They don’t want too much publicity and keep other areas open so all
    the pea brained public can be hoodwinked by the media, controlled of course by the west. Nobody sees them areas
    covered regularly by tv, internet. They all hidden in the pacific. Secret! So they want Sri Lanka,
    Thailand etc. Chinese-free, while they have control in the background.

    Crafty two faced india also like the idea.
    That’s why they make a lot of puss about the Chinese taking over Hambantota. As Sinhalese, we should encourage
    the Chinese presence which will put all the rashes, india, us, uk, canada, norway, etc. etc from meddling in Sri Lankan
    affairs. Chinese are the best anti biotic for the rashes who will otherwise will be all over us. Remember during MR’s
    time, none of these guys couldn’t put pressure on him. Why? Because nobody wants to offend the Chinese these
    days. They will do everything behind the scenes to undermine them. For Sri Lanka’s and the Sinhalese safety,
    we should encourage the Chinese involvement more and more. Don’t fall for the crafty, anti Sinhalese, anti
    Sri Lanka anti Buddhist propaganda! Chinese in Sri Lanka, india will be nowhere to be seen. No separate countries,
    Sri Lanka will be in one piece! DON’T FALL FOR THE SATAN’S PROPAGANDA!

  2. Christie Says:

    Sinhalese are fighting among themselves as in any other colony. We fight among ourselves while Indian colonial parasites and Indian Empire is wiping us out of the Earth.

  3. RohanJay Says:

    Everyone complaining against Ranil Wickremasinghe or the Navy Commander about their action to break up a strike. Lets analyse the strike it was a strike with links to the previous govt and jvp. They illegally withhold two international cargo ships from leaving port. To me Ranil Wickremasinghe did the right thing. The way people get upset on this website about Ranil Wickremasinghe or Rosy Senanayaka, just because they are christians. In Rosy Senanayke’s case born again Christianity. Which is a Christianity protestant branch which was born in England originally by it methodist English founder anglican cleric and theologian John Wesley and then spread to America. So Rosy Senanayake is a follower and devotee of John Wesley. As far as I am concerned she is free to practise any religion she chooses. I have also listened to Rosy Senanayake she is also a highly intelligent woman. Seems to know the idioces and arrogancies and chauvanism of the Sinhalese Buddhist in Sri Lanka very well which commentater on this forum yap on about christianity all day, maybe they should analyse their faults before finding faults of others. I am beginning to think there is really nothing much wrong with either Ranil Wickremasinghe or Rosy Senanayake that the real fault lies with some of the readers and commentaters on this forum.
    Ranil Wickremasinghe did the right thing to break up an illegal strike at the port. As for the port being privatised by the chinese. I thought the supporters of the previous govt and majority commentaters here were big supporters of China and the Chinese and would welcome Hambantota port being privatised by the Chinese. Who incidentally had a big hand in building the port.
    I am no chinese supporter and certainly neither is ranil wickremasinghe,maithripala sirisena or rosy senanayake who in fact are really big supporters all their lives of the US,UK EU (The West). But they realise Sri Lanka can’t progress in todays world without Chinese support. If China is to privatise the port, so be it. This govt is doing whats best for SL.
    In this instance they Ranil Wickremasinghe the UNP did the right thing. No one seems to want to criticise the arrogance of the strikers occupying cargo ships etc in port. Sri Lanka under the previous govt wanted the chinese involved in everything. So why is it wrong when the present govt wants to privatise a port to the chinese that the chinese built originally and the UNP Govt of Ranil Wickremasinghe originally thought up the hambantota port project. Which MR Govt continued and built upon. Now all MR supporters complain on this website and others, when Ranil Wickremasinghe and the UNP and Navy did the right thing to break up an illegal protest blocking two giant cargo containers from leaving Hambantota Port.

  4. S.Gonsal Says:

    RW admitted giving orders to resucue the ship, not to ” ‘break up the strike’.
    Workers were asking to make their jobs permenant, so that they will get compensation if they are made redundent by the join ventrue.

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