Deaths  in Meethotamulle should be considered as multiple homicide and the culprits should be arrested and punished ………………..
Posted on April 17th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera   

If such a thing happened in any other country, prevailing law in the country will  be applied and arrest the people responsible for the heinous crime .

Arm of the law shall arrest following personnel

  • Minister
  • Chief Minister
  • Mayor/Commissioner
  • Chairmans
  • ( all MP’s representing Kollonnawa !)

They should be arrested as suspects of the multiple murders and issue charge sheets and keep them in remand indefinitely

In Russia if such crime happened before perestroika state takes all the top brass into custody and keep them locked up until case is heard in court of law

There is joke which says that everyone who are responsible for such a crime   are not only arrested but also sacked and punished ( by sending to Siberia)   including the poor Russian woman who cleans and mops the floor  in those departments !

All the officers who are responsible should also be arrested and locked up .We need a stassi” or a KGB type organizations to look take such action.

Dr Sarath Obeysekera   

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  1. ranjit Says:

    If hundred die our politicians will not resign instead they start blaming each other. Our politicians are the most disgusting lot in human race. They openly loot the country. They break the law openly. They cheat the public with fairytale stories. They talk filth in the parliament which is a sacred place for our democracy. Some are thugs, murderers and rapists but walks freely because they are above the law. So this meethotamulla tragedy is nothing for them. Tear drop will come out from our eyes but not from a politician’s eyes. They are blood suckers with no heart for poor human beings.
    Those who responsible for this unfortunate human tragedy should resign at once if not arrested and put behind bars until they were proved guilty. No shame for this yamapalakayo clique. President appointing commissions while the prime minister travel around the world begging. These two ugly ducklings should be condemned by all citizens for their behaviour. Down with Yamapalanaya.

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