Posted on April 19th, 2017

Out of Time

Im not a big fan of infowars and dont trust Alex Jones. This report they did however was spot on.A lot of the news you get on your on your television set is all Jewish Propaganda they create the news they don’t report it. The topics are Iraq in the past and Syria of today and the involvement of White Helmets a humanitarian aid group first reponders which supported and financed by the UK and US government including Nato. That is no other than ISIS!!!

One Response to “FAKE NEWS? YOU BE THE JUDGE!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Watch how the FAMOUS Syrian boy SUPPOSEDLY injured by a govt. bomb attack was STAGED by actors!!

    Poor kid. He plays with paint!!

    USA is built upon LIES and DECEPTION.

    SL must play the game to FRAME TNA, NGOs and other separatists. Remember this is KALI YUGA. Lies and deception WINS. TRUTH loses.

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