The TULF demands the Leader of the Opposition to take immediate action on the following crucial matters.
Posted on March 27th, 2017

V.Anandasangaree  Secretary General – TULFTamil United Liberation Front

I am in full agreement with Hon.R.Sampanthan Leader of the Opposition, that the Tamils have reached their limits of tolerance, but not now. It happened long ago. They are now forced to come to a decision to demand your resignation from the office of the Leader of the opposition, which office you had been using to defend the Government, much against the wish of the people, not only the Tamils but people of all ethnic groups. Most of the problems that you have enumerated in your statement, such as release of lands, the detention of Tamil Political prisoners, grievances of the families  of the missing persons etc, could have been solved long ago, if you really wanted it. Please take a piece of paper, write out your resignation from the office of the Leader of the opposition and keep it with you, with the threat of sending it, if solutions are not found for these problems within a period of two weeks. Please don’t forget that people have now started condemning you and burning your effigies. I warn you that if you don’t move fast, they will soon demand the resignation of all ITAK MPs from Parliament or in the alternative, to withdraw your support to the Government. I leave it at this and wish to tell you in advance, that very soon I will come out with many justifiable reasons to demand your quitting politics. Every right thinking person, whichever ethnic group he or she may belong to, will not hesitate to back your demand, for the release of all lands taken over by the forces, during the last 30 years. Whichever camp that existed before the armed struggle started, could be retained with the minimum number of personnel required to run the camp.

With regard to the missing persons, I should say that those who have lost trace of their kith and kin deserve all sympathy. In the villages, even now, weeping and wailing for their dear ones can be heard from houses, where people had gone missing.

The next demand is with regard to the unauthorized detention of several youths, for very long periods. This cannot be tolerated anymore. I have with me copies of letters sent to Madam Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumarathunga more than 12 years back when she was the President of Sri Lanka, requesting their release. At-least now you will realize the vicious

intention of  the government ignoring the demand for their release, by people from all section of the public, political parties like JVP, people like retired army Commandar Sarath Fonseka and many religious leaders including Buddies Monks . Please demand their release with immediate effect, since I am very suspicious of the possibility of the government using their detention as a trump card for a specific purpose. Do you at-least now realize how foolishly you had made a demand, to try both parties for war crimes, without realizing that the recruits by the LTTE  were all under compulsion, with no right to question why.

These are matters that cannot be postponed. You should bring pressure on the government to start work on it, without any further delay. The other burning issue today is the problem faced by the unemployed graduates. The striking graduates can be satisfied, if government takes necessary steps without delay  for the recruitment of these graduates in various fields.  The easiest and quick way to grant relief is by filling all vacancies in the teaching profession. Please take this advice seriously and act accordingly.


Secretary General – TULF

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