Has Sri Lanka already ceased to be a unitary and sovereign State?
Posted on March 25th, 2017

 Dr Sudath Gunasekara President Mahanuwara Sinhala Jesta purawesiyange Sanvidhanaya

24. 3 2017

I am Copying here few extremist News Headlines a trend that has to be arrested immediately

1 Wigneswaran tells Malik to withdraw Army from North

2 Canadian Toronto mayor has discussions with NPC Chief Minister  Wigneswaran

 3 Wrong to give Sri Lanka more time on accountability: Wigneswaran

4 NPC resolution sent to UN human rights chief

Has Sri Lanka already ceased to be a unitary and sovereign State? Were the two Provinces, North and East have already been handed over on a platter by a traitorous secret grant to Tamils and Muslims intruders as their Homelands. Have they already become fully independent and assumed self-rule. Otherwise how can these arrogant communalists make such irresponsible and inflammatory statements round the clock. Have Sirisena and Ranil already secretly handed them over to Tamils and Muslims perforators to form EELAM and Kalisthan as a political bribe and settlement for helping them in winning elections in the ill-famed and ill-fated master conspiracy designed and hatched by Chandrika the vicious (the Modern Kuweni), subversively supported by India and the West and fuelled by the anti-Sinhala anti Buddhist elements within the country and abroad in black 2015..

Have they been recognized and accepted as fully independent separate sovereign nations within the State of Sri Lanka by the so-called International colonial community touted by Tamils like Global Tamil Forum and Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam based in US and UK. Indian Tamils dispersed all over the world, living in those countries as  citizens of those countries with very few migrated from Sri Lanka in search of greener pastures are the people who call themselves Tamil Diaspora. As such none of them could be called Diaspora in its real sense. The way Tamils in Sri Lanka are been treated by the West  makes one wonder whether their Eelam has already given full membership in that imperial Agency House of the band of colonial west called the UNO?

We should not be surprised even if all these things have already happened since we never had a leader with a back bone in recent history, who could stand up and say ‘This is our country and our motherland, you mind your business We will look after ours, other than John Kotalawala, who boldly defended the sovereignty, dignity, independence and the pride of our nation.

We all know why these countries support the so-called Tamil Diaspora Firstly it is their vote in their constituencies. Next Tamil bribes. Third both India and the West prefer a weak Government here and fourth the strategic location and commercial value of this Island located right at the centre of the Indian Ocean on the great East West sea route.

Concern for their vote banks and money like all politicians the world over is also ok. But no one has a legitimate right to exploit our strategic and commercial advantages or no one has any right to interfere with our domestic affairs or dictate theirs to us as a an independent, sovereign and free country The age of colonialism is gone .Now we live in a free world where every country is equal and free to has its own system of Government. The choice is ours. and not theirs.

I warn these selfish nations that the hay days of the West is no more. It is a thing of the past. Even India should not continue to bully us as they have been doing from the days of Rama, craving to possess this resplendent Island of the Sinhalese that has been describe as a paradise on earth not only by ancient Indian sages but also by Italian traveller Marco polo and great Russian poet Tolstoy. The London bomb and the 2011 world trade centre incidents are eye openers for them. The day these Tamil and Muslims will ask for separate States is not that far. Only then they will realize their follies.

These enemies of our country should realize that this is the only Land in the world that was blessed thrice by Lord Buddha and handed over it protection at least for 5000 years as a Sinhala Buddhist country. As such no one can destroy us as far as that spiritual and divine protections are there. We have existed as a Sinhala Buddhist Kingdom almost for 2600 years. We will remain so for many more millennia.

Coming back again to the 4 news headlines I stated at the beginning

I strongly feel Wigneswaran should not behave like a bull in a china shop or a  man who has not passed even 5th std. The fact that there is no Government in this country to take action against these rabid minority politicians I think explains the reason for their mad behavior.  .At least by now he should stop playing to the gallery and throwing fuel to the burning fire and he should try to behave like an educated matured man. What right he has to tell Malik or any other to withdraw the Sri Lankan army from the north or any other place. Sri Lankan Government can station the forces in any place it wants. Wiggy should know that protecting the territory is one of the fundamental duties of any Government.  As he is only a local politician and not a representative of the Government. He has no business with a foreign Ambassador He also has no right to comment on what the UNCHR has done or passed resolutions on matters where the responsibility lies with the Government of Sri Lanka. .He virtually behaves like the proverbial fox that got horns or the one felled in to the blue paint box. No does a Canadian politician has any right to come all the way from Canada and have discussions with a communal mad man who talks against the legally elected government of the country and  who is engaged in futile struggle to carve out a separate State for Tamils.in Sri Lanka. instead of agitating for one in South India wher70 of his ancestors live.

I do not whether there is any other country in the world where foreigner both Government members and various NGOO people are allowed to come an dabble with

Local politics and the destiny of that nation. I do not know why the Sri Lankan Government give visas to such people. The best solution for this situation is firstly to  sack the CM and bar all local politicians to have any independent negotiation with foreign governments or their agents Also the Government should tell all foreign delegates

To have talks only with the Government. Those who violate should be immediately deported.

British attempt to divide and destroy this country is not new. They had planned and acted to do so starting from the day they stepped in. In the 1817-1818 and 1848 Uva and Matale uprisings they killed all the Sinhala males over 16 years to reduce Sinhala population. In 1819 Gov Brownwrigg illegally and unilaterally abrogated the Kandyan Convention and robbed all privileges given to Sinhala Chieftains by the Kandyan Convention of 1815 and there after ruled the country for 130 years ruthlessly plundering, exploiting and destroying natural resources and native institutions and our culture until 1948 under royal proclamations. Starting from 1818 destroyed all our irrigation works to destroy the base of the economy and the Sinhala civilization They set fire to paddy fields about to be harvested, slaughtered all cattle, destroyed all home gardens, confiscated the field left to starve the people and levied a tax even on domestic dogs.    Put poison to tanks and wells and even dumped dead bodies to wells to spread epidemic to kill the Sinhala people like what they did in North America and Australia.

John Davy writing on the atrocities committed on Sinhalese by the British in the aftermath of 1818 has said it was shame on them and was one of the worst massacres ever in the British colonial history.

In 1832 they divided the country in to 5 Provinces with two large ones to the North and the East for Tamils ending up with 9 in 1897 as the foundation of their vicious divide and rule colonial policy which in fact formed the concept of EELAM and laid the foundation for it. They even conspired to infuse a superiority complex in the minds of Tamils and build up the Tamil Homeland idea in their heads. For example by 1845 of the 103 English schools for the whole Island, they built 45 in the Jaffa area and many more in the EP.  Meanwhile they also destroyed the primordial forest cover on the hills right at the center of the Island that were jealously protected by the Kings and peasant for millennia  which provided the sources for all the rivers in the country – the live wires of the nation’s agricultural economy and the foundation of the entire life system and our 2500 year civilization. They brought over a million South Indian indentured Tamil coolies and settled them on plantations on the hills and various other parts of the country to get cheap labour to enrich the coffers of England. On 1847 August Governor Torrington  made a special plea to the Colonial Secretary in Landon for permission to bring more Tamils from South India . He said that is the best way to suppress the arrogant Kandyan Sinhalese and lay the foundation for a permanent enemy population right at the center of the country that was the Heartland of the nation” as a long term strategy to ruin the Sinhala Buddhist Civilization in this country. He also had said that these Tamils provided a very useful force to control local Sinhalese.

Ever since then up to 1948 they have introduced legislation to create dissentions among the natives and to maximize exploitation and profits. Then in 1948 they drafted a Constitution to ensure their perpetual control on this Island nation They imposed their own administrative and legal system , their education, religious values. For the first time in the history of this country they introduce the minority concept to the Constitution. They reserved military control as well by keeping Trinco and Ratmalana under them. Even appellate power of the Dominion was kept with the Privy Council Under the Constitution queen of England was also the queen of Ceylon and the Maldives Islands that was a part of this country was  not returned and kept it for themselves.

Even to day they continue to do all harassments and try to dictate and demand the way we should govern this country They talk of human rights, reconciliation, equal rights and political settlement etc for Tamil as if Tamils in this country are their own citizens.

I penned these few lines just to show the world the way how these apostles of human rights etc have treated human beings of colonies they ruled and exploited all over the world. The Western block now calling themselves international community, whether they are in UK, Canada, USA or any other country, are mostly only the decedents of these British sea pirates.

The need of the hour in our country is a patriotic leader or a group of such leaders who have the guts to stand up and tell this much to them and who can ask these people to mind their own business without unnecessarily interfering with the internal matters of other Asian and African countries. While all these countries have banned the LTTE they openly allow LTTE agent to operate within their countries by allowing them to lobby against the sovereign Government of this country, collect funds to buy arms, and invests on projects within this country to destabilize the Government and to build up Tamil and Muslim groups against it.

Why do they tolerate this kind of activities is based on two grounds. First their dependency on Tamil votes in the constituencies and their funding. Secondly their antipathy towards the wonderful Sinhala Buddhist civilization. Their nakedness of duplicity is clearly demonstrated in these activities. Those Tamils who are citizens of these countries have no right to talk or act about issue here as the government at home is elected by the people of this country with whom lies the sovereignty of running this country.

These are some of the burning issues that baffle and prick in to my ailing and failing heart as a man who loves his motherland and its precious heritage as I read the above few headlines that appeared in daily papers over the past few days. This kind of news items are a very common phenomenon ever since the Northern and Eastern Provincial Councils were established When MR decided to have elections to the NPC I wrote to him and advised not to have elections for the two Councils .that were non operative for decades.. Instead of that I suggested that he scrap this Huniyama called the Provincial Councils along with the 13 A and the Rajiv/JR Accord. I said this is like giving the sword to the monkey or cutting your own grave and simultaneously the grave of the Sinhala nation.

Unfortunately he did not have the brain to take that good advice. Had he taken that wise advice and also had not gone for elections before the expiration of his full period he would have been the President of this country even today

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  1. Christie Says:

    The killing of the Sinhala nation started with Banda after the dissolution of the British-Indian Empire. Ash Chandrika if you do not believe me.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    ALL political parties depend on Tamil votes.

  3. Somapala Senerath Says:

    Answer to topic is YES.

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