Is Sri Lanka already a colony of India?
Posted on April 26th, 2017

Dr Sudath Gunasekara President (Mahanuwara Sinhala Bauddha Jesta Purawesiyange Sanvidhanaya and Ex Permanent Secretary to Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranayaka 24.4.2017

I want my readers to read the following harangue by an Indian man, one P. Nedumaran calling himself Leader, Tamil National Movement, issued to The Hindu from India to understand the mentality of an average Indian about Sri Lanka and its Government

Every time I read a statement like this from any Indian, whether it is from a politician from India or this country or any man or woman like a journalist or an activist I get the impression that this country is already an another State or a colony of India. Does this exhibits the general impression of the Indian Government.

The way they have been treating us since the days of Indira, by training both Sri Lankan (LTTE) and Indian Tamils and providing them with all facilities on Indian soil with arms and ammunition and all  other logistics to overthrow the Government of this country, invading our air space threatening to military take over during the Vadamarachchi Operation, dropping Parippu from the air, imposing the Rajiv/JR Accord almost at gun point forcing JR to recognize North and East as the Traditional Homeland of Tamils, forcing the Sri Lankan Government to grant Citizenship to all Indian  Estate labourers nearly 1.2 million living on tea estates living right at the centre of the country and to make Tamil also as an Official language of this country while it is not recognized as an official Language even in Tamil Nadu where 70 million Tamils live and imposing of the 13th Amendment almost nullifying the Sri Lankan Constitution paving the foundation for future EELAM and more recently the behavior of the Tamilnadu politicians and even the foreign Minister Sushima and Security advisor to Modi on the fishermen issue in the Mannar bay clearly make us to feel that they all think we are a colony of theirs.

On the other hand the inactivityand dead silence on the part of the Government of this country and its leaders, while compelling us to doubt whether there is a Government at all in this country we are also compelled to ask them whether they have already made this country a part of the Indian Subcontinent, another Province or a State of India as JR proposed in 1943.  President Sirisena may not know about this proposal but I am sure Ranil the erstwhile nephew of JR should know this by heart.

It may be the promise he made to JR that he is trying to keep by selling the 101 Oil Tanks at Trinco and the Trinco Harbour to India and allow them to construct the Danuskodi-Mannar bridges as a prerequisite to bringing this country under the Indian empire, when he meets Modi next week. You never trust Ranil Wickramasinha as he has always betrayed this country every time he came to power by accident. In 2002 he gave 14 oil Tanks to India and this time he wants to give the rest 84 together with the harbor. He also proposed devolving asymmetrical power to the North and the East when he was in power as PM.

I wonder whether this Indian idiot Nedumaran knows the following facts.

1That India and Sri Lanka are two different sovereign nations and Independent States governed by their respective Governments.

2 That Modi is only the Prime Minister of India and not Sri Lanka that has its own Prime Minister.

3 That the Tamils in Sri Lanka  are not Indian Tamils and they are only Sri Lanka Tamils (as they were baptized by Ponnambalan Arunachalan Ramanadan, another Malayali descendent in 1911 when he was Director Census and Statistics) but actually Malayali descendents  who were brought here by Portuguese and  Dutch to work on their Tobacco plantations in the late 17th century and early 18th C

5 That there is a Government here to look after its citizens about whom Modi should not be bothered or on the other hand should not be allowed to meddle with. On the other hand if both Nethhhumaran and Indian PM Modi are worried about Tamils living here either on blood relationships, sympathetic or humanitarian grounds then why don’t both of them take all Tamils living here to India and make them happy. Having mutual friendship with Sri Lanka and meddling with its internal governance are two different things, I hope the India PM will understand. A such the best thing he should do is just attend the Wesak ceremony in Colombo as he is supposed to be an avowed Buddhist, though a strong Hindu, so that his friend Ranil will be happy, and leave the shores of this Island without participating in the opening of the Hospital up on the hills for estate Tamils built with Indian assistance or visiting Jaffna  as suggested by Nedumaran a mad man to create the impression that these Tamils, though they live here and subsist on Sri Lankan resources are really Indian citizens (NRIC as defined by them) who will be looked after India as their people until India declare EELAM and Malayanadu on Sri Lankan soil and make this Island a protectorate of Indian Empire one day. That will not only avoid internal ethnic dissentions here but it will also make Tamils in Sri Lanka to realize that their allegiance should be to this country and no longer to India and more importantly his prestige as a world leader will also go up.

Instead of taking a practical step like that if he visits the tea country and Jaffna how and demonstrates his Indian hegemonic attitude he will ever be hated by the Sri Lankan public and treated as another Rajiv Gandhi.  How can Nethumaran ask Modi to prevail upon the Government of another country to release Indian Fishermen along with their boats, who have been poaching in Sri Lankan waters causing loss of billions of rupees to this country and destroying our national fish resources by deep sea trawler fishing illicitly for which crime they have been taken in to custody by Sri Lankan Navy.

I also really cannot understand the mentality of these Indians who want one of our tiny sandy Island Kahchchative to be given back to India when India is sixty times bigger than our small Island. Also I am lost to understand on what ground they ask us to allow them to rob our fisheries resources thus impoverishing our own fisherman who are also ironically Tamils for whom Nedumaran or any other Indian don’t have any feeling.

Also I find it extremely difficult to comprehend as to why a wise man like the Indian PM cant tell his Ministers, Officials and all other Indians agitators that he is only the PM of India and Sri Lankans have a Government of their own to look after its citizens over whom he has no authority or a legitimate say to intervene or interfere as firstly, it violates diplomatic norms and secondly such actions are inimical to the friendly relations between the two countries and his duty and mandate is not to alleviate the sufferings of Sri Lankans but the 1.2 billion  Indians half of whom are in abject poverty and even don’t have toilet facilities.


I reproduce Nadumarans  Interview with The Hindu below for your convenience to get a fuller  understanding about this irritating and never ending Indian attitude towards Sri Lanka.

Modi must visit Tamil areas to understand their sufferings’

1 Tamil National Movement leader P. Nedumaran said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should visit the Tamil areas in northern Sri Lanka during his visit to Colombo and take steps to alleviate their suffering.

2 India, should prevail upon the Lankan government of Sri Lanka to secure the release of the boats, must also get compensation from the island nation for the damaged boats. India should also get compensation for the families of fishermen killed by the Lankan navy, he said.

(P. Nedumaran Tamil National Movement leader)

The HIndu


‘Modi must visit Tamil areas to understand their sufferings’

Special Correspondent

Rameswaram April 23, 2017 00:00 IST

Updated: April 23, 2017 04:10 IST


Tamil National Movement leader stages protest in support of fishermen

Tamil National Movement leader P. Nedumaran said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should visit the Tamil areas in northern Sri Lanka during his visit to Colombo and take steps to alleviate their suffering.

Talking to reporters here after staging a protest in support of the fishermen here on Saturday, he said as the Tamils could not get back to their houses, take possession of their lands and resume normal life even six years after the end of the civil war, Mr. Modi should intervene and address their problems.

Alleging that the army was in full control of Tamil areas, he said there was one army man for every five Tamils and their sufferings continued. During his visit to Colombo, Mr. Modi should get first-hand account of the woes of the Tamils after visiting Jaffna and other Tamil areas, he said.

Like the British Prime Minister David Cameron, who visited Jaffna and exposed the plight of Tamils to the outside world, Mr. Modi should visit the Tamil areas and take necessary action to alleviate their sufferings, he said.

On the fishermen issue, Mr. Nedumaran said the whole problem started after India ceded Katchatheevu islet to Sri Lanka. Fishermen were put to untold miseries in the last 46 years after India ceded the islet. Hundreds of fishermen were killed, arrested and their nets and other paraphernalia destroyed by the Lankan navy, he alleged.

The Lankan authorities had also impounded more than 40 boats of the fishermen and refused to release them for more than two years. India, besides prevailing upon the Lankan government to secure the release of the boats, must also get compensation from the island nation for the damaged boats. India should also get compensation for the families of fishermen killed by the Lankan navy, he said.

5 Responses to “Is Sri Lanka already a colony of India?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    NEDU-MORON is contradicting himself.

    IF he is so concerned about Tamils in SL he should STOP ENDIA’s Tamils from ROBBING their fish.

  2. Christie Says:

    The island nation has been a colony of India since the British-Indian Empire and was under administration from Madras from 1792-1796.

    Mauritius is an Indian Colony and Guyana. Guyana’s former PM came as a an Election Monitor to oversee the election of Indian Candidate Maithripala Sirisena.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    May be Katchatheevu islet should go back to India along with 500,000 Indian Tamils and their descendants. That was the agreement. You cannot rescind one side of the agreement. The fishing resource only benefits Tamils. Sinhala and Muslim fishermen cannot fish in these waters. At most it will reduce northern Tamils’ profit and fish consumption and millions of dollars savings for the navy.

    India fooled Sirima with the agreement. Sri Lanka gained nothing. Not different to all other fraudulent agreements (1987, 2000 and 2002). They impose obligations only on Sri Lanka and nothing on India.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Seized Indian fishing boats should be auctioned off, and the proceeds should used to offset the costs incurred by the Navy to protect Sri Lanka’s offshore resources.

    In addition, Sri Lankan fishermen should be provided with the necessary GPS-based navigational equipment and transponders to AVOID going into India’s maritime zone.

    We should anticipate that selling off Indian fishing boats will incur a reciprocal response from India. So be it, it would be a good way of getting our fishermen to stay on our side of the fence.

    In termsof number of incursions, and the sizees of the boats/trawlers, India’s fishing boats are much more numerous and much larger, so Indians will lose more by poaching in Sri Lankan waters if their boats are seized and sold.

    This HAS TO BE DONE, and the Navy and Coast Guard should be SUPPORTED TO THE HILT, until India gets the message that India should CONTROL THEIR OWN FISHERMEN, like we are WILLING TO DO with OURS!

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lanka Tamil leaders Separatism from the 1930s ensured INDIAN interference in Sri Lanka. INDIA had a good excuse to interfere in Lanka and at the height of the Cold War in the 1980s, trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu. This created nearly 30 yrs of LTTE terrorism in Lanka. The UNP top leaders were killed off by the LTTE.
    INDIA also imposed the 13-A under Duress on the JRJ govt. iin 1987.

    What was the UN doing to protect Lanka ???

    What is UN Policy when a larger UN member blatantly attacks a small neighboring country which is also a member of the UN ?

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