A Blueprint for Disintegration
Posted on March 23rd, 2017

 By Ananda Ariyarathne Courtesy Ceylon Today

“Normally a Constitution has the answers to any kind of complications; as it would either directly specify or indirectly facilitate the conditions that would provide the solutions. If a Constitution is made to provide the answers to complications that have been created for the objectives, pretending to be truly representative of the realities, the very purpose of a Constitution shall be lost and instead shall become the bases for new complications which would keep the beneficiaries burdened with, at the end.”

It is only now the true indications have come to light, and therefore attention has been drawn to the dangerous implications.

Within Sri Lanka, the political leadership, evidently has been busy only on the indications visible on the surface and therefore the reactions also had been based on superficial justifications ending up purely as ‘fire fighting’ operations. It is now very clear that such ‘passive indifference’ in policy making resulted in propagation and acceleration of the negative developments causing them to grow beyond easily manageable limits.

Friction and rioting

Friction that started with language issues and silly policies like rearranging motor-vehicle registration which neither had any productivity related justifications nor positive results definitely caused discomfort first and later bloody riots.

The same attitudes that dominated government policies and narrow minded foreign policies remained passive and helpless, while the discontent took the shape and signs of ‘armed insurrections’, but were misunderstood simply as something similar to JVP insurrections, by mainly Sinhalese Youth. No one noted the live undercurrent that was gaining momentum in South India by the Tamil Extremists.

Now, Sri Lanka has reached that dreadful turning point with a ‘Hybrid Constitution’ which cannot be linked to any honest and genuine national needs. Its multiple ‘objectives’ obviously prescribed by totally outside forces through a set of planners, promoters and implementers, with questionable abilities and aspirations, have contributed to the creation of the ‘Blueprint’.

Why should Sri Lankan Tamils and all the others reject such extremist aspirations?

This should be rejected by all the sensible people in this country as it is only a fancy dress designed by some who have not cared whether it could be actually worn and serve as a true dress.

The stand that a separate State is required because Tamil people had been having those areas as their Traditional Homelands is disproved by the statistics on Population Distribution in Sri Lanka as observed in 2011, there were 20,263,723 in whole of Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese were 15,173,820 (74.88 per cent), Sri Lankan Tamils were 2,270,924 ( 11.21 per cent) and the Indian Tamils were 842,323 ( 4.16 per cent).Out of the total Tamil population only about 51 per cent live in The Northern and Eastern Provinces. That means about 49 per cent live outside the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

It would be interesting to know that in Jaffna there were more than 130 Sinhalese villages in 1695 in Jaffna peninsula done by Dutch cartographers. (Map of Sinhala and Malabar Villages in Jaffanapatnam in 1695, in Beeldbank National Archives in the Netherlands)

What these mentally sick extremists are trying is to prepare a suitable background to have constant friction, leading to another blood bath. It will be a good enough reason for Sinhalese extremists to start agitations pointing the imbalance as their justification. If after getting a region carved out, 49 per cent of the Tamil people have to sustain themselves among the Sinhalese outside their ‘Traditional Homelands’, what kind of a solution would they have got ?

The difference will be that now and already they live in a geographically united country, very peacefully. After demarcating such an area for just 51 per cent of the Total Tamil Population, will not they need more land and facilities for a population which is just 02 per cent smaller? Why cannot they leave it as it is without creating unnecessary reasons for tension and friction?

Instead of promoting harmony and integration, what are they trying to do? They try to force an unwanted and illogically concocted Constitution on the people to promote divisions in every direction possible.

By recognizing Federal status what is attempted is to impose an Administrative Division that will raise the question of ‘How to share the resources?’ It is not a question that troubles anyone as it is, now. The presence of 49 per cent of the Tamil people already outside North and East proves it. Apart from trying to divide people based on ethnicities, the insistence on certain features in the Constitution has created further avenues for disintegration.

Preparation of the background

It has been a case of building on a variety of strategies to prove to the world that the Government of Sri Lanka, which is dominated by Sinhalese, has been harassing the Tamil people , whereas, it was the opposite that happened historically. Actually, it was the continuous Tamil invasions that harassed and pushed the Sinhalese to the South. The presence of 49 per cent of the Tamil Citizens outside the Northern and Eastern Provinces prove the Sinhala people still accommodated the Tamils because they were never considered as different. It was a mental condition slowly imposed by those who wished to show that Tamils had never been comfortable among the Sinhalese.

The Tamil people and all the other truly peace loving citizens in this country should reject such a Constitution as it shall not solve any of the problems, the promoters talk about. Also, all should reject such a proposition because; all the people have better access to opportunities now. This is not a vast land that cannot be managed as one single country.

The fact that, 49 per cent of the Tamil people are not in the Northern and Eastern Provinces prove, that the Tamil people have not been deprived of fair opportunities. Imagine 49 per cent is just 2 per cent less than those who are confined to the demarcated area.

Glorified concoction

When it is not the need of a nation it is definitely an absurdity. What is being forced on the people of Sri Lanka, claiming that it shall open the ways for ‘national harmony’ but has the opposite promoting disintegration, is in its entirety a concoction of some contradictory terms and conditions, propped up as the solutions for some problems, which had been created by similar shallow well-wishers in the past.

It can be called a ‘glorified concoction’ because those features cannot blend with the national picture. Although the promoters boast about it as the best way to bring in harmony through conciliation, they look more oriented towards distancing people, in an illogically dissected land capable of causing irreparable cracks in the social base.

Changing Strategies

As the bloody conflict had come to an end, the strategies also had to change as the Tamil Diaspora lost the opportunities to cry about atrocities and genocide. Now a new allegation was added on as ‘war crimes’. While the Sri Lankan Government was basking in ‘Glory’ and image building locally, with a set of jesters, the Tamil Diaspora went into action and their international lobbying started gaining and strengthening those who supported the LTTE and the Tamil Eelam.

The absence of a professional approach on the part of the Sri Lankan Government added towards indirect help for anti government publicity in the international scene. It can be logically assumed that even the Tamil Diaspora leadership also saw the opportunities in reaching their ultimate target, by guiding the Sri Lankan Tamil leadership to resort to alliances on the basis of considering enemy’s enemy as a friend, the guiding principle.

Enemys enemy is a friend

The symbolic enemy of the Tamil Separatist Movement were the individual Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family. UNP’s political enemy was Mahinda Rajapaksa. JVP also felt that Mahinda Rajapaksa had to go, as they believed in proving that to the nation.

Chandrika led Anti Mahinda campaigners became determined to get rid of Mahinda, without knowing or knowingly that her agenda was to ‘replant the Bandaranaike family Tree’ in Sri Lankan politics.

It can be very logically assumed now that it could have been Chandrika, who, through her special links and obviously with the support from Mangala, who would have served the part in bridging the forces of Tamil Diaspora. The latest proof is in the statement given by Fr. Emanuel after meeting the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister.


It is widely talked about the role played by Chandrika, in getting the ‘important Buddhist Clergy’ to make it look more genuinely interested only in getting rid of Mahinda and his family, out of the scene.

The SLFPers who did not like the ground slipping under their feet would have thought only in that direction and the negotiations with the Tamil Diaspora could have been handled by Mangala and Chandrika only, with the knowledge of the UNP which could have been negotiating with the Tamil Politicians in Sri Lanka.

Tamil Diaspora

When Police Powers and the Land Powers are vested with the Provincial Council, the trimming of authority of the Governor of the Province would become automatic, and that is how Executive Powers of the President is meant to be trimmed.

Then the Prime Minister is to have the rest of the authority through Parliament would become a more convenient environment to get the paths cleared for the full implementation of the New Constitution as the first step towards the realization of the goal – the separate State.

The above assumption looks more plausible with what we see happening around us now. While, the Government plays and accommodating role, the behaviour of the foreign Minister Mangala and eleven members of the TNA submitting an appeal to Geneva requesting the World Body not to grant any more time to the Sri Lankan Government to fulfil the undertaking, to take action against the Armed Forces are indications of the undercurrent. By such an action, the decision makers of the former government would also be caught in a net.

The crime they committed was giving orders to the Armed Forces to preserve the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

Interference by TransNational Government of Tamil Eelam

Two Legal Experts employed by the TGTE- Roger Rogers and Andrew Lanus who presented a Petition/ a Report to the Commissioner General of Human Rights is clear about the target being chased, seeking him to refer the case to International Court of Justice. The fact that the mentioned report has been positively considered is proven by the indications in the Report of eighteen (18) pages, some of which are indicated below. Here, a facility available for ‘States’ to have solutions between States has been sought to pressurize a Government supposed to be ‘Sovereign’.

The conditions in their report are said to be: Adherence to the Report by the Government’s Task Force for Conciliation. (It is there, it has been indicated that the LTTE should be allowed to commemorate ‘Maaveerar Day); Establishment of a Human Rights Commissioner’s Office in Sri Lanka; Bringing an end to the investigations on Human Rights Activists; Reformation of the Armed Forces; Bringing an end to the Commercial Activities of the Armed Forces; Effecting changes to the Prevention of Terrorism Act;

Establishment of a Hybrid Court of Justice with International Judges, and finally Signing the Rome Agreement/Convention linked to International Court of Justice. Further, he has appealed to the member countries of the Human Rights Council to investigate under the Universal Convention into disappearances, torture, and other Human Rights violations.

The underlying meaning of that is the fact that the accused officers of the Armed Forces can be arrested and prosecuted anywhere in the world. And we have a Foreign Minister who has the audacity to assure on behalf of the government, even before having the so called ‘Constitution’ in place.

The New Constitution shall consolidate the objectives and that is how and why it looks more like a Blueprint for National Disintegration.

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