Majority of Sri Lankans still remember and honour the War Heroes who defeated LTTE Terrorists
Posted on May 17th, 2017

Shenali Waduge


Nowhere in the world do we hear of countries scrapping their Victory Day celebrations just because the feelings of the vanquished is hurt. The Allies still celebrate victory not bothered whether it upsets Germany or Japan. No country will ever scrap a Victory over terrorists but Sri Lanka becomes an exception under this government who are courting and flirting remnants of the Tiger Inc in a laughable bid to reconcile with terrorists. We take this opportunity to run through some facts.


LTTE and Tamil militancy are inextricably linked to objectives to destabalize Sri Lanka by multiple elements, players with a plethora of objectives.


The Tamil high castes used Tamil militancy to advance their own agendas to reign supreme over the low caste Tamils. The links to LTTE and Tamil elitist politics as well as India obscures and blurs the distinction between Tamils & terrorists. What needs to be clearly identified is that the demands made by LTTE and TNA are virtually the same. Demands made by India claiming to be mediator was to use their initial puppet to secure advantage over Sri Lanka geopolitically and strategically. This requires any government to investigate TNA for links to terror and remove TNA from mainstream politics if they are using political cover-up to achieve what the terrorists in arms strived to do.  


India that helped arm, train and finance Tamil militancy secretly training groups of unemployed Tamil youth, did so with the intent to use the ‘Tamil’ card to use as a ploy to give India the ‘right’ to interfere in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs claiming India was looking after the interests of people who were originally from India. The second stage of that objective has now been launched with the arrival of the Indian PM to address only the estate laborers imported from South India during colonial rule. The Tamil card becomes an unbreakable umbilical chord with India eternally using ‘national defense’ as reason d’etre to interfere in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka after helping create the problem.

Evidence to support India’s guilt of sponsoring terror is in the Jain Commission report following the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the affidavits confirming Indian soil was used as a training ground, memoirs and books written by former Indian envoys, IPKF heads, retired Indian military personnel and diplomats.


The other foreign involvement came via a plethora of Western countries where LTTE had their offices and who used Tamil/Indian diaspora to garner votes for western politicians in exchange for their support of a Tamil homeland. With no shame western politicians were seen atop LTTE stages, signing petitions on behalf of LTTE eelam demands and even travelling to LTTE events and speaking as chief guests. Even former US presidential candidate had taken funds from LTTE sources, UN bodies had also been compromised as they too had been working with LTTE front charities. But then again UN has been so compromised that the country that has lists of violations against women is today the champion of Women’s HR rights and the UN was forced to remove that country from its list of violators after it threatened to stop all funds to the UN. Therefore, money buys what happens inside the UN is nothing for any of us to be surprised about.


Evidence of Western double standards include not taking action against Adele Balasingham now living in UK for training LTTE child soldiers and even instructing them to commit suicide by biting the cyanide capsule. Allowing LTTE to use London as its international head quarters. Silence and inaction against UK MPs who have been regular attendees at LTTE front events even after UK banned LTTE. Apart from a handful of arrests, even investigations by metropolitan police on LTTE operatives have not arrested the key LTTE players who had been providing material support and raising funds for LTTE over the years. In fact, State premises are being used by these LTTE fronts for their events!


Let’s all realize that Prabakaran and his merry men would be no ‘internationally feared’ rebel force without guns and ammunition supplied to them that at times outmatched what the national army was given. Where were these arms coming from is as important as who were paying for the arms and this was never investigated and culprits living overseas on foreign passports arrested for that material support given that LTTE was banned by the very countries that continue to harbor LTTE fronts & their heads who are continuing their struggle politically given that they have financially and voter-wise helped this government come into power. The US inaction against UNSC 1373 banned LTTE front TGTE and its head is a case in point of the double standards that prevail.


While India must take blame for starting armed militancy, the west stands guilty of allowing that armed militancy to grow and giving their lands to be hiding grounds for material/fund raising as well as to harbor runaway LTTE cadres over the years. It has now come to light that there are firms training Tamils to enact a drama when being interviewed for refugee status and Tamils are paying to be bodily harmed with a doctor endorsing that the wounds are recent and committed by the Sri Lankan Army. This is a mass money making endeavor that is yet to be investigated though the British authorities are well aware of it. Money has silenced a lot of international agencies, players and statements but has caused unnecessary loss and death of both civilians, armed forces and even Tamils who had been forced into becoming part of that terrorist movement. While a handful of people were thrown into the battle ground the rest of the Tamils used that as an excuse to claim discrimination apply for refugee status and live abroad.


Peace talks – that failed


§  Thimpu in July 1985

§  Indo-Lanka Accord July 1987

§  April 1989 – June 1990 direct talks between GOSL and LTTE

§  October 1994 – peace talks initiated by President Chandrika

§  January 1995 cessation of hostilities but LTTE began violence in April

§  December 2001 – unilateral ceasefire declared by Ranil W

§  February 2002 – cease fire agreement between GOSL and LTTE – 3 rounds of peace talks failed


All those who have been chirping that Sri Lanka must return to the negotiation table must first realize the futility of these talks and ceasefires that have been taking place since 1985. No one came up with any solution while the LTTE continued its murderous ways killing not only civilians, army personnel but even Tamils and their own cadres. Had the 32 nations had banned the LTTE taken action to stop the LTTE fronts from raising funds that purchased the arms and ammunition Prabakaran and his men would not have become as deadly as they did.


It is unfortunate that the very countries that have illegally invaded, after cooking up false stories and making false propaganda and destroyed nations and made their citizens destitute in their own homes are claiming to champion human rights and bringing resolutions against Sri Lanka in the UNHRC. It is hilarious and ironical that these countries who have shameless records of killing and destroying nations are using their power in the halls of the UN to steer puppet UN officials against Sri Lanka and its military. The farce has been such that calls for investigation against the Sri Lanka army on LTTE dead completely ignores the 3000 missing Sri Lankan soldiers. Despite the UN and UNSG as well as the international community making official statements during the height of the conflict to release civilians kept as human shields/hostages and firing on them while fleeing the LTTE have never taken measures to question how many the LTTE killed in the final battle. The UN is yet to reveal how many LTTE cadres died in battle (in civilian/uniform), how many Tamils LTTE killed, how many civilians took part in hostilities and got killed and without making this differentiating every dead is being credited to the Sri Lankan Army. Moreover, without a dead body or even a skeleton, how can the Sri Lankan Army be accused of murder?


Having said that even the arrangements that were made to accept fleeing Tamils were laughed and referred to as ‘internment camps’ with the mainstream media shamelessly lying and distorting the facts.


Let us remind all that upto 2015 following the West’s illegal interventions in Iraq there are 3.3million internally displaced, in Libya the figure is now 417,123, while in Syria the figure is a staggering 6.6million. Where is the UN and UNHRC demanding action against the West and giving them deadlines on resettling them? These hypocrisies reveal what a farce human rights placards raised by the West and the UN are. We can see how the EU is using human rights as benchmarks to give unilateral concessions which they can revoke any time but force countries to pledge commitment to open their sovereignty to these Western countries to interfere in.


What makes the victory on 18 May 2009 great is


·         Sri Lankan Forces were up against a terrorist force that was indirectly backed by powerful countries and armed by a LTTE diaspora that was making USD300m annually in profits the money which is now being used to buy over foreign and local politicians and decision makers.

·         While carrying out a military operation the Sri Lankan Forces simultaneously engaged in a humanitarian rescue operation that saved close to 300,000 people (which included LTTE cadres in civilian clothes)

·         Those pointing fingers at the Sri Lankan Army have yet to explain why the army would save 300,000 people yet kill numerous guestimate figures for which they do not even have a dead body or skeleton to substantiate their claim.

·         A successful rehabilitation program was launched and many LTTE cadres were rehabilitated while the over 500 child soldiers were given a presidential amnesty and they have completed their studies, launched their careers and reunited with their families.

The fault of the previous government however was not to take action against all those that supported LTTE over the years by initiating an official investigation against them that needed to investigate the TNA, local NGO heads, local media heads, UN officials, foreign MPs, LTTE diaspora and their groups etc for their role in LTTE terror and demanding through diplomatic channels that foreign governments take action against them using their country laws as LTTE remains banned in their countries.


However, 8 years on we still proudly remember the men who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow and enabled us to live without bombs and suicide missions. If at all our people must look back in time and recall the fear we all suffered during the height of LTTE terror. Parents scared to send their children for classes, parents not travelling in one single bus, the anguish of the ambulance sirens and wondering how many had been killed, the mourning in the homes of the soldiers, the agony of their wives and children at the loss of their soldier husband/father. We cannot be a selfish nation to forget these sacrifices made. There are thousands of soldiers injured, young men many hardly 30 years old lying unable to feel or move parts of their bodies. These men are suffering in silence. A trip to the Abhimansala and Ranaviru homes will show you what sacrifices they made and as a grateful nation it is upto all of us to look after them, at least make them smile and feel loved. Caring for others should not have to be done on a special day – we must nurture our compassion for all.


Shenali Waduge

12 Responses to “Majority of Sri Lankans still remember and honour the War Heroes who defeated LTTE Terrorists”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Shenali tears comes to our eyes when we read articles like this and feels sad and angry at the same time for suffering for thirty years and still we couldn’t unite the country to live in peace and harmony. How can anyone forget a day like this so easily and stay as if nothing has happened on May 18 or 19, 2009. Victory day is universal. Most of the countries who has won wars still celebrate victory day with parades and other festivities in grand scale. After vanquished the most sophisticated and ruthless terrorist outfit in the world we weren’t be able to celebrate it freely or in grand style because of the selfish attitude of the current evil rulers who prefer to make terrorist and their sympathisers happy more than the citizens in this country.
    I as a citizen always think how to repay our heroes for what they did to our country. We owe them so much. We cannot just simply forget and look other side and do nothing to help these valiant soldiers who gave their lives to save us and the nation we love so much. Tamils and Muslims hardly cares about our land but the SINHALA population cares as this is our only homeland. How much we cry or oppose our current Yamapalanaya government and the politicians who are in the current parliament today hardly care about the motherland or it’s future except they themselves get rich and richer day by day and promising bogus promises and telling tons of lies to hoodwink the people and make life miserable for ordinary people in this country. When can we have real freedom and democracy in my country? Is it possible or will these horrible, horrible politicians in our country get united and do something good for the people and for the motherland or will they continue destroying our land, culture and the buddhist religion to satisfy their paymasters abroad and the traitors within. As we celebrate we salute and thanks from the bottom of our hearts our war heroes as well as dead and injured war veterans and at the same time we thank our former President and his government also brave armed forces personal in this country. Thank you Sir Mahinda Rajapaksa our fearless president of all time. Long live Sinhala nation.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    Most of the countries who has won wars still celebrate victory day with parades and other festivities in grand scale.- With whom from TE Saiva Thamil Paddi ???

    Naalai Pirrakkum TE !!!!

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Shenali,
    Thank You from our Hearts for this article. The article states the truth of the matter re Tamil Separatism/Terrorism, and the role the Lanka War Heroes played to bring peace & stability to Sri Lanka. We hope that the Yahap govt will not ruin the gains made ….


    We agree with what @ranjit has written here.


    Many Millions of PATRIOTIC Lankans will have help to continue to take care of the Soldiers who have sacrificed so much to keep Lanka safe and whole for us all.

    Some facts to face :

    * INDIA can never be fully trusted to be loyal to Lanka.
    * TAMIL people of Lanka will be used by foreign countries to destabilise Lanka to suit their own purposes.
    * Some TAMILS abroad will never be loyal or grateful to Lanka as they make money and gain attention and other benefits abroad by not being loyal or grateful to Lanka, however much is done for them locally.
    * Seems really strange that Tamil folk are demanding Tamil Eelam in Lanka when the true Tamil Homeland is in Tamil Nadu, INDIA. Why a second Tamil Homeland, while ruining the one homeland the Sinhala & Others have in Lanka ?

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    “Naalai Pirrakkum TE !!!!”

    Naala wareng SA Kumar!

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    Naala wareng SA Kumar! ???

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    And so it CONTINUES to ACCELERATE: the INFLUX of Indians into Sri Lanka under EVERY POSSIBLE PRETEXT!

    SOON to become a FLOOD under the ETCA!

    Radhakrishnan insists on filling teacher vacancies in estate schools with Indians
    May 18, 2017, 11:19 pm

    The government would not change its decision to bring in Indian teachers to be appointed to Tamil schools in the estate sector, Education State Minister V Radhakrishnan vowed yesterday (18).

    The State Ministry of Education has, in a media statement, quoted Minister Radhakrishnan as saying that the government has decided to bring in 100 teachers from India to overcome the prevailing shortage of science and maths teachers in estate schools.

    The Ministry has said that the Minister said so while addressing a ceremony at the auditorium of the Education Ministry at Isurupaya in Battaramulla.

    “The media statement quotes the minister as having said: “We took that decision after considering the fact that we could not fill the existing vacancies overnight with qualified persons from this country. We are recruiting from here, too, but we have to train them and it would take time. Children in the estate schools who have been marginalised for so long should not be made to wait for that while we have the option of obtaining services from teachers from the neighbouring country. We simply cannot order those students to read for arts subjects just because we do not have the required science and maths teachers here. If there are qualified people, we invite them and are ready to recruit them as teachers.

    “There are some people opposing this project as they are not aware of the situation prevailing in the estate sector schools. Because of their short-sightedness this project has become a controversial issue.

    “We have tried to obtain the services of retired teachers but that project was not successful. The Prime Minister, too, has paid his attention to this issue. He ordered me to fill the vacancies by bringing teachers from other countries if not from India I was told to bring teachers from even China. If the teachers in the service are failing to render a proper service we would bring teachers from abroad and somehow ensure the children would get a proper education.”

  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    There appears to be a LANGUAGE problem here for the Estate Schools.

    Suggestion : If the children are taught solely in the TAMIL language, then there is bound to be recurring problems finding teachers who can teach in the TAMIL language. There should be a choice in language for them to learn science – Tamil or English. Math ought not be a problem as numbers are universal, and they can learn math easily enough in the English medium.

    A similar solution may work for some Sinhala Schools for Science & Math.

  9. RohanJay Says:

    Shenali answer me this. If the war heroes were so honoured. How came Maithripala Sirisena was voted into office in 2015. Thereby garuanteeing the war is forgotten and the war heroes are forgotten along with that long war.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ex-LTTE leader KP reveals how former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR supported to buy weapons and ships

    Mon, May 22, 2017, 09:37 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 22, Colombo: Former international wing leader and chief arms procurer of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP says a former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister provided the money to buy the weapons and ships.

    Speaking to WION in an exclusive interview, KP, who was wanted in India in connection with Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, said the LTTE had 13 ships in 2003 and most of the money came from the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MG Ramachandran, known as MGR, provided the money to buy the ships and weapons.

    He said it was not difficult to acquire the ships at the time. “Anyone can open a shipping company. Anyone can operate ships, so it is a normal operation,” he said adding that there were many markets all over the world to buy weapons.

    When asked about the arm shipment operation, he said the ships came via India. “Sometimes we would send a container to India and former Chief Minister would clear the container and hand over to us,” KP revealed. The containers were then taken by boat to Valvettithurai.

    He said the Sri Lankan Navy was not sophisticated at that time and getting pass by the Navy was not a problem.

    Speaking about the suicide bombs and cyanide capsules, KP said the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran got the ideas from the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Palestine Liberation organization (PLO) and improved them further.

    When asked about preparing suicide bombers and the child soldiers for missions, the former gun-runner said the Tamil people respected the LTTE leader and the LTTE exploited this “emotional feeling”. “It was brainwashing,” he added.

    He said the some leaders of the terrorist organization including himself and Anton Balasingham objected to using child soldiers and suicide bombers but nobody in the organization listened.

    Pathmanathan was an international arms smuggler who procured massive loads of weapons worth billions of dollars for the terrorist organization that ravaged a deadly war for 30 years. He was involved in arms smuggling operations across Asia, Canada, US and Europe.

    Sri Lankan authorities arrested KP in Malaysia in August 2009 and brought to Sri Lanka. He was under protective custody of the Rajapaksa government.

    He has reformed now and become an orphanage father taking care of three orphanages in Kilinochchi.

  11. SA Kumar Says:


    Susantha Wijesinghe

    So what is true? ( atha kiyanda ko)- No karachcha .

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe, FYI

    Last month I’ve visited Mother Lanka after long years (left 1983).
    on touring in south my Sinhala driver convinced ( as I born in Srilanka) ticket officer to get local price ticket for my sight seeing , at entrance gate lady ticket checker ask my driver whether can I speck at least dikka sinhala .
    I answer to her with my Chingnkala ” Nanki… I appida honthada kaththa karanda puluvan I appi Japanaya minusu thamaye ‘
    She was laughing…. said sorry.

    I was so ashamed our self We-Tamil were fighting with last 30 years with this sinhela people !!!!

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