Government’s five unpatriotic documents
Posted on March 23rd, 2017

By Magamputhra Courtesy ceylon Today

“Although the government tried to cover up things, now everything is being revealed gradually.” The doings of the government are coming to light, so much so that the above can be said. Although certain media are trying to hide this information, Mahinda did not allow them to be concealed and released that information to some media during the immediate past in a criticizing manner which put the government in a spot.

Mahinda mentioned five unpatriotic documents of the government and slashed them, not without a reason. Accordingly the two main promises given to the people by the government which were abolishing the system of the executive presidency and changing the election system were set aside and they began changing the Constitution of the country as well as the judicial system. As Mahinda says, these are things that are being done to satisfy the Western Masters of this government.

His serious comments refer us to the agreement between the Obama administration and the present 2015 Good Governance administrators. What are going to get stuck are the results of this agreement. This will happen while the official report which is being prepared with six sub-committees of the Constitutional Council at speed in secret will also be revealed. Meanwhile, in January Ranil’s report by the task force on reconciliation and transitional justice came out into the open. With that, it was said that to regain GSP+ for Sri Lanka 48 conditions had to be fulfilled. More than that, the new legal draft which the Prime Minister was proposing instead of the Act to prevent terrorism was being publicized through the media.

Mahinda goes round the country saying that, “the freedom acquired subsequent to winning the war through sacrifice of lives should be secured further,” and emphasizing that “we need not allow terrorists to raise their heads again.” Whether or not the Terrorism Act will be abolished and a far more lax Bill brought in, and an environment created which will allow the enemies to feed milk to the Tiger Cubs and let them grow up should be understood says Mahinda though not without reason. Further moving even beyond those providing equal sponsorship to the Obama administration and Good Governance and influencing the government to win over these proposals, the nudity of the reconciliation drama is being displayed.

Governments strange necessities

That is why Mahinda says: “More than the impact being aimed by the American Government, it is on this government’s strange necessities that this journey is being engaged in.”

Mahinda reveals about the doings of the government which are being concealed from the country, but told to the world because he knows about the serious damage that can be caused. According to the recommendations of the task force on reconciliation of Ranil’s, the Government of Sri Lanka should apologize to the victims of armed clashes. Anyhow, this condition does not exist for terrorist organizations or organizations that encourage them and other organizations. It is not necessary to apologize like that. If we see it in that manner, by making this amazing apology, it is as if it is being shouted out to the world that, by eradicating terrorism and suppressing the terrorists what the Government of Sri Lanka has committed is an offence.

More than that, according to the remarkable reconciliation proposals of Ranil’s the graves and tombstones of the Tigers should be restored as they used to be. Permission will be given to commemorate Mahaviru Day and hanging of framed photographs of Tigers in their uniforms and who were killed, in their homes will also be allowed.

According to another proposal, all Tiger suspects who have not been targeted with accusations should be released immediately. Instead, members of the Army suspected to have committed crimes should be imprisoned. The significance of this is that it should be considered as an essential matter.

Ranil and Maithri make various contradictory statements to the media and the people of Sri Lanka. The proposal being made by Ranil’s faction that an international Court which includes foreign Judges should be established to inquire into what took place in Sri Lanka is very strong.

That is tantamount to saying ‘No’ in Sri Lanka and saying ‘Yes’ in English, while being abroad. What is surprising is the fact that, while a certain group of the Tiger Organization is being released, according to these new proposals, criminal cases should be filed against Tiger leaders who joined the then government and accepted ministerial posts.

Revealing hypocrisy

This is revealing hypocrisy while saying it is for reconciliation.

According to this amazing reconciliation mechanism, a provision that will be included in the ‘new prevention of terrorism’ Act will be that, former Tigers and Tigers who already have spots, can engage in terrorism and commit crimes and later issue a statement and request pardon or apologize. In this instance, however, much the Attorney General feels that the Tiger has committed a brutal crime, the Tiger can be released.

On the other hand, the system of including in the Sri Lankan system of law, international covenants will be changed and then appeals can be submitted from Sri Lanka to the Geneva Human Rights Commission. Through that, the ability to review verdicts of the Supreme Court in Sri Lanka by the Human Rights Commission will be made possible. With this the highest Court in our country will be deprived of the respect that was there and its position.

One proposal will annul the powers of Provincial Ministers and the inseparable connection that existed between the central government and the provincial government will collapse due to the dictatorial system of government and will come under the Federal Monopoly. It will be similar to providing a precedent such as Britain leaving the European Union and becoming independent.

At the same time a Provincial Police will be created at provincial and linguistic level and recruitment for each will fall under each Provincial Police station. Training regarding weapons and use of weapons and the right to select each of these weapons will be carried out according to the discretion of the Provincial Council.

Guerilla attack

This will create an opportunity for a guerilla attack, an armed group getting together and the Police taking action against the government. Accordingly the Inspector General of Police and the Government in Sri Lanka will not be able to do anything.

At the same time all authority regarding lands will be assigned to Provincial Units. This will prevent acquisition of lands during an emergency situation for national security. The most serious matter here is that if by some chance these proposals are adopted and become law there will be no possibility of the main government taking on the task relevant to national security which belongs to the Northern and Eastern Provincial Units.

Mahinda revealed this to the people, without keeping it hidden, for their information – to make it a subject of discussion, to get to know about the opinion of the people, to think, to review without any discrimination of party, colour, race or religion.

People who get to know all of this will then begin to think…

“We who thought of, bringing in good governance, eating and drinking well, doing a job with a good salary and having a small car were deprived of all of these a long time ago. Not only that, will we lose our country as well?

Maithri who behaves as if he knows nothing of these things, suddenly says, “I got to know about those things from the newspaper.” However, the people will have to wonder whether it is the actual truth Maithri is saying because he says this as well.

“If someone is watching and waiting…that this government will collapse…I will not leave room for that.”

Then, it is possible that Maithri is not against things. It is possible that he approves of the procedure the government is carrying out.

“No, Maithri does not work according to what the UNP wants. He takes the required decision at the proper time,” this is being said by Members of the SLFP Maithri faction who help to rescue Maithri and engage in good governance while assisting him.

Temporarily suspended

While this sort of story is being related, construction of certain sections of expressway projects which they themselves commenced with great pomp and ceremony is to be temporarily suspended. It is being done because, “the government does not have money to construct these projects.” While such a situation exists, Minister of Finance Ravi says that the economy is booming. And that he is engaged in a superb ‘game plan’ to build it up.

If we are to even imagine where the economy of our country is while the situation is such, according to a statement issued by the Economic Research Department of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka the following is what we would have to say:

“During January to November of last year (2016) income from minor exports in Sri Lanka, fell by 2.8 per cent. Accordingly, the export income which was US Dollars 9726 million during the period January to November 2015 had dropped to US Dollars 9450.7 million during the same period in the year 2016.

If the situation is such, whichever side you look at, everywhere it is chaos. Uncertainty! There is nothing that is being done. What is heard are good governance stories! Even then, while it remains such there is nothing being done either. What the people say is…

“How is good governance? Are you happy now?” 

One Response to “Government’s five unpatriotic documents”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Yamapalana Govt has NO MONEY for any of the Grandiose Plans they announced to march those built under the Mahinda Chintanaya.

    Champika Ranawaka’s Megalopolis Plan has POOPED and been scaled down to marking out bus lanes on existing roads.

    Quite a MEGALOPOLIS PLAN ain’t it?? A man should know his LIMITATIONS!

    The YAMAPALANAYA PRIORITIES were different:

    Bribe public employees with a monthly Rs 10,000 pay raise,

    Buy luxury SUVs for all govt politicians at the State and Provincial levels,

    Give them pay hikes and a monthly Rs 100,000 bonus,

    Execute various scams including the GREAT CENTRAL BANK ROBBERY and the Coal Tender Scam to fill their party coffers to maintain their grip on power,

    Egged on by their regime change puppet masgets in the West, who failed to deliver the promised loans, they Alienated China and demolished the low interest loans negotiated by the previpus govt, and then fell on their knees begging for bigger loans from China,

    Create VAST NEW Enterprises like the VIETUSL REALITY Hoaxwagen car factory, and the GIGANTIC Tire Factory in Horana gifting State land to private businesses in sweet heart deals, and

    Ultimately CRASH & SELL all national infrastructure built by the previous govt including the jewels-in-the-crown State Enterprises like Sri Lankan Airlines, the Petroleum Corporation, and the Ceylon Electricity Board!

    Need I GO ON …. ad infinitum, ad nauseam?

    The FOX is minding the HEN HOUSE in Sri Lanka NOW.

    What did you Sinhala Modayas who believed in “good governance” of these PROFESSIONAL SCAMMERS EXPECT?


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