Posted on February 27th, 2017


We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of Life is when men are afraid of the light.” – ― Plato

The smartest fish are still in the sea.” -― Matshona Dhliwayo

You become a Prisoner if you are caught and found guilty of breaking the law.  Those who break the law and still not caught, are moving in the society  as law abiding citizens”- Dr W S Karunaratne- Professor of Buddhist Philosophy.

In whichever way we interpret, the Arjun Mahendran’s Bond Scam will generate sufficient smell throughout the world, to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka. The officials of the Government of Singapore have already expressed their shock and dismay on the behaviour of one of its citizens in a foreign country.  There is no room whatsoever in Singapore for illegal activities such as the Sri Lankan Bond Scam.

The Cope Committee headed by its Chairman JVP MP Mr Sunil Hadunhetti  read out the recommendations into the Bond Scam  in the Parliament on 28 October, 2016.    These recommendations were agreed upon by all 26 members of the Committee.

Giving her evidence before the Presidential Royal Commission into the Bond Scam, the Government Printer Gangani Kalpana Liyanage has said today ( 27 Feb. 2017) that the Notification to publish the Gazette on the subject matter was received  by the Government Printer in December 2016 from the Public Debt Department of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

The Cope Committee could not find out these vital  facts as the Gazette was not available in October 2016.

The crooks have planned to involve the President Mahinda Rajapakse   for giving his ostensible authority for the scam, when they used a post-dated timing for the publication of the Gazette  to December 2016,  using the name of Mr Mahinda Rajapakse, who was not the Minister of Finance in January 2015.  This has been very smart foot work by the team of crooks, waiting until the conclusion of Cope Committee Report.

                       Thieves are always the most careful of their purses.”
Robert Jordan,


  1. Kumari Says:

    I have also heard “Crooks are organised while the innocent are not”. Our Crooks can’t do that even properly. The only help for them in the FCID. Not surprised if the innocent lady at the Government Printing Dept is locked up through the FCID.

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