Posted on July 23rd, 2017

Kanthar Palany Balanathan

His Excellency Mr. Maithripala Sirisena
Executive President of SriLanka
Presidential Secretariat
Galle Face,

Colombo 1,

Sri Lanka

His Excellency the President of the DSR of SriLanka


The Importance of Perception in Politics

Perception is the whole kit and caboodle in politics. SriLankan politicians use their perceptive (deceitful) abilities to win the election and work for re-election during their tenure of office, like India. At least India is better in the development perspective, because they have advanced in Technology, however, retrograde on social standpoint. Well, could we assign the meaning of re-election task; as the MPs, direct their focus to collect whatever current assets required for their campaign for re-election, and/or maintain majority in the legislative assembly through indirect bribes and ploys. A typical example is the import of expensive cars for MPs. One UNP MP V. Maheswaran, god knows what this person does in governance. This person is a lazy opportunist politician who was approved a 30.5+ million Rupees car for import.

A top of the range Toyota Sahara can be purchased for Rs. 7 million on the duty-free permit and sold for Rs. 30 million. An MP is also entitled to a credit of up to US dollars 50,000 or Rs. 5.8 million from any bank to open a Letter of Credit if he or she wishes to import the vehicle. Ref:

  1. Maheswaran, is an opportunist; what does this person do apart from appearing in the media having conversation. It is known that GOSL approves and grants funds to each of the MP, and Ministers. This amount is supposed to be spent for their electorate of the MP/Minister(s). With due respect, does the government maintain a dossier of development work done by these MPs / Minister(s)? Does the Auditor General’s department carry out an audit to check? What is the obligation of the MPs/Ministers, apart from flying overseas like seagulls. Even on technical matters, they take a flight, debarring the person who is responsible for the area of work.

Another politician is Ananthi who was sworn in as Minister of Women Affairs, Rehabilitation, Social Service, Cooperative, Food Supply and Distribution, Industries and Enterprise Promotion, in the Northern Provincial Council. The words of responsibility itself will confuse this woman. However, much we say, she is the wife of a former terrorist, LTTE. Her family was among terrorist group. Her sister was in the EPRLF group.

In a short text, the NPC is manned by former terrorist group, and/or terrorist allies, and/or secessionist lovers of Tamil Eelam, with no contextual knowledge in economics and political framework. What is Ananthi’s contribution to her electorate since she was elected? Apart from flying to the UN.

Many Councilors are temporarily marching on a political platform until they get a confirmed political pension by being an MP/Councilor/Minister.

HE, these are facts not words of punitive acts.

Government Accountability

The framework that form government accountability mechanism. (i) Political accountability mechanisms, (ii) Legal accountability mechanisms, (iii) Administrative accountability mechanisms.

Third world accountability has gone down the drain where, activities are concealed and not transparent. At the floor level, citizens have no time to focus on the activities of governance, as they must work for their living. It is the media that propagate all activities of the government. If the activities and management are not transparent, then it could be that people in that country live in a world of darkness. The country should have an effective and efficient media network.

Accountability”, in general, is answerability, liability and an expectation of provision of description and explanation. In governance, the accountability of the governing body is to the public and legislative bodies, and not to overseas companies, organisations or para terrorist forums.

Below an excerpt from the US Department of State.

Government accountability means that public officials – elected and un-elected – have an obligation to explain their decisions and actions to the citizens. Government accountability is achieved using a variety of mechanisms – political, legal and administrative – designed to prevent corruption and ensure that public officials remain answerable and accessible to the people they serve. In the absence of such mechanisms, corruption may thrive.”

It is regrettable that most of the MPs have no idea of Accountability due to lack of education, except some highly qualified personnel, who are only spending their time on unwanted separation, power and policing philosophy. They have an eager to meet people from the UN, USA, UK and foreign delegates. The outcome is nil and negative. This can be considered a megalomaniac, power-crazy, aspiration, of, not only the Tamil politicians however, among the GOSL members, from top to bottom.

Central Environmental Authority


Prof. Dr. Lal Mervin Dharmasiri’ s message in the GOSL media: It is a great pleasure for me to forward Chairman’s message on behalf of the Central Environmental Authority on our future outlook. I am pleased that our mission is to ensure a clean and green environment by protecting and managing it through the service excellence inclusive of people, technology and our staff.

CEA has a Chairman, Director General, Deputy Minister, and staff. The site could be reached at: CEA has seven divisions, and with complement of staff.

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) was established on 12th August 1981, under the provision of the National Environmental Act No 47 of 1980. The Ministry of Environment which was established in December 2001 has the overall responsibility in the affairs of the CEA with the objective of integrating environmental considerations into the development process of the country. The CEA was given wider regulatory powers under the National Environment (Amendment) Acts No: 56 of 1988 and No: 53 of 2000.

What importance has the Institution of Engineers-SriLanka given to the Engineering profession with respect to environmental protection?


REGULATIONS made by the Minister under Section 32 read with Section 23A and 23 B of the National Environmental Act,

No. 47 of 1980.


Minister of Environment and Natural Resources

  1. No person shall, discharge, deposit or emit waste into the environment or carry on any prescribed activity determined by an Order made under Section 23A of the National Environmental Act, No. 47 of 1980 in circumstances which cause or are likely to cause pollution, or noise pollution, otherwise than –

(a) under the Authority of a license issued by the Central Environmental Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Authority”) ; and (b) in accordance with the such standards and criteria specified in Schedule I hereto, in respect of the specified industries.


  1. These Regulations may be cited as the National Environmental (Municipal Solid Waste) Regulations,

No. 1 of 2009.

  1. (1) No person shall—

(a) dump municipal solid waste along sides of any national highway;

(b) dump solid waste at any place other than places designated for such purpose by the relevant local

authority or any person or body of persons authorized by them in that behalf.

(2) Any person contravening the provisions of this regulation shall be guilty of an offence punishable

under Section 31 of the Act.

The Commissioner of Motor Traffic may for the purpose of these regulations, authorize any vehicle emission testing centre to be an accredited vehicle emission testing centre for the purpose of testing and certifying the vehicular exhaust emission levels of any motor vehicle.

Your Excellency,

The legislative assembly/parliament enacts acts/ bills to regulate and control pollution, forms a corporation/an authority with adequate complement of staff, with an executive DG. However, what is the outcome? SriLanka gets accumulated with garbage, rubbish and release of GHGs (Green House Gas). With due respect Sir, under the democratic socialist republican constitution every citizen/voter has the right to ask the following questions:

  1. What are the functions of the CEA staff?
  2. Has any of the staff go on inspection, or warm up office chairs?
  • Has any of the staff visited dump yards to assess the condition, risks posed threat to the environment?
  1. What administrative and practical workable methods are used to control pollution (Not theoretical talk)?
  2. Do CEA monitor garbage control?
  3. Do CEA have any methods to measure the extent and the quality of garbage dumped.
  • How much is GOSL paying salaries and wages to CEA staff?
  • Is the money paid to staff worth it?
  1. What is the annual budget for the salaries and wages?
  2. Are vehicles tested for flue gases; i.e. Sox, NOx, CO2 etc and measured?

The disposed waste can produce emissions of several greenhouse gases (GHGs). GHGs have an impact on global warming. Significant amount of Methane gas is produced from the breakdown of the organic matter in landfills. Some countries install gas fired generators in landfills.

Kallundai, is a place in Jaffna. On a four-mile run, the dump yard is full of hospital waste, human waste (human excreta), garbage, domestic waste etc. It’s is a coastal area, which could have been converted into a tourist spot, however, Tamil politicians and executives are keen on power and personal monetary relay, which makes them to live among garbage tips. It’s disgusting trait for Jaffna. The previous NPC minister Mr. Ayngaranesan, who proliferated that he has environmental qualification may not have understood the danger NPC posted to nearby villages and people of Kallundai. Jaffna may be a threat to the environment releasing GHGs.

SL had its result of infecting people with H1N1 virus and dengue flue. SriLanka is unable to keep the cities free from mosquitos. Matara Council, in the 50s, implemented a program of eradicating viruses against elephantiasis by periodical spray of insecticide / pesticide.

The question is: Is this a typical failure of the Central Environmental Authority, Institution of Engineers (Ceylon) or GOSL?

Oil Contamination

Sir, you are aware of automobile garages, carrying out business in all villages and cities around SriLanka. Car owners service their car at least once a year. During a service, the used oil is replaced with new or reclaimed oil. The garages fall within a category called microenterprises”.

Where do the mechanics store their old oil?

Do they throw them onto the ground or store them in a container?

If stored in containers, how do they dispose the old oil?

Are the garages registered with the Factories division?

Are these garage business units registered with the Tax Office?

Do they pay tax?

Has GOSL got a dossier of the business units?

Singapore Ministry of Manpower has classified car repair station as follows: Please visit

Vehicle repair

Any premises where the construction, reconstruction or repair of locomotives, aircraft, vehicles or other plant used for transport purposes is carried on as ancillary to a transport undertaking or other industrial or commercial undertaking. This excludes premises used for housing locomotives, aircraft or vehicles where only cleaning, washing, running repairs or minor adjustments are carried out.

Sir, GOSL could address to make things right and automatic by bringing the garages under one administrative unit.

Option I

This could be under the AGA, liaising with the CEA for environmental checks. The Grama Niladhari division could prepare a dossier of all garages and submit to the AGA. The garage owners should make available a register of oil used, oil disposed safely and complying with the regulation, if any, and how they disposed the oil. Every microenterprise unit such as garage, shall hold a tax file number and pay the tax without failure. Well, it is a business unit and they should comply with the business regulation, law, and order.

Option II

Alternatively, If the garages are registered with the factories division of the DOL, the DOL have a dossier. The Inspector of Factories of that district, under the Department of Labor should carry out frequent inspection.

However, an authority should be responsible to collect the mode of old oil disposal annually. May be CEA, DOL, AGA?? GOSL should take disciplinary action against any business that violate the law.

Recently we are aware that cameras have been installed in some places. Law should be tightened, so that the police should be able to fine a person, if he disposes a banned item on the road or roadside.

What method is GOSL intend to take on flue gas emission from vehicles and factories?

Sir, Singapore is an example.

It is a polite request that as the executive president, you should visit places of risk and threat, and satisfy that the air is clean in the areas you visit and is risk free.

In 2014, during my visit to SL, we took a road called Wasilla Road”, in Dehiwala. The roadside canal was full of garbage. The area was full of Maldivian residents. Some have stayed permanently. When GOSL is carefree to let Maldivians into the country, why are we blaming about Muslims. Muslims have different sects and have their own differences. Wahabi”, Shiites”, Sonnies”. And they may be fighting each other. Why should the natives (Sinhale) who lived in SL for more than 2517 years suffer because of these internal quarrels? Has anyone got any answers? This has nothing to do with Democracy”. Democracy is by the people, of the people, and for the people. Not for illegal migrants. Will Saudi Arabia allow illegal SriLankans to stay there? Build Buddhist shrines? If corrective action is not taken, ISIS will walk into the country and our children will face the consequences.

The recent complain: businesses on eating house and hotels are dominated by Muslims. It was reported that they cook meat inI toilets, cook and supply dog meat, house lizard, worms to customers. It’s a devastating act and the GOSL should close such business units.

Buddhism in SriLanka

Prince Vijaya’s reign in SriLanka is traditionally dated to 543–505 BCE. According to the chronicles such as the Deepavamsa, Buddhism was introduced to SL in the third century (3) BCE. This was after the 3rd Buddhist council by Mahinda Bhikku, son of the Emperor Asoka, during the period of Davanampiya Tissa in Anuradhapura. The Northern inhabitants practiced Buddhism.

Kalinga Magha landed in Karainagar in 1215 AD with a large army of 24,000 Tamil and Malayali soldiers. He camped his soldiers in Karainagar and Vallipuram, and brought the Jaffna principality under his control. He ruled Jaffna till 1255. He is supposed to be from present-day Odisha and northern parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Ref Wikipedia.

Portuguese invaded SL in 1505 AD.

Dutch occupied SL in 1656 AD

British occupied in 1796 AD

Question of debating on whether Buddhism is the national religion or not is incomprehensible. It has been the national religion since 3rd century BCE. Most Buddhists changed their religion to Catholism after the entry of the Portuguese in SL. The reason may be by force or to get benefits from Portuguese. Such Catholics have no right to debate on Buddhism being the state religion. In the Tamil sector, majority of Tamils converted to Catholism during Portuguese period out of fear or for benefits. On Dutch and British entry, most Tamils converted to Protestants and Church of England. It is not an objection to people practicing any religion, however, Tamils who converted themselves to Christianity, they should ask this question: When did Christianity come into SL. What religion did your ancestors practice prior to the 16th century? Tamils should be more careful when they object to Buddhist Shrines construction in the N&E. Tamils commenced practicing Hinduism only after the 13th century AD. Buddha was born into a Hindu family. Buddha put forward his own philosophy to the people which became Buddhism. Therefore, Buddhism and Hinduism are married together, which the Tamil people should understand.

In Hindu temples pooja is conducted in Sanskrit

In Buddhist temples pooja is conducted in Pali

In Churches prayers were conducted in Latin.

A person commencing practicing Hinduism after 1600 years of Buddhism in SL (including the North) has no right to object to Buddhist temples constructed or Buddhism being practiced.

A person commencing practicing Catholism after 1800 years of Buddhism has no right to talk about Buddhism.

The photo bellows depicts what we Tamil do in foreign countries:

We break coconuts and block the road in UK. That’s democracy. However, No one should build Vihare in Jaffna. That’s also democracy in Tamil’s dictionary. Because everything the world has is different in the world of Tamils.

None has the right to object to following the constitution. It’s violation of Law and Order.

Office of Missing Persons OMP

Your excellency, Can Sambanthar or Mavai give an account of the following:

How many Tamils are drowned in the Indian/Atlantic/Pacific Ocean.

How many Tamils are surviving in Europe/ Latin Americas/ Pacific nations etc. under different names.

What is the proof that refugees did not give false names?

How are the partners and family getting adequate funds from overseas?

Does GOSL carry out checks on Money Transfer transactions to find out who is receiving funds and from where do they get the funds? Does GOSL reconcile these transactions? Does GOSL have an organization to check these transactions?

What answer can Sambanthar give with regards to the thousands and thousands of people who were murdered by the LTTE.

OMP- Has this organization being formed to inject money into the widows and orphans group OR siphon out for reelection campaign? Who will be monitoring and checking on the activities of the OMP?


49% of the Tamils dwell outside the North & East. North being a dry land, Tamils have no hope of doing any business or work. As soon as they get a degree or qualification, they opt to jump to the South for greener pasture. Even the budgetary allocation allotted to the NPC, the NPC did not expend for any projects or development. NPC has no ambition of developing the North. What benefits does it give the republic by enacting another constitution? It’s only a waste of time. The politicians have wasted their time in talking about reconciliation and constitutional proposals. While the terrorist in SL and overseas are engaged in regrouping and fund raising. Are they being instigated to fight for separation?  Tamils in SL cannot uphold their view that they are not one pure race, but a mixture of various races from India, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

Sir, I quote from an article by Chula Goonasekera, A proposal for the new constitution”

Currently the most important foundation Sri Lanka needs is unity and trust amongst her people. To promote this, we need national acceptance of equal opportunity, human rights and diversity through legislation. Therefore, the proposed new constitution for Sri Lanka should protect and uphold human rights, accept diversity and promote true democracy. It is also prudent that students be protected from exploitation until the age of 21. This is specially to safeguard education in secondary schools and universities.

Parliament is not a place for hooligans but a house of honour for constructive argument, sound debate and agreement on the welfare of the Sri Lankan people

This is because students have become the bait and front line of various groups, exploiting their ignorance, honesty, vulnerability and poverty through a variety of sinister and cheap means including forced physical and mental activities designed to destroy our traditional national practices and family values.

Comments:  Whatever shortfall there is in the current constitution, it should be rectified and remedied via an amendment by act of parliament AND not by writing a new constitution for power sharing and creating divisional power play. Tamil power, Muslim Power and Sinhalese power which is ridiculous. The main theme should be to develop national acceptance of equal opportunity, human rights and diversity, accept diversity and promote true democracy. This can only be practiced through an amendment, law and order.

Do you have a section for caste politics, and if so, has there been anyone convicted of caste oppression?

I quote a paragraph from the submission by the Tamil Civil Society Forum: We define the National Question in Sri Lanka as the problem relating to the hierarchical nature of the Sri Lankan state at the helm of which is the Sinhala Buddhist nation. In this hierarchical state structure the other constituent nations and peoples of Sri Lanka are regarded as subservient peoples and nations to the dominant (Sinhala Buddhist) nation. The dominant nation has used the state, its constitutional and legal apparatus to preserve its dominant status. This we contend is the best explanation of the post-colonial constitution making efforts in the country and of constitutional praxis in post-colonial Ceylon/Sri Lanka. A solution to the National Question, will only come about through a radical and fundamental re-envisioning of the state on the basis of equality amongst the constituent nations and peoples of Sri Lanka. We firmly believe that a thin liberal conception of constitutionalism will not help resolve the problem. The National Question cannot be solved merely by guaranteeing individual rights, good governance and the rule of law. The National Question is about the right to self-determination of the different nations that constitute Sri Lanka including the Tamil Nation”.

TCSF express their views of hierarchical nature as the helm of the Sinhala Buddhist nation. It’s my view that this is total wrong and unacceptable. What’s the definition of hierarchical nature?  A hierarchical corporate culture is an organizational model based on clearly defined corporate levels and structures. Hierarchy is a type of organizational structure in which items are ranked according to levels of importance”.

It’s not based on Buddhist theory or Sinhala theory. Let’s take the NPC for example. It’s a hierarchical nature. One of the former armed group leader was fighting for a ministerial position in the NPC for his brother, and ultimately, he got what he wanted. It’s a vertical structural arrangement by which the NPC operates. A government cannot function on a lateral structure. All government operates on a vertical administrative structure.

The term constituent nations”. What is TCSF trying to tell the GOSL by the term Constituent Nations”. It is of the view that TCSF is pulling the people back to the separation theory. There aren’t any constituent nations. There is only one nation, which is SriLanka.

Definition of Nation”. A large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a state or territory. There wasn’t any Tamil territory defined as in the North. Its inhabited by Muslims, Sinhalese, Malabar, Telugus, Karnataka, Cambodians, Indonesians, Aryans, Brahmins, Nagas, Wanniyas, Burgers, etc. Jaffna man is not from a common descent or do they have a common historical background. The caste differences are a proof of the different descent. Even the culture of the Jaffna people differs from village to village. Even the Tamil language spoken in the early 40s were different in Jaffna. The term Waligamam itself is Weligama”. Araly is ARALIYA”. With time, the language of Tamil copied from Tamil Nadu formed its shape of Tamil. Even Arumuganavalar” got his Tamil language education from Tamil Nadu. Therefore, to define a common descent and common historical background is twisting history.

Sir, a constitution is not the priority now. May be legislations to achieve peace, reconciliation and harmony etc is required. The priority is to reconcile the economy, control expenditure, promote sole trading, create sole trading businesses, promote self-technical business, provide assistance to sole traders, register all microenterprises with the GOSL, educate people on economy, integration, stop generating funds for re-election, stop bribery and corruption, promote and achieve the SRILANKAN” concept.

GOSL should have a vision and mission for safety, terrorism threat, education, job creation and stop SriLankans leaving SL. Promote SriLankans to return and build SL.

As at now our people can talk theory, but its impracticable theories. Let our politicians not talk about wasteful theories on constitution, but focus on building SriLanka and NOT constituent nations as there are no constituent nations in SL.

Thank you, Sir,

Yours Obediently

කන්දර් පලනි බාලනාදන්

Kanthar Palany Balanathan


  1. Dilrook Says:

    I’m confused by this statement.

    [Quote] However, No one should build Vihare in Jaffna. That’s also democracy in Tamil’s dictionary. Because everything the world has is different in the world of Tamils. None has the right to object to following the constitution. It’s violation of Law and Order. [Unquote]

    People have all the right to build Buddhist Viharas in Jaffna or elsewhere in the country. What Tamils think about it is not relevant. It is a constitutional right. I assume this is what the writer points out and we agree.

    All religions are not equal in Sri Lanka. Buddhism takes the foremost place.

    Although Kalinga (Orissa) Magha invaded Sri Lanka (1215 to 1251), he and his army were driven out of the country in 1251. Although it is unthinkable today, these were well established practices in medieval times around the world and Sri Lanka was no exception.

    The invaders practiced the Jain faith (a form of Hinduism). Their sole aim was to spread the Jain faith in the island. The fact that Sri Lanka does not have any evidence of Jain faith establishment at any time in history proves all invaders were either killed or driven out. Even the slightest implication that South Indians lived in the north as a distinct community since 1215 is therefore wrong. Until 1911 Tamil Nadu language speaking people in Jaffna were called Malabars (people of Kerala’s Malabar coast).

  2. Ananda-USA Says:


    Instead of STREAMLINING GOVERNANCE and REDUCING the NUMBER of these UNPRODUCTIVE PARASITES, we are going to BURY OURSELVES under MORE and MORE bureaucrats on the PUBLIC DOLE!

    Is this the Yamapalanya/UNP STRATEGY to win ALL future ELECTIONS, by BRIBING MORE PEOPLE with Govt Jobs??

    May God help us; WE NEVER LEARN!

    Number of LG members will double: Minister

    Number of members elected to 336 Local Government bodies under the new electoral system will be doubled while the number of Local Government bodies will be increased by one Pradeshiya Sabha the Local Government and Provincial Councils Minister Faiszer Musthapha said yesterday.

    Accordingly the number of members to be elected to the Municipal Councils, Urban Councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas is to be increased to 8,825 from the current 4,486, and the new number of Local Government bodies will be 336.

    Under the newly introduced Local Government Electoral (Amendment) Act no. 22 of 2012 more than 2,200 women members representing 25% of the total number of elected members are expected to be elected and a new Pradeshiya Sabha will be established at Millennia.

    “I expect party leaders will approve the amendments to the Act at the next session of Parliament enabling the government to conduct Local Government polls in this year. We will have to go for the polls before November as the Elections Department is scheduled to conduct GCE O/L examination during this time. The Elections Department also needs a minimum 65 days to conduct polls since the Gazetting of the Local Government election,” Minister Musthapha added.

    “The delimitation commission report released in August 2015 following passing of the Act in 2012 was full of errors, mistakes and inconsistencies and was vehemently opposed by minority parties as well as the SLFP and the UNP. If we are to conduct Local Government polls under the new electoral system, we should have first rectified the blunders that had been made by the Delimitation Commission in addition to finalizing the marking of boundaries of Local Government bodies. That is why I appointed the five member official committee headed by Asoka Peiris to look into the issue with the consent of all political parties,” Minister Musthapha emphasized.

    If the government postponed the Local Government polls accordingly, the elections to 23 Municipal Councils, 41 Urban Councils and 272 Pradeshiya Sabhas will have to be held on a same day as all current Local Government bodies numbering 335 would have completed their term of office by then.

    Many Local Government bodies completed their term of office on March, 31, 2015, some others on July 31st of that year and few others on October 16, 2015. Another few Local Government bodies completed their term of office on August 24, 2013 and they are being run under special commissioners or Secretaries.

    All Local Government bodies in the Western Province, including the Colombo, Kotte- Sri Jayewardenepura, Dehivala – Mt. Lavinia, Negombo and Gampaha completed five year term on October. (Sandun A Jayasekera)

  3. Wetta Says:

    While I think addressing this letter to the “so called” president of Sri Lanka is a waste of time, there is more than enough material in it for the betterment of our beloved country. Hopefully one day in the future another leader (I mean a real leader where people will look up to, rather than a puppet) may pluck those valuable hints to bring our country out from the current hell hole.

    The current rulers did not come there with the noble intention of developing and protecting the country. They simply came to office by cheating the voters only to settle their personal rivalries with MR. Anti-Buddhist and international “divide-weaken and rule forces” (USA, UK etc) wanted that and helped them all the way.

    More over, the article is a strong slap to those racist Tamil politicians in the north who have no vision and plan other than to provoke racist thoughts inside innocent Tamil people just in order to keep those politicians in power till they live. Other than that there is no substance in them. That is why when ever they talk politics it is all about “Tamils” and never about “Sri Lankans”. Similar to any number of empty souls in the current government, the racist TNA MPs are none other than empty old barrels; just noise and no useful content inside. One can see a beautifully matching government and an official opposition in Sri Lanka’s parliament.

    Thanks Mr. Balanadan for your voice full of vision to the future unlike a vision to the primitive stone-age by TNA politicians.
    But will the primitive, stone-aged, deaf and dumb hear the message in this?

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Until 1911 Tamil Nadu language speaking people in Jaffna were called Malabars (people of Kerala’s Malabar coast).- Correct Dilrook , We-ilankai Thamilar are Eelavar in Sinhela Hela(var) .

  5. RohanJay Says:

    I agree with this article that India is way ahead of Sri Lanka in science and technology areas etc.They actually have industries that produce and manufacture stuff for themselves and the world. They have space and satellite technology. Industries that build cars,ships automobiles and planes.

    There is no reason why Sri Lanka can’t be the same. Sri lankans are just as bright and talented and as well educated and generally excell in a number of fields not just in South Asia but world wide. No Sri Lankans can do just as well as their Indian counterparts. They are the same people. They are genetically the same as their Indian counterparts and just as talented. They both share the same DNA after all. With the same intelligent and creative abilities. Sri Lanka should seriously look at what India has done right and try and apply it to a Sri Lankan context. I am sure Sri Lankans will excel as they have proved many times if given the opportunities to excel at whatever field they are in. Sri Lankans are in fact a very talented, very intelligent and capable people. This has been proven time and time again in Sri lanka and around the world especially the west. Where Sri Lankans do very well in the west when they arrive in western countries as the opportunities in the west give Sri Lankans to realise their full potential and abilities. Thats why generally speaking Sri Lankans who have moved to the west make full use of the opportunities given their do very well in western countries. Many becoming millionaires and in some cases billionaires starting from scratch.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sale of Hambantota Port – A fair deal.? අපේ හම්බන්තොට වරායත් අද චීනෙට වික්කා පුතේ

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