Posted on June 6th, 2017

Ranjith Soysa

Attn the Consul General for Sri Lanka in LA

Dear Consul General

At a time when over 650,000 citizens of Sri Lanka had been directly affected by the recent floods in seven districts with over 200 deaths and many more missing -the worst natural disaster faced by Sri Lanka since Tzunami- it is indeed a shame to have celebrations party spending public funds like what you are proposing to do.

I kindly request you to CANCEL the proposed celebrations and CONSIDER having a program to collect funds for the disaster victims and initiate a scheme to control the  expenditure incurred by the Consul General office so that the poor tax payers and the general public in Sri Lanka will benefit.

This is the preferred way to justify your political obligations to the party in power and to the Nation as obviously you were selected the position of Consul General owing to your political affiliations.

Ranjith Soysa


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    If they REALLY want to celebrate they can celebrate in the UK!!!

    RAMADAN 2017 has been a TERROR for “NON-BELIEVERS”!!

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Of course they have lick mussie backs for their votes. Sri Lanka Multiplying Community multiplying, multiplying and
    multiplying. Mussie babies mature in just 18 years. Then they are votes and votes. Of course deshapaluwan can’t
    wait to lick the mussie backs for the votes. Mussies used this old trick to turn old iran, afganisthan, pakesthan,
    maldives, bangladesh, malaysia and indonesia from Buddhist to mussie in no time by multiplying using their BABY
    MACHINE WIVES. Shame on you kalakanni jaathi dhrohee deshapaluwan who don’t give a damn about Sri Lanka,
    Sinhalese and Buddhism.

    This fastest breeding religion and religion of utter peace followers should read Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. We all
    accept it be more than 100% true. Human life wasn’t created by divine intervention. It started from 0.00000000000
    00000000000001 and evolved to be 1 meaning started in most primitive form and evolved and evolved over
    millions of years to be what we are today. Rest of the animal kingdom is various ‘byproducts’ of that evolution. Google Tree of Life to see how it all happened. Just like Lord Buddha preached.

    Darwin’s theory completely destroyed the creator god theory. Darwin even stopped going to the church. But in today’s money ruling world there is no place
    for Buddhism. All non-Buddhists want to destroy the only true religion in the world. A religion which shows how to escape from being reborn. It’s a shame all the other religions are hell bent on destroying the real truth about life
    on the planet.

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