Tamils – Champions of distortions and fabrications
Posted on April 11th, 2017


The CIA/M16/RAW-Tamil Diaspora installed Sirisena-Ranil government which has abandoned all development activities, and defied all its promises to the people are however committed and determined only to fulfil the unjust and unsubstantiated demands of the Tamils of the North and East which include enactment of a new constitution, providing land and police powers to the provinces, a federal form of governance, demilitarization of Northern and Eastern Provinces, and merge the two provinces.

In addition to this, the government is also fully committed and resolute in preventing Sinhala and Muslim people resettling in the lands in the North they inhabited for centuries, instituting legal processes and punishing the gallant war heroes who liberated this country from thirty years of terrorist atrocities. The government has no inclination at all to counter the false propaganda being carried out by Sambandan and the Tamil diaspora and their cronies saying that Sri Lankan forces carried out a genocide of Tamils during the last stages of the war despite the fact that our gallant war heroes rescued over 300,000 Tamils who were being used as human shields by the barbarous terrorists.

Sambandon addressing an international Forum in their motherland India has claimed that our soldiers killed 150,000 Tamils while others attribute different figures such as Amnesty International 10,000, Ban ki Moon 20,000, the International Crisis Group 40,000, the pro-LTTE reporter Frances Harrison 70,000 to 140,000  and Yasmin Sooka who was appointed by Ban ki-Moon as one of the three members of the Panel of Experts on Accountability on Sri Lanka, and a close friend of Navi Pillay claimed over 110,000 were killed.

The pro tiger terrorist and NGO vulture Jehan Perera in his weekly Island” article today 10th April states that there are  24,000 families in Sri Lanka having their family members gone missing as per the number of complaints lodged with the Missing Persons Commission. According to this number at least 6 persons of each of these families should have been killed to arrive at Sambandan’s figure of 150,000

In 2012, the Sri Lankan authorities carried out a census among the residents of the north to determine the number of persons who had been killed in the final stages using Tamil school teachers and public servants as enumerators and arrived at a figure of 7,432 excluding those who had died of natural causes. Strangely, on adding up the monthly number of such casualties reported in the propaganda arm of the LTTE, the Tamilnet, the total killed for the period January 1, 2009 to May 19, 2009 was 7,398 which was below the GOSL census count. It should also be remembered that many civilians fought for the LTTE in civils as its auxilary forces.

Although the Sri Lankan government could have used this information to counter the grossly aggravated figures presented by Sambandan and other war mongers the shameless Tamil and Western slavish Sirisena-Ranil government did not take any action to divulge the truth to the world and hence the bloated figures unfortunately remain unopposed.

At the same time the world also thinks that Tamils are one of the original inhabitants of this country blindly believing in the influential Tamil propaganda since the folly of his concept also has not been exposed

The Tamils of the North and East are new immigrants to this country and as per valid and strong historical records these Tamils were brought to this country by the Dutch from South India for Tobacco cultivation in the North and by the British Imperialists to assist them in their oppressive rule of the native Sinhalese. There is no single archaeological or literary evidence found to prove the existence of Tamil settlements before Westerners arrived in Ceylon. There are no historical evidences in Eastern and Western countries, North or South Indian history to prove the existence of Tamil settlements in Sri Lanka

King Dutugamunu ruled this country from 161-137 Century BC before even the Tamil Language was formed, and not even an ethnic group called Tamils existed. Even Elara was a Kalingan (North Indian) and not a Tamil, and ‘Magha’ from Kalinga was also a North Indian.

I think it is appropriate to present below a few points from Dr. Sooriya Gunasekera’s Ceylon Today article ‘Elara was not a Tamil’ which was reproduced by Lankaweb website.

  • There was not even a trace of permanent Tamil settlement in this country till 19th Century. The Shiva and Vishnu Srines in the Vanni District were constructed by ‘Vannairs’ who migrated to the Vanni to protect themselves from ‘Malik Kapoor’ invasion in the 14th Century. Since they were Hindus, those Shiva and Vishnu shrines were built by them. But, gradually they absorbed themselves into the Sinhala Buddhist culture and have become Sinhalese by the 19th Century
  • The Treaty between King Dharmaparakramabahu and Lorenzo De Almeda in 1517 says, Rightful Lord of the Empire of Cota and of the Realms of Jafanapatao and Candea.” According to this treaty Jaffnapatao belonged to Kotte Kingdom in 1517. (A true and exact description of the great island of Ceylon by Philp Baladeus, published by Thisara Prakashakayo, first published in 1672.
  • According to Malwana Treaty dated 29 May 1597, signed between King Don Juan Dhramapala of Kotte and Portuguese Capt. Aswedu, it states that the countries belong to Kotte Kingdom as Jaffna Patanam, Sithawaka Rata, Gampola rata, Uva rata, Mathale, Wellassa and panama rata etc.” Jaffna Peninsula was under the rule of Kotte Kingdom.
  • According to Quiroz Jaffna was a trading post by 1600 AD where Muslims were in trading activities. Jaffnapatao was a Jungle and there were 4 Arrachchi Divisions which came under Muddier of Jaffna along four coasts namely Vediaarchchchi, Pashelapali, Thenarachchi and Welihama (All Sinhala names now these are converted into Tamil names)
  • In 1618 when Portuguese captured Jaffna Peninsula they fought with Sinhalese army. There was no clue about Tamils. If there had been a Tamil Kingdom in Jaffna, why should Sinhalese fight with them?”
  • The 12,000 Cholas brought by King Gajaba became Sinhalese according to the way of production in Ceylon
  • King Rajasinha’s title is described in Philp Baladeus’ book page 396, – Rajasinghe Emperor of Ceylon, King of Candea, Cota, Ceytavaka, Dambadan, Amaray aport, Jaffna Patanam, Prince of ouva, Matare, Dinavaca, and the four corles. Great Duke of seven CorelsMathale, Earals of Cotiar, trikunamale, Batecalo, velase, Vintana, Drembra, Panciapato, Veta, Puttalum, Vallar, Galle” etc.
  • Temporal and Spiritual – Book 1, page 49 further states, In cause of time there came some Brahmanes, native of Guzarate, called Arus, who claimed Royal descent; and with the favor of the Nayque of Madure they erected the pagoda of Ramanacor, whence they began to have trade and friendship with Kings of Jafnapatao, and one of them married a daughter of that king; and finally his descendants became heirs to that Kingdom of these, the first that tried to free himself from subjection to the King of Cota, was Ariaxaca Varti who being naturally proud and not brooking the haughtiness of the officers of that King, took the life of the one who governed there, and the King of Ceylon prepared to punish him.
  • They say he went to meet him at Ceytavaca and took him some verses wherein he so flattered him with praises of him and his ancestors that he left him completely vainglorious and satisfied, and the verses being helped by a goodly present, he not only made him desist from war, but also obtain olas from him (What we should call provisions) and the title king of Jaffnapatao which his successor preserved paying in acknowledgement only some tribute; and because this was the beginning of their greatness, his descendence from the name Aria, were called
    Ariavance, which means the generation of Aria.”

Despite these facts Tamils always adopted an aggressive approach towards the other communities of Sri Lanka particularly the Sinhalese.  When the 1st State Council elections were held in 1931 under universal franchise, the Jaffna Tamils boycotted this election.

In the 2nd State Council when the granting of independence to Ceylon was taken up for debate, S.J.V.Chelvanayagam demanded that Tamils should be granted a separate nation since the Sinhalese were inferior to govern over the Tamils. This was strongly opposed by the Muslim Member Marcan Markar saying that Sinhalese being the majority in the country has all the rights to govern the nation and the country should not be divided on ethnic grounds.

The above factors relate to the true history of Sri Lankans despite the bogus claims being made by the Tamils the coolies brought to Sri Lanka by the Dutch and the British Imperialists. Can Sambandan or Wigneswaran or their Tamil buddy Ranil Wickremasinghe or the Tamil’s darling old hag Chandrika or the Tamil slavish Sirisena deny these facts?

5 Responses to “Tamils – Champions of distortions and fabrications”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Samban-doom is creating FALSE history.

    Tamils lived in SL for 2,000+ years but NOT as a different country.

    S.J.V.Chelvanayagam was BORN in Malaysia in 1898. He and his mother came to SL in a BOAT without VISA. In Tamil language ILLEGAL BOAT person is called KALLA+THONI. Kalla means thief or illegal. Thoni means craft on water.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Not only champions of distortions and fabrications but champions of liars and pretenders also Ungreatful, unfaithful bunch of human beings in our society. Like President Bush said terrorists and those who are sympathetic to terrorists and their organisations are guilty same as terrorists. So these Tamil politicians and majority Tamils have shown and proved that they are part of LTTE and their movement by continuesly talking and fabricating stories against Sinhalese, Sinhala government and the Sinhala land inside the country and outside. We have an opposition leader who talks only about their clan and demands same demands as LTTE did for thirty years. He demands punishment for our war heroes in world forums. He blames the Sinhalese for everything what happened in the past. He gets all the luxury for himself in his life and putting his own people at risk by instigating them with false promises and unnecessary demands. These lunatics should be behind bars for creating disturbances among peoples in this country. Pathetic situation in Sri Lanka today because of yamapalanaya and spineless leaders we have running our government. Sad story.

  3. Christie Says:

    Hi Nizam.

    Thanks. Before the dissolution of British-Indian Empire anyone from Tropical colonies could go from one colony to another without a visa.

    Tamils are Indians and they are most cunning and devious humans that ever existed on earth.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Tamils should not be allowed to claim pre-Buddhist Sinhala religious practices of ancestor worship.

    Native humans immortalised as gods include Kataragama, Vibheeshana (wrongly called Vishnu), Natha and Saman. They were ordinary men with extraordinary public welfare. As a result they were immortalised as gods. Before the arrival of Buddhism, ancestors were worshipped by locals. That is why there are 330 million gods who are ancestors.

    Reclaiming pre-Buddhist Sinhala worshipping practices is very important. Buddhists must not give up on their vital history before Buddhism arrived in the island.

    Kataragama has nothing to do with Kathira, Kandasamy or Murugan. The word Kataragama means desert village. The village is older than the shrine. Mahawamsa mentions that King Dutugemunu built the shrine following a vow to defeat an invader. At that time the place was known as Kajjragrama (desert village).

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    Don’t forget Mahasena deviyo!

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