What ..airport in a port?   
Posted on August 1st, 2017

 Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I was reading about the air port in Colombo next to the port suggested by the minister. I burst into  laughing and wondered why politicians listen to the crap proposed by the professors from universities who have no clue about real life .We have an airport and what we need is to connect the airport highway to southern highway   at Kadawatha and to  build the Kandy Highway as well as Trinco highway . They can build a highway to Kalpitiya and Jaffna if they need better connectivity. If they really want to expand Airport there  is plenty  of land which can be acquired in Katunayake.Trinco an Baticoloa airports can be upgraded  to International Standards and we will benefit

It looks like some people who  have visited Naritha and Hong Kong and got the bright idea .To my understandings filling up Kotte marsh and building a Parliament was a stupid idea .We have used much of national wealth to build this white elephant .

Likewise building an airport in Colombo is sheer stupidity .I wonder whether LRT in Colombo Canal Transportation System ,River transportation etc are also such dreams which we may never see in reality

I keep wondering why technocrats who are advising the politicians make such unrealistic proposal and hood wink the public .


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  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    You are wrong again. Hong Kong airport is located within Hong kong city limits. Naturally you can not have it in the mainland China.

    In London, city airport is located at the periphery of London city and it is very popular among business people who come to London for a day business visit from Europe and vice versa. Quite number of time I have used London City airport for travelling to destination like Paris and Amsterdam though they are using small aircrafts but the travel time is minimal with easy hopin and hopout facilities from city of London.

  2. SA Kumar Says:


    Mother Lanka is not Hong Kong or London (first world)

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