Vision, Mission, and Strategic Initiative Plans for the North & East by Tamil Diaspora Organisations
Posted on September 3rd, 2017

By Kanthar Balanathan, Australia

Sprinkled and Speckled Tamils

History reveals that Tamils of various dimension have migrated out of Tamil Nadu and SriLanka, several centuries ago. Recent, legal and illegal migration over a 40-year bandwidth has been on a theoretical accusation/allegation podium of war and human rights violation, which is not the real truth. Some thoughts are that Prabakaran’s (LTTE) theory of sending several of his favourite members of LTTE cadre, overseas was to campaign and receive international support for his terrorist act(s). It’s a fact because several known people have been working on LTTE campaign for international political support.

The scattering of Tamils was not due to discrimination or oppression or any other human rights violation, it’s because of our (imbecilic Tamil) greediness for wealth. Since the day Portuguese, Dutch, French and the British invaded India, Tamils raised their hands to work overseas. This is not only from SriLanka, however, the majority of Tamils left Tamil Nadu (TN) several centuries ago to; E.g. Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion island, Fiji Island, South Africa etc.

Population in Reunion island is 8.5 lakh. One-third of the population is Tamil race of Indian origin. The strangeness of Mauritius and Reunion island and other islands is that none of the Tamils here has demanded separation, or more power or complained about discrimination & oppression. All people live united, however, with their social status disturbed as a result of integration. The question is: why did they move to the further away islands. Can they speak Tamil today? Do they practice Tamil culture today? Do they know their history and heritage? In Mauritius people had a ceremony in favor of Tamil Eelam. What type of ludicrous & ridiculous act is this? Please see links below.


Historical reports refer that since French occupied Tamil Nadu, Tamils were taken as slave labor to work on the sugar plantation. The YouTube on Mauritius; one can see that speakers are talking in French and/or Pigeon French. The song sung is the Federal Party anthem from Jaffna. How did this song end up in Mauritius? Can we infer that this is the work of the West to instigate people in the islands to motivate the local and agitate for Tamil Eelam? The truth is that only a few Tamils from Jaffna went to Mauritius during the time of the British. Again, the question is; why are these Tamils not demanding for separation in their domiciled islands or Tamil Nadu separation, or speaking about any discrimination or oppression, but ONLY inflicting wounds on SriLanka. Tamils in Mauritius, one can see that they are giving a speech in French to the audience, who are Tamils by race. It’s worth our Tamil Diaspora orgs to sit down and think and digest of what is happening to Tamils who were taken slaves to work in sugar plantations. If these Tamils were so patriotic of a Tamil Nation, then they should not have left TN. Are they prepared to return to TN in India?

Are these moves by SriLankan Tamil Diaspora Organisations/Associations/Congress, under the direction of the TNA who are being driven by the west to conquer SL for regional power?

Do we think that the vipers from the Indian Ocean are going to come and develop SriLanka/India, and be patriotic to SL/India? Do the Orgs think that they will integrate with the SL Tamils or even the Indian Tamils in TN?

Therefore, the question of dispersed Tamils is nothing but, utter garbage hogwash and compost. It is only a storm in a tea cup. If TD ORGS are switched on with intelligence, high perception, and perseverance, then they should sit down, think, analyze and make a decision not to provoke SriLankan administration, but integrate with SriLanka as one country, one nation, one people and rid of all differences. SriLanka is one country for 267 centuries anyway.

TGTE is a make-believe org formed by an immoderate Attorney who has nothing else to do. If he was a competent attorney, he should be showing his colors in the USA on legal matters, not missing persons and fictitious Tamil Eelam. Some people who have no education, but want to be in the forefront of the TD have joined him to march on the made-up, false platform. What a waste of time and money. The funds wasted by the TGTE could have been invested in the North to build a reservoir, and develop in training the young ones. Every Tamil want to suck the funds from the SriLankan coffer. Recently TGTE group staged a protest in front of the PMs house in the UK. Can TGTE organize one in front of the White House? Why not? It’s because Rudrakumaran may think that if such staging occurs his image may be blemished. He may be a coward to save his image in the USA, however, he thinks it’s okay in other countries.

Every TD who is old and joined their children live on dole (பிச்சை சம்பளம்-Begging salary) overseas, plus they get their pension from SriLanka. They may have not paid one cent tax to their domiciled country. If they do not get one-month pension from SL, then they shout, cry and blame SL on human rights violation and discrimination. What a hypocrisy by us champion Tamils. Our TD orgs should think and address about these declarations & culpability seriously.

What do the TD ORGS do? Take up some topic to blame SL and get onto the road, wasting their time and the economy of their domiciled country.

Tamil Diaspora – Unawareness, and Ignorance on Priorities

What we could read and see is that the TD are wasting their time and money in engaging on wasteful unreal, unproductive acts and propaganda. First of all, there is no necessity for the TD to promote and campaign for a country called Tamil Eelam”, talk about the right to self-determination, two nation theories etc in the 21st century. Internal problems should be solved internally. We have come out of the country looking for greener pasture.

For example, GG Ponnambalam staged a 50-50% demand in the 50s. 50% for the Sinhalese and the rest of the three races. The uncertainty is; How did GGP plan to divide the rest 50% among the Muslims Tamils and Burgers. He may have come with a formula based on proportion and talked about democracy. GGP failed in his formula fundamentally flashing that he is an educated, arrogant fool. What has Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam got to explain about this formula of his grandfather? Since independence, the Tamil Politicians knew that the only way to keep their political seat in parliament is to engage themselves in fighting for Tamil Eelam. This is where our Tamil imprudent, laughable politicians wasted their time and energy all these 69 years. Fundamentally, the Tamil fools did not give importance to developing the North and East, however, wasted their time in fighting with GOSL all these 69 years. Not to mention since Megha moved into Jaffna in the 13th century, no megalomaniac did think of developing the North, because they were able to survive with the help of TN. The rest of the Kings in the South and Vanni thought of Water reservoir and constructed, but our hoodwinks never, ever thought of water and reservoir.

Former PM DS Senanayake should be crowned as the statesman for having initiated the structural transformation. DSS and Srimavo should be crowned the best leaders of SL.

Sewerage wheeling and dealing

Most of Jaffna, sewerage is collected in buckets and moved physically by Telangana and Orissa migrants who were brought by the British. It’s a crime that these men are been forced to carry shit buckets and dump sewage into the sea or underground. They are the lowest paid workers in SriLanka. Some parts of Jaffna and the South have septic tank system. One has to think: If engine oil can seep into wells in Chunnakam, is it possible that the effluent from the septic tank will be filtered by the soil 100% as they move. Some Council regulation specifies that a minimum of 25 feet should be maintained between the edge of the tank and the wall. Is that adequate?

There are no water filtration plants in the North. No sewerage treatment works in the North. People just draw water from the wells and drink.

A question: Have we been drinking effluent contaminated water all these years. Why have we not thought of sewerage treatment plant(s)? We boast of Professor Thurairajah etc as leading Civil Engineers. However, have they no motivation and innovation of helping the politicians of such practices. Credit goes to Engineers D.L.O Mendis and Thiru Arumugam for having done some research on water reservoir in Jaffna. Even then our politicians have not got the intelligence to act on their recommendation, but waste their damn time and money on Tamil Eelam and power for their totalitarian attitude.

It is fair enough to blame the SriLankan government also for this lack and shortfall on environmental management.

Tamil Diaspora could initiate a program to construct a couple of sewerage treatment works. Let someone kick up a study and submit a proposal with a plan. We are aware that our TD have no time to go there and work because they have to work in their domiciled countries if not, they cannot survive. However, TD could motivate with a plan and justify a system and submit to GOSL and NPC Council. If not, one has to assume that Tamils culture is deep rooted with the bucket system and consume effluent polluted water. What if nobody wants to wheel this shit? What has our attorney Rudrakumaran and Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam got to comment about this? Maybe they do not understand technical issues. They may understand only illogical, unfounded, and nonsensical issues. (Ref: TD should have read about public toilets overflowing in Jaffna)

The priorities should be (i) Sewerage Treatment work(s), (ii) Water reservoir, filtration plants, and distribution system, which will automatically generate feeder industries and small business.

Migration of Youth from SriLanka-North & East.

With love to the motherland, the TD has no idea of what is happening to the population in the N&E. While sitting in their domiciled countries, drinking whiskey and eating chicken, our lack in perception is quite short to understand that people are moving away from SL, colonize foreign countries, but still shout for Tamil Eelam. For whom are they fighting for more power? For a few Sambanthar(s) and Mavai Senathirajah(s)? Every Tamil youth who gets out of the University wants to go South or get out of the country. No one is patriotic to work and develop the N&E. Tamils lack in motivation, innovation and creativity skills.

Can the TD ORGS do something to stop people from getting out of SL? Can they formulate a formula, strategy, a tactical plan to stop people from getting out of SL? Rudrakumaran, instead of shouting for TE, and secession, would he be intelligent enough to prepare a tactical plan to stop youth from getting out of SL? Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, instead of going to Australia and Canada, begging for election donations, can he prepare and campaign to stop the youths from getting out? Same goes to Sambanthar and Mavai Senathirajah.

We know that our Tamil politicians are traveling on a phony political platform, fooling the population, and the Tamil populace is not intelligent enough to understand the fraudulent, charlatan, political activities of the TNA and other Tamil parties.

TD ORGS and the TGTE are fundamentally bogus, like counterfeits, fooling the Tamil Diaspora to collect funds in the name of Tamils in SL. Every college in the North has an old boys’ association and wants to organize dance, music etc, for their pleasure and amusement in the name of the wounded and invalids in SL. However, how much of assistance are they giving to the sufferers? It is only individuals who are able to send some assistance to individuals in SL to be distributed to the sufferers.

Disruption by TD and Tamil Politicians

Since independence, our Tamils and Tamil politicians have been engaged in throwing some form of problems to GOSL, to retard on development and progress. If they find one issue has no claim then they start on another one. The current issue they have started on is missing persons”. What is their objective? Do they want money for the missing persons?

What has all the Tamil politician got to comment about Mathaya”, and 220 of his associates, Rajaratnam, 40 of TELO’ s cadre, the ministers, and politicians and the civilians? Where are they? Who will account for their lives? There were thousands of civilians and politicians went missing due to LTTE’s brutal killing.

It’s time for the Tamil politicians and TD ORGS to sit down and think, make a decision not to provoke the people in SL, to rise against missing persons. We know that there are several Tamil refugees hiding even in Ukraine, South America, etc, changed their name and live as somebody else. The truth is hidden.

Even an illiterate Tamil woman thinks that she knows politics, demography, human geography and comment on: we have not been given anything”. We need more power”. What a stupid comment like a frog in the well. One must listen to Canadian Tamil Radio from 12 midnight in Australia. It’s a laughing matter when we listen women come out and talk nonsense about power and Tamil Eelam. These women have no education, live on the dole, and throw idiotic comments against SL. It’s a joke in Scarborough and Toronto and jokers live in Toronto. God knows when they will be attacked by Canadian Patriots. It will happen soon. Tamil fools in Toronto are converting Toronto, a Sinnakadai/Periyakadai, and Koddadi in Jaffna.

  1. I throw a challenge to Rudrakumaran: Go in front of the White House and stage a protest march.
  2. A challenge to Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam: Get onto a platform and give a speech to abolish the caste system from the minds of the Tamil Elites. Be united and unite in SL to live as Sri Lankans. Promise them that you will develop the North, if not throw you out of politics.

NPC has been in turmoil for some time for the ministerial position. Have they been elected for their own benefits or to serve the people? You guys have been visiting foreign countries. Don’t you see the system there? CV Vigneswaran is a comedian, farts sporadically when his stomach is full. Suresh Premachandran is another joke; gets up from sleep and makes erratic comments. GGP is another one who travels to Australia to fool the Diaspora.

People: DO you know a section of the SL Constitution, section 157A. Ref:

[157A. (1) No person shall, directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka. (2) No political party or other association or organization shall have as one of its aims or objects the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka. (3) Any person who acts in contravention of the provisions of paragraph (1) shall, on conviction by the Court of Appeal, after trial on indictment and according to such procedure as may be prescribed by law, – (a) be subject to civic disability for such period not exceeding seven years as may be determined by such Court; (b) forfeit his movable and immovable property other than such property as is determined by an order of such Court as being necessary for the sustenance of such person and his family; (c) not be entitled to civic rights for such period not exceeding seven years as may be determined by such Court; and Prohibition against violation of territorial integrity of Sri Lanka International Treaties and Agreements 127 -Inserted by the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution Sec.3 The Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka 153 (d) if he is a Member of Parliament or a person in such service or holding such office as is referred to in paragraph (1) of Article 165, cease to be such Member or to be in such service or to hold such office.]

It is to be reminded that any TD member or TD, or any Tamil, Sinhalese, crusade for what has been specified above could be arrested when they visit SL.

Let us keep our lips closed and work for the betterment of SriLanka as One country, one nation, and united. Let the TD ORGS prepare plans to develop the N&E.

30 Responses to “Vision, Mission, and Strategic Initiative Plans for the North & East by Tamil Diaspora Organisations”

  1. Christie Says:

    Thanks. The biggest problem is other Indians also support these Indian Colonial parasites because they are also Indian Colonial parasites.

  2. dhane Says:

    Thanks Kanthar Balanathan, Australia well written another good article. Keep writing. For these stupid Sri Lanka Tamil politicians need Tamil issue for their living.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    While I agree with the writer on the LTTE Rump, I strongly disagree with him on any more development work in Jaffna. We already wasted a disproportionately large amount of money in Jaffna for development. Instead threatened Sinhala villages in the north and east must be developed.

    Tamil voters in the north must be forced to reject racist political parties and vote for development oriented parties as a precondition for further development.

    I oppose in strongest of terms for any fresh water body for Jaffna and sewage facilities. Tamil Nadu areas closest to Sri Lanka suffer acute water shortages. Abundant fresh water in Jaffna will be a disastrous attraction to them. Over 70% of Tamil Nadu people have no sewage facilities. If Jaffna gets a good sewage system that too will attract these illegals in drones.

    In 1981 Jaffna district had over 1.5 million people. 2012 census had only 700,000. This means it has a population vacuum which will be filled by Tamil Nadu illegals. Sri Lanka has been dismally poor in stopping these illegals from creeping into the island.

    We must take a strategic approach to these things, certainly not a humanitarian approach.

  4. NAK Says:

    What Mr.Balanathan has overlooked is that these parasitic politicians depend on peoples ignorance and keeping them depressed.
    If any one believes that the TD is really interested in Tamils benevolence they are grossly mistaken. If the people in the North and the East get to live a better life they will be out of their control and these politicians couldn’t have that.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Our thanks to Mr Balanathan for this factual article.


    GoSL now and future should do Development Work for the North, ONLY IF :

    * The ILLEGAL 13-A is removed.

    * The Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) is officially revoked in Parliament by the present day Tamil Leaders.

    * Allow Others in Sri Lanka to settle in the N&E of Lanka.

    The art of Negotiating Deals with Jaffna must manifest.

  6. Senerath Says:

    Even “Jaffna University” was a wrong move.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as “future govts should do … “.

  8. Senerath Says:

    Kuragala appears to be the place Allah created the Muslim people and spread to the world, according to our SriLankan Muslim brothers. According to our Sakotharaya Kumar , Weddas are the original Tamils who later spread to India and other places.
    This little island has become origin of Arabs.
    This little island has become origin of Tamil Nadu.
    It has become origin of suffering.

  9. Senerath Says:

    And our politicians are thriving, collecting money from Arabs, Indians, Chinese or whoever giving some money to run the country and offering unconditional protection to Sri Lankan ELA tamil Sakotharayas, Sri Lankan Arab Gonibillas who are now teaching us Buddhism and how the Buddhist should do Metta Meditation.

  10. Christie Says:

    Tamils should become part and parcel of Sinhalese along with other Indian Colonial Parasites. Those Indians who want to keep their baggage should go back to India. Thanks Kanthar again.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    We must take a strategic approach to these things, certainly not a humanitarian approach.
    Dilrook I admire your honesty MY Chignkala Sakotharam.

    Now I goes my own Sakodaraya Kanthar Balanathan- Why this Ndippu (Acting) still you believe Sinhalese are modayas even after May 2009 Mulli vakkal Thuvasam ???

    Be honest with Sinhalese We-Saiva Tamilar never ever live together with Bhuddist Sinhalese like last 2,500 years or more & will be another 3,000 years or more , soon or later We-Tamil star our Eelam war V that will finish in Nanthi kadal with in another 33 years.

    so mean time We both community live in OUR Sinhela Mother Lanka ( not live together) !!!!

    Modaya & never learn.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    * than star Eelam war VI so on …..

  13. Chanaka B Says:

    Fran, we need not be scared to say that ‘others’ means Sinhalese; Muslims and Tamils have no difficulty in settling there. I am sure good Kanthar will agree with me.

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    Weddas are the original Tamils -NO , TN tamils are origin Thamilar

    Senerath We-Ilankai Thamilr are not Tamils We are Eelavar ( Hela in Sinhela Eg: Elra that mean in Thamil Eela Raja)
    We are specking Tamil as You Sin Helas (Eelavar) are specking Sinhela .
    FYI, Our DNA have more muching with sinhelese than TN Tamils .

    Now You know why you have cooled three meal for three for your 297,0000 Demila sakodaraya in IDP camp in 2009 to 2012 even though you know very one day they will begin their Eelam war V !!!!

    is not that our Karma We both believe !!!!

  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    Isn’t it high time we-Tamils started admitting the real problem of some Tamil folk, mostly abroad ? (exclude Mr Kanthar Balanathan and Tamil folk who are for a Unitary and United PATRIOTIC LANKA)

    Troubles of some Tamil folk : TAMIL NADU CASTE PROBLEMS and Funds/Jobs/acceptance into west.
    Note that Eelam is led by the Tamil Diaspora which formed AFTER 1976 V’koddai Resolution (Eelam thru’ Violence) AND
    AFTER 1983 Trumped up Riots. We were there, we saw it all.

    General direction is in Eelam formation, hook or by crook, isn’t it ?
    Plumped up by the ‘divide & rule’ folk, in Lanka and outside.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S. : We can all see that these problems are all common to Others in Sri Lanka or abroad, except the CASTE matter. There is NOTHING the People of Sri Lanka do about that problem. CASTE is NOT stated in the birth certificates issued in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka does NOT do the Census using the CASTE base, as done in Tamil Nadu & INDIA.
    We sympathise, but there is NOTHING Sri Lanka can do about the CASTE issues of Tamil people.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    I am referring to the fact that there are complaints that Tamil PC leaders especially, do not accept Others (i.e. as you say, Sinhala, Muslims, Burghers, etc) by discouraging all Others settling down in the North.
    Am I right here, or can Others go and get easily accepted in the North ?
    What about re-settlement of those (Sinhala & Muslim folk) who were chased out of the North ?
    As far as I know, they are still in other areas of Lanka, and have not returned to their original dwelling places in the North.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    On the wider scene :

    Sri Lanka Yahap govt preparing for War from outside, or for Peace that Lankans long for after uneding war within the country, first the JVP (two uprisings due to govts of those times not listening to the JVP grievances, first uprising for Jobs and second on the removal of the 13-A), and nearly 30 yrs of terrorism from the LTTE.

    Lots of war style ‘posturing’ going on outside of Lanka.

    Yahap should let the citizens know, clearly, which direction Lanka being taken, isn’t it ?

    Are the Ports of Lanka (sea & air), for Peaceful purposes ?? !!

  19. Chanaka B Says:

    Fran, as previously advised it is implied in the Constitution that any Sri Lankan has the freedom to live wherever they like in Sri Lanka.

    Land rights are still vested with the federal (central) government. It is illegal for the provincial governments (North and East) to prevent any new Sinhalese from establishing in those areas.

    Once land rights are given to the provincial governments we are doomed (the current proposals to amend the Constitution).

    In regards to re-settlement of Sinhala refugees the writer and his organisation works extensively with them. Some of these Sinhalese are 2nd or 3rd generation Sinhalese who were born in the North. They speak Tamil better than some TNA MPs (you can watch one altercation on YouTube). No government (federal – I mean, central) has been keen assist them in this regard. There was an incident where one federal (central) government offered five SLTB buses for approximately 150 Sinhalese who were camped in Jaffna to return to Anuradhapura; and they were promised land in Mihinthale if they give up claims to their Northern land.

    The discrimination that the very few Sinhalese now live in North (beyond Vavuniya towards Jaffna, alongside A9 highway) is horrendous. I do not think there are more than 1000 Sinhalese now permanently live in those areas. They say in the good old there were about 50,000 Sinhalese living in Jaffna and surrounding areas. How they got evicted from the North is another story for another day. I have evidence that even Buddhist monks have been subjected to discrimination in the North.

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    General direction is in Eelam formation, hook or by crook, isn’t it ? Fully agreed except castle to honestly accept my self also too included.
    because I can not lie to you or USA-Ananda I do not know why but I feel that my Sinhala sakodarayas !!!

    Yes We have mild castle system compare with TN ( India) All thanks goes to OUR sinhela leaders ( Kannakara / SWRDB?) who ever passed discrimination ACT & Mahavidayala (secondary high school) education ACT to All.

    Plumped up by the ‘divide & rule’ folk, in Lanka and outside.- catch 22 now , 1 million TD out with €/$ start Eelam war V.

    who send these 1 milion people out? JRJ
    because JRJ wants NP 2 million(1983) reduced to 700,000 now
    sort cut never work
    now whose fault?

    solution united Our Mother Lanka Fully implement 6A& 13A together ( Do not implement with out implement 6A)

    We all can live happly for ever in United Sinhela Lanka !!!!

  21. Fran Diaz Says:


    13-A full will not work, nor will it work as is.
    13-A has been imposed ILLEGALLY by INDIA on the JRJ govt in 1987.
    The 13-A divides the People of Sri Lanka, Tamil vs Sinhala.
    Outsiders exploit this division to their advantage mostly.

    Therefore, the 13-A must be removed.

    As for the 6-A, it has never been implemented and likely never will be, due to, I think, outside interference, mainly INDIA, and some power blocs. The Cold War politics has always interfered with Lanka’s Peace & Prosperity.
    The 6-A is a useless piece of ‘decorative legislation’, of no use to the Country or the People.

  22. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz

    Only best solution at this moment of time is fully implementation of 6A & 13A ( ie copy Indian Union system) .

    If this not work our children or Gran will change at their time

    Live & let’s live in United Sinhela Lanka for ever.

    No one want Eelam war V as We both paid high price in our own life time , not to pass to our children or Gran children.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say “only best solution AT THIS MOMENT OF TIME is fully implementation of 6A & 13A (ie copy Indian Union system).

    Sorry – can’t agree for many reasons.

    Reasons :

    1. INDIA is huge in comparison to small Sri Lanka, in land mass as well as population numbers. INDIAN models do not fit into Lanka. Lanka must create her own model to govern by – a model that brings Security & Peace, with Progress for all.
    2. Size makes it so that every citizen must be a PATRIOT in Sri Lanka.
    3. Any form of Separatism makes Lanka vulnerable to ‘divide & rule’ intrusions.
    4. Tamil leaders have let down Lanka the rest of Lanka ever since Independence in 1948 – how can they be trusted ?
    5. Lanka is for safe Trade Routes. There is no need for other Federal type areas in Lanka.
    6. Why Separatism – let us know the real reasons, please.
    7. And why “at this moment” – look for long lasting solutions to bring long lasting peace for all.

    Why not “Eelam” in Tamil Nadu ?
    The Nilgiri Mts in Tamil Nadu are salubrious enough …. and the Tamil Language & Culture are in place there too.

    Any continuation of the ILLEGAL 13-A, if it is to be, must be put to the SL Citizens for vote (Referendum).

    There more to write under this topic ….

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as “There is more to write … ”


    The US has said clearly that what they want are safe Sea Routes & Trade Routes.
    We do heartily agree.

    It is the LTTE that created chaos, both on land and sea, isn’t it ? They, the LTTE, created lack of safety. What a pity that the Tamil Youth were so badly misled through the V’koddai Resoln (1976), and for such a long time too ……

  25. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz

    First of all We both ( community) should agree We-Tamils do not want separate mother Land in Sinhela Lanka.

    We are Mother Prove to be Mother Lanka that why We kicked out Indian (IPKF) have offered NEP in gold plate .

    let sing together

    Sri Lanka ThaayE, nam Sri Lanka,
    Namo Namo Namo Namo ThaayE

    Nallelil poli Seeranee,
    Nalangal yaavum Nirai vaan mani Lanka
    Gnaalam puhazha vazha vayal nathi malai malar narum solai koL Lanka.
    Namathuru puhalidam ena olir vaai,
    namathuthyEl ThaayE!
    Namathalai ninathadi mEl vyththomE
    NamathuyirE thaayE-nam Sri Lanka
    Namo Namo Namo Namo ThaayE

    NamathaararuL aanaai
    Navai thavir unarvaanaai
    NamathOr valvaanaai
    Navil suthanthiram aanaai
    Namathilamaiyai naaddE
    Nahumadi thanai OddE
    Amaivurum aRivudanE
    AdalseRi thunivaruLE-nam Sri Lanka
    Namo Namo Namo Namo ThaayE

    NamathOr oLivaLamE
    Nariyamalar ena nilavum thaayE
    Yaamelaam oru kaurunai annai payantha
    ezhilkoL sEykal enavE
    iyaluRu piLavukaL thamai aRavE
    izhivena neekiduvOm
    EELA sironmani, vaazhvuRu poomaNi
    Namo Namo ThaayE.nam Sri Lanka,
    Namo Namo Namo Namo ThaayE!

    (The Tamil translation of the national anthem of Sri Lanka is written by famous Tamil poet Pandithar M.Nallathamby in 1950.

    nothing else can add

    Live & let’s live in United Sinhela Lanka for Ever , No more Eelam war V !!!!

  26. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil leaders have let down Lanka the rest of Lanka ever since Independence in 1948 – how can they be trusted ? Not truth
    actually DS to MS let’s (Tamil) Down .
    ie: DS gave fails promised to support independent / MS promised 13 plus to supports war against VP & Co

    BUT Our Tamil leader Chelva/GGP ( agreed to 50-50) to Amirthalingam ( agreed to settle with devaluation of distric council) even todays Sampanthan are hopping & begging to solve our ethenic problem forever ( Even Samapanthan holding MR’s hand ( actually he ( 90 years ) mean MR’s leg) to support to solve our problem forever.

    There NO more to write under this topic … as We both know very well We will begin Our Eelam war V soon not Late.

    We need to Unite Sinhela Lanka for ever other wise Indian & Chinese will take over in front of our eye !!!

  27. Fran Diaz Says:


    Referring to what you say above :

    * You say ‘we-Tamils do not want Separate mother land in Sinhela Lanka’.

    It may not be a Tamil Mother land (as you put it), but, it certainly is a Tamil ONLY 13-A full leading to >> Tamil Eelam, a Tamil ONLY home land.
    What can concerned Tamils do to convince the rest of Sri Lanka that you all do not wish to form Tamil Eelam, a Tamil only home land ?

    * Re the IPKF matter : the IPKF came to Sri Lanka because of LTTE Tamil Separatism through Terrorism & the 13-A. INDIA, after training the LTTE in Tamil Nadu, could not afford to have a terrorist run Eelam on their Southern doorstep, with separatist prone Tamil Nadu next door too.
    Conclusion is that the IPKF would NEVER have come to Sri Lanka’s North in the first place, if the LTTE was not there. It was only just that the LTTE fought the IPKF, wasn’t it ?
    It was right that only the two parties concerned fought each other, wasn’t it ?

    Your Eelam War V ought to be the Quest for Truth & Justice for each Tamil person, and others in Lanka as well.
    That would be to embrace Raj Yoga by every Tamil person in Sri Lanka.
    If Tamils do that, then they will regain their ethnic morality as a group, and the regain the respect of others lost through long years of terrorism, lies, cheat & deceit.

    We hope Tamils of Sri Lanka will make sane decisions and regain lost hopes and dreams.

  28. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Dia
    It may not be a Tamil Mother land (as you put it),- no I mean that what mean ” Separate MOTHER LAND” not TML.
    the IPKF came to Sri Lanka because of LTTE Tamil Separatism – Why can not say that IPKF came to Sri Lanka because Bhuddist Sinalese invite to wipe out Siava Thamils.

    fact of the matter is Indian came for their own benifit & will in future but Important matter in our life time They have offered NEP in gold plate to We-Ilankai Tamilar but We Tamil Mother Lanka refused to kick them out !!!!!!

    Your Eelam War V ought to be the Quest – only way out to United Sinhela Lanka no short cut !!!!

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    All Separatism, in any form, of the land of Lanka, will prove to be in vain.

    Separatism in any form will not create Unity & PATRIOTISM.

    The governing human emotions appear to be FEAR & GREED – please let us know your thoughts on this.
    These are the prime points, as we see the human problem here, and in most other places too.
    It’s primitive stuff, but there it is ….
    Address those problems, and there will be no need for any forms of Separatism.
    Till such Root Causes are addressed, there will be no permanent Peace for anyone, really.

    Meditation helps to remove root causes of human distress.
    This is the Law of Nature, isn’t it ?

  30. SA Kumar Says:

    Meditation helps to remove root causes of human distress.This is the Law of Nature, isn’t it ? 100 % Correct We Mother Lankan are blessed .

    All Separatism, in any form, of the land of Lanka, will prove to be in vain.- Correct again We all need United Sinhela Lanka !

    Our both community problem is ignorance & misunderstanding thats all nothing else .

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