Posted on April 24th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Karadiana will receive garbage till 28th April .Then What ?

Fairway Inc has got a contract to recycle 500 tons from Dehiwela ,Mountlavinia ,Moratuwa etc in Kardiyana .

It will take at least 2 year to commission the project  ,They will ( hopefully get ) almost 36 Rs per Unit from CEB and  1500 Rs Per ton from Municipal Councils as tipping fee

Korean Company has got 10 acres from Muthurajawela near Dutch Canal ( not Hamilton Canal) for Gampaha Garbage  for 500 tons .When the stuff comes from  Gampaha which include Jaela,Kandana ,Gampaha etc in 2 years times after commissioning .

Payment of tipping fee is not sure but they may get 36 Rs per unit from CEB

500 tons from Colombo is earmarked for Western Power now owned by Harry ( Aitken Spence) They have earlier agreement to get only 26 RS per unit . They are not getting tipping fee from CMC so far

They are asking the same price like Fairway and Koreans .

Will they get it ?

Megapolis is refusing to pay .That means Western Power project which was earlier earmarked to be in Meethotamulle ,now shifted to Muthurajawela may not proceed.

Can any one guess how Westren Power can persuade state to pay the revised rates ?

Today onwards ,after Bopitiya Fiasco where both Buddhist and Catholic Clergy threatened to protest by lying along the road way thus preventing police to use tear  gas and water cannons ,government has decided to stop dumping garbage in Bopititya

MP in Dompe convinced government not to dump any in his area and Ja ela project will not go though.

Today government has started dumping garbage in Muthurajawela land  owned by SLLRDC ,This land of 200 acres will  now be  filled with raw garbage for next 5 years

I suggested this in my earlier article and government did not listen

We will not see any recycling  plant operating within next 5 years .

I am proposing now following option .

Bring the two 5000 ton barges now  lying in Trinco Harbour owned by CEB to Colombo-along Kelani River ,collect garbage in one barge and  carry out baling in the other barge and transport by sea( instead of by Train ) to Arruwakkaru in Puttalam which was proposed by Gota !

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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