Donald Trump  will be the 45 President of USA on the 20 January,2017.
Posted on December 29th, 2016

By Charles.S.Perera

When Barrack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of USA the world was overwhelmed with hope that the  USA foreign policy will turn a page from  resorting to armed intervention for regime change, and placing  trade sanctions on sovereign states with governments the USA State Department does not agree. He wanted to remove the torture camps in Guantanamo, and bring back the American soldiers from Iraq, and Afghanistan. African countries were happy as they thought that the  American policies towards Africa will change and it will open the  American wealth to help the African Sovereign States struggling for development.

The President Barrack Obama soon proved that he was not different from his previous counter parts, and that he was only a black American. He merely carried out the policies the American State Department planned for him which he carried out to the letter.  His political policies were centred  in America and the white European Sates. He did not engage himself in unfolding to the world a new American foreign policy by starting a dialogue with Russia and China, but placed America along side the European camp, to maintain its leadership in the world.

President Barrack Obama’s policies towards  Sri Lanka  were abhorrent. Barrack Obama worked with the Tamil Diaspora in America who called them-selves the Tamils for Obama. The Tamils for Obama wanted USA State Department to help the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka  have a  separate State for Tamils carved out from Sri Lankan territory.

If the President Barrack Obama was a wise man , besides being the President of the wealthiest and powerful country of the world, he would have advised the Tamils for Obama, taking himself for an example, that the Tamils in Sri Lanka as a community should not separate themselves from the Sinhala Majority Community,  but be a part of it as he had done.

He should have told the Tamils for Obama, that he a black Afro American did not want a  separation of the Afro American Community,  from the majority White American Community, but wanted to be a part of the majority white community, without  demanding a separate State for Black African Community, carved out from the USA territory.

That is why both the  Black Afro Americans and White Americans today live in harmony with each other proud of being the citizens of the same Nation of the United States of America.  Sri Lanka is  territorially much more smaller than USA therefore it is more the reason why the Tamils, Sinhala and other Communities should bury their difference and live as peoples of a one Sovereign Nation of Sri Lanka.

Neither the President Barrack Obama nor his State Department were honest to speak the truth to the Tamils for Obama and decided to create tension, disharmony, and antagonism between the Tamils and Sinhala in Sri Lanka  and passed resolutions at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva accusing Sri Lanka for violation of human rights in the course of the elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Therefore the people of Sri Lanka is happy that the term of office of President Barrack Obama comes to an end on the 20th of January,2017 with the swearing in of  Donald Trump as the  45th President of USA.

We welcome you President Donald Trump and we earnestly hope that you will not make the same mistakes that the former President Barrack Obama did by blindly following the  policies of the US State Department without making an effort to understand them deeply to know how those policies will affect foreign Sovereign States with different  communities of people with different Cultural back grounds. Pleas make those policies your own and see that  giving effect to those policies will not put those developing nations into political  hardship, disunity amoung its communities, damage their  human dignity, and destroy the State’s territoriality.

The Advantage that the President Donald Trump has  is his political inexperience. That is an advantage as he can start anew without having to imitate the politic of the  Previous Presidents.  In democracy it is said that the rulers will  change but the governments will not change, as the Administrators remain the same to shape and carryout the same old policies with slight changes. This is what happened to Barrack Obama, his foreign policy was shaped by Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. And USA policies  were disastrous, in Libya, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Syria.

The world has changed. The American political system was shaped to maintain its leadership role in the world. In that it selected  developing countries as friends or foes according to the strategic geo-political place each one of them held in the world. USA had in its desire to maintain its world leadership roll,  kept away any nation capable of challenging its  assumed roll of the world leadership.

It feared Russia therefore controlled Cuba which followed a Marxist system of government by placing trade embargos  against it.  It also placed trade sanctions on Russia and got the European countries to  follow it. It imposed Iranian Transaction Regulations  prohibiting export of oil.  It feared China, and  watched suspiciously its diplomatic relations with developing countries.

Hence USA is a nation without friends , it had only the white European countries alongside it, as they depended on Americas military power for protection against likely military or terrorist attacks from outside.  USA was so far a self-centred nation and did not help any developing countries to rise above  their  economic difficulties. The USA allowed them  to get loans from IMF or World Bank but on conditions recommended by the USA. USA is ready to take from developing nations what little they have, but gave very little or nothing in return.

The President Donald Trump is ready for dialogue with Russia, which is already a good sign. He also  seems to have no trust in UNO, and had said that he may reconsider its contribution to the Budget of UNO. He may not antagonise China. But he has to learn more about the situation of China to understand it better and know its one China policy.

President Trump  will have to understand that for a long time Taiwan was recognised by USA as the Republic of China. It was given membership of the UNO , while the mainland China –the Peoples Republic of China was ignored, from 1945 to 1971, it was only in 1971 that the mainland China-the Peoples Republic of China became a member of  the UNO and a member of   its Security Council.

There is therefore  a one China policy under which Taiwan was requested  that it  accept itself  as a part of China which Taiwan continues to refuse. It was therefore natural that  the Peoples Republic of China may take offence for Donald Trump as President elect personally calling the President of Taiwan, ignoring the One China Policy. Hence if  the new President   wishes to change the system, he should learn to respect the internal policies of the other countries, specially with regard to China as China, Russia and America are the economically an militarily powerful three Nations in the world today.

The new USA President Donal Trump may  not accept Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al  Hussain as the UN High Commissioner for Human rights interfere in to the internal affairs of other countries, by way of violation of human rights.

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein had said , if  Donald Trump is elected President, on the  basis of what he has said already, and unless that changes, I think it is without any doubt that he would be dangerous from an international point of view (New York Times, 12 October 2016). President elect also said that NATO is obsolete and UN a political game.

We still do not know what the new President’s foreign policy would be , but from what he has said so far we could expect changes for the betterment of the developing Nations.

Recently in a speech President Duterte of Philipines called Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein a joker, and a son of a bitch and that he has no right to call him a criminal for protecting his people from their enemies.( ) .

The President or the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka did not have the guts to say that to  Ra’ad Al Hussein.

13 Responses to “Donald Trump  will be the 45 President of USA on the 20 January,2017.”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    All Sri Lankans must be for ever grateful to President Rajapaksa for defeating the LTTE scum and rescuing our Sinhala nation. But as the country is heading to a total disaster, is he the man we can depend on to rescue the country once again? Does he have the courage to repel the 13th amendment and tell all the nationalities and religious followers like President elect Trump, President Putin and Philipines President Dutere that Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist nation and every community is welcome to stay as long as they respect out culture. At the moment I can only think of Gota who can be bold enough to do so.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    [Quote] He should have told the Tamils for Obama, that he a black Afro American did not want a separation of the Afro American Community, from the majority White American Community, but wanted to be a part of the majority white community, without demanding a separate State for Black African Community, carved out from the USA territory.

    That is why both the Black Afro Americans and White Americans today live in harmony with each other proud of being the citizens of the same Nation of the United States of America. Sri Lanka is territorially much more smaller than USA therefore it is more the reason why the Tamils, Sinhala and other Communities should bury their difference and live as peoples of a one Sovereign Nation of Sri Lanka. [Unquote]

    Very good comparison.

    Tamils in Sri Lanka is 15% of the population which is roughly equal to the African American population of USA (14%). Surely something is really wrong with Tamils. Having killed all pro-Sri Lankan Tamils (Kadirgamar, Fernandopulle, etc.) Tamils ask why no Obama equal in Sri Lanka and blame it on “chauvinistic” Sinhalese. Had Obama cried about African American aspirations, he would be in Guantanamo Bay, not in White House.

    Anyway Obama has proven that he is a vengeful, incompetent and a lousy president. John McCain would have done much better. His last act of vengeance is the expulsion of Russian embassy staff which shows his pettymindedness. If he thinks it will cause trouble for Trump when assuming office, he is mistaken. Glad to see this incompetent person leave the White House at long last.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Today all the Democrat pundits are praising Obama for expelling the Russian Diplomats.


    Why? Because they ‘interfered’ with the recent Presidential Election jn the US in favor of Donald Trump and against their candidate they expected to shoo-in to the Presidency!

    I don’t think the Russian propaganda effort turned the tide against Billary Clinton; she did it all by herself by ignoring the issues that were important to middle class voters, like unlimited illegal immigration in the absence of enforcing immigration law, and the export of jobs at the expense of manufacturing in America.

    Be that as it may, it is LUDICROUS to see the REGIME CHANGE EXPERTS of the Democratic Party who engineered regimes changes in many Middle Eastern countries, former Warsaw-pact countries including the Ukraine which they caused to breakaway from Russian influence, and Sri Lanka in which they engineered the OUSTING of Mahinda Rajapaksa from the Presidency, now CRYING FOUL that REGIME CHANGE has been INFLICTED ON THEM!!

    If a REGIME CHANGE has indeed been INFLICTED on the US by the Russians, I would call it POETIC JUSTICE and ask the Democrats HOW DOES IT FEEL when what you have done UNTO OTHERS UNTOLD TIMES is DONE UNTO YOU ….. exquisitely done in the name of the same “human rights” and “democrazy” you yourself incessantly preached to others and used as a PRETEXT to engineer REGIME CHANGES in other countries!

    We Sri Lankans who have suffered a REGIME CHANGE at your hands, have NO SYMPATHY for your PAIN, ANGUISH & FRUSTRATION that the A STICK OF THE SAME DYNAMITE you routinely threw at others has BLOWN UP IN YOUR OWN HANDS!

    Welcome to BONFIRE you yourself IGNITED; BURN BABY BURN!

    Just remember, in these modern times, it is just as easy for your VICTIMS to learn the game fast snd TURN TABLES ON YOU to pay you in the same coin!

    ENJOY the SICK FEELING … that we share with you now in Sri Lanka!

    If you are really as smart as you claim to be, you will quit doing these underhand things to DESTROY the LIVES and COUNTRIES of others!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:


    You are dead right!

    The way for Tamils in Sri Lanka to better their lives is to identify with the aspirations of the Sinhala Buddhist majority and support co-existence as One INSEPARABLE People, committed to One INDIVISIBLE Nation and sharing One INDOMITABLE Destiny.

    Instead, if they pursue existence as a SEPARATE People with a Destiny Separate from the majority Sinhala community, they will isolate themselves and dig themselves into a pit from which they will not be able to emerge, for the Sinhala people will NOT GIVE UP their ancestral Mother land NO MATTER WHAT OBSTACLES CONFRONT THEM.

    Persist along the path Prabhakaran took, and you will suffer the same fate of Prabhajaran …. despite any short term gains, like the current support of the Yamapalanaya, that tempts you to keep diggi g ghe ELAMIST PIT deeper for your community.

    Your GREED, RACISM and hope of AI’D FROM Tamil Nadu lead you astray into forgetting the deep commitment of the Sinhala Buddhists who will NEVER GIVE UP or STOP FIGHTING YOU, and will ULTIMATELY PREVAIL.

    The foreign powers, your Tamil Diaspora agitators, and the neighborhood bully in India, CANNOT PREVAIL over the Sinhala Buddhists, simply because they don’t live in this land, and cannot sustain the effort to win in the long term.

    We Sinhala Buddhists have no other option but to DEFEND & FIGHT for our only homeland in this entire world, no matter how long it takes, no matter how much blood, sweat and tears we have to shed, we will be here to do battle as hard and as long as our revered ancestors did as long as we continue to live as a people!

    I say to the Tamil EELAMISTS, if you love your people allow them to co-exist peacefully with their Sinhala Buddhist countrymen, for there is no better option, or a separate existence in a part of Sri Lanka, that will be allowed them. The Sinhala Buddhists will not allow an EELAM of any kind to be created in Sri Lanka.

    The earlier you give up your EELAM DREAM, the EASIER IT WILL BE for your people to live and prosper!

  5. Christie Says:

    Well we will have to wait and see. India and Indian vermin may flex their muscles as the do all the time. With six Senators and USA Ambassador to UN an Indian vermin who knows what follows.

    What evolves after Trump will not affect us as it has been since 1956. Indian Empire and Indian colonists will manage us the Sinhalese.

  6. Kumari Says:

    Carving out lands for different ethnic groups create more problems. Examples are India vs Pakistan, South and North Sudan. I personally am opposed to different political parties, ethnic and religious groups being represented in parliament. The elected members should serve humanity, all the people living in the land.

    Obama was given the Nobel prize for defeating George W. Trump should be given a double or a treble Nobel prize for defeating WWW Hillary. Even before assuming office there is peace in Syria. Main Steam Media MSM is in tatters. Trump is still communicating through Tweets. His choice for Secretary of State Tillerson seems to be a peacemaker between the US and Russia which can bring only good for the world. With Hillary’s defeat even the Innocent Sri Lankans living in our blissful country has hopes for a united Sri Lanka.

    If all indicators are in the positive, may Devas protect Trump and his team, let not a JFK befall him.

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Trump rescued Sri Lanka from the pint sized super bug hilary clitoris. Good we never going to see the super bug.
    Dead and buried. Good riddance. Harak obama is a two faced, crafty man. During his time, middle east can of
    worms opened. Eu destroyed. Deliberately, since eu getting stronger than the divided state (us)? Then harak obama
    spent most money in us’s hitory by putting up nuke bases in the pacific aiming towards China (previously aimed at
    Russia, now the new adversary). Still harak was given the nobel peace prize! Promote nuke war and still getting
    the champion of the peace! Double standards of course. Who is going to write about these? Who is going to publish
    any thing against the world’s so called policeman, choppe!

    It is a complete new ball game for trump since he wasn’t involved in politics before. It is all down to his ‘team’, the
    civil servants etc. He can’t do any worse than the crafty ‘peace champion’ harak!

  8. vyasan Says:

    I have already stated in one of my comments in FB about Obama, that anyone who gets elected as president of the U.S. will not be able to do whatever he promised to do or sounded to do before the election, as it is a fact in the U.S. that no president will be able to override the dictates of the U.S. state department as far as foreign policy is concerned. As such, it will be foolish of us, the people from the developing countries, to expect the newly elected president doing good for the rest of the world, except what is good for the people ( the corporate people?)of the western world and the U.S. in particular. So, it would not make any difference whether the president is Black American or white American!

  9. Ananda-USA Says:


    Oops! George W. Trump? You mean George W. Bush don’t you?

    Did you know that once upon a time in USAville there was an unholy trinity: George H. W. Bush the father, George W. Bush the son, and Dick Cheney the unholy ghost? :)

  10. S.Gonsal Says:

    ” (As ) Obama was given the Nobel prize for defeating George W, Trump should be given a double or a treble Nobel prize for defeating WWW Hillary.

  11. S.Gonsal Says:

    We can give him Deshmanya for defeating WWW. We can also arrange a Doctorate from the Institute of Alternative Medicine , Sri Lanka, which gave a doctorate to a person with similar credibility.

  12. Kumari Says:

    I meant George W. . should be read as a full stop. Trump is the start of the next sentence.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:


    Ah, I see! But are my old eyes playing tricks on me …. was there a second period there?

    I am just kidding, just kidding old chap …. well said!

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