I will vote Emmanuel Macron for President of France
Posted on April 30th, 2017

By Charles.S . Perera

It is not that I agree wit his politics, but I vote gainst the extra nationalist Marine Le Pen from being elected.

Some call Macron the ambitious man on the move” , an anti-System Candidate”, the maverick centrist outsider” and yet others  call him a political Prince.. If elected at 39 he would be the first youngest elected President in the history of France. He  calls himself a liberal – one who stands for change or reform not abandoning  entirely his Socialist hue. He prides calling himself a  child of Provincial France. He is supported mainly by the young and  the not so young. He is no receipt holder of membership to any political party. He leads his own political  movement- En March.

Macron former investment banker with Rothschild & Co.,  is a stranger to French political system having served only  a short period of counselling economics to President François Holland,and then  as his Minister of Economics for two years.

He is unconventional in all sense and  proved his willingness  to keep his promise against all odds by marrying his former High School professor 24 years his senior. He even joked about his gay tendencies, evoking the surprise of his wife Brigitte as to how he manages it despite her being with him 24 hours of the day.

At the beginning of his odd man Presidential election  campaign the elder political elite did not pay any attention to him, but Macron relentlessly worked on to wriggle himself into the political lime light to give short shivers to serious Presidential candidates to be. His centrist voice finally won and he had qualified for the second run with more chances than Marine Le Pen to finally win the Presidential election.

He is not anti Muslim and does no believe in keeping  closed the European boaders from immigrants. He says anyone should have the right to practice his religion with dignity. He has no sympathy to low wage earners and wishes to reduce some of their welfare benefits. He is business friendly promoting the upper class than the underdog.

I disagree on his foreign policy  which does not differ from  both right and left governments of the past. He is to increase defence spending , which is permissible as far as the protection of France is concerned, but not the use of the military for intervention in foreign lands. There is no need to attack Syria, and the government of its elected President Bashar Al-Assad.

No government in the West has the correct politics to suit the present time. Today there is a mounting  surge of violence in the world  expanding to become ruthless terrorism. Hence the World Governments have to invent strategic politics not to curb terror by terror, but by finding other means to stop the surge and dissuade violence taking the form of  terrorism.

None of the Western Governments are people friendly. They are more for the upper and business class. It was Francois Mitterand who was the more  popular people friendly French President. More would  have been pleased  to vote for Jean Luc Mèlnanchon who would have been another people friendly President after François Mitterand.

In Syria there was  anti government activities by certain groups which was  immediately taken over by the Western countries to promote a regime change in Syria as they did in Libya, and Sri Lanka as well in 2015. The Russian Government fortunately intervened to protect the elected Bashar Al-Assad whose government  was really attacked by armed Syrian terrorists, which interpretation was refused by the USA and the West for whom the other people’s terrorists are not their terrorists.

That Russian intervention in Syria stopped the escalation of war in that country and the other countries around. It was USA, under George Bush and Barrack Obama, with his war monger” Hillary Clinton,  which was  out to intervene militarily in foreign countries, to maintain the  leadership of USA in the world. France and the rest of the European countries and Canada joined in with their NATO forces for this world class military assassination of Nations.

The time is now ripe for all Nations of the world to start settling issues in dialogue, as UNO has failed  to accomplish this role.  USA  has also invented Human Rights as a means to interfere in to internal affairs of Sovereign States they consider are  lead by political leaders unfriendly towards the USA and the West.

The   USA intervention in Ukrain was a mistake that lit the fires of dissention amoung the European countries. It is essential that European countries join hands with Russia as a partner. instead of  carrying on a cold with trade blockades. The Governments may disagree but that is no reason why people are made to suffer by imposing trade blockades. Political dissention between countries should be settled by healthy dialogue.

Emmanuel Macron if elected should re think about his political stand  vis-à-vis Russia, and Bashar Al-Assad.  All elected political leaders of all Sovereign states both those of the developed countries and the developing countries should respect  each other, that is the clef to a peaceful world  where people may share each others happiness and prosperity.

Emmanuel Macron should when elected make an effort to revitalise  the UN  as an instrument for world peace, without allowing it to follow the rich USA and the West, to isolate the poor developing nations.

It is with those thoughts in mind that I will vote for Emmanuel Macron  at the final round of  Presidential Election in France.

5 Responses to “I will vote Emmanuel Macron for President of France”

  1. Nimal Says:

    You have no choice but to vote for him to keep that woman out. I would Get to UK before BREXIT.UK is the best place in this part of the world for us Sri Lankans.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Charles,
    With you on your choice.
    Thanks for keeping us informed about what is going on in France.


    Right now, Mr Macron sounds like the best choice for France.

    Right now, all over the troubled world, not many truly suited people take to politics.
    We simply have to go with the best person/s who come forward ….

    Lanka is lucky in this regard to have proven and trustworthy people such as Pres MR & some others to lead the country. I am excluding the RW/CBK duo as unsuitable past leaders, proven as unsuitable.

  3. Charles Says:

    Dear Fran,

    Macron is not the man I would have liked to vote , but given the circumstances there is really no other alternative, as it is essential to bar Marine Le Pen from winning the election.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:


    The BEST place in the world for us Sri Lankans, is SRI LANKA, after we RESTORE a patriotic government.

    Charles Aiyya:

    If you watched the JO May Day Rally on Youtube, your fondest hopes (and mine) may soon come true! Jayawewa!

  5. Nimal Says:

    Of Couse Ananda.

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