An Ancient Island in Dire Peril
Posted on March 13th, 2017

R Chandrasoma

Ancient Sri Lanka paid heavily for its misfortune in being very close to that politico-geographic behemoth called India. Indeed, the history of our land is – broadly speaking – coterminous with our encounters with our dangerous neighbour.

The fact that we are – to some degree – plagiarists in matters of culture and religion does not obviate the fact that the principal threat to our ancient civilization has come from India. Indeed, opportunistic invasions and partial colonization by hordes from India were a sad but indelible feature of our rich and varied history. This threat continues to this day and to say that our ancient Island is in dire peril today is no flight of fancy.

Let us briefly recount the Indian Hand in the tumult of recent years. The Tamil Tiger Rebellion would not have had chance if the Indian Special Forces had not armed and trained them in the first instances. Tamil Separatism and its attendant ideological dreams are now part of the sub-culture of the region and it would be foolish indeed to suppose that Tamil separatism in Sri Lanka would ever be divorced from that long-continued malignancy in that region.

The ‘malignancy’ we speak of is the thirst of the Tamil autochthons to find a place in the world as a Free and Independent People. Their best bet today is the destabilization of Sri Lanka and the establishment of a platform in The North-East (Eelam) that would serve as a springboard for more grandiose projects.

In this grand vista, what is the role of the Indian Government? A powerful and stable Sri Lanka is not good news for India – paradoxical though this may seem.

That it is prepared to go the extra mile to thwart political excellence if its hegemonic status is threatened was wonderfully illustrated in the downfall of the government (of MR’s) that defeated the Tamil Tigers and made Sri Lanka the most stable and prosperous country in South Asia.

The Indian Government in collaboration with those Western Powers whose sole aim is to destabilize and destroy emerging nations worked wonders to overthrow MR and reduce Sri Lanka to a client state. That local ‘westernized’ traitors were not wanting in this despicable project should not come as a surprise given the historic perfidy of the elite in Sri Lanka.

We come to the main point. It is said that history repeats itself and things are so nicely poised in favour of the Indians that a ‘repeat’ of past follies seems inevitable. As a first step the North-East Elamists will defy the weak and feckless government in power and act on an agenda of their own devising of which the principal task will be the expulsion of the Sinhala Troops from the North and East.

As the Government dithers, an incident such as the sinking of a Tamil Fishing boat – supposedly but the Navy- will provide the needed excuse to the Indians to land auxiliary forces in open support of the Eelamists in NE Sri Lanka. What can we expect the Feckless Fools leading our country to do if such a challenge must be faced? Will they not give in just as JR ‘bottomed out’ before Dixit and the Indian Army? For the first time in recent history we have a leadership that blames the Sinhala people for the misfortunes of the past.

The Tamils were ‘wronged’ by Sinhala racists – a logic which dictates that Prabhakaran appeared as the ‘avenger’ to punish the wicked Sinhala Buddhists. That such aberrations in thinking are commonplace in the governing elite of this country makes the future dire indeed.

A final point. How can we make Sri Lanka safe from the marauding Indian leviathan – an entity that has menaced all its neighbour-states and contributed nothing to global stability? It is said the power comes out of the barrel of a gun – if we – with Chinese help – install advanced missile batteries in the NE coast line, the Indians will find that they have bitten their own tail.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Indian Empire extends from Fiji to Guyana. Look at who were the election observers sent by the Commonwealth in 2005 when the Indian Empire installed Mahinda and when it uninstalled him in 2015.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Every time catholic run UNPatriotic party in power, traitor india and the west are all over Sri Lanka like a rash.
    UNPatriotics dance to their tune no matter what. No questions asked. Anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka catholic run UNPatriotic get 100% votes from traitor tamils, mussies and the catholics. So the UNPatriotics always promote the minorities.

    To make things worse for Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese and Buddhism, some traitor Sinhala modayas support this
    Sinhalese murdering, Sri Lanka destroying, Buddhism destroying catholic run UNPatriotic party. Now the biggest
    traitor ever in the history of Sri Lanka die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil
    wickramaSinhalakiler ruling Sri Lanka. So he let the indians and the west dismember Sri Lanka. Wadakaya (people
    saw how Wadakaya behaved yesterday after having some wadakaha sudiya in the big match; a disgrace) having no offspring don’t have to think twice. Dismember dismember, be my guest!

    Sinhala modayas: Chinese are the best antibiotic to keep the viruses india and the west away from Sri Lanka. We all (with brains) saw during MR’s time how india and the west stayed away from Sri Lanka. No country wants to upset the Chinese these days. So they just disappear. Simple like that for people with brains and a bit of patriotism
    (not for the traitor Sinhala modayas). Indians learned their lesson when they went to war with the Chinese in the
    60s. They started thinking easy peasy. But were trounced in no time.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    I agree with Chandrasoma. This fact must be understood by all very clearly.

    No good strategies for the island are doable because of the Indian invasion threat according to Dayan. Every discussion ends with the threat of Indian invasion. If so, we must understand that the biggest threat to Sri Lanka is the threat of Indian invasion! And have a solution to it than pander into Tamil racist demands.

    I agree with the solution and have been advocating for it since 2010 but to no avail. Factually, Mahinda removed more area of military camps in the north and set the trend of pandering into Tamil, Indian and western demands for demilitarization. India helped oust Mahinda not because he was anti-Indian, but because he was not pro-Indian enough to India’s liking.

    What is needed is not Chinese missile deployment or a Taiwan like advanced radar station that can monitor all air activity 4,800 km away, but a symbolic Chinese military presence. That is all is needed to deter India. Once the Indian invasion threat is managed this way, Sri Lanka is free to do what is best for it.

    Maldives provides a fantastic example of how a nation smaller than us has very successfully deterred India and USA. Now Maldives goes even further by allowing Saudi Arabia put up an economic and defence installation at a cost of $10 billion (higher than all Chinese loans of Sri Lanka). Saudi Arabia came an understanding with China prior to the Maldives deal. Similarly, Sri Lanka must come to a defence deal with China to deter a civilization-ending Indian invasion, indirect or direct. It has to be done soon but with another pro-Indian regime in Colombo, chances are slim.

    This cannot be done as long as people like Dayan and Chandrika have the ears of all significant political actors on all sides.

  4. Christie Says:

    Thanks Dilrook.

    Just before Mahinda was ousted by India, India was involved in a dirty attack in internal affairs of Maldives. They do not have Indian colonial parasites like we do. They have united against India. It is good that we have Pakistan, Bangladesh and Maldives.

    What we need is unity among the non Indian Colonial Parasites.

    India has successfully divided us over the time.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    SL needs a CHINESE submarine base in TRINCO. It will be game over for Endia. IF that happens, Endia will start to treat SL with R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    Until then bully Endia will push its dirty weight around.

    Before anything, SL leader must STOP running to THIRUPATHY. IF SL leaders keep running to Endia to worship, Endians will AGAIN use it as a CARROT & STICK to TAME them.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka should take care of what is going on WITHIN Lanka.
    Sri Lanka cannot control outside foreign countries.

    Alternative solution welcome.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Why was Sri Lanka so maligned by INDIA earlier ?

    It was because of the pro-west JRJ govt during the Cold War times (1946-1991), was it not ?

    Right now, Yahap is running with both INDIA & west.

    * Just make sure that Yahap does NOT flip its lid and sell/99 yr leases off Lanka (esp LAND), to these two parties,
    build a sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu where awaits over 15 Million Dalit Tamils who want to get away from TN (birth certs state low caste status, INDIAN census done with Caste base, thus Discrimination from birth to death).

    * Say NO to new Constitution (as warned by Pres Mahinda).

    Some suggestions to bring stability within the country :

    * Free Trade Zones in different parts of the island (N&E too), sounds like a fair arrangement.
    * Education system all over the island should be re-vamped. Arts grads become jobless – the Arts grad education is of not much use in getting jobs in the country or outside. Instead, provide many Tech schools through theh govt., all over the island, especially for students after their A-levels.

  8. Dilrook Says:


    Having a Chinese military presence is purely an internal matter of Sri Lanka. India or any other country has no business with it. If it is not done, India will invade the island and establish its own military bases, colonization schemes and satellite states. For a middle path outcome, Sri Lanka needs Chinese military presence.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:


    In my view, any permanent foreign military presence in Sri Lanka, is asking for trouble.

    INDIA & China signed 10 Border Peace Agreements a couple years ago. They take care of themselves. So should Lanka. Have the UN protect Lanka, not individual countries.
    R2P for Lanka is a good idea, for all the citizens.
    In turn, all Lanka citizens ought to be good PATRIOTS.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    “Sri Lanka should take care of what is going on WITHIN Lanka.”

    Come to the real world Fran.

    SL already have US military in IRANAVILLA and the COLOMBO-3 US embassy is modernized to house US marines. Katunayake airport has US DRONE landing place and hanger facilities since 2007. SL already has Endian military in IRANAIMADU, PALALI, TRINCO OIL TANKS area since 2006, HAMBANTOTA Endian high commission office and Colombo Endian high commission office. Most of them came (and stayed behind) for USELESS Endian radar to detect air tiger planes.

    A Chinese SYMBOLIC PRESENCE is not enough. We need REAL Chinese military with missiles, C4ISR, subs and aircraft in SL.

    Then we have a BALANCE.

  11. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Agree with Dilrook. It is Chinese presence we need in Sri Lanka. Militarily or commercially. After all, the west and
    india use Sri Lanka as a pawn to curb Chinese domination in the indian ocean. Once the Chinese are heavily
    involved in Sri Lanka, they will just fade away. Simple solution to the problem.

    But who is going to do it? Traitors
    maru sira the gamarala or traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil BayGal
    karaya (tom pachaya? or baygal karaya. Both correct. A verr very versatile man) not going to do it. We need MR, Gota co. do it. With a lot of Sinhala modayas supporting these traitor
    YAMA PALLAN it is a long way away. It may be too late then. No point telling those traitor Sinhala modayas!

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    We know already what you say above.

    Sri Lanka is a small country.
    Play the Game as a small country.

    Big Games are for the Big Boys. And China ‘ain’t stupid’, fortunately.
    China does what China wants, and maintains their own safety, as does INDIA, fortunately.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Er, and you missed out that a British Official is the Chief Adivisor to the SL Army.
    Do correct me if I am wrong here.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Read as ‘Advisor’

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Oh, I forgot to add that the Obama administration trained the SL Army at Wirawila to get ready for the the war with the LTTE, and also located some 12 arms ships of the LTTE in the Indian Ocean.

    Warning : Nothing is given without a price tag attached …. be aware ?
    Also that Colombo cannot just move a finger and get the Big Boys to act …. ?

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    Did that British official help SL without landing in SL or within SL having a FORMAL defence agreement? NO WAY!

    So NOBAMA’s army trained SL army out of the blue?

    Get real Fran. World works on GIVE AND TAKE. We consume and we pay for it a reasonable price. We are not after free food and we are not going to pay too much either.

    Do you know since 2006 ENDIAN RADAR EXPERTS are in SL (STILL) with a USELESS INDIRA radar. USELESS for SL. It failed to detect LTTE planes because it was NEVER MEANT to!! It monitors Chinese ships and possible planes in the region for Endia!!

    ALL LTTE air force attacks succeeded because of this and we could not stop them. Their final was a KAMIKAZE attack.

    We are not BIG BOYS but we are NOT DOORMATS either.

    In 2012 Endia aimed their NUCLEAR MISSILES at SL and forced SL to accept the UNHRC resolution, remove army camps, release terrorists and do other nasty things. SL had no choice than do it. Can Endia do this IF Chinese long range and short range missiles were in SL? NO. Then Endia will have to RESPECT SL.

    In world affairs RESPECT is earned by the barrel of the gun in this KALIYUGA. After KALIYUGA your theory works.

    SL needs Chinese DONGFENG21 missiles and a Chinese military base. Not a TOY symbolic base but a REAL base that can whack MOTHERENDIA if she ever tries to mess with us just because we are small.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    Please read what others write and then answer.

    I have already said “Noting is given without a price tag attached … be aware”.
    This is in answer to your ‘get real’.

    In the end, truth of matters & Truth wins.

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    A Chinese missile deployment deal HAS costs but NOT DOING it has BIGGER COSTS including breaking up SL, making SL part of Endia and deploying Endian nuclear missiles in SL targeting China and Pakistan.

    We select the LEAST BAD option (Chinese missile deployment in SL).

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    Go ahead and get it done, IF the Chinese agree, which I doubt very much.
    Less of the Big Powers in Lanka, the better.

    In my opinion, the best option is for the Govt of Sri Lanka to have a Law that SRI LANKA PORTS (AIR & SEA) ARE ONLY FOR PEACEFUL PURPOSES.
    Also, Remove the 13-A.

    Case closed.

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