Posted on June 17th, 2017


What has happened to Sri Lanka in many ways can be drawn as a parallel to what did happen in Indonesia.  Prez Soeharto developed the nation, cost of living was affordable, religious extremism well managed, retained East Timor in spite of Western push.

What was lacking. Though he did lot of good work, in later years, he became a problem than a problem solver.  Famous “KKN” korupsi, kolusi, nepotisme destroyed his government. He restricted political parties to 3, Golkar (his own party), Partai Pembangunan Persatuan (United Development Party) and PDI (partai Democrasi Indonesia).

After toppling Soeharto, a well respected Muslim Gus Dur, a Blind Old Man, was appointed Prez.  He was portrayed like a saviour of the Nation and a saviour of Democracy by the Western World and by well   educated Indonesians such as Dr Amein Rais.  This strategy was  very similar to portraying Maithreepala  as a saviour of Democracy and a compassionate Leader, far superior than Prez Mahinda Rajapakse.

It took couple of decades for Prez Soeharto to become corrupt, but it took around 18 months for Gus Dur to become most corrupt and inefficient leader. Unemployment became the worse enemy of the nation, cost of living sky rocketed, labour unrest almost daily, increase in number of political parties from  3 to 16, increase in number of newspapers from 2 to almost 12, massive decrease in Foreign Direct Investment.   Americans were only interested in toppling Prez Soeharto, but did not help the economy afterwards, just like in Sri Lanka.

Just like Maithreepala Sirisena was seen eating his lunch on a Banana Leaf, Gus Dur was seen wearing pyjamas and lousy shorts in bright day light, facing media. Gus Dur wanted to be the leader of Common Man, just like Maithreepala.

His love affair with a young woman came to the spotlight.  Created confusion at the Presidential Palace issuing conflicting  policy statements, just like what is happening in Sri Lanka now.

Gus Dur was an ardent supporter of Megawati Soekarnoputri, the two political parties PKB and PDI-P worked together.  But Gur Dur back stabbed Megawati, just like Maithreepala to Mahinda, to become President by joining with Golkar and PPP.  Once again this is parallel to Maithreepala joining with the UNP, just to become the Prez.

The very same Dr Amein Rais team impeached Gus Dur.  Gus Dur refused to leave the Palace for couple of weeks.  He became a JOKER, just like Maithreepala.  Dr Amien Rais destroyed his own political fortunes in the process,  just like some of the Professors in Sri Lanka.

Today once again the Political Machine of Prez Soeharto, the Golkar Party is quite popular amongst Indonesians.

In Asia we had few great leaders.  Lee Kuan Yew, Dr Mahatir, Prez Mahinda Rajapakse.  Though some may dislike Prez Soeharto, he transformed Indonesia with an iron hand.

Without a leader like Prez Soeharto, the vast archipelago with 18307 islands would disintegrated many years ago, if Prez Soeharto was not power, just like Sri Lanka would have  disintegrated if Prez Mahinda Rajapakse was not in power.


 The only definition of a leader is someone who has followers.” …Prof.  Peter Drucker


  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    A “leader” emerges from the pack not because he/she steps FORWARD, but the rest of the pack takes steps BACKWARD while the presumed leader is otherwise distracted contemplating the sheer magnificence of his toes!

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    An Able & PATRIOTIC leader is priceless !
    Such people are easily recognised by the masses in any Country.
    It is up to the Political parties to be PATRIOTIC and put forward ONLY PATRIOTIC leaders, otherwise it is a failure of the Democratic System.
    The LAWS have to be in place to make it so !

    Questions to Ask :
    * Why is the 6-A never activated in Sri Lanka ?
    * Why is the ILLEGAL 13-A still in place ?
    * Is Sri Lanka a Democracy ?
    * Is Sri Lanka a Neo-Colonised country ?

  3. ranjit Says:

    I cannot think of anyone except Mahinda Rajapaksa out of all 225 members of parliament who can be a leader in this country. He has all the qualifications to be a leader. He showed his talent and his leadership qualities to our nation and got respect of all irrespective of colour religion party politics. Due to few blunders he made in the last stages of his presidential duties he lost the faith and trust of the people and has to leave his job as president of this country. Anyhow he is still the favourite leader we can count on to save our motherland from evil individuals, governments and terrorist organisations etc.

    Appaya and Wicky will be history soon. The worst trio in our political landscape were Appaya,wicky wicks, bandit queen will be sent on isolation due to their treacherous actions against sinhala race and Buddhism our sacred religion. The way they treat Maha Sanga cannot be approved by any means. Other religious sects destroying our buddhist cultural sites cannot be approved either. Our country should be unitary,sovereign sinhala buddhist state respecting other races and religions as well. This is the land we fought through out our history to be free. Lion is still alive and strong so do not think for a moment to hurt him or to destroy him. We should be awake all the time if not these three wicked traitors will sell our Land of freedom to foreigners to be in power for ever. Patriots find a suitable candidate to lead our Motherland with respect. A sinhala buddhist with a strong will power who will serve the citizens irrespective of colour religion party politics. A man with a heart for poor.

  4. Christie Says:

    Dear Dissanayake;

    Are you acting as the “Manpower” man for Modi? Is Chandrika on maternity leave?

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Those who are BEHIND the BBS (the only defenders of BUDDHIST HERITAGE rightly or wrongly) must be the next PM.

    Those who PARTIED (and poked FUN at the Buddhist monk STRUGGLING to save his life from the GESTAPO while saving BUDDHIST HERITAGE) with Middle Easterners are less worthy of it.

    Those who ALLOWED QATAR funds to WILPATTU and cleared WILPATTU for their settlement are certainly NOT worthy of power.

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