Posted on July 2nd, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Photograph taken today show a slight profile of a moving a 6 meter long crocodile in Parliaments Lake.SLLRDC has put up a fence around the lake  prevent  the Croc’s coming on to walking path .One of the morning walker jokingly said that one of these days , Croc’s ( I hear almost 20 in numbers) may creep into committee rooms and consume the law makers ! and he was so unkind and showed crocodile tears to express his sorrow !

The oint is these Croc have infested all the canals  including and bey9nd the Diyatha Uyana –Wellwatte  Canal which is now subjected to a Canal Transport project for transporting passengers to Wellwatte using boats .According to costing made by the project team ,cot of the boats should  be very simple and cost low cost in construction like the ones used in ThaIland .

These boats will most probably be opened on the sides and our inquisitive passengers with kids may put their hands out in to the water .Unsuspecting passengers  may lose their limbs in the event of a hungry croc waiting immersed in the water

If the boats are built with closed sides, they may have to be air conditioned, which will jack up the cost and the project will not be viable

People who do not want lose their limbs can have aN option like in Semi Luxury Private Buses ,where option travel with AC is made available  ??

God bless canal transport project and the town planners and of course crocodiles .They may have to get a world bank funding to bring Crocodile Dundees  from Ausssie to catch them ?



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