Posted on June 15th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I was passing by the garbage mountain again today 0n 15th June .This is the 3rd time I am seeing it with disgust .This is my 3rd opinion which this website is publishing ,except once by a daily paper Island”

Then to my relief I see  HE The President walking along the Galle Face promenade and  he was passing by the garbage lying by the walk way and the smell would have made him repugnant .

I am sure as the Minister of Environment  he would have asked his Chief Security Officer to call CMC or Megapolis .I yet have to see whether it will  still  be there tomarrow and again next day .

Then I read in the morning paper that Ravi K has stated that Triforces should be deployed to remove garbage if necessary .

Everybody talks and to action  !

Last few days I saw the Shangrila hotel coming up in finishing stages and for few days I watched that the letters  – ANGRI—were hung along the wall façade of the top floor where SH   and LA were still to be hanged .

I was told my  friend  who was walking by my side the SAHNGRILA may be angry” to see how bad Galle Face is .

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    To your credit, you were the FIRST PERSON who brought the accumulation of garbage on the streets of Colombo to the notice of the public, oarticularly here at LankaWeb!

    Bravo …. Sarath!

    It appears that the garbage is being removed fast since yesterday, according to Derana TV news, but the process is far from complete.

    If it can be so removed, why was it NOT DONE earlier by the people PAID and ASSIGNED TO DO IT? If all garbage dumps are full, where is it being dumped ….. in the Parliament building at the Diyawanna?

    The number of things that the YAMAPALANA GOSL is FAILING AT is MULTIPLYING in a DIZZYING FRENZY! Can we HOPE that the END is near?

    Meanwhile, DENGUE sickness in Sri Lanka is now officially an EPIDEMIC with 177 dead in the last 12 months and nearly 62,000 people hospitalized.

    The Western Province is the most affected. Reportedly, the accumulation of garbage on the streets with proliferation of worms, flies and mosquitos, and stagnant garbage ridden water in canals, street drains and pools of surface water created by inyermittent heavy rain, has aggravated the situation by creating fertile breeding sites for more dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

    The Minister of Health Rajit’s Seneviratne is TOO BUSY PONTIFICATING as a Yamapalana spokes person to attend to his JOB as the Minister of Health, while the Minister of the Environment our illustrious PANA-NATHI JANA-PATHI is TOO BUSY worrying about Sanhidiyawa and Sahajeevanaya to worry about the Dengue Epidemic which was ANTICIPATED to atrrive promptly on the heels of the recent floods!

    The WADA-BARI Yamapalana CONTINUES to BLUNDER ALONG from ONE CRISIS to the NEXT CRISIS witch hunting it’s political opponents relentlessly. In keeping with its performance in all other areas of GOVERNANCE, it has so far FAILED TO PROVE any of its much balley-hood allegations against the Rajapaksa family and administration while it’s OWN MINISTERS LOOT the TREASURY at will!

    The “Yahapalanaya” stands revealed as both a Yamapalanaya and a Horapalanaya, if you can call it a PALANAYA AT ALL!

  2. ranjit Says:

    Yahapalanaya became Yamapalanaya and now it has become Horapalanaya with so many highway robbers among the ruling elite. We have gays, lesbians,pimpiyos and uncharacteristic individuals in this ruling set up. Calm and quiet atmosphere we inherited after the war until 2014 has vanished into thin air after this evil clique came to power. Sinhalese buddhists live in fear more than any other times because of the Yamapalanaya magic word Sanhindiyawa. Tamils and Muslims raising their ugly heads again demanding separate land and power. The patriots who loves this nation must start building a coalition of united front to face this menace before we face another disaster like LTTE terrorism. Join hands to defeat this evil government as soon as possible.

  3. Nimal Says:

    Governor Havelock who created the Gall face must be turning in his grave.

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