The imbecile British MPs should understand that Sri Lanka is not a colony of theirs
Posted on March 2nd, 2017


The British Imperialists who grossly plundered the wealth and resources of the Asia Pacific and African nations in competition with several other European tyrant countries, who butchered scores of natives in countries they set their dirty foot in, who created ethnic divisions in their colonized countries and made people to hate each other, who denied even basic and employment rights to the majority people in these colonies, who created a bourgeois class in these countries, to continuously sustain their interests and remain ever slavish to them, left Sri Lanka in 1948 leaving a horde of Kalu Suddha Sinhalayas and Tamil chauvinists as their flunkies.

Fortunately, with the people’s power established in 1956 and thereafter, under the premierships of S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike and Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike we were able to remove all their anchors and make Sri Lanka a free and sovereign State. Despite this these crest fallen Britishers still think the sovereign independent State of Sri Lanka is a colony of theirs perhaps due to the existence yet in the country the progenies of their Kalu Suddhas and Tamil chauvinists who are ever willing to dance to heir tunes and who totally lack patriotism.

It is indeed queer to find that these British imperialists speaking about Sri Lanka as it is a country of their own and holding Parliamentary debates on Sri Lanka affairs without minding about their own issues.

The British House of Commons Hansard has published details of a debate held there on 28th February under the topic Sri Lanka : UN Human Rights Council” in which members of Conservative, Labour and other Parties have participated and have made much contributions in support of full implementation of the UN resolution No. 30/1 of 2015. The debate had been led by the Conservative MP for Kingston and Surbiton Constituency Mr. James Berry who is a fervent supporter of tiger terrorist Tamil diaspora and a zealot of the British Tamil Forum. At the time of writing this article it was mentioned in his website that this British MP left for Geneva this morning (2nd March) to argue for the full implementation of the UNHRC resolution 30/1 of 2015 which was co-sponsored by the western stooge Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera.

As per the House of Commons Hansard the Labour party lady MP for Enfield North Joan Ryan who is a staunch supporter of Tamil terrorists has said that it is a timely debate and many of the key promises made by the Government of Sri Lanka in 2015—justice, accountability, human rights protections, reconciliation—have not been fulfilled yet and that the UK Government must support a follow-up resolution in Geneva calling on Sri Lanka to provide a clear timetable for the implementation of all outstanding commitments.

James Berry has also stressed that in resolution 30/1, the Government of Sri Lanka agreed to a clause that included the words the importance of participation in a Sri Lankan judicial mechanism, including the Special Counsel’s office, of Commonwealth and other foreign judges, defence lawyers, and authorised prosecutors and investigators”.

He has pointed out that there had been scant progress towards the establishment of that tribunal—the judicial mechanism. He has criticized the Sri Lankan Government for not yet having started to hold hearings; and has also criticized the government for not having a timetable for setting up the judicial mechanism. .He has called on all members of the UN Human Rights Council, including the British Government, to lead the world in seeking proper accountability for human rights abuses in Sri Lanka and full delivery of the hard-won commitment in resolution 30/1 to an independent, or at least international, tribunal with the involvement of foreign and Commonwealth judges, prosecutors and defence lawyers.

Meanwhile, insomnia infected Mangala Samaraweera who has completely forgotten the agonies endured by the Sri Lankan Sinhala and Muslim populations and the destructions caused to Sri Lanka’s economy under 30 years of ruthless LTTE terrorism, speaking at the 34th session of the UNHRC in Geneva has blamed that extremist forces in Sri Lanka are delaying reconciliation.  It seems that fellows like Sambandan and Sumandiran et al are not extremists but peace loving individuals for this guy. He has said that those living in the north and east, have been dissatisfied with the pace of government initiatives.

He has also outlined the steps being taken by the diaspora appeasing government which include formulation of the legal framework of the proposed Counter Terrorism Act to meet international standards, expedite the Constitution-making process, and has begged for more time to take its efforts forward.  This person has no shame and genuflects before the aliens without standing firm as a proud Sri Lankan.

6 Responses to “The imbecile British MPs should understand that Sri Lanka is not a colony of theirs”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Nizam. WELL SAID!

    You were the SLFP Matara organizer in 1980s. That shows how TRUSTWORTHY you are for SL.

    To give him credit MR said it best.

    He told Cum-moron “PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES AT OTHERS” referring to HORRENDOUS WAR CRIMES Britain does in the Falkland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Diego Garcia, etc.

    Britain thinks IF SL gives into Tamil demands Britain will be FREE from TOOTY GANG and other Tamil underworld in London. NO. Like puppies following a kind person LTTEs will flock to the UK.

  2. Nimal Says:

    I doubt that these politicians mentioned above are truly care about the welfare of the suffering people in the third world but for the high number of diaspora votes in their constituencies.

  3. Christie Says:

    Nazin UK has too many Indian colonial parasites and vermin.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    These MPs’ heart bleeds according to the number of votes they can muster in their constituencies. This is how it
    If the numbers are high enough to secure their election then the hearts bleed
    If the numbers are not high enough their hearts won’t bleed.
    Amazing hearts they have. This same sort of hearts you find in all the countries where the diasporats settled down,
    us, uk, france, canada, germany, etc. etc. If the diasporats scattered over a large area, then the hearts won’t bleed.
    The diasporats have to be in a constituency with large numbers. That’s the condition for the hearts to bleed. I asked
    few of those bleeding hearts, if they ever heard a country called syria. All of them said they don’t have enough
    diasporats from that country in their constituencies. That is the magic formula for a heart to bleed. Pathetic!

    Nimal you are right about the diaporats votes. Wrong in saying third world.
    Third world is a derogatory term, used by some people to look down on people in those countries. They are also people. You might find better, principled people in those countries as well. Why third? Why not second? Why not developing world?
    Even in a richest society, there are poor people. So there are rich countries, poor countries etc. That’s how it is
    locally, nationaly, internationally. Even in an aNimal kingdom, there are powerful, less powerful creatures. That’s

  5. Nimal Says:

    Weak and poor should be our trust. We should care for them as the old saying says that all five fingers are not the same.Therefore the sense of charity and tolerance should be paramount in any civilized country.

  6. Nimal Says:

    Nizam no doubt hoping like me that SL will be a colony of UK and will be the first to send his people to settle in UK.So be honest, sour grapes I suppose?.But we could make SL as good as UK but a lot of sacrifices must be made, just as in Singapore.So make me the President.

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