Posted on December 30th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I often go for a walk along Galle Face .Few times I was trying to cross Galle Road before and after the roundabout using Yellow Crossing ( soon in will be White ) and kept waiting until vehicles stop for me and  the other pedestrians to cross .Unless you raise your hand authoritatively ,none of the drivers stops the vehicle ,even though they have enough room to apply brake .

Yesterday I called one of the Sunglass wearing (reminds me of traffic cops in US with  a holster ! ) and asked him why he does not take any action ? I explained to him that if police start applying penalties ,word will go around and drivers will get the message .He just looked at me with a gaze ,which gave me a clear message mind your own business and do not try to bulldoze me

I did this several times ,and with my attire they would not know who I was ,hence they did not try to  be rude to me .Once near the parliament roundabout ,drivers were behaving like a  herd of cattle trying to cross each other ( No sorry – Cattle follow their leader!) and a policeman was standing under a shade and watching .I stopped and called him ( I could see the face of some driver with amazement for my bravery) and told him  Ralahami ,Can’t you see what is happening ,Why don’t you do something ?” He has the same gaze of the cop who was at Galle face .

I even asked one young cop who was glued to the mobile and taking ,when three wheelers passing by who  were violating every rule under the sun.

Then  I read the IGP who most probably saluted a Nilame  thinking that we are still under reign of a king who appoints Nilame’s ,crying for mercy and asking his own fellow police officers to win the heart of the people .

Our Justice Minister talks of Welvidane” to someone who  is  a national hero should hold  a round table discussion with Minister who is in charge of the Police and  initiate action to apply the laws of the country if you want to improve discipline in this country .



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