Open Letter to President Donald Trump of the USA
Posted on February 19th, 2017

Ramanie de Zoysa

Mailed to:
1). Attention Mr Donald Trump, the President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Copy to:
Mr Donald Trump, C/O The Trump Organization, 725 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022.Dear President,

The True Face of Tamils for Trump & the Islamic colonisation of the East

I write to you as a citizen of Sri Lanka with the specific purpose of informing you of the horrendous history of the ‘new friends’ that are rushing your way, ‘Tamils for Trump’, bearing the gift of blood stained money. This group, having wreaked havoc in Sri Lanka through terrorism for the last three decades and having been well and truly beaten militarily by the  Sri Lankan forces are now seeking your help to grab a piece of land from Sri Lanka to form a country for global Tamils. I hope to provide you with a succinct but comprehensive account of what Tamil terrorism is.

Secondly I wish to draw your attention to the Islamic invasion of Asian countries – specifically the Buddhist countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar). All three countries are going through the ferocious invasion tactics funded by oil rich middle eastern counties – today my essay will focus specifically on the destruction of a thousands of year old virgin rain forests in Sri Lanka to create Wahabi colonies. These colonies are funded by Middle Eastern NGOs and the projects are carried on with impunity by the Islamic members of Parliament in Sri Lanka, under the patronage of certain corrupt Sri Lankan politicians that are easily bought with NGO money.

As the Commander of the world’s most powerful Army, we believe you must be alerted to these events.

First of all, let me offer you my heartfelt congratulations on your election as President of the United States. Your election is the first wave of the nationalistic forces to come ashore; the nationalistic forces that are defeating the corrupt, dishonest, ‘self-interest above all else’ political classes all over the world who are using political correctness as a façade to defend their anti-national life styles.  Kudos to the great American people for using their franchise wisely to protect their country, the United States. We hope this momentum will continue to sweep clean Europe as well. The world has had enough of bungling by corrupt or stupid (or both) politicians who are destroying native cultures through the importation of illegals either through misguided political correctness or simple greed to stay in power through the fringe minority vote blocks.

Tamil terrorism

A vile group of terrorists, called Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelaam (LTTE”) terrorised Sri Lanka for the past three decades; this was the creation of the global Tamil diaspora. LTTE was the creator of the ‘suicide bomber’ concept which has been carefully studied and adopted now by the Islamic terrorists.  Having defeated in their ‘Tamils for Obama’ and ‘Tamils for Hillary” campaigns that dished out blood money to the respective election campaigns to elect suitable personalities to the most powerful posts in the world to facilitate  the perpetuation of regimes that supported their violent land grabbing ideologies, this particular group has now morphed into a group called Tamils for Trump”.

I see it as my bounden duty to introduce you to this group and as succinctly as possible to inform you of who exactly these wolves in sheep’s clothing are.

Tamils for Hillary made sizable donations to Mrs Clinton to defeat you in the last US Presidential election campaign.  You can see for yourself the fervor with which they wanted Hillary Clinton to come to power if you google key words such as man- breaking coconuts- elect Clinton” etc. Tamils, most of whom believe in a certain version of the Hindu religion, practice the smashing of coconuts on a rock surface to curse an opponent and/ or to invite celestial blessings for their own cause. In the events I am referring to, YOU were the opponent Tamils were seeking to destroy.

The major Sri Lankan daily newspapers also carried such stories:
Tamils will dash 1,008 coconuts to bless Clinton | Page 2362 | Daily ..

The idea of violently smashing the coconut on the rock is inviting their gods to destroy the enemy likewise- smash into a thousand pieces.

Another Sri Lankan daily, Ada Derana carried the same story which was copied by international press including that of India.

Tamil group to break over 1000 coconuts to bless Hillary

November 5, 2016  11:21 am

A group of Sri Lankan Tamils in Jaffna will break over 1,000 coconuts and light as many candles to bless Hillary Clinton, saying the Democratic presidential candidate’s win would be important for the future of the minority community.

We will break 1,008 coconuts on November 8 to bless her ahead of the US election. We expect her to win the election,” M K Shivajilingam, a Tamil National Alliance (TNA) member of the Tamil-controlled northern provincial council, said yesterday.

The event will take place in Jaffna’s historic Kandsamy Kovil in Nallur. There will also be lighting of 1,008 candles at the Jaffna Cathedral, he said.

Tamils in Sri Lanka believe they can find political solution only with the intervention of the US and Hillary’s win would be important for the future of the minority community in Sri Lanka, Shivajilingam said.

The Obama administration has extended its support to the reconciliation efforts promised by President Maithripala Sirisena to Tamils.

– See more at:…/tamil-group-to-break-over-1000-coconuts-to-bless-hillar

Here, you were the ‘enemy’ they were wishing to smash; Hillary Clinton was their messiah on whom they lavished money for favours such as pulling strings to force the Sri Lankan government to disestablish Sri Lanka and carve out a separate ethnically pure country for the Tamils carving out over one third of the land and two thirds of the coast line.


Tamils are native to the southern part of India- they are currently home in a province called Tamil Nadu in India. Tamil Nadu in the Tamil vernacular means Tamil country. At present there are over 75 million Tamils in their home territory in India. Tamil Nadu is and has been throughout modern history, over-populated and poverty-stricken, exporting unskilled labour to the rest of the world. The corrupt Tamil Nadu politicians let the masses live in poverty and enrich themselves, diverting the displeased local peoples’ attention from the day to day problems, to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, as you know, is a small island located to the south of South India. At no time in the known history of the earth, has Sri Lanka been any part of India either geographically or administratively.  However, the Tamil Nadu politicians lead their uneducated masses to believe that Sri Lanka should be part of the Tamil empire and that it is the loss of this empire that is the cause of all ills affecting the Tamils.

Throughout thousands of years Sri Lanka was ruled by Sinhala kings. In the recent history, specifically during the 1700s, Sri Lanka became a colony of the Dutch. The Dutch colonials brought over shiploads of aliens from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka to work as ‘labourers’ aka slaves, in their experimental tobacco growing fields in the newly acquired territory. The tobacco plantations were a failure, however, these Tamil labourers stayed on in Sri Lanka preferring the relative comfortable life in Sri Lanka to the abject poverty at home.

As a result of wars that were fought in Europe, the Dutch who were the losers passed on the colony of Sri Lanka to the victors, the British. British people imported another batch of Tamils from India to work in their tea plantations during their colonial reign of 150 years from 1815 that ended in 1948 when the British handed back to country to its natives.

This is how Sri Lanka inherited part of the Indian Tamil ‘problem’. For centuries Tamils of India have yearned for a separate country of their own – in the 1920s and 30s there was vehement agitation in India by Indian Tamils who denigrated India as being ‘Hindia’; based on the accusation that India is dominated by Hindi speakers, and themselves who are Tamil speakers were discriminated against. – This separatist movement was very evident even towards the time of India’s independence from the British in 1947. Tamils were also buoyed by the cessation of the two Pakistans (now Pakistan and Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan)) from India. Their demand was that Tamils should be granted cessation from India to form an ethnically pure Tamil country. India was having none of that; and the cessation movement was kept ruthlessly persecuted and almost crushed through government agencies such as RAW and the Indian armed forces. However, the sentiment remained under the ashes of Tamil aspirations, waiting for opportunities.

India’s independence was followed by Sri Lanka’s independence from the British. The Tamil illegals brought over by the Dutch and the British carried on with their allegiance to their motherland in Tamil Nadu in India even though by now for a few generations they have been living comfortably in Sri Lanka. It had been by now evident to the Tamil cessationists that fighting against India that had strong military and intelligence capabilities was always going to be impossible; so, they searched for an alternative ‘easier’ solution.  Sri Lanka fitted the bill.

Tamils in India, Sri Lanka and in the global context formed Tamil think tanks and turned their nation building dream towards Sri Lanka. India saw that this was a golden opportunity to hand over its unwanted baby called the Tamil nationalistic agenda, to the unsuspecting Sri Lanka which at that time had zero border control and an army of less than 3000 with hardly any weaponry to defend the country with.

The sea between the top of Sri Lanka and the southern tip of India is, unfortunately, a comfortable swimming distance. The border control was non-existent at the time of Sri Lanka’s independence to such an extent that Tamils living in the northern tip of Sri Lanka had a habit of taking a fishing boat or a dinghy after dinner to the southern tip of India, to watch a Tamil movie in India and return home by bedtime. There were small boats full of Tamils from India that were plying freely between  the Indian coastline and Sri Lanka illegally, bringing sarees and other trinkets to sell in all parts of Sri Lanka.  After centuries of mismanagement under naïve, impotent and corrupt successive administrations in Colombo, Sri Lanka acquired a massive number of illegals freely arriving in Sri Lanka from poverty stricken south India- especially from Tamil Nadu. As mentioned before this, the Tamils imported by colonials and the illegals remained to form a ‘hostile community’ within Sri Lanka, like a cancer; comfortably nestled in any part of Sri Lanka with complete accommodation and friendship from the mostly Buddhist Sinhala natives but always wishing ill-will and the destruction of the country.  I am sure you understand the way this type of hostile communities behave in countries, including yours- intimidating and disrespecting the natives and the culture of the land, and wishing nothing but ill upon the country that they are feeding from.

The tacit sponsorship of the Indian government and agencies such as RAW extended to the LTTE in the 1920s grew in size and largesse to complete weapons training, free weaponry and even free uniforms  provided by the Indian government in the late 1970s headed by leaders such as late Indira Ghandhi and later her son Rajiv Ghandhi.

Much to the Tamils’ consternation, by the 1920s there were Muslims who had recently arrived in Sri Lanka from the southern and western coasts of India, acquiring land and spreading rapidly into to the country. Thus by 1972, Sri Lanka was ready to face the brunt of hatred, encroachment and attack from two aggressive alien ethnic minorities who used the inept, corrupt administrations that Sri Lanka had since independence from the British, as an invitation to party.

Muslims making their way into Sri Lanka in the areas claimed by Tamils were also the objects of Tamil hatred and ethnic cleansing efforts. Having come from the southern coastal areas of India the Muslims were also Tamil speakers but they refused to convert and disperse amongst the Tamils; and, hence bore the brunt of Tamil violence.

LTTE started being led by worldwide Tamil elites who saw it as the weapon of choice to see their Tamil country (Eelaam”) dream through. Several Malaysian Tamils such as LTTE ‘theoretician’ late Anton Balasingham and several Colombo based Tamil politicians were now heading the LTTE while being domiciled in western nations such as England, Canada, US and Europe.

The LTTE was ready to carve Sri Lanka by 1983. Tamils domiciled in the western democracies sent in funds and sourced weapons for the LTTE. Some of the Tamil diaspora who participated in these activities had not even been to Sri Lanka; but they  and those that were of Sri Lankan birth and received a free education in Sri Lanka, sent back ship loads of arms to the LTTE insurgents kill and maim innocents of Sri Lanka. Once fully trained and equipped by treacherous India, the LTTE launched a full scale war against the Colombo government in July 1983 demanding a separate country called Tamil Eelaam” carving out over 1/3 of land and 2/3 of the northern and eastern coastline of Sri Lanka, exclusively for the Tamil race. To support this claim the newly formed guerrilla group carried out heinous acts of ethnic cleansing, wiping out the native Sinhala people from large areas of the North and parts of the East.  Please Google kent farm massacre” and dollar farm massacre” for just two of these atrocities.

As mentioned earlier, Tamil terrorists invented the suicide bomber to the world. The 30 year old Tamil terrorist war in Sri Lanka saw thousands of innocent civilians slaughtered in bus bombs, train bombs, suicide attacks and by the early 2000s the Tamil terrorists were ready with killer submarines and aircraft for the final takeover. You can Google on the air borne attack of Colombo metropolis towards the last years of LTTE war around 2008-9.

Europe and Britain, Canada and the US, laden with large Tamil constituents in their countries and the incumbent politicians there wanting to stay in power through the votes of these fringe groups, exerted tremendous pressure on the Sri Lankan government to de-militarise itself and weaken the state armed forces and enter into endless bouts of ‘negotiations’ with the Tamil terrorists organised by them in Western capitals. These events were openly used by the LTTE to buy better able arms and re-group whenever the going got tough for them.

Foreign and local media were openly batting for the Tamil terror refusing even to apply the term ‘terrorist’ to these killers, instead referring to them as Tamil ‘separatists’ or cadres or some such nebulous term, and reporting on their atrocities always with the white-washing phrase ‘who are fighting for a separate stating discrimination by the majority Sinhalese-‘ the eternal justification for the criminality! Media institutions such BBC proliferated with Tamil news anchors much like how media has an abundance of Islamic news-anchors today, giving their personal ‘touch’ to the reporting opportunities the so-called war in Sri Lanka provided then with. Human rights industry came out of the wood work crying out in anguish for the Tamil terrorists and their multitude of un-uniformed foot cadres in civilian clothing who died, injured or ‘disappeared’ according to their relatives. No tear was ever shed for the native Sinhala victims who ranged from infants to pregnant women and Buddhist priests. The human rights industry (yes, they are working for profit) urged the powerful Western countries such as the US and Britain to pressurize and vilify the Sri Lankan government for continuing with military action fighting against terror created by the once illegal minority.  Most of the country’ s administrative infrastructure was destroyed and the economy was ruined.

Finally Sri Lanka was lucky to have a President with a backbone, much like you. President Mahinda Rajapakse swept into power by popular vote with a firm mandate from the fed-up people of Sri Lanka to wipe out the Tamil terrorists and put paid to the blood flow and mayhem.  President Rajapakse ably supported by his Defence Secretary and brother Gotabhaya Rajapakse who himself fought as a soldier for decades, did just that. They strengthened the Armed forces, acquired the necessary armaments, naval and airborne war capabilities from several friendly countries and decimated the LTTE militarily, ending the blood flow of 30 years, on 19 May 2009.

Towards that last week or two of the end of the bloodshed we saw amazingly cowardly attempts by Western governments – specially Britain and Europe – to stop the military action and let off the LTTE top hierarchy who could then flee to the West and come back refreshed for war another day. David Cameron and Bernard Kouchner and the then Canadian Premier Harper were among the Western giants  who wanted to come rushing into Sri Lanka to intimidate the Sri Lankan administration to free the then cornered LTTE top brass, in May 2009. Sri Lanka denied them visas, and their threats and reprimands were shunned by Foreign Secretary Rajapaksa. Within days the military leader of LTTE, Velupillai Prabhakaran, an illegal immigrant from India to Sri Lanka himself, was killed and the country was liberated from 30 years of ruthless terror.

This sent the foreign politicians, so-called ‘human rights’ organisations and the global media into a tizz of rage. Instead of celebrating the liberation of Sri Lankan civilians, including the Tamil community that was the feeder community whom the LTTE used as a human shield in the last phase of war, these three groups started hounding the Sri Lankan government and the military accusing them of war crimes and ‘disappearance’ of Tamils. Some of the ‘disappeared’ Tamils have been found in Western countries where they ran to and which gave them asylum. Canada is home to the largest group of Tamils outside of India and perhaps Sri Lanka, some of who form a cancer to that society forming gangs, living on welfare and engaging in street violence.

It is in this context that the United Nations has been hounding Sri Lanka every year with a fresh call for sanctions against Sri Lanka. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein – himself an Islamic from the middle east where the daily breach of human rights and the practice of misogyny is the norm, recently told the media that a war crimes inquiry was imperative for Sri Lanka as ‘atrocities were committed during the last stages of war by the Sri Lankan government’.  Your predecessor Mr Barrak Hussein Obama continued with this harassment of Sri Lanka, sending emissaries such as Samantha Powers, Hillary Clinton, Nisha Biswal et al, whom you have quite rightly put out of jobs recently, (Thank you!) to intimidate and wrest concessions, release, compensation from the Sri Lankan Government for Tamil criminals serving prison terms or in rehabilitation in Sri Lanka. These civil servants of not only the US (including your opposing candidate Hillary Clinton) but also from England, Europe and Canada influenced or even rigged the last Presidential election in Sri Lanka and have now installed a puppet government in Sri Lanka under the Presidency of Maithreepala Sirisena (a traitor who jumped from the Rajapakse government on the promise of the President’s job)  who in turn appointed Premier Ranil Wickreasinghe (who lost the 29 consecutive elections before his appointment as Premier). Through the new puppet government the detractors of Sri Lanka have imprisoned many of our war heroes and one heroic soldier, Sunil Ratnayake is now on death row for allegedly killing Tamil civilians” based solely on the ‘evidence’ of a hard-core Tamil LTTE supporter arriving from London at State expense to give ‘evidence’.

I will be very happy to provide you with any further information on the Tamil atrocities, lies, fraud and pretensions as and when required.

My respectful request is for you to shun Tamils for Trump and any Tamil group by any other name that may approach you for favours. Secondly, my humble request is for you to veto the UN resolutions that seek to punish Sri Lanka year in year out for getting rid of the terrorist group that the US State Department aptly labelled ‘the most ruthless terrorist group in the world’.

The second issue I want to bring to your attention is the Islamic invasion of the Asian countries, with specific reference to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, again through its inept border control, lack of wisdom and corrupt politicians has allowed the Wahhabi invasion of its country. Halal certification has been installed to rake in millions of rupees to the coffers of jihad, mosques have outnumbered the Buddhist places of worship as well as the Christian churches, Sharia banking has been installed, Quasi ‘courts’ are over-riding the rule of law applicable to other citizens, Burkhas are the norm which are worn at exams and other places where proper identification and security is paramount leading to fraud and security breaches. Buddhist places of worship and Buddhist heritage sites are being ‘shared’ forcefully by the Islamics by forcefully erecting Islamic shrines in these places, where the native Sinhala people have been pushed out through fear and violence thousands of years old heritage sites are razed to the ground and Islamic colonies erected, roads are being blocked for impromptu ‘prayers’, ‘prayer rooms’ are being demanded at public places such as universities and airports, young non-Muslim women are ‘groomed’, sexually violated and then converted. In fact what is happening in Britain, Europe and Canada and US (in that order) is happening in Asia, particularly in Sri Lanka.

Through this letter I wish to draw your specific attention to the creation of Islamic colonies in the thousands of year old virgin rain forests in Sri Lanka which are also native to rare flora and fauna. The colonies are funded by NGOs, mainly from Qatar. When Islamic NGOs in their websites gloat about the ‘charity’ work worth thousands of dollars they do in poor countries such as Sri Lanka, what they really mean is that they are creating Islamic colonies in those countries. For, as you know, according to the Quran, Muslim charity is strictly limited to the Muslims. They are perhaps getting ready for the eventuality when their oil wells in the Middle East run out. Whatever the motivation is, their modus operandi all over the world is the same

Indonesia, a 100% Buddhist country just 50 years ago is now over 80% Muslim. Maldives, a 100% Buddhist country around about the same time is now 100% Muslim.  There is a huge hue and cry about the ‘poor Rohingya Muslims’ being harassed in Bruma (Myanmar)- I’ll provide you with a good account of exactly what is happening in Burma in a separate letter. In short, ‘the name ‘Rohigya’ has been created by the illegal Bangladeshi Muslim invaders pouring into Burma through that un-protected border to play the victim card. They have created a ‘brand’ that the naive, gullible and the politically correct morons can readily identify with and shed tears over.

The Sri Lankan government in its stupidity appointed a radical Muslim, Rishard Badiuddeen as a Minister of Rehabilitation after the Rajapakse government cleared the country of Tamil terrorism. Badiuddeen  has already created many Islamic ‘Wahabi’ colonies in the cleared areas installing not only Muslims of Sri Lankan birth but also various illegal aliens from Afghanistan, Pakistan and beyond. In the Eastern province, which has now been fully colonised replete with road signs in Arabic and date-tree lined streets, non-Muslims are viciously attacked and foreign non-Islamic tourists are shunned. The Muslim and Tamil dominated provincial councils continue to victimize the Sinhala natives from these areas in order to chase them out of their habitats.

Wilpattu is just one of the ‘protected’ heritage rain forests and animal sanctuaries that are being demolished and Islamic aliens are being installed.  Animals have lost habitat and their access to water has been lost causing them to die in their thousands. The letter of the Quran is the law in these areas and burkas are the norm.  No other citizen is permitted in these newly colonised areas where rule of law is afraid to go. It is estimated that at least 17,000 acres of land has so far been converted. As right from the start, the NGOs bribed our lame politicians on both sides, the government and the opposition keeps silent about these outrages. Please read more information in the following sites:

Please also see the on-line petition at the following URL. I cordially invite you to place your valuable signature to this petition.

What I am respectfully hoping to do is to inform you of the full extent of the ‘problem’ of Islam with its outlook on non-believers, women and the ‘divine’ edict to spread the faith by force or cunning. You have seen wisely and chosen the correct path. Quran and its Sharia ‘law’ need to be banned in every self-respecting country unless and until the followers get together and reform the vile ideology. The hate-filled, violent, misogynistic rhetoric sets it apart from any other religion. It is important that you are presented with the full picture so that you recognise this as a global problem, not just a regional issue. There are so many apologists for various heinous ideologies today either thorough ignorance or through monetary beneficence; and, this fringe cries the loudest. In fact this fringe drowns the voices of the peaceful majority who are at worst, silent. I know you will walk your path gallantly and will not be swayed into the wilderness of misguided political correctness. We have our hopes pinned on you, Mr President!

Yours faithfully

Ramanie de Zoysa

This letter has been posted to the above two addresses.

4 Responses to “Open Letter to President Donald Trump of the USA”

  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    Ramanie, thank you for making a serious effort to warn President Trump to not fall into the same trap Hillary Clinton and Obama fell, under the most deceitful, manupulative, cunning actions of similar groups organised as “Tamils for Obama”, “Tamils for Clinton” etc. How can one community be engaged in working like an octopus to support all sided of a contest? Dont these groups contradict each other and have no credibility?
    It is not so long ago, they went all out to carry the Tamil vote in favour of Clinton and against Trump. They even broke thousands of coconts at Hindu religeos functions to defeat President Trump, but now singing a different tune by turning 180 degrees to “support” Trump.
    They have enormous funds collected through legal and illegal means, which they have used effectively to arm the terrorists as well as bribe the weak and corrupt politicians, journalists and others. They have also used these funds to support the honest politicians who are desperately in need of contributions for their election campaigns. Having tasted this success for decades, they will now try all their tricks to misguide Trump a man they tried to defeat.
    I believe, this new love for President Trump is not only to get his support to steel land in Sri Lanka to create their long planned independent monoethnic Tamil state for the benefit of around 70million Tamils in India and 3 million in Sri Lanka, but quite probably to protect the interests of any illegal immigrants in the USA, living in “Sanctuary Cities” excempted from US law, but now under threat of eviction.
    I am confident President Trump will reject donations from anyone who previously donated funds to terrorist groups.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you very much Ramanie.

    Tamils cracked coconuts CURSING Trump. They shamelessly go begging after TRUMP won. TYPICAL!

    All other terror groups are SAINTS compared to Tamil terrorists.

  3. RohanJay Says:

    An excellent write up by Ramanie de Zoysa. This pretty sums it all up, almost perfectly. I concur 100 percent with this excellent letter and article by Ramanie de Zoysa. I am already a big fan of Ramanie de Zoysa. I hope she writes more often for lankaweb. We get a lot of Shenali Waduge articles. But not enough of Ramanie de Zoysa. We need more of Ramanie de Zoysa please. She seems to be an exellent writer. I agree 100 percent with every word in this article. Which doesn’t happen often when ever I read lankaweb articles. But this write up by Ramanie de Zoysa is a magnificent exception. Thanks Ramanie de Zoysa.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    All ILLEGAL migrants ought to be deported.

    If Sri Lanka was a huge country in size, Lanka could have accommodated migrants, but not as matters stand and the size of the country.

    Also, given the diverse political mania in the world today, over diversity in Lanka is a death trap for the country. No one benefits from the ‘divide & rule’ politics going on today.
    Stability in Lanka comes from the large Sinhala Buddhist base.

    If any people want to help various countries or areas outside of Lanka, they are free to go to those areas and help out.

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