Trump Stops the Surrogate Neoliberals in Their Tracks (Part 1)
Posted on February 21st, 2017

By Gandara John

The 100 year tyranny of the Plutocrats in the US came to an abrupt halt when Trump stopped the money grubbing Neoliberals in their tracks.

The US Presidential Election of 2016 is a watershed in global politics, with Trump decisively defeating ‘Uranium’ Clinton who had profited unconscionably through ‘ The Clinton Foundations’ making trade deals with many countries.

The Plutocrats used social climbers from the middle class tailoring them in Neoliberal attire and employing them to surrogate for the Plutocrats in the US Administration, the Legislation, the Judiciary and the NGOs; the Plutocrats made sure the Neoliberal wallets bulged and the Neoliberals cringingly worked as the factotums of the Plutocrats.

The Neoliberals are the modern day version of the 18th Century Christian Missionaries.

Voicing the neglected and muted aspirations of a defiant US working class, Trump secured a victory that has made a major impact on the social fabric of US society.

The Neoliberal defeat saw, to borrow Malcolm X’s turn of phrase, the ignominious exit of the house – Negro from the house, the White House.

And there remains today in the US Administration and Judiciary the hangovers from the discredited Obama regime, like the sacked Sally Yates or the local embassy chief an obvious varlet of the plutocrats, deliberately putting obstacles to thwart the aspirations of the US people.

It was on 23 Dec 1913 when the Plutocrats in a neatly contrived coup d’état took financial and political control of the US when they succeeded in passing into law, the controversial ‘Federal Reserve Act’ bitterly opposed by the people of the US. In  a deft move, the Bill was hurriedly taken up in both houses and passed when many Congressmen opposing the Bill were on Christmas vacation.

The Federal Reserve Act empowered ‘The Federal Reserve’, a privately owned Central Bank of a handful of plutocrats, to print and issue money on behalf of the US as and when the US government requested funds from it.

These plutocrats, besides owning the Federal Reserve, have a virtual monopoly in the US of many industries such as the armament, research, petroleum, print media, television, electronic media, banking, aircraft, motor vehicle, pharmaceutical, universities, motion picture, power, railway and food to name a few.

The passing of the Act enabled the US government, when short of funds to meet any of its declared military, political and administrative requirements, to turn to the Federal Reserve Bank to bridge the shortfall.

All what the Federal Reserve does when the US government seeks its help is to make a debit entry in its books of account against the US government and thereafter print and issue to the US government the money requested.

The US government from a debt of 2.9 billion US Dollars – the money it owed this private bank in 1914 – today owes this bank a 19.9 Trillion US Dollars.

In short, successive US Presidents have successfully pauperised their people who ultimately carry the burden of settling the plutocrats the 19.9 Trillion US dollars, owed them by the people of the US.

It is in the interest of the Federal Reserve Bank for the US to wage wars around the world. It is in the interest of the Federal Reserve Bank to encourage banking scams in the US so that banks could go belly up and the US government feels obliged to resuscitate these banks by way of a bail out.

When the US goes to war, the government needs funds; when a bank bail out is called for, the US government needs funds (the bank bail out in 2008 was around 750 Billion USD); when the US funds terrorist organisations like Al Qaida, USIS, Contras, LTTE, Tamil Diaspora and Boko Haram the US government needs funds. The Federal Reserve then makes that entry in their books of account and forks out the money to the US government after printing them.

With each book entry made the sum of money owed by the people to the plutocrats increases and the plutocrats get further enriched.

Wars, terrorism and scams have fattened the plutocrats beyond belief and have pauperized the people of the US for life and several of their generations to come. When will they be able to repay the near $2o Trillion debt?

What else does this Federal Reserve System hold in store for the working classes of the US? The system portends for them a ‘Last Post’, a bier draped with Stars and Stripes, five minutes of orchestrated glory and thereafter eternal oblivion.

Is it any wonder why the Neoliberal factotums of recent times like the Obamas, the Clintons, the Bushes, the Reagans, surrogating for the plutocrats, initiated and waged so many wars around the world, funded scores of terrorist organisations and permitted wanton financial fraud?

Is it any wonder why the Neoliberals are pulling out all the stops to regain ‘their world’ and in their frenzied fury to eliminate Trump who has vowed to close down the US Empire and initiate friendly relations with Russia?

To boot, the house Negro accepted a bribe of over 1 Million USD from ‘Nobel’ to commit US to senseless wars and like a clown, to wear on his crown a laurel wreath!

Given a cookie from the cookie jar by the ‘white Massa’ did not stop the house Negro dipping his hand into that jar and easing himself to more.

The irony of it all is that this process of creating debt is a double whammy for the people of the US; the Federal Reserve, when they print and issue money, has a US government pledge that the money will be repaid by the US to this private company at a future date.

When the money thus printed by the Federal Reserve (to meet  US government requirements), is handed over to the government, the money is given back to the plutocrats by way of payment for services/equipment provided by them; (the debt to the Federal Reserve remains unaltered in the book of accounts).

What is the rationale for this ambiguous transaction?

If the printing of money was related to meeting war expenditure, the ‘Federal Reserve’ plutocrats wearing one of their other hats are the recipients of these monies, being paid for providing war resources to the government; again they are the same people receiving money in a bank bail out because these ‘Federal Reserve’ plutocrats also own those banks that collapsed in the banking crisis, a scam caused by lending money without collateral. In the case of terrorism spawned by the Neoliberals, the plutocrats get paid for the war resources provided by them to both sides of the conflict.

Trump is breathing fire and has pledged to the US people that he shall put an end to all this; he has pledged that he would audit the Federal Reserve Bank.

With plutocracy under threat and signs of democracy returning to the US, the fake news factory -the mainstream media – is drawing up battle lines as the US appears to be hurtling towards a Civil war; a war between the plutocrat backed Neoliberal rebel minority and the democratically elected Trump government backed by the people.

Anything could happen; given the Machiavellian record of the Neoliberals and their financial strength; assassinations and coup d’états are options on their table.

In Sri Lanka those taking an anti Trump line include Neoliberal apologists like Ranil  Wickramasinghe, Sri Lanka’s controversial Prime Minister who has charges of murder hanging over him (not exonerated as some would like others to believe), Jaffna’s Vigneswaran who immediately on retirement was working closely with US AID and a despairing Kumaranatunge fighting against age and all travails that come with age.

/ to be continued

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  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    Gandara John, thank you for this imformative article on the grip the Plutocrats have on the US economy and their current plight with Trump being a third force backed by the masses. Had Clinton won, she would have kept her promise to unilateraly declare a no fly zone over Syria, which surely would have Brought Russians to clash with US and NATO, thus starting another war that would have kept the plutcrats happy, with opportunities for suuply of sophisticated military equipment. Let us hope Presidentr Trump is allowed to keep his promises to the forgotten US citizens, who saw him as a messiah. This indeed is a welcome break to the aggressive and corrupt US ruling class.

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