Demonstration At The Sri Lanka High Commission In The UK Against The Proposed Federal Constitution By Patriotic Sri Lankans In The UK
Posted on December 29th, 2016

Patriotic Sri Lankans In The UK

A demonstration was held on the 16th of December in the biting cold and freezing weather outside the Sri Lankan High Commission in the UK by a large gathering of patriotic Sri Lankans to vehemently protest against the bringing on of the proposed federal constitution. The weather was biting cold and freezing and yet a large gathering of patriotic Sri Lankans came to demonstrate for at least four hours to safeguard the ekiya Sri Lankawa” or the Unitary Status of Sri Lanka both in word and in content.

The patriotic Sri Lankans vehemently complained that as per the wishes of the TNA and the US, UK, EU, Canada etc. the present Sri Lankan Government was trying to bring on a federal constitution in substance with a unitary label at the front to hoodwink the Sri Lankan people through the back door. Another vehement complaint was the deplorable way in which the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka has been mistreated, subjugated and beaten up by the Sri Lankan Government as per the wishes of the TNA, the US, UK, EU, Canada etc. thus gravely endangering safeguarding of national security.

Some of the slogans displayed included:


Do Not Touch The Constitution; Janathawa Andanawaa, Sirisena Natanawaa; Mongal Mangala?; Ranawiru Dadayama Nawathanu; Stop Constitutional Change, Stop Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka; Api Denna Rata Kanawaa; Do Not Touch The Constitution; Vyawatha Mara Ugula Hakula Ganiw; Vyawastha Shanshodhanaya Hakula Ganiw; Dinuu Deshaya Reka Ganimu; Alimankada, Pamankada? Thoppigala Galakne?……..

Ranawiruwan Dangediyata, Paragathiyan Rajaputuwata; Ranawiru Dadayama Nawathanu; Deshadrohi Federal Vyawasthawa Hakula Ganiw; Ranawiru Dadayama Waha Nawathanu; Ape Agamethi Kamba Hora, Maha Bankuwa Suddha Kara; Indo-Lanka ETCA Giwisuma Hakula Ganiw; Federal Mara Ugula Hakula Ganiw; Do Not Appease Tamil Tiger Terrorists, Tamil Eelam Is In Tamil Nadu Not Sri Lanka; We Do Not Need The Indo-Lanka CEPA-ETCA; Indo Lanka ETCA Giwisuma Hakula Ganiw; Demala Eelama Doothin Piliganwana Vyawastha Shanshodane Hakula Ganiw……..


Aabhadhitha Ranawiruwanta Pahara Deema Helaa Dakimu; Sanhindiyawa Wanasana, Janathawa Bedana, Koti Sanasana, Federal Mara Ugula Apita Epaa; Jaathika Samagiya Vinaasha Karana Federal Vyawastha Hakula Ganu; Rata Keeli Nawayakata Kadana Bedumwadhi Federal Vyawastha Hakula Ganu ……..


4 Responses to “Demonstration At The Sri Lanka High Commission In The UK Against The Proposed Federal Constitution By Patriotic Sri Lankans In The UK”

  1. Christie Says:

    It hurts a lot to see what Sinhalese people are doing.

    They should be protesting in front of the High commission of the Indian Empire in London.

    We are playing in to the hands of the Indian imperialists.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor tamils and mussies know the time is rife to get their drealam and mussisthan since the anti-Sinhalese, anti-
    Buddhist, anti-Sri Lankan catholic-run UNPatriotic party is at the driving seat. Traitor chief die hard catholic token
    Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil is the driver an added bonus. So the traitor lot resort to whatever
    means to dismember Mother Lanka.

    Racist bigots sampanthan, sumanthiran, pig neshwaran, his balla, rauf xxxxhim, a sad ali, etc. etc. Tamils Nadu
    Alliance (TNA) and Sri Lanak Multiplying Community (SLMC) are xxxx in a frenzy, stabbing Mother Lanka to get the
    biggest piece. What the traitor xxxx do not realise is, there will be constant border wars among the three lots to expand
    territories. As soon as division comes, traitor tamils living among the Sinhalese will have to leave for their drealam, and
    traitor mussies living among the Sinhalese will have to leave for their mussiesthan and border skirmishes will be the
    order of the day. If anybody think this is bs, google india pakesthan partition. British turned a blind eye and the
    people trying to cross to the safety of their kingdoms were massacred. 100s of 1000s brutally slaughtered. This is what
    these racist xxxx want. xxxx think, they can get their kingdoms and they can keep their feet in the other kingdoms
    as well. That will be utter lunacy. Pigneshwaran think tamils will be allowed to live among the mussies? Pigs will fly if that happens!

    For the future generations’ sake do not start an eternal blood bath you traitor
    xxxx. Be Sri Lankan for once and be grateful for what you got and learn to live as one family. Don’t resort to dirty
    tricks (like mussies multiplying like xxxx with their BMWs (baby machine wives) etc. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country
    with a lot of potential to develop. You all saw it under MR. Be Sri Lankan for once. Be grateful. Being xxxx will give
    you a very very short term happiness. Think about the eternal blood baths you going to create for the future
    generations. Anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lankan catholic-run UNPatriotic is very keen to initiate the
    future blood baths for obvious reasons!

  3. Nihal Perera Says:

    Glad to see our Sinhala-expacts brothers and sisters publicly demonstrating against this horrible government run by the Sinhala traitors like Ranil, Mangala, Sirisena, etc.

    Time has come for all our Sinhala Lankans to stand up to these traitors, who are selling out our country.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Jayawewa, Dayabara Sinhalayeni!

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