Dr P .Saravanamuttu at the Military Academy
Posted on March 19th, 2017


Any person with an iota of IQ would have hidden his head in utter shame seeing garlanded Dr Pakiyasothi Saravanmuttu being welcomed to the John Kothalawala Military academy as a guest of honour by the Principal of the institution.

To recognize Dr PS is simply a case of Sri Lanka military authorities leaping upon the sacred alter either through compulsion by the higher political movers or an act of putting one’s foot in it perpetrated by the military men seeking short term favours from their masters. In either scenario, it is indeed an ugly act which sticks in one’s gullet.

Dr PS career speaks volumes about his direct and indirect support of the objectives and agenda which contradicts Sri Lankan armed forces core values and issues faced during the last three decades. The most critical issue which confronted Sri Lankan armed forces was to tackle LTTE terrorism backed by the separatists. Dr PS  was firmly on the side opposite the Sri Lankan armed forces and was highly critical of the role played by them. After the war Dr PS had been riding the high horse in his numerous tasks in running down the achievements of the military to please his separatist’s bloc and paymasters. One glaring example is the his push for the foreign judges to investigate the ‘war crimes’ said to be committed by the members of the Sri Lankan armed forces. Given below is a report of Dr PS’s views which does not take into account the sovereign rights of the nation and its Parliament. I quote,

Addressing the media at the Government Information Department, Secretary to the group of activists Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu said that particular recommendation had been made in accordance with the Geneva Resolution adopted in Oct, 2015. The Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) underscored the full participation of foreign personnel while emphasizing the pivotal importance of a proper selection process for both local and foreign judges and other personnel.”

This is how Dr PS attempted to bend the constitutional rights of the Nation to suit his narrow agenda. On another piece on Dr PK, a writer comments,

   Dr. Pakiasothy Saravanamuthy (Secretary)

Dr. Pakiasothy is the Executive Director of the CPA. CPA has since its inception been at the forefront of the advocacy of federalism as a political and constitutional idea for addressing many of the constitutional problems and anomalies that characterize the Sri Lankan State.” (www.cpalanka.org)

CPA was at the forefront of the 2002 Norwegian backed Cease Fire Agreement and recipient of Rs. 272.31 mn during the three-year period. Some of these funding sources Norwegian Embassy, Commission Des Communautes (Norway), European Commission, European Union, National Endowment for Democracy (US),

Donors to CPA include USAID, Canadian International Development Agency, EU, Ford Foundation, GTZ, National Democratic Institute, NORAD, OXFAM, Save the Children Sri Lanka, Asia Foundation, Berghof Foundation, Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung, UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR

He was openly critical of the GOSL banning 16 LTTE fronts under UNSC Resolution 1373 in 2014 though not calling that they be investigated to prove their links to the LTTE and thereafter have them removed if not..”

To add insult to the injury Dr PK ‘s handling of the activities and especially the administration of the vast funds donated by numerous sources to his CPA has opened many a query.

Quoting Colombo Telegraph Dr Saravanamuttu is himself accused of similar kinds of corruption – billing for un-held workshops, double billing scandals; i.e getting grants from two donors to do the same task and duplicating receipts, hotel bills and other bills to submit to donors (perhaps even submitting same bills to multiple donors), and hoodwinking donors by filing expenses under safe cost columns.” www.colombotelegraph.com
Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu & CPA Slip White-Collar Crime Under ‘Executive-Summary’ Carpet www.colombotelegraph.com….”

Whistleblowers continue to send us information that indicates that there is fraud, nepotism, favoritism, selective punishment, signature forgeries and other serious problems in the CPA.  We are in the process of investigating these allegations. We have given more than enough time to CPA to respond.  It is up to the CPA to reply and clear its name. It is European Union’s and UNESCO’S duty to compare the project proposals and the bills which the CPA and IFJ have submitted and make them public. What we have shown is how people pocket NGO money and how they cheat the donors by producing forged bills. The story is still unfolding.

We conclude this by quoting the anti-corruption activist, a retired civil servant who checked the documents against the allegations: When you first spoke to me about these allegations I couldn’t believe something like this could’ve happened under Dr Sara, but after the investigation I can say, ‘the CPA is a CESSPIT OF BILE”’.”

Above is a thumb sketch of Dr PS who was invited as a guest of honour and dully garlanded by Sri Lanka’s premier military academy.

It should be clear to any discriminating reader that Dr PS is not an astute member of the civil society nor a person who recognizes the importance of the Nation State. He is indeed a Devil’s advocate or a Devil dodger. The persons of his calibre if invited to important occasions of the armed forces let alone any other nationally significant functions will only bring disgrace and humiliation,

It is not too late to identify properly the individuals who carry fire in one hand and water in the other.


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  1. Christie Says:

    Inviting this Indian Colonial Parasite to the Land owned by Sir John Kotalawala is an insult to one of the great Sinhala leaders.

    If Nehru Kotalawala agreement was put in to practice this parasite would have been sent to India or he would have become part of the Natives of Ceylon.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Our thanks to Ranjith Soysa for stating matters as they are.
    He states this fact about Tamil leaders : ” ….carry fire in one hand and water in the other”.
    None of the Tamil leaders ‘fire’ have been put away. The ‘water’ is minimal.

    These Tamil leaders ‘fires’ are still in place.

    – V’koddai Resolution (from 1976) – Eelam through Violence, which item led to ALL the trouble, as INDIA ran with this Resolution and trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu, and

    – also imposed the 13-A under Duress on the pro-west JRJ govt. and this imposition is still in place to the detriment of Sri Lanka’s unitary status, security & wellbeing of the citizens, detriment of international reputation, funds & fiscal matters, etc. etc.

    – After effects of the 1983 trumped up Riots still in place through the Tamil Diaspora which was formed after the trumped up Riots (also through INDIA, through Envoy J.N. Dixit, then called the Vice Roy of Lanka). The JRJ govt was not able to impose a curfew to stop the riots till after a number of days of rioting. INDIA called the shots, threatening ‘invasion of Lanka’.

    – The New Constitution : utterly detrimental to the unitary status of Lanka. Sri Lanka does NOT need a new Constitution. Just remove the ILLEGAL 13-A.
    NO more sale/leases of STATE LAND to foreigners.

    It is high time Tamil Leaders became PATRIOTS OF LANKA.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  4. Fran Diaz Says:


    Sir John was from the Colonial era.
    Sri Lanka got her own Constitution only in 1972, after some 500 yrs of Colonisation.

    Every country the west demands Patriotism. Why not Lanka ?
    That is the only way to bring a lasting sense of Security for ALL in Lanka.

    If there are other ways to bring a lasting sense of Security for All in Lanka, please do not hesitate to write in the ideas.

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    Most gut wrenching thing I saw post 19 May 2009! Who are these lily livered gutter snipes who escort this representative of the Racist Tamil Terrorists? Where are our Ranaviruwoes? Is there anybody still left in Sri Lanka?

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    The FOREMOST apologist for the LTTE and the Chief Antagonist of the Military trying to crucify our War Heroes in Geneva is GARLANDED at Sri Lanka’s Premier Military Academy?

    What more DESHADROHI acts are we going to see from this SIMPLY AWFUL Yamapalanaya?

    Aiyoooo Sirisena ….. DO YOU SEE what your Yamapallas are DOING,
    or are you too busy shaking the ungloved hands of foreign potentates??

  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  8. Christie Says:

    1983 gunning down of unarmed Sinhala soldiers was a well planned act by the Indian intelligence service and Indian Colonial Parasites. It was a well planned scheme to send hundreds of thousands to Indian Colonial Parasites to the West as refugees.

    Sir John was a great Sinhala leader who did not suck to India or the West. He was a part of the UNP government who set the foundation for a prosperous Ceylon.

    Frank I am sure you know that Sarawanamuttu is on the Indian and Indian Colonial Parasites payroll.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:


    We were there to witness the 1983 Riots. At that time, we did not know what was happening. Yes, you are right that INDIA was behind a lot of it. We helped our Tamil neighbors and a Tamil office co-worker. They were thankful for the help. The help was given with some fear as we heard that various gangs were on the lookout to attack homes helping Tamils. Later we heard that Tamils too were in these gangs to point out Tamil homes ! Also some were dressed in white jatawas on their heads and tucked up white sarongs, and carried long wooden poles, as in old time Sinhale style, as for a filming. Indeed, films were made of the 1983 Riots and these fillms were shown in the west by the then Tamil Ambassadors, Luxmi Naganathan, Balendran & Moorthy, in Bonn (Germany), Paris & London.

    Question : Why is it that the Govts of Sri Lanka are made to look like fools, every time ??
    This must STOP.

    And people ask why Sri Lanka citizens leave Sri Lanka !



    Thanks. Yes, we got to keep trying.

    ALL Children should be taught PATRIOTISM in Lanka.
    We are sitting on a powder keg ….. future generations will suffer greatly if PATRIOTISM is not taught at an early age.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    “ALL Children should be taught PATRIOTISM in Lanka.”

    I AGREE but be prepared for consequences as well.

    IF SLs are patriots (a good thing) they will NOT TOLERATE politicians sleeping with KP and Karuna. They will get rid of such politicians.

    IF SLs are patriots they will NOT tolerate politicians doing night races in the HOLY CITY of Kandy.

    IF SLs are patriots they will NOT tolerate people who put up with VIGGIE.

    IF SLs are patriots they will not tolerate a politician who made HACK-HIM the justice minister!!

    IF SLs are patriots they will NOT live with THIRUPATHY worshiping politicians (INCLUDING Sira, RUN-NIL, MR).

    You can’t eat the cake and have the cake. Wither eat it or have it.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    YAAPA(LA)NAYA govt. is making maximum insults to SL armed forces.

    They will PAY.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    1983 Riots : Note that the fellows I saw dressed up in white sarongs etc looked wild and drugged.

  13. helaya Says:

    Shame, shame. What kind of idiots do such a thing. Before the war ended this idiot came to Washington DC with another Sri Lankan (Sinhala) idiot Hotuwa, and ave a talk in Washington University. I went there with photocopies of document and pictures of LTTE handy work. I disributed them among the audience but no body gave a hoot. Sarwanamuttu said that SL army is raping women in North and east. I spoke and argued against the allegation and they enthroned me that I will be escorted by security. I gave gave my best to contradict these idiots.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Thank you Helaya! You are among the best of us Patriots!

  15. Dilrook Says:

    I have exposed this person many a time in these pages. However to my utter disappointment, he was appointed a human rights advisor to the government in 2006! In 2007, he and 3 others resigned from it.

    We have blundered the human rights matter from the very start and our infighting in political party camps worsened it. Those who forget history are condemned with its repetition.

    I wrote this hard hitting article while he was in the government’s human rights advisory in July 2007. He along with others (including Ranil) formed what they called the National Congress to “rectify” Black July in July 2007 and to topple the then government.


  16. ranjit Says:

    Already this silly, stupid, bankrupt government is dancing to the tune of LTTE and their sympathizers because they came to power by their vote and their green bucks from abroad. This shameless government will do anything to please them. They have put our war heroes to the ground zero. They made our strong armed forces to look like robots with no respect. There were many incidents where our heroes were treated very shamefully in front of the world. Ranil,Chandrika Bonny and Clyde dual couldn’t stop the war but talk big after they came back to power. These two mongol idiots think we are all stupid like them and keep on talking lies and lies all the time to hoodwink the people in this country. I have never seen a shameless government like this in my whole life. The funny thing is they don’t care whether the citizens eat or drink. They are not worried about the issues facing the public but enjoying round trips around the world with their big families.
    The day will come sooner or later and they will not have a place to hide just pray for that day my dear citizens. People are fed up of these ungrateful, habitual, evil three funny characters S-R- C in short because they are short of mind.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    PATRIOTISM does not mean that one has to be intolerant.
    Tolerance & forgiveness (up to a point), are Common Sense feelings.
    Tolerance is basic Buddhism too, as well as Core Teachings of other religions.
    Tolerance is a part of Democracy.

    All the items you mention above as PATRIOTISM are points affecting society to Debate on and decide, and are not parts of PATRIOTISM. Some of it is irrelevant for Debate as such, and up to persons in charge and groups to act on e.g. Night Car Racing in Kandy, can be allowed in day time, a fair distance away from the Dalada area which ought to be noise, pollution free area.

    PATRIOTISM is to put one’s Country & People first, put safety, security and wellbeing of People first.
    I think that if Lanka’s children were taught about PATRIOTISM at an early age and how important it is to be PATRIOTIC, Lanka would not have had civil wars, and ‘divide & rule’ and strife.
    PATRIOTS ought to be rewarded by civil society.
    PATRIOTS from any community in Lanka can be recognised easily, even by children, whatever community they come from.

    The ordinary Tamils of Lanka have been misled by Colonists, Tamil leaders and INDIA.

    It is time to forgive & forget.
    It is time to be truly PATRIOTIC.

  18. Christie Says:

    “The ordinary Tamils of Lanka have been misled by Colonists, Tamil leaders and INDIA.”

    “ordinary Tamils” are also Indian Colonial Parasites; whether they are in Ceylon or any other Indian Colony.

  19. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Fran,

    Please permit me a small correction: FORGIVE if deserved, but NEVER FORGET!

    Some Sinhala Buddhists FORGOT how MR/UPFA rescued Sri Lanka from the grip of EELAMIST terrorism, and voted for the Yamapalanaya!

    Now see where that FORGETFULNESS has gotten our motherland; BACK ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK!

    ONE of those who spewed the EELAMIST propaganda supporting the Yamapalanaya REGIME CHANGE is Katussa (Lorenzo), now desperately trying to get us Patriots to FORGET his DEVIOUS ACTIVITIES!

    Let us REMEMBER, and AVOID FALLING during the DAYLIGHT of TODAY into the same PIT we fell into in the DARKNIGHT of YESTERDAY!

    To FORGIVE may be DIVINE, but to FORGET is ASININE!

    REMEMBER that DAY OF INFAMY, Jan 8, 2015!

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    You cannot have TOLERANCE OF TERRORISM, SEPARATISM and RACISM and PATRIOTISM all in the same.

    NO WAY!

    Patriotism does NOT tolerate these. FULL STOP.

    “The ordinary Tamils of Lanka have been misled by Colonists, Tamil leaders and INDIA.

    It is time to forgive & forget.”

    What complete NONSENSE! Tamils misled colonists, west and Endia with LIES, PROPAGANADA, RACISM and a FAKE TAMIL homeland.

    It was CHELVA who offered TRINCO to Endia in 1958 IF Endia allowed TAMIL ELAM. Even then Endia was NOT interested.

    FORGET? If SLs forget history it will repeat!!

    FORGIVE? There is NO forgivence in Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Only in Christianity. So 93% of SLs do NOT believe in FORGIVING sins and crimes.

  21. Indrajith Says:

    පාක්‍යසෝති අද ජිනීවාහිදී හයිබ්‍රිඩ් ඉල්ලයි.

    කීර්ති වර්ණකුලසූරිය ජිනීවා සිට- Divaina.

    ජාත්‍යන්තර විනිසුරුවරුන් සහිත හයිබ්‍රිඩ් අධිකරණය ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ස්‌ථාපිත කිරීමට ජාත්‍යන්තර ප්‍රජාව ක්‍රියා කළ යුතු බව ඉල්ලමින් රජයේ සංහිඳියා කාර්ය සාධක බළකායේ ලේකම් පාක්‍යසෝති සරවණමුත්තු මහතා අද (20 වැනිදා) ජිනීවා මානව හිමිකම් කවුන්සිලයේ රැස්‌වීමක්‌ අමතනු ඇත.

    මෙම රැස්‌වීම අමතා නිමල්කා ප්‍රනාන්දු සහ රාජ්‍ය නොවන සංවිධාන ක්‍රියාකාරිනියක වූ සිවචන්ද්‍රන් සරෝජ සහ මුලතිව්හි රාජ්‍ය නොවන ක්‍රියාකාරිනියක වන පෙන්සිලා මහත්මීන් දේශන පවත්වති.

    මෙම රැස්‌වීමේ අරමුණ කොටි මහවිරු දිනය සැමරීමට ඉඩ දිය යුතු බව දක්‌වන නිර්දේශ ඇතුළත් භයානක නිර්දේශ ඉදිරිපත් කළ රජයේ සංහිඳියා කාර්ය සාධක බළකායේ වාර්තාව ජාත්‍යන්තර ප්‍රජාව හමුවේ ප්‍රකාශයට පත්කිරීමයි.

    මෙය මෙහෙයවන්නේ බ්‍රිතාන්‍ය එම් අයි බුද්ධි කණ්‌ඩායමේ චරපුරුෂයකු වූ ඩේවිඩ් බෙංගලි නමැත්තායි.

    රජය පත්කළ කමිටුවක වාර්තාවක්‌ රජයේ අවසරයකින් තොරව රාජ්‍ය නොවන සංවිධාන ක්‍රියාකාරීන් පිරිසක්‌ විසින් මානව හිමිකම් කවුන්සිලයේදී සාකච්ඡාවට ලක්‌කිරීම නීති විරෝධී ක්‍රියාවක්‌ බව ජිනීවා ආරංචි මාර්ග පවසයි.

  22. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks for response.
    Each of us can interpret the degree of ‘forgiveness or forgetting’ according to our own experiences – no harm in that. I was referring to the basic thought of “forgive & forget” which is healing.

    I myself will probably be cautious though I am for ‘forgiving & forgetting’ – we have to start the healing process some time or the other.

    We want the Tamil leaders to respond in a like manner. It can’t be a one way ‘forgiving & forgetting’ from some of us in the Sinhala community only.



    Please take your complaints to a priest from any religious group. Ordinary folk like myself cannot handle your list of grievances. Also, I have never heard that “there is no forgiveness in Buddhism” ! I am sorry you seem so hurt that you cannot even think of forgiving.
    Closing this thread.

  23. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Fran,

    TRUE, interpretation of “forgive and forget” is subjective and relative to the interpreter, but I was focusing on what is in the interest of our survival as a people.

    For survival, even if we choose to FORGIVE, choosing to FORGET is lethal to us!

    You are correct in contesting Katussa (Lorenzo) saying there is NO forgiveness in Buddhism.

    Forgiveness is part and parcel of Buddhist compassion that we are expected and encouraged to show each other.

    He is narrowly referring, I think, to the fact that in Buddhism there is no formal forgiveness of sins when it comes to determining your journey through samsara through the hethu-pala-dharmaya where both good acts and bad acts stand indelibly on their own.


    My own subjective view on these things, as a Sinhala Buddhist, is somewhat different from pure Buddhism.

    As a practical man, an Engineer and a Scientist by profession, I view the teachings of Buddhism as an ideal that I MUST and SHOULD strive to attain, but which I MUST and SHOULD set aside sometimes to SURVIVE.

    I am committed first to being a Sinhala Warrior, and second a Buddhist Upasakaya.

    I am keenly aware that if the Sinhala Warrior fails to ensure survival, then the Buddhist Upasakaya will cease to exist.

    This practical view guides my duty to our people and our motherland also, thus:

    1. When enemies prepare to assault us, I very compassionately advise them to cease and desist.

    2. When they come to kill us, I behead them as quickly as I can.

    3. Then I express my sincere condolences and sorrow to the severed heads.

    In this approach, I am on a very sound historical footing. I am following in the footsteps of those Buddhist monks who laid aside their robes and joined King Dutugamunu to liberate our land and our people from the invaders.

    I am also in the excellent company of King Senerath of Kandy Uda Rata who very kindly requested the Portuguese Captain General Lorenzo de Almeida to not invade his Kingdom, then annihilated the invading Portugese army, and then compassionately expressed his sincere sorrow to the severed head of Lorenzo when it was deposited at his feet in a wicker basket!

    Our SACRED DUTY to ourselves and our motherland is to SURVIVE FIRST, so we can PRACTICE Buddhism in all its COMPASSIONATE GLORY once PEACE is restored!

    That is my Sinhala Buddhism in a NUTSHELL: Be a Sinhala FIRST and a Buddhist SECOND!

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    This has NOTHING to do with a priest.

    NO COUNTRY just forgives and forgets WAR CRIMES done to its people, leaders, nation, etc. Tamil terrorists did all this to SL and there is NO forgiving or forgetting.

    (Even if we forgive and forget, Tamils will NEVER forgive or forget the DEFEAT their LTTE suffered.)

    Even in Christianity you are forgiven (NEVER forgotten) your sins ONLY IF you REPENT and DETERMINE not to do it again. Tamils have NOT undertaken this commitment. So NO forgiving anyway.

    So do NOT talk about FORGIVE and FORGET. Those things do NOT belong to SL.

    PATRIOTS never forget or forgive LTTE and other Tamil crimes against SL.


  25. Fran Diaz Says:


    We are in total agreement with you in that we have to SURVIVE first to practice Buddhism or any other religion.


    Lanka has to take steps to STOP what causes Endless troubles in Lanka.
    PATRIOTISM & at least some forgiveness (let’s drop the forget part), are a part of it to STOP the cycles of violence & mistrust.

    The past cycles of ignorance by all parties have to stop.


    Look at the larger picture Lanka faces :

    Whilst the CASTE SYSTEM of Tamil Nadu & INDIA go on, and Cold Wars tie up with this problem in INDIA, Sri Lanka will have to be on super guard mode to protect the Nation & the People from invasions and internal Games.

    The west is pressing some kind of re-set button now, to bring balance to those countries.

    Lanka now has a small window in time to press the re-set button too re Security for ALL in Lanka through the LAW, PATRIOTISM, and traits such as forgiveness (degree may differ from person to person, which is allowed), and other positive attributes which we all deserve as we ALL want a peaceful Nation.

    Tamil leaders MUST AGREE and remove the V’koddai Resoln (1976) – Eelam through violence – note that the V’Resoln happened before the 1983 trumped up Riots.

    Things to Do – Suggestions :

    * The ILLEGAL 13-A must be removed. No need for a new Constitution.
    * PATRIOTISM must come into the daily lives of Lankans, schools and upwards.
    * No more CHEAP LABOR from Tamil Nadu or elsewhere. Use the Labor already in Lanka. Train them as needs require, and mechanise as far as possible (tea plucking included – one machine replaces 4 workers).

  26. Fran Diaz Says:

    Add :

    * ALL PORTS (Sea & Air), MUST BE USED ONLY FOR PEACEFUL PURPOSES. This should be added as an Amendment to the existing Constitution. Again, no need for a new Constitution.

    This must be added on to the existing Constitution as an Amendment. Again, no need for a new Constitution.

    Many more suggestions are possible.

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